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Lost In Between

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Daniella is a beautiful girl in school. She must look presentable, she is the daughter of a famous business couple in town. She is in life with Vin, the soccer player in school. When a new student comes into school, things change, and everything takes a different turn. What will happen to Daniella and Vin or will the jew student be the new topic of discussion in Blue high school?

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Chapter 1

The beautiful girl in school. Sitting in the school washroom contemplating on what to do. Rampaging through her backpack to get her lipstick out, looking at it, she frowns, anger flushes on her face, she breaks the lipstick stick and drowns herself in thoughts.

As much as she wants to stay inside the bathroom the whole afternoon, as much as she wants to close everyone out and just be alone, act like she is the only one in this world and just walk anyhow she feels like, kisses whomever she wants, eats whatever types of food she wanted. She totally can't.


She has a music class to attend, a ballet practice to work on, and a boyfriend to look good for, she has to be the best cheerleader everyone wants her to be.

She has to be PERFECT!

Not for herself, but for the PEOPLE around her,
She has to please them.

She gets up,

Faces the mirror and touches her reflection in the mirror.

"Who are you?" She asks herself

She smiles while looking into the sink, She raises her head, lifts the hair that is blocking her view, and faces the mirror again,

"I asked, who are you?"

She doesn't lower her head but faces the mirror.

"I am Daniell, the beautiful, perfect Daniella, who can be anything she wants."

She goes ahead to hits the mirror, with her little fists.
"And why are you still in here, look at your watch, the time! It's music class, you need to be in class."

She smiles and then picks up her backpack from the toilet sit, faces the mirror again, and frowns:

"Wait, wait, wait, where are you going with your face looking like that girl?"
She asks her reflection.

"You need to look good, take that broken lipstick from the floor, apply it neatly on your lips, apply some ponds to your face, fix your skirt, adjust your bra because you need to be the best"

She drops her backpack on the toilet seat and does everything she has told her reflection. She smiles at the mirror,


Picking her backpack, she sways her hips from the room, her skater skirt, moving with the wind, her blue orbs, sending Piercing looks at anyone who looks at her, and her chocolate skin, so radiant.

Perfect Girl she is.

"Daniella, I have been looking for you!" Shouts Stella.

"You are always looking for me girl, I have Mr. Nosy's class then I later join the cheering practices."

Stella in return nods her head and heads towards the washroom.

The Music room is always her best class, this is the place she can pour her emotion using her guitar but no one will ever understand. She drops her backpack and picks up her guitar which she usually stores when she comes to school.

Mr. Nossy is busy arranging everyone where he or she is supposed to be, Danielle is in no hurry because she knows where to sit as always, next to her favorite friend Clara.

She holds her guitar on her bosoms and the other hand is holding a chair to sit next to Clara but Mr. Nossy says that she will be sitting next to.........

"Where exactly Mr.No.... Sorry....err, I meant where should I sit?"
Mr. Nossy points his fingers at the empty sit, next to a student who is new in class.

Daniella doesn't care about the girl, she hopes to sit next to hers and holds her guitar in position ready to pluck those dead strings back to life.

"Not today Daniella, look for a saxophone, try another instrument, that is what we agreed upon, didn't we now Daniella?"

"But Mr. I said I can't play any instrument apart from my guitar." Blurted Daniella.

Mr Nossy lowered his glasses and his vintage, sweater gives him a huge figure that he does not possess Nickname, Mr. Nosy was given to him by his pupils because of how his nose is protruding, and the inner hair of the nostrils always grew long. He was always the one who was able to detect a slur in a voice even before someone starts to sing, and he was always right. That's what awarded him the name, Mr. Nossy.

He gives Daniella the, "I dare you to play that guitar," eyes and Daniella knows not to piss him off because she can't afford detention that day.

Daniella, sinks back to her sit, murmuring "sorry," then lifts her head trying to look for an instrument.

"Anyone not using their saxophone please," she asks for a helping hand.

Jim at the corner just gives her a sexy wink while Clara points in no direction, just so she could laugh but she knew better than that, they will all end up being punished.

"You can use mine if you don't mind, I am playing the piano for today," came a low, base voice next to her.

She couldn't see her face because her dreadlocks were all over her face, she didn't look at her instead she looked at the saxophone before picking it up and mumbling a 'thank you,' before sitting down.

She picks up her bag and looks for a wipe, she wipes the saxophone carefully before putting it in her mouth. The girl next to her is shocked and can't even talk about it rather she places her hands on the piano giving a distorted rhythm.

"Sorry girl, I just don't know where it has been, I need to be careful"
Daniella thought to herself after the girl shifted her focus to their music teacher.

"Stick to your tune Daniella, for Christ's sake," shouted Mr. Nossy over his flute.

Daniella has missed some rhythm and is sending everyone crazy, "What the heck! I don't know how to blow this thing," she shouts

"But you know how to suck Vin's dick, the only difference is you have to hold it and blow it in instead of out!" Shouted victor from the corner holding a drumstick.

The whole class uproars but suddenly stops when Mr. Nossy give them the glaring look.

"Victor! Out of my class now! That's the end of our class today. Let's pick from there in the next class, Daniella, try and get some lessons on the saxophone, you need to try other instruments."

Daniella is not even listening, she is furious and wants to rip Victor off, but she knew that will be another scandal she doesn't want to put herself into. She hands back the saxophone to the girl and returns her guitar to its bag.

"I can take you through some lessons am good with the saxophone," comes the same low-base voice.

She doesn't even give her a look, instead, she concentrates on fitting the guitar into the bag that now seemed so small to be in, her hands are sweaty, and she feels like she cannot breathe some fresh air.

"That's if you don't mind,"

She turns her face, and gives the lady a deadly glare, "you are persistent, are you now? You wanna help? Why don't you drop your fucking fake base accent and talk like a normal lady huh! Get out of my way!"

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