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A vampires destined

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Addison is a working girl. Working as a bartender in The smell of the roses, a highend descreet bar providing food and drink to rich and entiteld end of her community. She has lived in this end of the realm about a year, being helped by her friend Martin after she puts her abusive ex to prison. Zachary Shaw is a young cold, handsome and wealthy vampire. He has worked for his company and fortune, making himself independent from his controlling parents. His best mate, Mace Redwood, is a fellow wealthy vampire, but a bit of a playboy. Micala Hunter is a spoiled rich brat. Her parents making sure nothing and no one ever stands in their princess's way, shes had it easy all her life. Now her eyes has fallen on Zachary, but he does not remeble her feelings. Follow what happens in a realm where hunans and supernaturals live amongst each other with the knowledge of each others exsistence. What happens when the myth of soul mates is rewoked? Will Zachary have a chance to get his true destined, or will he forever be comdemmed to watch her from a distance? A vampires destined is a romance with twists and turns, so buckle your seatbelts and lets go!

Romance / Fantasy
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Zachary Shaw


The snow poured down outside. It has been that way for a week now, covering everything in a white fluffy pillow. Zachary Shaw is sitting in his office watching the snow slowly falling down from his window. He is deep in thought when his secretary disturbs him.

“Mr. Shaw. Miss Hunter is here to see you.” Zac sighs, before giving permission for Micala to be let in. He knows why she is here, and he knows she has to be told ‘no’ once and for all. He is just really annoyed he is the one to do so.

Their families have been friends as long as he can remember. He has been around for over two centuries now, being a vampire and all. His family is consistent with only vampires, and he is the firstborn of the prestige Shaw dynasty. Even though he has made himself independent from his parents, they still try to decide everything for him and control his life. Which is why he does not have all that much contact with them anymore.

Micala Hunter, the firstborn from another prestige vampire family, waltzes in the office. She smiles when she sees him sitting there in the office chair. Zac has always been hers. She can feel it deep in her soul. She has had a crush on him since childhood, and made it her mission to get him. Unfortunately, he does not feel the same way, and he does not follow his parents, like the firstborn is supposed to.

She is annoyed he cannot just agree to their parents' plan, but she has a backup. That backup just has to work, or she will have to take more drastic measures into account.

“Hi, honey.” Micala greets before sitting down. Zac looks at her with his cold eyes. It’s been more than a hundred years since there has been light in those amazing emerald eyes of his. Not since his little sister went missing. He still didn’t know, and Micala doesn’t plan for him to know, but she was the one behind that ickly creature’s disappearance. She was in her way! And no one. NO ONE gets in her way.

“I am not your honey, Micala. Which I have told you a thousand times over. Now please stop with that nonsense and tell me why you are here? I don’t have a lot of time, you know.” He gestures to the piles of paper on his desk.

“I’m here because we need to talk. Our parents are still in agreement, and you need to be onboard, too. So, I have come to talk to you. Make some sense in all of this.” She tries to reach out for his hand, but he moves it to his lap and stares at her.

“What is there to misunderstand? Our parents have made an agreement on our behalf which I am not agreeable with. An arranged marriage in this modern age? No way. And I will not subject you to that either. I do not love you, Micala. I care for you, as a friend, but nothing more. I truly believe in finding my predestined, and nothing you or they say can change that.” He says, hoping she will understand this time.

“Zac please.”

“I said no, Micala.”

“But you can’t turn your back on me. I’m pregnant! With your child.” She dissolves into tears, hiding her face in her hands. This has always worked wonders, and why shouldn’t it now?

“The child cannot be mine, because we have never been together.” Zac replies with venom. How dare she try to trick him? His vampire side coming out in strides from the audacity of the woman in front of him.

“But, but. It is! It has to be…” She stopped her fake tears and looked at Zac with eyes blazing with anger.

“I’m sorry, Micala. The child can’t be mine, and I’m sure whoever it is, he will be happy to help you. I can’t and I won’t marry you. Especially on a background of infatuation, and you’re trying to trick me.” He points at the door.

“If you please, I have work to do.” He doesn’t even glance up when she storms out of the office.

The door slams shut behind her, and Zac lets out a breath. It had been uncomfortable, but it needed to be done. He could no longer keep her illusions going. She was acting out towards his staff at home and at work. Showing up without notice and ruining any friendship he has had with another female. Only Natalia had kept being his friend, but she was not rooting for his team, so to speak, so she had told Micala to shut her ass and leave them alone.

Zac made himself work on the papers in front of him. He knew he wouldn’t get anything done if he didn’t force himself. The merger with another company was under way, and it needed his attention, so everything was done right.

People described the young man as cold and calculated, but those working close with him knew it to be not true at all. He had a cold exterior, yes, but he cared. He cared about the welfare of his employees.

A couple of hours after his row with Micala, his phone rang. When he looked at the display, he groaned. His mother. Of course she would run to his parents and taddled.

“Mother.” Zac greets her. “ZAC! What have you done? What have you done?” His mother is screaming so loud he has to take the phone away from his ear. “Eh.. Well, nothing that I can recall that would make it okay for you to scream me deaf in one ear.” Zac answers, annoyed already. “Micala has tried to commit suicide! She is in the hospital. Her note said she is expecting your child, but when you wouldn’t own up to it and take responsibility, she saw no other way than to leave this realm. What did you do, Zachary Shaw?!” His mother almost growls in the phone. Her rage can be felt all the way into his office, and Zac sighs. He rubs his face with his free hand. “You said she tried? She didn’t succeed?” Zac asks, not answering his mother's question.

“Of course she didn’t! She’s a vampire, for goodness' sake. But the child. It.. She aborted in the hospital. YOUR child, Zachary!” “It was not mine. Take a DNA test on the child. It belongs to someone else. Someone she doesn’t want, and therefore it was easier for her to say it was mine.” He is already tired of explaining, when he knows his mother isn’t listening, anyway. “You need to go to her! YES! This will fix it. Go to her and beg for her forgiveness.” “I will do no such thing, mother. Goodbye.” Zac hangs up the phone. What the actual fuck is wrong with her? And by her he means his insane mother.

Zac looks out the window when his phone rings again. If it's one of his parents, he is going to blow a gasket. The screen shows ‘Mace Redwood’, thank god. “Hey Mace. What’s up?” “You and me, the Smell of Roses bar, fifteen minutes.” He says, and Zac knows he has heard of the event of the for the day.

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