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The Break Up Planner

By Oliviachryszl All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Humor


Poppy is a senior high school student who had the brains, the bronze and the looks and she had a boyfriend that every girl is dying to be with. She was never ashamed of the fact that she's not rich and she stays true to herself and her beliefs. People from around town knows her story because she is an open book but what people don't know about her is that Poppy Hart is the Break up Planner.


I wasn’t always a liar and I wasn’t one to not take full responsibility of what I had done but this time I had to.

“Fancy seeing you here.” A familiar deep voice said as I downed my Shirley Temple.

I turned around and my face was welcomed by a firm chest. I looked up at him, “You again.” I said and turned around wishing and hoping that he’d just go and leave me alone.

“So, what is a girl like you doing here drinking a non- alcoholic drink on a friday night?” He asks.

“None of your business.” I said. “What do you want?” I said irritated at the fact that he wouldn’t leave me alone.

“Ohh, don’t tell me that the Break Up planner had her plans backfired.” He said.

I looked back at him with eyes wide in shock. How did he know? It’s not like I had a shirt that says I am the break up planner.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I said trying to brush off the fact that he knew my secret.

He chuckled and looked straight to my eyes, “Should I bring up the fact that you’re under 21 or that your name is Poppy Amelia Hart?”

I could feel my heart beating so fast that it’s beating out of my chest. How in the world did he know my secret?

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