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Slave When Midnight Prowls: In His Dominion

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Devastated by the continuous war, Sativa Mclaren held herself together to make the most dangerous decision she ever made. Offering a proposition to Lothario Gordon, the Vampire Clan’s ruler and their most vicious enemy. Her father and friends opposed her decision but her will to achieve that peace‚ winned. She headed her way to the Vampire’s kingdom alone, taking the risk and what she hoped turned out to be good. But she didn’t expect that things turned terrible yet exciting, ’cause she always finds herself being protected and saved by that man she married for a reason. What happens makes her confused ’cause she’s inclined to these two different men—unexpectedly: Antonio and Gordon.

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Chapter 1

THE chattering sound filled the gothic-inspired chamber. In the center‚ a long rectangular table with fifty big occupied chairs‚ a luxurious chandelier with lighted candles hanging above and bunch of silver weapons laid messily along the table. Hefty ambiance clouded the room as they discusses some serious matter that needed a direct action to make a difference.

“The vampires keeps on attacking us without any valid reason‚” cries the head of the guards. A masculine man who wore a silver armor for better protection from the enemy.

“Lots of lives had been lost. If this war will continue then maybe‚ the vampires and werewolves will vanished in just a snap.” Old Hólen said‚ Alpha Lineage’s foreteller.

“We’ve been working on how to cease this war. Vampires are just too close-minded for a peace talk‚” Sativa declared as she clasp her hands together.

“What if we’ll travel to another dimension and live there?” Acres suggested‚ all his subordinates looked at him with confusion.

“Coward it may called.” said their ruler‚ Argon. “We won’t run away from this war‚ there’s still a possibility that we can stop this.”

“And that possibility is?” Láncreo‚ the head of the battalion questioned.

“I’ll tell y’all once the plans are all set-up.” Argon answered.

“Running away to another dimension would trigger the equilibrium of this world.” Sativa stated.

The discussion is suddenly dropped-out when a banging of the door overruled. Eclemeo‚ one of the advisors‚ came in with a serious face. His easy gait as he take the pace between him and Argon is chilling.

“Argon‚ I’ve received a message from the birds.” he stated‚ “the vampire clan‚ declared another war at the Death Circle.” Eclemeo announces.

Sativa‚ on the other hand‚ upon hearing Eclemeo’s message fell hopelessly on her chair.

“Father‚” she murmured helplessly.

“I know... I know‚” Argon tap Sativa’s shoulder for comfort. “Lead the battalion.”

“Prepare the troops!” Sativa announces. At once‚ everyone become busy and prepared themselves for the coming war.

With a heavy heart‚ knowing that later on lots of lives may lost‚ they walk along the Forest trails. When will those vampires open their hearts for peace? So this war would end. A dark heavy mist welcomed them. The surroundings is as quite as Bolton’s funeral last month.

Sativa raise her arms‚ “halt!” she said.

The troops stop on marching‚ everyone become observant and vigilant for maybe their will be a sudden attack from the vampires. Sativa blow the mist up‚ creating a dark heavy cloud with rumbling thunder in it. There reveal the place‚ not even a shadow of vampires was there.

“Not a sign of ’em.” Antonio said.

“I can’t smell their filthy scent.” Manái hissed.

“We’ve been deceived!” Sativa announces.

This kind of stuff irritates her knowing that they’ve been fooled‚ tho at some part it gives her joy—there’ll be no war‚ no lives will be lost.

They went back to their kingdom and informed‚ Argon of what really happened.

“They test our instincts‚” Argon said. “would it be better if will do the same?”

“Father‚ that’s nonsense. It’ll just make things worst‚ it might trigger them and what will happened then? Another war? Another grieve and mourns? No‚ not anymore!” Sativa out words of disagreement to his father.

“If they want some fun‚ let’s give it to them.” Argon said mischievously.

“And what will it cost? Lives? Chaos? War?” her voice rise up‚ “No‚ Father we had enough of this! Remember‚ we have a goal and that is to bring back the peace that it should have ten hundred years ago!” cries Sativa.

“I’m so sorry‚ daughter. I forgot‚ I let my emotions overruled me‚” said Argon and kiss Sativa’s cheeks.

“It’s alright‚ father.” Sativa said “Anyways‚ I must go to school‚ take care‚” she kiss her father’s forehead and head her way out‚ “send me a message whenever you needed me.”

“WHAT took you so long?” Antonio ask as they walk along the forest roads.

“We just have a little conversation‚ father and I.” she answered him sluggishly.

“We’re late for school.” Antonio hissed as he playfully push the small stone using his foot.

“I know and detention room is waving.” she said while laughing.

“Well‚ I can get myself inside the room without being caught‚” he chuckled as he hit the stone so hard that it fly away.

“Your invincibility alright‚ and that’s unfair.” Sativa punch him softly imto his shoulder.

“Well I can also get you in‚ if you’ll just take my hand and viola‚ you’ll be invincible too.” Antonio said.

“Nah‚ I prefer detention room right now. It’s more peaceful there than in the classroom with our big mouthed PE instructor.”

“You really hate‚ Mr. Sill that much?” His brows met that shows two crooked lines on his forehead.

“It’s not that I hate him‚ I just don’t like his presence‚” she said and shrug.

“Intimidating?” Antonio ask.

“Nope‚ I can sense something different in him‚”

“I’ll investigate for ya‚” Antonio said as we went out the hidden portal.

They mostly used it when they go to the human world‚ tho it’s dangerous but they need to interact with mortals and observe what they are.

“Nah‚ it’ll be dangerous‚” she disagreed about what Antonio said and walk with his pace.

“It won’t‚ just trust me. Okay?” he said while smiling.

“Just be careful then.” I said and there he goes went on his invincibility.

“See you later.” she just smiled at him tho she can see him being transparent‚ but a mere human can’t.

As Sativa was getting closer to the main gate‚ the guard went out from the guard house then look at his wrist watch.

“You’re 30 minutes late‚” he declared.

“Yes‚ sorry for that.” she said as the security hand her the log book.

“Fill it out and head directly to the detention room for one hour.” Don’t know but he’s genuine on the matter that he do—his job to be exact.

“Noted.” said she when finished affixing her signature.

Sativa wishes him a good day and headed to the detention room. While walking through the hall‚ she can see new writings on the wall. Someone have wrote it their purposely‚ a mere human can’t see this for a blood of black chameleon was used. She thought that it’s written in Runic Alphabet.

She knock to the said room‚ as usual‚ Ms. Barbara with her red thick lipstick‚ a one-line-curvy brows‚ black eyeshadow and her contour is exaggerating this time making her look like a living corpse.

“How can I help you?” her voice sounds like an old radio‚ most of the students trembled if they met her because of the sinister it gives.

“I’m late‚” she sluggishly answered.

“Come in‚ one hour‚” she declared and headed back to her table.

She look for a chair that is near to a window and sit there.

“Ms. McLaren‚ this behavior needs to be disciplined. You continuously do this‚ your records here are uncountable already.” she clasp her hands after saying those.

“With do all respect‚ Ms. Barbara. This is a detention room so I guess we should not discuss that matter here?” sh said but in an interrogative manner.

“A’right‚” she said and wear her round glasses‚ making eyes bigger.

“THE plan was successful.” someone proudly announces.

“What plan?” the dark tune voice is roaring with authority.

“Fooling the Alpha‚” he smirk while saying it to him.

“Why does I didn’t know about it?” He bet that the superior was looking at him right now.

“I planned it by myself and forgive me thy serene self‚ I didn’t told you.” he bow down before him.

“Serene? Do I look serene to you?” he heard footsteps going back and forth to this dark room.

“I-I guess?” he’s trembling with its presence. The ambiance of this room became heavier.

“So you’re the one who take orders now? How cunning!” he heard him snapping.

“Forgive me for this actions—

“Speak no more‚ dismissed!” the authority he gives is chilling.

He fastly walk away from that chamber and headed back to the attic.

SATIVA was looking outside the window while watching how those mavis birds playfully fly from branches to another. How she wished she was one of ’em. They might be small yet they’re free and peace alas!

Suddenly the wind blows hard‚ leaving the leaves fall to the ground while the daffodils dances gracefully with it. Then a whistle came in‚ it was father’s‚ a message and it is urgent.

“He needs me‚” she murmured.

She look around‚ some students are busy doing some other stuffs while me‚ She don’t know how to escape from this room. Sativa take a glimpse on her wrist watch‚ it’s still 45 minutes before one hour. What should she do?

“A’right‚ why not?”

She simply cut her tongue using her nails and let it move inside her mouth going up through hernose. Letting the blood flow along her nostrils‚ there it goes; nosebleed.

“Oh God! Your nose!” Ms. Barbara said in a hysterical way.

“Ms. Barbara‚ may I go out for awhile? I’m going to clean this mess.” she said and went out..

But suddenly the teacher fainted‚ a weak soul. She went out to the detention room and goes to the back gate. No one comes out or goes in there‚ only her and Antonio used that place for safety. She climb up the tree to make her way out from campus. She can’t do her reflexes here‚ someone might see me‚ it’s dangerous.

She hurriedly went back to the kingdom‚ she think‚ Antonio got the message too.

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