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Slave When Midnight Prowls: In His Dominion

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Chapter Two

“WE keep on howling for peace‚ but they give us the otherwise‚” Filepé said.

“If we’re the only one who wants to end this war‚ then I guess‚ peace can’t be found.” Emire added‚ Sativa’s childhood friend who’s one of the councils.

“Calm down all of you!” Argon halted them. “Like what I’ve said‚ I already have plans for this‚” he announces.

“Life is—

There’s a sudden shake on the ground‚ and then tremendous explosion continuously rumbling from afar. The werewolves prepare themselves for another war may happen again.

“Look! The forest animals are running horrifically. Could it be?” Sativa ask with confusion. “Oh no! Amber!” she’s talking about her bird friend which is an owl.

“Stay still‚ let see what will happen next‚” Argon said‚ when they form the battalion.

Trees were falling‚ animals were horrified by the sudden explosion; their habitat‚ they’re in danger. After the sudden explosion‚ they carefully go to the said scene. Sativa found Amber flying towards her room‚ she felt relieved.

They found trees lying down while some were marked with red crosses.

“How dare these humans!” Filepé exclaimed.

“How did they got here?” Antonio asked while checking on the surroundings.

“I have no idea. This is the deepest part of the forest and too dangerous for them to pass on—this is a forbidden land.” Emire said.

“Curiosity.” Sativa said.

“We found dead bodies!” Acres shouted‚ located at 8 o’clock.

“Maybe they’re accidentally included to the massive explosion‚” Láncreo hissed.

“I don’t think so.” Antonio objected while pointing something.

“Vampires‚” Argon hissed.

“What should we do to the bodies?” Láncreo asked.

“Burn them‚” Argon commanded.

“But‚ father it would be unfair to ’em. Their families will prolly seek for them and mourn for they’re missing.” Sativa said disagreed by her father’s command.

“Sativa‚ sometimes‚ don’t let thy emotions overruled you—it’ll entrapped ye and put you in risk.” Argon said with authority.

“I know that—”

“Then it’s clear.” Argon’s brows raise up.


“What you want will put our lives in danger. If we’ll let this corpse here‚ authorities might seek for them and what if‚ if ever they’ll found these dead bodies and discover our existence because probably‚ they’ll run an investigation. What will happen then?” Argon asked her.

“Okay‚ I get it.” she can’t protest anymore.

“We’re settled then.” said he and signaled Láncreo to burn the bodies.

After the ashes dance with the wind and flew away like dandelions puffs‚ they headed their way back to the kingdom.

“WHAT’S with the face?” Antonio ask Sativa while smiling.

“What face?” she ask while tearing the small dried branches into pieces.

They’re trailing down‚ going to school again for examination day. Antonio don’t know what she’s thinking about‚ but he can sense that she’s still devastated about what happened last Tuesday.

“Oh‚ I know you.” he said and slightly bumped into her but she throw the branch to him. She’s cute‚ he thought.

She let out a deep sigh‚ “when will this end?” and pick a twig in the ground.

Sativa examine it carefully and a smile flash on her lips‚ “this came from a fruitful tree.” she has the ability to feel things by holding it or knowing it’s origin. She can bring it back to life again. “but sadly‚ it was already tired.” it turned into dust.

“You’re amazing!” Antonio proclamed while crossed-arms.

“We’re all amazing and I’ll take that as a compliment‚” Sativa said while smiling.

That’s one of the attributes that Antonio love about‚ Sativa. She’s humble and kind but there’s so much in her that made her extraordinary.

“Wait‚ did you reviewed last Monday?” she asked while raising her brows.

“Nope.” He shrugged.

“Oh my‚ why?” Antonio can’t explain the emotions plastered on her face‚ those curves are confusing.

“’Cause I don’t want to?” He chuckled.

“Idiot!” she slightly punch me‚ “what if you won’t pass?”

“No worries‚ I stole Mr. Rivere’s answer key HAHAHAHA!” He laughed playfully.

“You’re so mean!” she said and punch me again.

“Nah‚ kidding aside. I have nothing to worry about ’cause you know‚ I’m always listening on the lectures we had and yeah‚ stock knowledge.” He said and winked at her.

“Well‚ you’re smart as f*ck‚” she said.

“Tho sometimes‚ the test questionnaires are flawed‚” Antonio said.

“Yeah‚” she agreed but suddenly‚ Sativa signaled that they’ll have a race‚ “race ya!” Antonio heard her laughter while running away from him. He admit that she have a good speed.

“If I catch you‚ you should buy me an ice cream later.” He shouted trying to match her pace.

“We’ll see.” She said and ranging her speed. Oh‚ this lady!

The test was so boring‚ Antonio thought‚ he’s almost done and yet he’s feel sleepy. Lack of sleep is kinda exhausting ’cause you can’t focus on what you do and keep on yawning. After he finished answering his exam‚ he went outside the room and was astonished when he found‚ Sativa leaning on the wall.

“Wow‚ finished already?” he teased her.

“Easy!” and she laughed out loud.

Suddenly‚ Mr. Rivere went out‚ “quite!”

They headed along the hall‚ and going to the cafeteria while laughing. She bought him an ice cream‚ yes‚ Antonio was the one who came the school first. Well‚ he tricked her HAHAHA. They headed under the willow tree inside the campus‚ this is one of their happy place. He heard footsteps from behind so he looked back and saw Silas sneaking‚ he guess she have a planned to scare them.

“You always ruin my plan to scare you.” She said while pouting and sit beside Sativa.

He just chuckled‚ “it’s not my fault if you’re too obvious‚ I can sense your presence from behind.” he said while laughing.

“You always spoil my day‚ Ant.” she said rolled her eyes, cute.

“I’m honoured.” he bowed to her while laughing.

“Nye nye nye nye.” she’s acting like a child again.

“You’re such a bully‚ dude.” Sativa said to him and hit him a small stone.

“Silas‚ you sounded like a child bullying another kid.” Antonio said.

“Ang guess what‚ plot twist: you’re that other kid.” she give me a middle finger while smiling creepily.

“Fight! Fight! Fight! I’ll be the referee‚” Sativa announces while chuckling.

“You’re mean.” Coincidentally‚ Silas and Antonio out words the same phrase.

“Wow!” Sativa’s eyes go bigger and laughed.

“We’re’s Emire?” Suddenly‚ Silas ask.

“Still taking the exam‚ I guess.” Sativa said.

“I’m here.” They looked back and found Emire leaning against the willow’s trunk.

“Hello‚ folks!” He greeted and walk towards them. Emire feels like a celebrity whose walking fans were watching him.

Some of the students call them‚ musketeers‚ silly. They’ve been together since 7th grade‚ well‚ apart from Antonio‚ Emire and Sativa who’re childhood friends when they met‚ Silas during 7th grade. She’s a smart woman who believed about their existence‚ she’s a threat for them but they cherished her and will always be.

Most of the time‚ Emire won’t join upon going to school ’cause he’ll just teleport—one of his abilities and now‚ he’s on training on how to open a portal on going to another dimension.

AFTER having some conversations they mend their ways‚ while walking through the great hall‚ they were shock. There were wounded warriors and others are mourning. When they enter the chamber‚ all the councils and advisors are present.

“Father‚ what happened?” she ask in a worry voice.

“War‚” Argos announces.

“W-What?” she’s devastated‚ again.

“Lives have been lost.” Argon continued.

“Why you didn’t sent us a message?” she’s tapping her fingers on her thigh‚ she’s controlling her emotion.

“I know you care too much for this Lineage but‚ I know that your studies were important‚ too. I heard that today is your final examination and I don’t want to destruct you from taking it‚” Argos said‚ “just keep on going.” he added. “There’s still a tomorrow for us to stand for what’s right and we’ll do it us one. I let you go to school‚ to interact with the humans but I didn’t expected that you’ll love what you’re doing and I am amazed.”

“Father.” Sativa out word‚ less speechless.

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