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Love In The Capital

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What happens when a rebellious girl from the country and an uptown church boy's worlds collide? Their co existence rain havock in the little city of Kingston Jamaica.

Romance / Erotica
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Parking Theif

Sky's POV

My eyes scanned my class schedule and I was quite satisfied that they were able to make it according to my request. I heard a dramatic gasp and I looked up to see it coming from my bestie Marissa.

"What?! Who asked for classes on Saturdays?!" She questioned, turning her schedule for me to have a look at it and I laughed.

"Yes man. Should've followed my advice and said you were Seventh Day Adventist," I chuckled, folding my paper in two and sliding it between one of my textbooks.

Probably gonna search eight different books to find that later.

"You really did that, Sky?" Faith's soft voice came and I turned to her innocently batting my eyelashes.

Faith was literally the mother of our friend group. Always reminding us to stay out of trouble and never taking part in silly stuff Marissa and I do. She was the oldest but also the shortest at 5 '2 with long black 4b hair she always had in small twists and a round baby face. She was also the smallest in size among the three of us and studying Engineering.

Marissa was considered the bundle of joy. She had her signature pixie cut and 5'6 slim figure. She was the tallest and the youngest by a whole year which we see a pattern in our friend group. She always knew what the three of us would enjoy and she could easily lighten the mood. But when it's her time to be moody it's a hell of a thing to get her happy again. It's kinda weird that she's majoring in Medicine but Marissa herself has no idea what she wants to actually do in life.

Me? I'm the groups advocate. I don't take bullshit from anyone regarding the people I care about. If there is a problem that seems hard to solve I'll definitely solve it. Out of the three of us I was the only extroverted and hot headed one. But despite all the things that I do for fun, I'd never force them to do it with me. That's for my other friend group.

"Faith. You know my Friday nights are too wild to prepare me for class the following day," I pouted and she glared at me.

"No, I can't accept this. Sky, come with me to get it changed," Marissa insisted, ready to storm through the door.

Calm yuh likkle self

"It's literally 6 in the afternoon, Risa. The people dem gone a dem yaard. Besides, we need to get ready for the school opening party," I explained.

"Who is we? Sky a you alone a go that," Faith butted in as she opened a suitcase. "I have to start unpacking because I have to go to church tomorrow and Gabrielle is going back to home for her clothes she left like the smart person she is."

"Don't blame me. I didn't know they'd let us move in the dorm today. I thought it was just regular orientation," Marissa defended herself.

"I literally sent it in the group chat two days ago."

"Was that when Sky was rambling on about her package from Timeless being damaged because I wouldn't have seen it."

I glared at Marissa. "I was supposed to be wearing that shoes tonight. I gave most of my sneakers to the charity because Faith here thought I didn't wear them enough so I should give them to the less fortunate. Now I'm less fortunate," I argued.

"It was for a good cause," Faith mumbled throwing out the clothes on the bed. "And you really don't wear them much."

My phone blared cutting me off form what I was gonna say and I looked to see that it was Andy.


"Please tell me you're free?" He replied desperately.

"It really depends. What is it?" I said sitting down on the mattress of my bed.

"The party started in like, 2 hours and we barely have anything together. And the waste man of a DJ cancelled on us. We really need some help at the hall right now."

"Aiite. I'm on my way," hanging up the phone I picked up my purple and white backpack. "Andy just called said he needed some help to set up. I'll see you girls later."


When I pulled up at the hall I found a nice parking spot closest to the entrance. I have a fear of parking in crowded places but even though the parking lot in front of the hall was empty, I knew later when students who drive started flooding in, cars are going to get blocked in and I don't wanna have a hard time getting out if I have to leave.

When I went up to the hall, it was very huge and they had already started putting up blue, yellow and white balloons and banners. I spotted Andy among a few people discussing sharply.

I've known Andy since high school and he was my good friend. Honestly we wouldn't really be friends if he wasn't head over heels for my close friends Dejah since forever. Andy was average looking black guy. He wasn't very tall but still looked down on me with big muscles and a short faded beard covering his face. I always called him the rich kid because his parents literally spoiled him and he knew a great deal of people who were just as rich.

When he saw me at the door his face lit up. He excused himself and came over to me, patting my head like he always did.

"I knew I could rely on you," he grinned showing off his vampire like canines.

"Don't mess up my afro, dawg," I warned him slapping his hand away and he chuckled.

For the remainder of the evening I was on the go ordering cake, drinks, food, trying to find a DJ as well as a catering service and I was surprised that by the time people started showing up at around 9:30, we were done and the music was in full blast.

Andy hugged me tightly lifting me off the ground. "Yah mi chargie ennuh Sky," he spoke in patois. "Are you staying for the party?"

I was tired and sweaty but I still had enough energy for a party. Always! "Of course! I just need to go back to my dorm and freshen up." I informed him as he put me down.

"Aiite, later. Make sure to find me when you get back."

I was sure right about the parking stuff. There were so many cars of different varieties pulling up and the parking lot was full in no time. It was gonna be hard finding a parking space when I got back and I refused to walk because the dorm and hall are on two different sides of the campus.

I need to save my spot!

I stood before my white, darkly tinted Toyota Corolla Axio trying to figure out how is it I was going to do the impossible an save my space.

After a few minutes of nothingness my eyes settled on something shining a few feet away from where I was standing . They were cones.

An idea suddenly hit me. I went over and took up four traffic cones to put in the parking space when I drove out. I'm pretty sure that there is a rule on campus that prohibits the unauthorized moving of the traffic cones so when they see them there, they'll know it's probably reserved.

I mentally pat myself on my back for remembering that rule as well as making good use of it.


"A which bombowull tief mi spot?"

I stood at the entrance furiously looking at a sleek black Audi A5 that was parked comfortably in MY SPOT.

And here I was taking my sweet time thinking my spot was secured, never knowing there was someone as bold enough as me to move the cones on school property.

My car was parked directly before it and I knew I couldn't let it stay like that because I'd be blocking cars that were entering as well as leaving. This motherfucker was gonna get it.

I went over to my car pulling out a red lipstick as well as a crazy glue I always kept for emergencies in my backpack.

Good thing I was dressed in a black knee length dress and the car was parked all the way to the entrance so it lessened the chance of me getting noticed by people passing.

I got to work with the lipstick scribbling profanities of every language on the glass of the car.

"Lovely, lovely," I laughed throwing away the lipstick because it was rubbed out.

I opened the glue and was about to spray it in the key hole when I felt someone grab my hand and turned me around aggressively.

I found myself looking up at a silhouette of a man, towering over my stiff figure and he had me pressed between him and the car. The glue fell from my grasp subconsciously.

"What are you doing?!"


Thanks for reading the first chapter. Love 💕

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