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After a year long misery for the wait of filing a divorce with his unloving partner of 10 years, Chase Johnson has finally been given his freedom. With joy he is granted joint custody with his ex-wife for their two children, Liam & Skylar and both go on their separate ways, only crossing paths if they ever needed to. Normally having their kids living under his roof, he comes to an agreement with himself that he is unable to manage his time between his children and his work, so he then goes on to hire a live-in nanny. But what happens when the nanny realises a chilling secret about his children? The reason why they are frightened to death by their mother? The reason why they cling onto her so tightly when their mother comes to pick them up? Will she stand up and put an end to the hidden abuse? Will she save the children from their living nightmare? Or will it be a never-ending suffering? (R-Rated Chapters will have * at the begining of their titles). Start Date: July 13th, 2022. End Date: November 16th, 2022.

Romance / Fantasy
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Somewhere in San Francisco...




"I can now state that the divorce request from Mr Chase Johnson to Miss Sarah Jones has now been granted."

Fucking finally... Chase thought to himself as the judge slammed the gavel on the podium, signalling the divorce was finalised.. and he couldn't feel more free.

"Now as previously stated, Miss Jones has requested living properties, such as being supplied with a home via the courts grant or offered by Mr Johnson, as the current shared property that is addressed by 2413 Acres Road is being signed into Miss Jones' name. Do you comply with this request?"

Another way to get more money from me but if it gets her far away as possible, I'm all in.

Chase sighed and nodded his head.

"I comply, your honor." He responded unhappily.

The smirk that rose on Sarah's face made him fiercely angry, but as soon as the next and final topic of the divorce was mentioned, his attention focused on the judge.

"Now in your documents, states that you both have two young children together. Twins aged four, Liam and Skylar, correct?"

Both Chase and Sarah nodded in agreement.

"Have you both decided on a custody agreement?"

"Full custody" "Shared Custody"

Was the answers given.

Chase scowled inwardly at Sarah, but kept his composure, his left hand clenching a fist in frustration, hidden behind his right hand.

"Your honour, myself and Miss Jones had previously spoken before court today and both agreed on joint custody but it appears so, a change of heart has been made."

Chase made sure he spoke in a professional tone and kept his calm, hoping to show his maturity to the judge as Sarah had began to make a scene, visibility irritated by Chase's words.

"From behavioural acts and maturity levels shown within the previous 15 minutes, I'm pushing the desicion to joint custody. You will both be granted 84 hours per week with Liam and Skylar, days of which will be discussed via documentation which will be provided at the end of court. Due to recorded incidents, Miss Jones will only be granted supervised custody for Liam and Skylar. Please sign on pages 8 and 10 of the documents provided for you both on your desks, this is an overall statement of what you both have agreed to today and the finalisation of your divorce. Court dismissed."

I am a free man. Is this was heaven feels like?

Chase was snapped from his thoughts when the infamous bitch herself made her way towards him.

"I'm assuming you'll be first to take them? I have a nail appointment so I can't." Sarah speaks abnoxiously, smacking her gum between her teeth as she examines the chipped paint on her nails.

Someone remind me why I married this woman?

"Your nail colour is more important than your children's welfare?" He gritted his teeth in annoyance.

Everything this woman did reminded him every second why he did chose to divorce her.

"I'm more than happy to. You can pick them up on Monday." Chase averts his eyes towards his children as they run towards him, diving into his arms.

He smiles and picks them both up, one on each arm and grabs his briefcase, making his way outside the court.

"Say goodbye to mommy." He mumbles to his children who both bury their faces into his neck to avoid the task.

Chase always found it weird that both Liam and Skylar had taken a stronger bond towards him more so than their mother, but he was grateful. He'd do anything for his kids.

"I'll see you on m- " before Chase could even finish his sentence, Sarah had already walked off, screaming happily through her phone about another party event. Which was all she seemed to do, nowadays.

"Let's get you two home, hm?" Chase kissed Liam and Skylar both on the head, smiling at their sleepy faces as he walked to his car, clipping them both into their car seats before sliding into the drivers seat, making his way home.

After a quick stop to McDonald's for the kids to get their one off treat for the week, Chase parks in his driveway and shuts off the engine.

He hears nothing but silence, a smile growing on his face as he turns to find both of the children passes out. Skylars hair covered her face as her head slightly hung foward, Liams mouth wide open with half of a chicken nugget inside, along with little snores escaping his nose.

Chase gets out of the car and unclipped both of the sleeping children, disposing the remains of the McDonald's into the trash first before unclipping both of them from their seats and takes one onto each arm, locking the car before making his way inside the house.

Quietly and carefully he makes his way upstairs into Skylars room and lays her onto her bed.

"Daddy?" A small whimper escapes her lips as she rubs her eyes tiredly.

"Shh, daddy's here. I'm just going to put your brother to bed and i'll be right back, okay?" He brushes her hair with his hand as she sleepily nods.

Tiptoeing out the room, he makes his way to Liams room, carefully changing him into his spiderman onesie before tucking him into bed.

This kid is one hell of a sleeper. Chase quietly chuckles at his thoughts before leaning to place a kiss on Liam's head. "I love you buddy. Sweet dreams." He whispers before turning on Liam's nightlight, exiting the room but leaving the door ajar.

Chase lets out a yawn as he re-enters Skylars room, tilting his head as he sees her sitting up in her bed, staring at the wall.

He grabs one of her pink night gowns and kneels down next to her small bed, opening his arms for Skylar to crawl into them.

"What's wrong pumpkin? Why do you look so sad?" He mutters quietly as Skylar lays her head on her fathers chest.

"Is mommy going to take me and Liam away?" She sniffles, Chase frowns as he feels her frantic breathing.

He cautiously pulls her away to dress her in the nightgown before tucking her hair back behind her ears.

"Look at me baby girl." He tilts her head up and wipes her tears away with his thumb. His heart breaks as he watches her bottom lip tremble, tears brimming at her eyes.

"No one on this earth will ever take you and your brother away from me. Ever. Daddy wouldn't let that happen. There is going to be some days where you will stay at Mommy's house and other days you'll be here with me. Do you understand that, pumpkin?"

Skylar nods and stands up on her bed, wrapping her tiny arms around her fathers neck. Chase wraps his arms around his daughter, cradling her to his chest as he rocks her gently side to side.

"Shh daddy's right here." He rubs her back in circles and tightens his arms around her. He didn't like seeing his children upset. He didn't want to cause any of this pain.

As he felt Skylar's breathing progressively slow down, singling she had fallen asleep. He kisses the top of her head and lays her back down, tucking the blanket around her small frame and switches on her nightlight.

"Goodnight princess. I love you." He whispers and slowly makes his way to his own room.

Quickly changing out of his suit and brushing his teeth, he tiredly collapses onto his bed, his mind drifting to the conversation he just had with his daughter.

Is mommy going to take me and Liam away?

Why would she ever think that?

He shook it off out of his head and rolled onto his stomach, his eyes slowly blinking until they eventually shut completely, drifting off into a dreamless sleep.

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