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Every girl would just worship this young and handsome billionaire Lucas Henderson, one of the world famous and owned company across America and Canada. He has no time for girlfriend and he's just a workaholics but innocence Olivia summer get's in his way. Oliva Summer A sweet and pretty blonde girl who just started unveirsty and a sucesful dancer and luca starts to admire her dancing and personality then soon he starts falling for her heart. can both stay stay away from each other

Chapter 1

I’ve stopped near a café perfect, I went through the door. Then I saw a table that had two seats. Luckily, no one was sitting there, the whole room was only fill with small amount of people. Then I sat myself, then I was about to pull out my phone but. A Tall handsome man who looked least 5′6ft, he was tall and muscular and has cute, fluffy blonde hair and had fair white skin. It look like he’s wearing a black suite with black trouser but overall he looks cute or should I say attractive.

Wait what’s wrong with me then I shook off the thoughts that hinders my mind. Then I looked at my watch, oh god. I’ll be late for university, as I was about to go until I was stopped by a hand. I turned around my head and it was the man who had blonde hair then he said “wait, I need to talk to you please?” he started to scratch the back of his neck and it was awkward silence.

Why is a random guy talking to me?

I quickly got rid of my thought that was in my mind. Then I looked at his baby blue eyes and they were gorgeous baby blues eye. So I nodded my head twice, the man was giving me a polite smile. He gesture me to sit down on the chair, we both sat and he was siting down while facing me. Then I spoke first, "so what do you need to talk about" I was shaking my legs nervously.

" Well I'm a billionaire you see, and I need you to be my fake girlfriend and meet my parents at America because my family been bugging me to get a girlfriend but I'm a business men and have no time for clingy girlfriend so will you please consider of taking my offer, I'll pay you 1 million dollar and it's just for 1 week" he said with a serious tone.

Omg a million dollar!? That's a lot of money and I can open a my own dance studio or buy a house and other thing! I have to take the offer. My mind was screaming.

Say yes

say yes

wait! then that means I have to pack arghh!

suddenly I kept looking at his lips and they were kissable, wait what's got into me?!. "so you'll take the offer" I was startled by his voice. Then I said "yes", he was now smiling and chuckle slightly and I blushed red. "so you give me your phone number and later on I'll text you for further detail and just pack your bags for two days, okay?" then I spoke "okay" then he gave me a handshake and went off.

What the hell just happened?.

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