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Forbidden love

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What happens when you realise that you have fallen in love with someone you are not allowed to love? Does the other person love you like you love him, or is it a one sided love? Will they find each other in the end? Will they get their happy ever after? Will the family secrets be revealed? This book contains mature chaptes. There's also an age gape. Death is also mentioned in the story. So if your under 18 or just sensitive I would recommend you to not read this book, but hey I warned you all. Hope you're ready for an emotional rollercoaster. Here's two extracts for you. Enjoy 😊 "It's Liam. He wants to explain himself."  Diana slammed her hands on our table everyone looked at her but she gave a shit.   "THAT FUCK HEAD. HE HAS THE FUCKING GUTS TO SHOW HIS FACE HERE THE PIG !!!!"  "Hey D please calm down. Please." I asked she looked at me and her eyes softened. "Whose the basterd that deserves a ass whipping ?"  ......... ........ I went back to kissing her soft lips. Sucking her bottom lip between mine. My hands started roaming her body. My left hand moved from her hip to the top of her pants, teasing the skin with my nails before I slipped my hand into her pants, earning me a gasp and moan from Aroura. Beautiful. I first jammed one finger into her then two. She moand into my mouth and slammed her nails into my back witch I know will leave marks, I groaned in response.

Romance / Action
Allison Green
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Aroura's Pov

Today is Monday. The first Monday of a new school year! Yay! I know I'm crazy to be excited to go back to school, but I'm not the only one, my best friend Diana Anderson is excited too.

It's a new year and our final year of high school, witch will determine if we could go to College to prusue our dreams for our future.


As I walk past the teachers' parking lot and towards the school entrance, I notice a familiar black Dodge Challenger.

"It can't be, can it?" I mumbled to myself. "It just can't be. He still has one year of practice at the Primary School left. Or well I hope so. I haven't seen him in four months and ten days."


After receiving my class schedul and books for this year, I headed to my locker to put my books in it.

"Hey, I've missed you super duper much!!!" Diana Anderson my best friend yells at me while wrapping her arms around me from the back. I laughed a little and said "Hi, how could you have missed me super duper much when you visited me yesterday?"

I turned around and hugged my bestie back tightly as she answered "Easy you know! I just need time till lunch to figure out why precisely." We both giggled at her response.

"Okay if you say so. I think your just to attached to me." I said joking.

"There is a possibility that it could be true, but any ways I heard there's a new teacher. Apparently he gives Biology for our grade so I'm not gonna see him. I heard he is SUPER DUPER HOT . But you have Biology so that means that you are going to tell me every single detail, aren't you?" Diana had a serious look on her face and I had no choice but to give in.

"I didn't know about the new teacher. I have Biology the first and second period. And yes of course I will tell you EVERY SINGLE DETAIL." I answered suppressing a laugh just as the first bell rang. "Your the best. Well got to go. Love you bitch, see ya later." Diana says hugging me. "Bye. Love you too. See later bitch." We separated and headed our separate ways to our classes.

"Please dear Lord. Please let this teacher not be Liam Blackwood. Please." I whispered a prayer as I neared the Biology class.

Just as the second bell rang I stepped into the classroom. "I'm late !" I say to myself and mentally face - palm myself, because now the only seats left open is one in the back and the other in the first row. I cursed my shortness for now I have no choice but to sit in the front. "I really hope this teacher isn't Liam." I said a silent prayer.

As I take my seat in the front I noticed that the desk is directly in front of the teacher's desk. Just as I put my books on my desk our teacher walked in from the back room. "Good morning class. I will be your Biology teacher for this year. My name is...." he stops mid sentence, I looked up and I'm met with a pair of familiar ocean blue eyes. I was looking straight into the eyes of the Devil. A very handsome Devil I have to add. He was wearing blue jeans and a white, short sleeved, button up shirt.

One of his big strong hands were placed on his desk and I could see the veins in his hand going up his strong arm. I'm practically drooling over him I can't believe myself right now. I mentally rolled my eyes at myself.

I noticed that his jet black hair that is styled to perfection without any hair products, beautiful blush skin, sharp jaw, high cheekbones and muscular build body hasn't changed a bit since I last saw him. "I bet his hair is soft and silky... No!! No, I shouldn't think like this."

I got up and ran to the bathroom without a word just tears streaming down my face.


After calming down and cleaning my face I headed back to the classroom where I would have to face the music.

As I walked into the class everyone started at me.

"Sorry I ran like that Sir. I have morning sickness." I told a little white lie as I sat down at my desk. I don't actually know why I said I had morning sickness, maybe it was to piss him off or something. One thing was for shore he was shocked with my response, only people who knows him and understands his facial expressions can notice his shocked expression. "Don't worry about it. I wouldn't want you to vomit on my desk," he said winking at me before continuing," I'm Liam Blackwood by the way. We were busy discussing the digestion system on page fifteen." he introduced himself as if we don't have history. There was an awkward silence before I opened my books and joined the class discussion about the digestion system. A few times I would catch Liam looking at me ,I would just look away not wanting to remember what happened between us four months and ten days ago. "I'm most probably the only one between us who counts the days." I thought to myself remembering how I embarrassed myself in front of him. But I can't forget it, no matter how hard I tried. I just can't. "Do I really want too forget though?" I asked myself even though I already know the answer too it. No I don't want to forget. We share lots of beautiful and happy memories together, which I choose to keep. It's just the pain that I want to forget.

What am I going to do? I can't work with him near me. This is bad. Really bad. I'm so screwed right now. How am I going to pass this year if I can't even focus now? I mean his jet black hair that looks soft is distracting me and his voice... seriously it gives me pleasurable chills all over my body.

The memory of his hot breath on the skin of the crook of my neck, against my ear while whispering softly into my ear and his big strong hands holding me as I cried, suddenly popped up.

I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, but what is that going to help me? Fucking nothing I tell you!! Nothing !!! I'm slowly losing my shit right now! Aghh!!! What am I going to do? Im so screwed.

This attractive man standing in front of me, who I am craving right now will be the death of me sooner or later.

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