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A Twisted Tango

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Choices. There can only be one. The choices between right or wrong.

Romance / Fantasy
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Choices. There can only be one. The choices between right or wrong. Choices between the left or right at the T-junction life brings us to. They are a necessity. Without these decisions life would be a never ending cycle of going round and round the same circle would it not? Standing but a few feet away from the wondrous falls in the city of Newlands, Pandora rehearsed her monologue in her head. Word by word she softly whispered what could possibly be her last performance. Strategically evaluating her decision between a small step or a leap. A semi- colon or a period. The end of a sentence.

A few years earlier there would have been no differ between the choices. He was pushing her. Slowly edging her on. But a stubborn mind does not give in so easily. A true warrior never quits without a fight. Yet the battle between the two opponents had been going on for what felt like a century. Each as persistent as the other. Blood had been shed and bones broken and the options life offered her seemed to lead to the same gruesome fate. She was dying anyway. Pandora took the step and stared at the wondrous beauty of the roaring waters plummeting onto the rocks revealing their strength as they disappeared into the watery mist below. One more small step, not a leap. This battle had not yet ended, and if fate had destined her to die, she was not going down alone. Inhaling the fresh air of the Northern Newland, the warm breeze blowing petite droplets of water onto her pale skin, she took a step back. Her choice had been made and she was yet to bring her decision back to life. This battle was not yet over.

Pandora made her way back to her cave. Her humble abode. After all, it was almost getting dark. Her mouth started watering as she thought about the quail eggs and ale awaiting her upon her arrival. Though the walk was a long one. She knew that when she started her trip to the Newlands Falls as it was located on the other side of the Grassy Hills. Though Pandora didn’t mind. Walking usually kept her mind occupied and she had to stay focused if she wanted Him to stay out of her head. The voice still whispered, but it wasn’t as loud this time. She still had some motivation giving her the strength to keep him at bay. After all, the sun was barely beyond setting and atmosphere of twilight had somewhat of a relaxing effect on her. For the brief period of time just before the sun completely fades into darkness, there is a balance. A balance between the light and darkness. Perfect harmony.

Staring through the rooftop that night the moon glistened as it reflected in her pale green eyes. The night had become as dark as her heart. She felt nothing. Simply dark, lonesome emptiness. Hesitantly she applauded Bohaban. His work for the day was complete. He had drained all the energy and life she had, yet he was also tired now, but tomorrow would be another day. She downed her ale to silence this fading voice from her mind. His work for the night was done, but his mission was far from complete. And Bohaban laughed.

“They are back again aren’t they? A voice pierced Pandora’s train of thought as she blankly stared at the kitchen sink.”

“What’s back? She rushed in response, snapping out of her waking dream state. The voice had come from Ken who stared at her very inquisitively, yet with clear disappointment in his eyes.

“You just drank six glasses of water again… “He paused. “And you finished all of the beer last night.

“So? What if I want to have a few beers to calm down every once in a while?”

“This isn’t once in a while, this has been every night for the past week Pandora! Are we going through this again?”

“Going through what?” Playing the ignorance card. Life is just one big game of cards anyway is it not? We see the cards life gives us. If you are lucky you get the leverage of success and good fortune. If not… well then you simply have to practice bluffing the other players.

“Don’t play stupid now, you know exactly what I am talking about.” And she did. She had made a promise to stop her drinking when she was discharged from the hospital. After all it was one of the reasons she got admitted in the first place. It did go quite well for a few days. But everyone could see she was slipping, though not out of lack of trying.

It is quite ironic how people expect you to be magically healed once you come out of a psychiatric hospital. But medication cannot kill the demon. He can only kill you.

Bohaban proudly grinned at his little project. He could see that his toy was breaking, he had seen that for years but he couldn’t let it break to soon. Even the thought of toying with his prey gave him a tingle in his libido. A lust for more. Of course he slowly had to work his way up. He had to make sure that she was ignorant to his plan. Just a few thoughts, a few threats gradually building up until it consumes his toy. By the time they realize his chain are so wrapped around them and his strings clutched into their arms like a puppet. By then there is no escape. He knows that once he has control there is nothing they can do to resist him. They become addicted to the pain he causes. They can’t help but do his bidding. They know how powerful he is, and they are driven by the fear he crested. Oh the bliss, sucking off the energy of what is good, fulfilling his never-ending lust for darkness. He drains the light from his victims, and the more he drains, the more he can become them. And once all of what is good is consumed, the light cannot prevail. He will be the victor.

Though this, Pandora, had fought longer than he thought she would. He was rather enjoying this challenge. Hope is such an amusing form of deceit. Give them hope and watch them fall. He kept silent in the ears of Pandora for a few minutes.

“Let’s give her some hope then watch her fall. You cannot win this battle my dear…

Ï am the tormentor I am the puppet master.”

There is a specific contrast that life drives us to follow. The battle between good and evil, the middle point that creates the balance allowing us to live in peace. One cannot exist without the other. Light is the essence of peace that makes way for the happiness mankind deserves. Darkness is the force that serves as a boundary for our actions in avoidance of misfortune.

Pandora opened her eyes as she felt the suns warm rays pinching at her eyes through the hole in her roof… or was it the sun? No! Flashlights directly pointed at her face while she stood alone in a dark road. She heard a soft mutter of voices in the distance accompanied by a big blurry figure. Blinded by the lights she quickly balanced herself to avoid a tumble. The voices came closer.

“Ma’am we asked if you were alright.” She blankly stared and them evaluating her surroundings. “Where the hell am I?” She noticed the bottle in her hand, and quickly got rid of it in the tall grass growing at the side of the road. Her fists clenched in terror. “Not again.” The last time she had been in this situation she barely managed to escape due to the help of pepper spray and strong legs for a good kick. But this time it wasn’t just one figure. There were two and after anxiously digging into her pockets she realized that apart from a kick to the crotch, she had nothing to defend herself with. She hesitated, contemplating whether to run or ask for assistance from these blurred figures.

“Who are you?” She shouted, her voice not quite as strong and intimidating as she would have liked it to be. “I have a gun! Don’t come any closer.” By now she had started to take a few steps back as a necessary precaution to run if the situation called for it. She remembered the beer bottle she had on her. You idiot!” She thought to herself. Quickly making a jump toward the tree, she grabbed the bottle by the neck and smashed it on the trunk, the glass smashing and slicing her wrist. Blood was dripping down her finger, but that was the least of her worries at the current moment. The figures still hadn’t identified themselves, but by now they were close enough that fight or flight did not leave her with the latter option. Fight it was. Pandora slowly stretched her arm out forward, aiming the broken side of the bottle directly at the mysterious figures. She shut her eyes as the figures emerged from the dark. She was back in Newlands, strolling through the soft grass that covered the Grassy Hill. A gentle breeze leading the green blades in dance. She felt the tickle on her legs and smiled. Blissful peace. The pounding in her chest gradually silenced itself. Balance. As her eyes opened she gradually saw the green blades fade into the black concrete he was standing on, blood still dripping down her wrist. But she would not be the only one bleeding tonight. With a deep breath, followed by a brisk walk the tables turned as Pandora now became the pursuer. Without as much as a thought she swiped her weapon diagonally, feeling its jolt as it hit her target.


“Restrain her.”

The figures were shouting through the chaos and the second figure painfully grabbed her by the wrist where the broken bottle had left its mark, disarming her and leaving her defenseless. Tugging and turning, shouting, general chaos as she fought for her escape. But her struggle was futile. The second figure had grasped both her arms by now, holding them tightly behind her back.

“Let go of me you psychotic piece of shit!” The struggle stopped. Pandora gazed upon her attacker… Or victim. Nausea overcame her along with a tight lump in her throat as she saw the blue uniformed figure standing in front of her. Her raged induced state of mind had completely blinded her from the fact that her pursuers were in fact not pursuers at all. They were cops.

Without as much as a blink of hesitation she allowed them to lead here to the vehicle. She could feel the cold steel clasped loosely around her small wrists. She could probably escape if she tried. All it would take was a little tugging, but that she would not do. She deserved this. She looked at the gash on her victim’s neck, right below the jaw. If she had thrusted just a little bit harder it would’ve sliced right through the artery. Smeared blood covered his chin as he wiped his face with his blood covered hand, the red liquid starting to clot allowing only the slightest drops to pass through.

“You like seeing him bleed.” The voice whispered in her ear. And he was right. Through the piercing guilt a sense of adrenaline peeked though it’s keyhole. This was who she was. Darkness overcame her. Bohaban had won again.

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