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Aspen Falls

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Aspen Carlee Ellington. "Beau's Girl" That's how I've been known since the 10th grade. Every time I looked into the future...whether it was an hour, a day or years ahead of me...that's all I saw. Me and him. Just like I'd always seen. I had no doubt it would be us. One day I turned into a real fucking girl and voiced some feelings and watched him walk out of my life to go on some deployment I couldn't know the details of. My heart had a sinking feeling that I would never see him again. Now I'm 21, it's two years later he's standing in my backyard with my brothers back from some godforsaken place...and yes. I'm still 100% his. Will this Christmas bring me a happily ever after? Beau Remington Brighton Every day I wake up and remember the most beautiful sexy girl I'd ever have the pleasure of knowing. Every day I find a way to torture myself to the brink of mental or physical death for shattering her. Fast forward two years, I'm standing in her backyard with her older brothers not knowing if she'll even acknowledge my existence. But fuck…she's even more gorgeous than I remember and I swear before Christmas is over, I'll have made her broken heart whole and she'll be mine. Aspen is a 21 year old dessert maker. Beau is a 28 year old Navy SEAL. Between ghosts from their pasts...broken promises, dreams and broken hearts…can these two fix a love that was shattered?

Bex Nicole
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brief author's note

I never do the author notes, but I just wanted to drop one before turning the page and diving into the world of Aspen and Beau.

This story may trigger readers. It does have some chapters with self harm and talks of suicide. There is sexual content, language and a chapter that deals with brief physical torture.

Honestly all in all, I needed a way to escape my real life and fell in love with these characters. Giving them a voice here instead of being tucked away in a notebook, hopefully lets you fall in love with them too.

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