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Ua Belle
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Let’s Slightly Overturn the Matriarch: A Discussion

A deep sigh filled the small but smoke-filled mud hut that serves as Milele’s kitchen. The grass thatched mud hut has been in her family for 4 generations now, with Milele being the fifth.

Another anxiety and confusion filled sigh filled the smoke mud hut. The boiling chicken feet already forgotten by Milele.

Milele is in a quagmire. She is a wreck trying to determine a suitable day that would be best to announce her physical and spiritual inadequacy of being a Milele Matriarch.

When should she tell the rest of the matriarchs of the definite non-existence of the sixth generation of the Milele Matriarch?

Milele, is the current Matriarch for her tribe, a tribe that has held immense power for five generations due to the impressive genetics and personalities that arise from the Milele tribe. Of-course, there are other powerful Matriarch tribes who all live within the highly reclusive village of Bora-Mke, hidden deep inside the forbidden forests of Kaka land. Bora-Mke only ever engages with the rest of Kaka or the world in that matter, on a need basis; Even the men who live in Bora-Mke are only permitted into this sacred matriarch village of Kaka land only due to their soulmate status to many Bora-Mke women.

“Okay, two things are definite here,” Milele turned to the silent woman next to the three-stone cooker, who was diligently working to ensure there is enough firewood to efficiently boil the chicken feet, “One, both of us are definitely barren and two, both of us are definitely soulmates. The overall conclusion, we might get ostracized for ending two leading Matriarchs in Bora-Mke. Shit! We might get hunted down for destabilizing the ecosystem in a millennium. We are fucked my love,”

Dhahabu turned to Milele and she couldn’t help but giggle, Milele always had this intense pessimistic look on her face… unless they are together and naked on her really comfortable banana leaves bed then she looked utterly angelic. Even though Dhahabu giggled she knew all Milele said to be true and the consequences, even though unwritten will definitely be a heavy one for both of them and their tribes.

“True, but breaking our soulmate bond to fulfill tribal succession is punishable by death. At the end of the day, soul bonds matter more to all Bora-Mke tribes. We are in a position to create new tribal ways for those who will be like us, for just because we are the first stubborn same-sex soulmates in Bora-Mke in a millennium most definitely means we will not be the last and but definitely the first to try and break the hetero-norm. Our consequence will be the consequence for others. So, no pressure.”

“AHHH!” Milele couldn’t help but groan at the additional weight added on by the love of her life, even the smoke stinging her eyes could not compare to the weight in her chest, mind, soul…actually just everywhere.

Milele moved closer to Dhahabu and the fire, “Habu, what do we do? You are the diabolical genius please help us. I just want a quiet life that involves a lot of banana lives and your beautiful soul and body of course…ohh and mind too. All of you and silence, that is all I need,”

“Alright sweet talker but you have to do exactly what I say, okay?”

“I knew you had a plan already; you always do. Plus, have I ever not listened to you?”

“You are very unpredictable and headstrong Mimi, so I will say you listen to me in your own silent but always violent way,”

“Aww, you know me too well,”

“Too well,”

The soul bond between these two women vibrated intensely demanding physical contact, leaning in slightly Milele licked her lips wanting to join with Dhahabu in a physical way.

“I know you want to kiss me Mimi,”

“Yes, I do. I very, very much want to kiss you,”

“I want you to kiss me too,”

Dhahabu leaned in as well towards Milele. The nerves on their lips already sensing one another, itching for contact.

Dhahabu sighed in the smoke-filled grass thatched mud hut Kitchen, a sigh that sent tingles all over Milele’s body instantly making her stretch her right armored hand around Dhahabu’s plump waist. A shudder left Dhahabu from the contact between her waist, silk thin purple tunic and Milele’s hand. She could feel the callouses on Milele’s hand through the tunic, causing sensational stinging and vibrations through her body.

“You are sensational,” with that Milele softly rubbed her lower lip between Dhahabu’s lips, teasing her and showing her how precious and godly she was to her. Feeling the teasing has reached just the right area, Milele gently but quickly pulled Dhahabu onto her lap and kissed her with all she had and all she ever could. They were in love, they were lovers and most of all, they were soulmates. They can handle or at least try to handle whatever comes their way, including announcing their unbreakable relationship. Plus, she would slaughter anyone who tried separating them. Blame the hotheadedness of the Milele tribe, sue us!

“Come, let’s go pick some more herbs,” Dhahabu placing one last kiss on Milele’s lips while she got up from her lap she pulled her pessimistic lover up onto her feet, her demeanor love-struck as always when it came to Dhahabu. She willingly followed her soulmate out of the kitchen hut and out into the cold air and where the dark clouds reigned the skies. However, the hand entwined with her own warmed her through and through, the cold was nothing compared to the intense love and passion between.

Milele felt the first drops of rain as they rushed deeper into the lively forest, Dhahabu instinctively walking towards her favorite herb picking spot. Soon enough a full drizzle was in motion and for some reason, Dhahabu looked even more exquisite in the rain, the wetness and the smell of heavy rains invaded Milele’s senses. Unable to control her urge for her intelligently beautiful soulmate Milele pulled Dhahabu back and into her arms, tight and warm in each other. Devouring Dhahabu with her eyes as she got closer and closer to her soft lips.

As the soulmates physically bonded through the kiss, their minds easily communicated a plan already in motion on how they most definitely will overturn, well slightly overturn, the Bora-Mke Matriarch and…get the quiet life Mimi and Habu so desperately dream and aim of. The more drenched they were the deeper they kissed and soon enough they embraced passionately, sensually dancing, on the wet forest floor as the heavens rained on them.

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