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Why are the Sullivan’s my neighbors?  Dominic and Kayne the most dangerous, murderous mens you will meet. It all started with my dad making a stupid mistake. Next thing you know one thing lead to another. Will I be able to survive these two?

Romance / Drama
Mary R
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The Sullivan brothers

Alisa Marquez a two years old when her mother died in a car crash. She never really got to meet her mother but she did tell Alisa,

"Love is a powerful part of life, and to always have it."

Those were The last words Alisa could remember her mother wispering in her ear brfore she died.

On July 10th Alisa turned eight years old, Thats when she first saw Dominic and Kayne, the Sullivan brothers. There family was moving Into the empty house next door to hers, with a big white van with all there belongings parked on the street. The two were standing by a black Porsche car, as there parents talked to the professional moving company guy.

Dominic had dark brown hair and tan skin. As for Kayne he had blond hair and tan skin. Their bodys lean but not scrawny or lanky. She couldn't see much of there face but she did notice one thing. She tugged on her daddys brown jeans, As she kept her eyes glued to the boys.

"Daddy, They have same faces but diffrent hair."

"I think there twins." he replied, As he walked over to the window were Alisa was standing


"They were born togather, they'll look alike and are the same age."

"Oh." As she scanned the boys closely.

" I wonder if theey're in your grade."

"They are cute." She spoke softly, feeling her cheeks turning a light shade of pink.

"Never speak those words again." As her father went to sit back down on his brown chair. Alisa never knew why her father was so angry all the time, but she

never cared because at this moment she was more intrigued, with the Sullivan brothers.

The start of third grade confirmed they were the same age as her. They were instantly noticed, being new and twins, with diffrent hair color, and easily became popular. Alisa always tryed to admired them from afar. She was to shy and nervous to say anything to them even though they were neighbors. She had gone completely unnoticed by them for two years.

Alisa best friend Nicole Boyd, seemed to be the only one who didn't stare at them. They both didn't understand everyone's fascination and didn't want to. Nicole kept Alisa occupied withe random adventures, shoping, and constant sleepovers.

The start of fifth grade everything had changed. Alisa dad fell more into depression of his dead wife. He quit his job and became a alcoholic. He would take his anger out on Alisa if she disobeyed or messed up something slightly.

One night Alisa heard yelling in the front yard and came to see what was going on. Her dad had been caught having a affair with Mrs. Sullivan, vilot, the twins mom. Mr. Sullivan, Tomas, the twins father, had caught them in bed withought clothes on. Alisa father did the naked walk of shame back to there house while Vilot screamed at her husband.

The two had grown physical with each other in a fit of emotions. Tomas had slaped her and she wanted revenge. She clamed that she had fallen out of love with him and that Mr. Marquez, (AKA Alisa father) now had her heart. That he satisfied every sexual disire she needed. Befor Vilot leaving the house she told him she'll be getting a divorce. Tomas commit suicide two days later.

Violet, on the other hand, was enjoying the constant fear of being caught and the adrenaline that came with it. She no longer wanted any type of relationship with Mr. Marquez. She divorce him and moved out of state to "live her life'. As for Alisa father he was once single again.

The story spread around the town like a flood. Mr. Marquez was called all sorts of names, mainly 'man whore' and 'alcoholic'. This mainly effect the Sullivan brothers. They had no parents to take care of them and did everthing they could to keep there house.

Suddenly the twins knew who Alisa was. And it was not the attention she wanted.

They tripped and call her names in English and Italianas while she walked by. They Punched her and knocked books out of her hands every chance they got. Destroyed her lunch and school homework. They were relentless and Alisa could never seem to escape.

The twins grew Taller,more arrogant and built over the years. They slowly morphed into bad-boys who had their own cars and girls following them around. There jaw lined became more sharper and there muscle grew more thicker. They had perfect hair and white teeth and always new how to dress and what to say. Kayne curled his blond hair with a line of shave design on his right hair. As for Dominic he had a short hair with six or five inches of messy, wavey hair at the top.

Nicole straight hair reaching to her shoulders after her mother chopping it off over summer break. Having her mom chop it of due to it was to long and all the way to her butt. Nicole was shorter then Alisa and started growing big natual curves as she went through puberty.

The Sullivan brothers never bothered messing with Nicole, but everyime Nicole try standing up for Alisa they would push her out of the way. Alisa was very grateful to have Nicole as my best friend.

Alisa appearance stayed the same. She was entering junior year at the same hight as she was in middle school. Her body had yet to show signs of maturing. She did have her monthly visitor. Her blod golden hair fell down to her back length and my blue ocean sea eye were bright blue with marks of white around her pupils, Making them turquoise at times. Probably one of Alisa favorite future of herself.

Today is Alisa first year of sophomore year. tossing her clothes from left to right finding a perfect outfit to wear. Alisa have a really sick feeling about this year, as she looks out her window wich is across to the Sullivan brothers window.

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