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Tough Gril

By Bonza101 All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Other

Chapter 1

“Jeez Amy would you hurry up, we are not going to America’s next top model just put on some jeans” I hissed walking up and down; I checked my watch for the 10th and rolled my eyes. What in heaven’s made me decide to become friends with her? We are so different from one another, while I just where plain clothes she has to pamper herself. She came walking down the stairs in a skirt...a freaken skirt, her hair made neatly, and make-up and do not forget about the heels.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. “We are going to a stadium, where the seats are going to be hard and cold, a stadium that smells like sweat and you dress like that” I pointed to her choice in clothing. She huffed. “I am not like you, I have to show some female power to make them look” I snorted.

“It is a stadium, where people bet on fighters, drink beer and yell like lunatics at the fighters. They are not going to look at a girl trying to look like a model at a UFC match, seriously” I retorted, but like always she ignored me she grabbed her handbag and walked out the door.

I followed her out locking the door. We stayed together; we were like roomies; both of us kind of sucked at love and men. Men couldn’t handle me, easy as that. Amy on the other hand men came and go, they didn’t do relationships. Every time a man broke her heart she would sit with a bucket of ice-cream watching romantics and yelling at the men how stupid they are.

We finally arrived at the stadium and people were already streaming in taking their places. I could walk easily to our seats, but Amy was cursing the whole way. “I told you to wear flat shoes” I said smiling and she glared at me. I just shrugged and sit down. She took her seat next to me.

“So when are you going to yell Ryder Cane, marry me you sexy beast?” Amy asked smiling. I just looked at her blankly and looked forward.

I mean it is crazy for a small town girl like me to even dream of a chance with a famous person. There are girls out there ten times prettier than me that he will rather date than a big and loud mouth girl like me. Why am I even thinking about it? Like every girl and boy out there who haves their idol and wished to meet him or better yet date him or her.

But how many stories do you know of that something like that has happened? Maybe like 1%, but there is always divorces or the person takes this popularity to the head and wants more. But there is the few that stays the same and tries to proof they belong.

My thoughts were interrupted by the commentator welcoming the fighters to the rink and fans to the stadium. “Here we go” I heard Amy mumble and as my eyes found his figure walking through the crowd, my heart wanted to jump out of my chest. He looked even more handsome as the first time. He had a warm smile on his face as he waved at the fans and walking into the cage. The stands went crazy as he lifted his arms in the air; I wasn’t the only one that was crazy about this man.

“Oh Ryder I noticed a few girls going goo-goo.” The commentator said and Ryder chuckled. I wish I could hear him laugh. I closed my eyes taking a deep breath, but I am not here for him but the fight. I was only 4 years old when I started watching UFC and became a huge fan not missing one match. My dad took me too some fights as he got the chance. When I turned 6 years old my dad took me to try out Kick Boxing, it was fun but nothing like Mixed Martial Arts. Two years doing Kick Boxing and all the medals I earned I wanted to try out for MMA.

One day a few UFC champs visit the Kick Boxing class and gave us some moves and insight of MMA. With my big mouth I was curious and asked them if you want to do MMA where do you train? Of course they chuckled at me; I was only an 8 year old. But they gave me a contact number and after having a long chat with my dad he agreed.

For a girl at the age of 8 I got more bruises than a normal 8 year old. It was ten times more training than kick boxing and the matches were intense. For children under 12 you only had 3 rounds and those 3 rounds made you sweat and exhausted. Your muscles were cramping, you were thirsty and your vision blurry, but when you came out the cage you were a winner.

My mother did not approve of her daughter being a fighter and coming home beaten up. People and teachers at school thought my parent’s hit me; my mother had to inform the school that I competed in MMA. At the age of 18 I retired as a MMA fighter, everyone told me I could go further and bigger. But the nose jobs, bruises and broken limbs started get to me. My last match I broke my ankle and decided I was done; my mother of course was relieved my dad on the other hand was kind of disappointed.

My dad had 3 other boys, but none of them had the same interest that I and my dad shared. I was very close to my dad and still am. With all the money I made with UFC I went to University and got an honors degree in Patisserie. After 4 years I worked at the biggest hotels in the world and 5 years later I had enough money and opened my own shop.

It was a cafe, coffee shop and bakery. So people who had a sweet tooth bought cream puffs, bagels, cupcakes, cookies with coffee. Then the people who needed cakes for special occasions we made bake them cakes as well. I had everything in my life, except someone to hold at night.

“Come on Ryder kick his ass!!!” I was standing on top of my seat with the roaring crowd around me. Ryder was fighting with his opponent, his shots were pure. “Jeez, Alex give the guy a break” I laughed as my best friend Amy tries to cool me off. Ryder gets a perfect punch and his opponent drops down. “Whoa hoo!!!” I jumped up and down in my seat. The crowd roared and fist pumped. “Ladies and gentlemen I give you the winner RYDER CANE!!” We cheered while there was part of the crowd boo. Sore losers, I smirked and walked out with Amy.

“Now that was an awesome match once again” I said to Amy and she shook her head. “I don’t what is it with you, two men locked in a cage hitting the shit out of each other until one dropped down unconscious”

“It is a guy thing”

“My god Alex, you are not a guy.” I laughed; I think that is the main reason why I don’t have a husband. After the game we grabbed something to eat and went to the club having the times of our lives until complaining tomorrow about headaches. But everything was worth it. Like my mom always said life live to the fullest, no regrets!

The only regret I had was waking up with a head ache, I groaned as I opened my eyes and shut them again slowly rolling onto my back cradling my head in my hands. Thank goodness my aspirins were locked in my night stand, I rolled on my side got two pills and slowly stood up. Walking to my bathroom and downed the pills with water. I looked at myself in the mirror and groaned I looked terrible, I turned on the shower and stripped out my clothes and took my shower.

After getting dressed I made my way over to Amy’s room, I opened her door and she was not in bed. I heard the shower running and opened the door thinking it was just us in the house, but my god was I wrong. When I opened that door a male was standing in front of me...naked!! You know that part in The Sweetest Thing where Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate stumbled into a naked man looking for the bathroom and they were laying on the ground speechless.

Yeah that is how I was feeling right now, utterly speechless and the guy just smiled at me. “Oh shit” I heard Amy curse and I looked away to find her standing with two cups of coffees in her hands. I turned away from the guy and stood up. I just walked past her already knowing that I was as red as a tomato. I walked down the stairs and poured myself a strong cup of coffee, for my head ache and my humiliation.

Amy came down stairs and looked at me with apologizing eyes. I didn’t give her time to speak until I was done with my coffee. “I am sorry” She said giggling. “That was not funny. Damn Amy I couldn’t even remember what happened last night and you bought a man home?” She smiled. “Yeah I know, but I wasn’t that drunk and we kind of connected” I rolled my eyes. “You say that every time and at the end they all walk”

“I know and this was only a one night stand, but come on he is really cute” I smiled and nodded. She burst out laughing even I softly chuckled. “And you saw him naked” I groaned and she smiled walking backwards. “Uh don’t bother me for let’s say” She tapped her chin and then smiled. “About the whole day” She wiggled her eyebrows before sprinting off to the room.

That was my queue to leave; I grabbed my keys and helmet darting out the front door. I walked up to my bike and slipped on my helmet and drove over to the wedding dress shop. My sister is getting married and I am one of her bridesmaid with her best friend being the made of honor.

I got off the bike and took off my helmet while walking into the shop. The reception lady greeted me and pointed to where I must go. I was still running my hands through my hair when I noticed my sister in her wedding dress and she looked like a fairy-tale. She was beautiful and I think Justin was going to be the luckiest guy ever.

My mom turned her head and smiled at me. ’Ah I see you are here and on time” I nodded and couldn’t take my eyes off my sister. “Damn you look gorgeous Lee” My sister’s name was Leanne but I always called her Lee, she gave me a smile. “You really think so?” I nodded and spoke up.

“Justin won’t keep his hands to himself; he is going to be the luckiest groom in the world” She blushed and I saw a tears building up in her eyes. “Please don’t cry, damn I am such a stupid sister” She shook her head and gave me a hug. “No, you are the best” I smiled and hugged her back. “Okay, so where is mine?” She wrinkled her nose. “I am not sure if you are going to like it, Justin mom made it. So if you don’t like it nobody is going to be mad” I chuckled as she whispered to me.

I took the dress and made my way over to the dressing room. I stripped off my clothes and slipped on the dress. I looked in the mirror and winced. Dear lord, in what life did she make this? There was a huge bow at the back and on the sleeve.

Then it was pink with lace around the middle with material roses. I opened the curtain and my sister almost lost her balance and my mother’s left eye was twitching I waited patiently for their response. “Okay just let out already” I huffed, my sister burst out laughing and my mom giggled softly. “That is one hideous dress, we will design one for you from scratch” I nodded at my sister smiling. I turned and shook my ass at them and they laughed together.

I walked back to the dressing room and tried unzipping my dress. But the damn bow was in the way, I untied the bow and then the curtain of the dressing room whipped open. I thought it was my mom. “Thank goodness, I can’t seem to unzip the dr-” I couldn’t finish my sentence as someone placed their hand over my mouth.

My eyes went wide and I made a noise of surprise. I tried to pull his huge hand off my mouth, but he didn’t budge.

I jabbed him with my elbow in his ribs and then kicked him on the knee. He let go of me. I didn’t think twice to make a run for it, but I didn’t even make it to the exit as he grabbed me around the waist lifting me off the floor.

Oh your defense skills suck Alex!!!

“Please, I am not here to do anything. I just need to hide” He said and I stiffened in his arms. “Then let go of me” I all but growled.

I turned around once he left me, he was standing with his hands in surrender. “Sorry” He said and I raised an eyebrow. “What are you doing in my dressing room?” I asked and he let out a breath, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Just trying to hide” He said and I smiled.

“Well buddy if you can’t take the pressure of getting married I don’t think it is for you” I said pointing my finger at him. He looked up at me. I couldn’t quite make out what he was thinking as his face was covered with sunglasses and he was wearing a cap.

“I have to go” I said eyeing my clothes on the floor. “No wait” He said grabbing my by the wrist.

I let out a growl punching the guy in the face, I then kicked him between the legs and then I was straddling his waist. “Didn’t your mother teach you to never grab a girl!!!” I yelled just throwing punches. The guy was dodging my every punch and it was starting to piss me off.

I tried to free my hands that he was holding onto and with that action I slapped off his hat and sunglasses.

It was as if time stopped.

I was sure I was dreaming.

Please dear God don’t let this be a dream. I promise I would be nicer to my mother.

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