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A moment Of Weakness

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Peter had decided to do something remarkable and on this particular day he was more nervous than usual for he was about to see Kira but what would make this day so special

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

On this particular morning Peter woke up more excited than ever, this was the day he had been waiting for and it had finally come.

He knew that this day would change his life forever, he had been dating the beautiful Kira just over a year now, and they were both madly in love with each other.

He suddenly started to feel a slight bit nostalgic and remembered the day they first met and the impact she had on his life and how almost miraculously it was transformed.

It was like magic and everything seemed to be like a fairy tale and now it was time to officially give it that amazing happily ever after, but then a strange thing happened.

He was reminded of something that gave him a small ounce of doubt, he had gone to her work and wanted to surprise her for lunch but she wasn’t at her desk and on his way out he heard something in another office curiously he quickly peeked in through the key hole and what he saw was so unbelievable that he totally blocked it out.

It was there itching and eating away at his trust subconsciously and that’s why he felt more eager to make her his wife.

Peter considered the love they shared as a gift and it was precious and sacred to him.

She had supported him through a tough period in his life when he had hit a severe low and slowly he had become stronger to the point where he took back his life in a rare and profound turn around.

Kira was this absolutely beautiful young lady smart cunning and intelligent but also had her share of faults and issues, which stemmed from a treacherous passed.

She had been a victim of abuse most of her life, yet against all odds she overcame her dark past, but to Peter that didn’t matter she had been there for him when he had nothing and no one but what he didn’t know was that the only reason she fell for him.

He was the son of a wealthy family and she wanted to exploit that factor but strangely enough the beautiful and shallow Kira fell in love with Peter.

she had a few bad habits of her own that Peter graciously accepted and it was this form of love that radiated a partnership to challenge the world apart these two were both a mess but together they made each other stronger.

Peter had specially designed and selected something unique to give to Kira on their anniversary he was convinced it was the perfect gift, when he opened the black velvet box his eyes lit up. He knew it was perfect it was innocent and untainted like his love a gift that was going to change both their lives forever, it was going to bind them in life and death forever, but the element of doubt was still there waiting to be fed like an infection festering and slowly growing.

One day he visited her at her apartment and she was in the shower and her phone started ringing the temptation set in and the disease called doubt woke his curiosity.

He answered but no reply and almost as if fate had set things up in such a way that he opened a text from her manager and read as much as he could.

He suddenly felt a knot in his throat and swallowed deeply as the pain was just too much it was true Kira had been cheating on Peter for almost a month, they stayed in that night and cuddled up together watching movies, but he just couldn’t erase what he saw it was more than just texts it was pictures dates and times and he was putting it altogether in his head and then he looked down at her laying in his arms and the contrast of conflicting emotions started tearing him apart bit by bit.

These were all the moments that were going through his head as he drove to this restaurant that he had reserved but he weighed the good and the bad and realized that all things happen for a reason and he still loved her regardless, of the pain she had caused him but she also saved him, any other person would most probably have acted differently in this situation but Peter was different he was committed to her.

He was running late due to traffic on the roads and she was already there, nervous and anxious he rushed to the bathroom to freshen up, his heart pounding through his chest.

He knew the risks involved of doing this but he believed in there love, he believed it could overcome and conquer everything and today he was going to make a stand to prove it.

She sat there at the table, he approached and for some apparent reason his heart started pounding again and he couldn’t control his breathing, the itchy box in his pocket weighed heavily on his conscious he finally reached the table and sat down.

When he looked up into her beautiful sea blue eyes time stood still and he forgot how nervous he was and realized the real reason he had put himself in such a state.

It was cause he had fallen madly in love with her and he had decided to do what all men do when they are consumed by any emotion, he decided to act on it, and without hesitation he took out the little black velvet box and got on one knee and uttered the words that makes every man vulnerable and in that moment there was a slight pause and dead silence in the atmosphere, which resulted in a strange hesitation and then a quiet but firm subtle answer “NO!.”

He swallowed deeply and got up and looked into those same blue eyes which had just seconds ago radiated pure love and admiration, was now filled with hate and resentment and Peter couldn’t understand what had just happened.

He got up and started walking out into the street and she followed him and forced him to wait, and listen and as they stood in the noisy road she started to explain, it was apparent Kira no longer shared his love, but it was all just hollow empty words which had no real reason for him to suffer rejection.

In that moment his dream that he had for their future had now all disappeared and the symbol of his love weighed once again heavy in his pocket the symbol that represented his love, their love.

When she finally stopped speaking and he took the box out of his pocket and held the ring in his hand and said “look a beautiful Safire your birth stone and it resembles the beauty of your eyes and it reflects and resembles the ocean where we first met and I wanted this ring to be a reminder of that day.

A day that changed my life cause on that day I would have drowned myself, I was beyond reproach and was convinced that this world had nothing more to offer me but heartache and pain, but instead, ”I met you and you gave me back my will to live.”

She stood there with tears pouring down her cheeks and as he looked at her all he saw was guilt and shame, and he realized that there time period together would end here on this day.

He knew she had cheated on him and even then she didn’t admit it and that’s the real reason she had said no to him but regardless he loved her anyway and in his heart he knew, he would always have that special place for her, but no future can ever be based on lies and deceit.

When he told her she acted surprised and like all people who have just been caught in lie does, she denied it and he smiled cause the image had been burnt into his head, he placed the ring into her soft hands kissed, her on the cheek and walked away and whispered in her ears, “I would have cheated death to be with you,given my soul just to spend an eternity with you but instead you helped me rewrite my life and denied me your future you denied me our future.”

Peter then got into his car and drove he didn’t care where he would end up he just needed to get to a place where he could think.

The place that he ended up at was ironically the beach where he had first met Kira and as the day dawned he sat there on an old bench recalling the memories that changed his life.

He sat there and refused to become bitter, He refused to be content with this situation, but for this moment he would be calm, he watched the waves gust and smelled the fresh breeze and quietly smiled, as he watched the sunset over the horizon as the day came to an end bright and beautiful so another chapter of his life came to an end.

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