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The love affair

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Shamia is an 11th grader. She was always focused more on her studies and barely had time for herself. Not until Terrick captured her with his eyes. Since then not thinking about Terrick had become almost impossible. But then Shamia discovered he had a girlfriend. Who will he choose?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

First year being an 11th grader and yet the work is still too much. But it's nothing I cannot handle, I mean I have nothing better to do. The Sun has risen up this early morning and I'm off to school. Mom never drops me off first which pisses me off cause I only get 25 minutes with my girls. We don't attend the same classes which is very disappointing. We get to meet in the mornings, breaktime and afterschool. I know I might be acting a little dramatic but I just feel like the time we spend together with each other just ain't enough

I remember the first day in high-school when we didn't know each other yet. Talking to each other felt awkward but as time flew by we started getting comfortable and became best friends. We haven't named our group yet cause we thought it wasn't really necessary and we definitely don't have a leader

Trisha is the mother in the group, always mean to others, responsible and takes care of us when we do wrong. Linda is the one who smiles every minute you look at her, she's weird and sheds tears while laughing. Katiey is the drama queen, likes boys, always knows rumors from 2minutes ago, always seems stupid but not. Neyble, the most insecure one after Katiey, she's funny and of course every group has that one dirty minded friend. And me I'm just the crazy one, mostly the fighter and the loudest.

Well high-school really made a huge change in my sports. I never really knew I could be able to do sports especially running. I was the fastest runner in my friend group. I went through district levels and my friends started giving up one by one until I was the only one left to represent our school. I knew I had to work hard and put more effort. The whole school depended on me, I couldn't afford to let them down.

I ran and ran and ran until I couldn't feel my legs no more. I felt like the heavens were already welcoming me. I was short of breathe but i couldn't stop now not when I was close to finishing the race. Finally I could touch the ground and taste the water soothing through my throat. My throat felt like the Sahara desert but water solved it.

I guess I came out 4th place not bad for a first time runner. I'm so glad that this was my last run atleast I put the schools name to glory and came back with a trophy.

Back to school the next morning. I would have been lying if I said my body wasn't sore. It had being a long day when people kept on congratulating me. I honestly didn't like the attention. I guess my friends had surprised me with a trip to McDonald's. Mind u they are paying the bills, they are spoiling me and I get to order anything I want.

But before we head to McDonald's I should first confirm with my mom. So I went to the office with Linda to ask if they could lend me their telephone. Mom had agreed to our plans and soon we were heading out.

On our way out of the office I noticed someone..... A guy who was staring at me with so much passion and desire in his eyes. But for my thoughts I never took it to heart. Maybe he was interested in Linda who knows maybe I was exaggerating. There probably was a person behind us.

"Shamia I think there's something u gotta tell me cause girl what I saw there was some real chemistry" Linda smirked after those words. I didn't even know what she was talking about which is why I had to ask"What chemistry what do u mean "

" Urgh come on I'm not blind we both know how that guy looked at you. I think... No infact, I have a feeling he likes you..! "

" Linda u don't know what u are talking about. I haven't met him before. Plus I couldn't see him clearly cause he was wearing a mask. "

" I wonder what his hiding under there, his probably so attractive that his beauty cannot be seen"

Linda's words made an echo in my head, what if that guy really does like me. Wait.... No what if he hates me. What if I have offended him in a way I don't remember. If this goes on I'd have to confront him.

But then again it could be me and Linda just exaggerating over small things. When someone looks at you doesn't mean they hate u or like u. Maybe he was just lost in his thoughts. But then I can't help but brag about his eyes. Even though half of his face was covered, his eyes remained a living memory in my imagination.

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