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Catfishing Castiel

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Shiloh Hanson's life has been all about surviving. He has had to focus on school while dealing with the added pressures of working to be able to provide for his terminally ill mother. Everything changes the second a new boy by the name of Castiel Eros Cazakashi arrives to Halyciane High. Tensions rise with the new boy at school as secrets and turning points inevitably collide the two together. What is it about him that's drawing Shiloh in? Is it his cold ominous gaze, his dark raven hair that always seemed so perfectly messy, or the fact that Castiel radiated such an enigmatic aura that blended seamlessly with his undeniably good looks. In efforts to help Shiloh get over his crush that felt out of reach, him and his best friend decide to create a long private message confessing his feelings for Castiel. As a catfish of course.. cat•fish : lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.

Romance / Erotica
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Shifts & Sadness

"I am so over this life thing." My eyes drooped in absolute exhaustion.

My sore limbs and small structured frame began to sink deeply into my burgundy jacket.

I was indeed falling asleep at work and you know what, who am I to decline this inviting luxury.

As I began to feel myself succumb to the comforting darkness of sleep, the loud sound of a car door closing rapidly made my eyes widen back up.

"And I'm awake." I sharply whispered, regaining my awareness of everything around me as I licked over my dried lips.

My hands smoothened out the wrinkles of my uniform as I lightly coughed, getting ready to welcome a new guest.

"Good morning ma'am!" I quickly rushed to the woman who had her hazel gaze up at the building. She was dressed in a satin green dress as her emerald necklace glinted brightly at the sun. She was just like the other incredibly rich people that go in-and-out of this place.

"Hello, good morning to you as well." Her voice was smooth as velvet as it complimented her angelic beauty further more. Her features were like a fairy as her almond hooded eyes looked deeply into mine.

I nodded. "Welcome to Cazakashi Resort & Spa, may I assist you with your belongings?" I warmly greeted with a smile, my tone trying to come out like pure honey.

"That would be so kind, thank you." She kindly grinned as she took off her elegant brimmed hat which exposed her long raven hair. "How haven't I seen you before, are you the new bell boy?"

"N-no ma'am, I work for valet!" Blood abruptly rushed up to my cheeks as I felt my arms almost break off from all the weight of her luggage. "This is my third week."

"Oh." Her ride began to drive off, prompting us to start walking towards the hotel. "Well I hope Lionel hasn't been giving you a hard time."

I nervously chuckled as she was referring to my absolutely ruthless manager. It's like she already knew I've been going through nothing but pure hell in the past few weeks thanks to the old man.

As we began to walk I couldn't help but observe her even more. Goddamn this woman was beautiful! Obviously I like boys and dick is life, but wow, she was like a movie actress come to life. Her chiseled jaw was pointed upwards in confidence as her security guard and I stood beside her looking absolutely below her league.

The clear doors slid open the second we passed the grand entry way filled with trimmed foliage and large mermaid statues, causing a huge array of welcoming gestures and cheers to greet us.

"Miss Cazakashi! Welcome, it's been so long." My eyes rapidly widened at what my manager just called her as his voice sounded endearing, ideally covering his perfectly rotten soul.

"Please Lionel, It's Mrs. Kuzanagi now." She waved him off as two women dressed in white approaches us to tend to her, her gloves matching her dress being slid off by their careful hands. "I got married remember." The second she mentions the marriage her bare hands become exposed, her ring radiantly glimmering before our eyes.

Lionel's face dropped in fear as he rapidly began to apologize to her. "Oh I apologize dearly Mrs. Kuzanagi, please forgive me, it's been so long since I've seen you." I proceeded to follow them as they talked amongst themselves.

My arms began to feel like jelly as a bed of sweat formed on my forehead. I tried my hardest not to drop her expensive looking bags as we entered the elevator.

Lionel stood beside me as I deeply inhaled and exhaled, my arms aching. "Can you not sweat like an overworked barn animal." He sharply whispered into my ear, his tone way different from a second ago.

He better move away from me because It's already enough I have to carry these super heavy bags, do I really have to be lectured by a mean balding manager as well?

"S-sorry." I croaked out, heat pumping through my head as the elevator began to forcefully rise.

My breath rapidly hitched as my hands couldn't help but messily drop the bags on the floor, causing all eyes to turn on me. My body tumbled back as Lionel gasped at me, clearly appalled.

"Shiloh! Get it together!" Lionel scolded me in front of everyone as I quickly felt ashamed of myself. "How dare you drop Mrs. Kuzanagi's bags!?" His suddenly raised voice made me flinch back as I rapidly began to recollect the bags.

My eyes widened as I watched Mrs. Kuzanagi kneel before me, grabbing one bag for herself as she threw me a kind smile. "No worries Lionel, poor kid he was carrying so much. Baptiste can you please help Shiloh with some of my luggage?" She asked her body guard as he quickly obliged.

I was left with a luggage on each hand as the rest was effortlessly lifted up by her extremely buff security guard Baptiste. He was like a muscle builder trying to hide how muscular he was in a tux and some dark shades.

"I'm so sorry Mrs. Kuzanagi." I began to apologize as the elevator bell rang through my words. "I apologize, it won't happen again."

"It better not." Lionel's voice sounded like a threat as the elevator had finally opened to the highest floor of the building.

I ultimately cringed to myself as we began to walk out of the elevator that lead directly into a glass hall way that lead directly into only one room.


My mouth uncontrollably fell since this was my first time ever seeing the highest floor. The view through the crystallized glass was absolutely breathtaking as it expanded all throughout the city of Halyciane. The view in this spacious hallway alone seemed to cost more than my entire life.

"The Valiant suite has been greatly renovated since the last time you've been here Mrs. Kuzanagi." Lionel excitedly began as she nodded. "Even with all the other expansions across the globe, your father has been more than generous with modifying this building to utmost advancements!"

Mrs. Kuzanagi seemed to slightly wince at the mention of her father as she sighed. "Lionel my father is many things, being generous is certainly not one of them."

Lionel let out a obviously forced laugh in response, acting as if what she said was the funniest thing in the world even though it clearly wasn't. I tried to hold in my laughter the second the room fell quiet. No one returned his laugh whatsoever and it was painfully embarrassing.

Once we reached the end of the hallway, the tall embellished doors began to automatically open up as it released a heavy dragging noise.

What are we even entering? The gates of heaven?

The doors opened up to an incredibly large modern space that was way bigger than I expected. This was basically nothing but a huge slap to my poor face. We all collectively walked into the suite as I seemed to be the only one that was genuinely shocked by all of this.

"So this is the Valiant suite." Mrs. Kuzanagi's eyes pierced at every corner. "I remember it being so different when I was younger. The remodeling took away so much of what made it feel warm and comforting." Her tone lowered and was painted with disappointment as we dropped her luggage on the floor. "Now it's just this sleek modernized eye sore."

Her words made my eyes widen as I didn't have a single negative thing to say about this place. It looked like an insanely expensive alien ship.

"Is there anything I can do that can make you feel right at home, ma'am?" Lionel asked as she sighed.

"Just prepare my bath and have my dinner out when I finish. I'll spare you all the hard work that I'm sure my brother Castiel is about to bring upon you all." She laughed as she walked her way towards another room.

"Will do ma'am! Carbonara with angel hair pasta like usual?" Lionel asked as the woman's face brightened at him.

"Oh Lionel you warm my heart. Yes please that would be a dream." Her smooth velvet tone cooed, her face slightly contorting in pleasure at the thought of the meal I didn't even know existed.

Lionel immediately rushed out to follow orders as I just awkwardly stood there. "What are you doing you idiot, follow me!" He exclaimed, rapidly tensing me up as we both exited the suite.

Damn, someone forgot to take their vitamins. Why does he have to be so rude and bossy all the time?

I deeply sighed to myself as we entered the elevator. Almost immediately, Lionel began to go off on me as if I was working at a drive thru and I forgot to add his requested sauce. "That was so humiliating! I can't believe you managed to make yourself look dumber. What will she think of me now? That I just hire anyone that I see on the street?" I sighed again as I could never get used to hearing him yell at me.

"I'm sorry sir, it will never happen again." My voice was low and monotone, clearly trying to hide the emotions I began to feel which was pure disappointment.

I can act as if I don't care and call myself a bad bitch as much as I want but at the end of the day, I'm one sensitive rat.

"To hell you're sorry! Out of everyone you just had to do it in front of her? An apology isn't going to make her think of me as a better manager after that shit you just pulled!" He ranted as he clicked on a button to drop us back down to the first floor. "The Cazakashi family is staying here and for now it seems to be indefinite! Please don't make me fire you for being a failure."

"Im really sorry-" I unconsciously sniffed, my voice breaking as he began to overwhelm me. "I'm sorry I will do better, please don't fire m-me sir." Ah fuck now I'm stuttering.

Lionel got much closer to me now as the falling elevator slowed down. "How will your mom get better if her son can't put food on the table?" My heart dropped at the mention of my mom as if hearing her mentioned just broke me apart. "Let alone keep a job to pay for her medicine." And with that, the elevator door sounded off with a bell.

Lionel angrily walked away with ease as I couldn't help but stand in the elevator for a moment. My entire body felt like it had just gone numb as I looked down at my uniform that had black splotches on them. I didn't even realize the uncontrollable stream of tears leaving my eyes.

Oh come on Shiloh don't cry, be a bad bitch, what are you doing!?

My fists tightly clenched as my throat began to swell, my eyes being wiped away by my hands as I felt so stung by his words. Why did he have to bring up my mom? I didn't even mean to drop her bags, if I could've held onto them longer I would have.

My tears didn't seem to stop as I figured I should probably stay in here until I regain my composure. My head was filling up with countless thoughts about my mom and how failing wasn't an option. All these thoughts slowly began to take a toll on me just until they eventually get cut off by the sound of a hand interrupting the closing elevator door.

I sharply inhaled as the hand pried the elevator back open. I stood there quickly wiping over my face and clearing my uniform off from any wrinkles.

I sniffed, preparing myself to leave and get back to work the second the elevator door exposed me to a tall man in a black suit and black shades. He held close resemblance to the man that escorted Mrs. Kuzanagi.

I leave the second he enters, shyly keeping my head down and wiping my reddened eyes clear from any remaining tears.

With sudden, unyielding and unrequested force, a hardened wall made out of light beige skin rapidly meets against mine. I immediately glanced up at the tall boy I just crashed into, instantly being enveloped by deep blue emerald eyes that pierced directly into my soul.

He was gorgeous, his gaze combining well with his sharp symmetrical features and clear porcelain skin. It was almost surreal how attractive he was, making my heart pound and causing my body to heat up and flush with sweat.

His attention strikes right through me with a glare as I immediately begin to apologize. "I-I'm so sorry sir, I didn't see you." I sniffed once more, unconsciously smelling his divine cologne as the crash caused some of his dark onyx hair to fall perfectly over his deep brooding eyes.

My apology was swiftly ignored as he walked right passed me, ignoring me as if he had a special talent in making people feel as if they didn't exist.

I blink to myself a few times before I rapidly walked away from the elevator as fast as possible.

I almost felt like dying at how awkward that entire moment felt.

Honestly, just fire me already.

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