When Destiny Comes

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What would you do when destiny comes knocking on your door? Will you run in the opposite direction or welcome it with open arms? Zariah Hansley is a simple, kind-hearted woman who has had more pain and loss than any person should have. What does she do when she finds out that she is destined to be the saviour of an entire community? She is destined to bring back something that they lost a long time ago, but first she must find out who she is and stop the person who took away the most important thing in her life. Will she fight or run when destiny comes? *This story has very mature themes. Talk of rape, suicide, abuse, self-harm, sex, BDSM, kinks ect. If you are triggered easily, beware and read at your own risk.*

Romance / Fantasy
Bethann Turnbull
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Chapter 1

Zariah’s POV

Very few humans are aware of all of the supernatural creatures that live amongst them. Most of the information they have are from books and movies; and they are so completely wrong that it’s laughable. But that’s why they are able to hide in plain sight so well. In the supernatural world, there are five groups of different creatures: Demons, Angels, Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches. Each group is ruled over by their own royal family and have their own rules and laws to follow. You’re probably wondering why I know all about them. Well, that’s because my mom’s best friend is a witch and my step-father’s best friend is a demon. His son and my step-brother are best friends as well. And then there is me.

Just a quick introduction of myself. My name is Zariah Hansley. My mom is human and my father is unknown. She’s never told me about who he is, which leads me to believe that he was either a one-night stand or not a very good man. I have her maiden name, so I couldn’t even look him up that way and there’s no father on my birth certificate either. All of mom’s family are dead and she’s the only blood family that I have. Mom and I were on our own until I was ten. That’s when she met Oliver Mintz and his son Mason, who is the same age as me. They got married and the four of us became a family. Even though it was only for a few years.


“Coming dad!” I ran down the steps and into the kitchen. I hurriedly made his dinner plate up then went into the living room to give it to him. I was running late for work so I needed to hurry. I’m usually never late.

“What time is your meeting with the lawyers tomorrow?” He asked as he snatched the plate from my hand.


“It’s bullshit that I’m not allowed to be there. I’m your damn father!” He grumbled for the 100th time this week.

You see, tomorrow is my 21st birthday, but instead of being happy and celebrating it like any normal person, I get to finally deal with my mom’s will. I guess I should explain what happened. My mom died two days after my 15th birthday in a car accident. It was a hit and run. They never found out who hit her and honestly, I don’t think they really even tried to find out. Her funeral was the last time that I saw her best friend, my Auntie. Her and dad never got along and only tolerated each other for mom’s sake. But after she died, everything went to hell and he forbade me from having any contact with her; he said that she was a bad influence on me. When the lawyer contacted me last week to set up the meeting, he told me that, per my mom’s request, no one but him and my aunt were to be present. Dad says that he wants to be there as support for me but I know better. He’s hoping that mom left him something but since he’s not allowed to be there, he knows that she didn’t and now, he wants to know what she left me.

“I know. Is Mason and Dominic going to be at the club tonight?” I ask this almost every night, hoping that the answer would be no, but I knew that would never be the answer.

“Of course, they will. You know that they are obsessed with making sure that no one fucks with you. Not to mention, they want to celebrate with you at midnight.” Oh, I know that all too well. They are why I don’t have any friends and even my co-workers are afraid to be friendly with me. Well, except the girls. I’ve never had any female friends because all that they want is to use me to get to the boys. The only time I can actually get away from them is when I’m working at my 2nd job at the diner. I work there during the day and the boys barely show up because it’s too boring, but people still know who I am and avoid me. I have been working two jobs for the last four years. First, I was saving up for my own car so that I could get around on my own without taking a bus or Uber. Once I got that, I started helping out with bills, stuff for the house, and things like that. We weren’t rich but we weren’t poor. Dad and I worked while Mason partied and laid around, living off of us. All because he had shares in dad’s company. I was slowly saving up to get my own place, if they’ll let me leave, that is. I started to walk away but he cleared his throat. I internally groaned.

“Oh, sorry.” I went over to him, bent down and kissed his cheek. “Good-night, daddy. See you tomorrow.” He smacked my ass when I turned and like always, I held back the cringe it caused. This is a nightly ritual that I wish would stop but I keep doing it because I don’t want to piss him off. I got in my car and headed to work.

After mom died, he changed from the loving, amazing father that he was for five years, into one of the monsters in my nightmares. In the beginning, it was just words: you’re useless, pathetic, trash, waste of space, a burden, bitch, whore, cunt. He always reminded me that I should be grateful that he lets me stay in the house. As time went on, he started hitting me over anything that pissed him off, surprisingly, he never actually broke anything. I think the worst was two years ago, the night his favorite football team lost a playoff game. He back-handed me and the impact was so hard that I fell, hitting the coffee table on my way down. I ended up having to be rushed to the hospital because I was unconscious. He was dating a nurse there at the time and she believed him when he said that I had tripped. There was a three-inch gash on my forehead that needed to be stitched up and my lip was busted open and swollen; but sure, let’s go with I tripped. I was very skilled at coming up with excuses if anyone asked and I was even better at covering any marks up so no one saw them. Though I will always have a scar to remind me of that night.

When I turned 18, the hitting slowed down some, but that’s when the kisses on the cheek and ass smacking started. When he’s drunk, which is almost daily, he gets a bit handsy, groping me and telling me that I’m as beautiful as my mom. As gross as it is, I take the compliment because my mom was very beautiful and I always wanted to look like her when I was little. I think sometimes, when he sees me, he doesn’t see me and thinks that I am her. Last month, it got really creepy. I woke up to him in my room, staring at me, and grabbing himself, thankfully, it was through his boxers. I’m just happy that it never went any further than that though. But, my anxiety and paranoia keeps telling me that it’s only a matter of time. I’ve tried locking the door but he threatened to take it off if I kept doing it. I even sleep with sweatpants, granny panties, black baggy tee-shirts, and sports bras; hoping it will make me not look attractive to him, but he still shows up. I don’t get too much sleep anymore and I’m sure it’s starting to take a toll on my health.

When I got to work, I went to the changing room to put on my outfit for the night. Being a waitress here, you have to have a certain amount of sex appeal. Even though I have very low self-esteem, I still applied because Dom told me to. He said that being curvy like I am would get me good tips; he wasn’t kidding either. Men loved my thick thighs, huge ass and big boobs. On a slow night I made around $500 in tips. You would think that it would help with my self-esteem but it didn’t. No matter how pretty I might be, I’m still a waste of air. I will admit that lately I have been feeling different, like something inside me is scratching at my walls trying to get out. I randomly get these spurts of confidence and attitude but in a blink it’s gone. I’ve ignored it for the most part but the past couple of days it has gotten stronger.

I was staring in the mirror and as I looked at myself over, I realized that I looked really good tonight. I really liked my outfit. It was a lacy, white tank top that stopped above my navel. It was see-through, except for where my boobs were. I had on a black, pleather skirt that stopped mid-thigh and the sides were laced from bottom to top, you could see part of my black thong through the sides. All paired with black, strappy stilettos. My dark brown, almost black hair was straightened and in a high ponytail that stopped at my waist. My makeup was a brown and black smoky eye with a brown and pink combo on my lips. I had in my diamond hoop earrings and my dangly, silver moon belly button ring. This isn’t my usual outfit for work, I picked it because my boss is letting me off early so that I can celebrate my birthday. In other words, order a couple of drinks as a legal adult then deal with my brother for the rest of the night, who will be smashed like he always is.

I walked up to the bar to get ready . I smiled at the two other waitresses and like always, they acted like I didn’t even exist. I used to hate that no one talked to me, but as I got older, I realized that there is less drama when you don’t have any friends. It hit eight and the doors opened to let people in. The house lights dimmed, the strobe lights and music started while everyone entered. Every night I work the same section of the club and have the same regulars that sit there on purpose, including Mason and Dominic. I was a bit nervous tonight though because I know that Mason is gonna be pissed about what I’m wearing. Usually, the skirt is a bit longer with no slits and the top is a white button up with the top three buttons undone. As I stood there waiting for people to take their seats before I went to them, I felt arms snake around my waist and a warm breath against my neck. There are only two people who would dare touch me, so I wasn’t surprised when he spoke.

“Your brother won’t be happy with this outfit, but I like it, a lot.” He ran his finger against the exposed skin at the top of my skirt. If he wasn’t such an asshole, I wouldn’t have minded him touching me. I mean, he’s definitely sexy as fuck. He’s 6’3’’, so he’s tall as hell compared to my short 5’1’’ frame, without heels, obviously. His body is completely perfect. A sexy six-pack abs and big muscly arms; you could tell that he went to the gym regularly. He prides himself on the fact that his body is flawless. He doesn’t have a single tattoo, piercing, scar or blemish. He has short brown hair, light hazel eyes that stand out against his tan skin and that glow orange when his demon side is out. He has nice plump lips and perfect, straight white teeth. He’s the definition of a fuck-boy and you can see it all over his face.

“I don’t care. My birthday is in a few hours and I wanted to look nice.”

“I’ll let it pass, this one time.” I froze as panic coursed through my body when Dom’s arms disappeared and I was turned around to face my brother. “I have to say, you look really good Zara. I can’t wait to celebrate later and don’t forget to save me a dance.” He leaned into my ear and pulled me so that our chests were touching. “After your meeting tomorrow, I’ll finally be allowed to do all the things that I have dreamt of doing.” He nipped my ear then kissed my neck and I hoped the cringe it caused went unnoticed.

My step-brother is just as much of a sleaze ball as his father and he’s the other monster from my nightmares. His abuse was worse than his dad’s, believe it or not. You might be wondering how his could be worse, well, let me just say that it might be a bit disturbing for some. The first time dad hit me, I went crying to Mason. He held me, saying that he would protect me. I slept in his bed that night because I was too scared to be alone and at first, I felt safe. But, as time went on things got worse and it happened slowly, so slow that I didn’t notice that things changed until it was too late. In the beginning, he would let me sleep in his room when dad was on a rampage, drunk or after I had already gotten beaten; in other words, I slept in his room a lot. As the months went on, he would always find a reason to touch me, a hug here, a kiss on the cheek or neck there. He’d hold my hand any chance that he got, cuddle real close to me when we had our movie nights or things like when he taught me how to shoot pool.

I was only allowed to hang out with him and his friends, I wasn’t allowed to have my own friends. Not that it really mattered, girls only wanted to be my friends so that they could get close to the guys. Guys were too afraid to even look at me because of the boys; even their own friends. Mason and Dom always made me sit between them, next to them, or on one of their laps. No one was allowed to touch me, not even an accidently bump. The first and only time one of their friends made a comment about me, he pointed out how big my boobs had gotten, the two boys beat the shit out of him in front of me and I never saw the kid again. At first, I thought it was just Mason being overprotective like a normal brother would be but I was wrong. The reason it took me so long to see how wrong he was is because I had no one to go to and ask for help or to tell me that he wasn’t behaving how a brother should.

At one time, I liked the attention from Dom. I developed a crush on him when we were 11. He was always sweet and kind to me back then. When we were 16, he would bring me a bouquet of Firepot Dahlias once a month. He knows that those are my favorite flowers. He’d always say that I was different from other girls because I didn’t care about money or jewelry, and that I wasn’t plain by liking roses. I like roses, they are pretty enough, but if you’ve ever seen a Firepot Dahlia, you’d understand. They are gorgeous. He stopped bringing them shortly after I turned 17. We were always close growing up, he was basically my best friend other than Mason. My crush was deep and a part of me hoped that he would pick me to be his mate and change me. That’s why on my 17th birthday, I gave him my virginity, I didn’t want it to be with anyone else, I trusted him the most. He was soft and loving, he made me feel safe and made it memorable for me. No one knows that I’m not a virgin anymore, except for him obviously. After that, he changed and became mean to me when we were around Mason or others. He started to act like Mason by being controlling and possessive. That’s when I stopped having feelings for him. But part of me longs for the boy he used to be.

A few weeks after my 17th birthday, Mason came home from a party, completely drunk and stumbled into my room. I had just gotten out of the shower after my shift at the club. I didn’t expect him to be home yet, or in my room, so I walked out of my bathroom in just a towel and screamed when I saw him sitting on my bed, staring at me. Before I knew what was going on, he pushed me against the wall so hard that I cracked my head against it. He started telling me that he was in love with me and has been since we were kids. He kept saying that I belonged to him and that no one would ever love me as much as he does. And then he tried to kiss me. I pushed him away and that was the first time that he hit me. That was also when I found out that the four of them: Dad, Mason, Dom, and his father, Uncle Rhys, all had some kind of agreement that they weren’t allowed to have sex with me until after I was 21. Uncle Rhys is the one that said it would be better to wait until I was 21 instead of 18 like the others wanted. It’s sick, I know; they were planning on passing me around like some sex slave and there is nothing I can do about it. I’ve been dreading this birthday since then. It’s not like I could run away because they have ways of finding me.

After that night, Mason started visiting my room. He would grope me while I was sleeping and when I woke up, he would finger me. I would cry and beg him to stop but it fell on deaf ears. By my 19th birthday, he moved on to making me give him blowjobs. I was so afraid of him by then. I was afraid that if I made him mad, didn’t do what he said and submit to him, then he would start beating me like dad did. Honestly, I don’t understand why he wants me. He has so many girls falling at his feet. I’ve heard them fawning over his short, spiky blonde hair and blue eyes. They would talk about the little bit of facial hair he had and how it was the perfect amount. He’s got the whole surfer look going on. I don’t get the appeal but it’s probably because I have never looked at him as anything more than a brother.

The whole time that I was working, I could feel their eyes on me, tracking my every move and it was unnerving. It’s like this every night but for some reason, tonight it gave me this sick feeling in my stomach. I know that they are expecting me to come straight to their table when I get off of work, but that’s not my plan. Thankfully, the one thing I can count on in this club is the amount of girls trying to get their attention; it’ll make it easier for me to hide from them.

When it was time to clock out, I looked at their table from the employee door just in time to see four girls sit with the boys and it looked like some guys joined them as well. I slipped out towards the part of the bar all the way on the other side of the room where I would be hidden by all of the people dancing around on the floor. The club was rather big with 15 VIP rooms, a balcony area that over-looks the floor and a bar from one side of the room to the other that needs four bartenders to work it. The one bartender, Tommy, noticed that I was waiting to order and after looking around nervously, he walked over to me. “What can I get for you, Zariah?” He smiled.

“Four Sunsets, please, Tommy.” He nodded and started making them.

“Happy Birthday.” He said as he gave me them before he left to help another customer. I downed all four shots quickly. I don’t know how much time I have before they come looking for me and I want to have a good buzz going before they ruin my birthday like they do every night of my life. I was about to signal Tommy so that I could order an actual drink this time, when a very gorgeous, 6’4’’ man walked up to me. He had jet-black hair pulled back into a loose bun at the nape of his neck; I wonder how long his hair is. I am a sucker for long hair on a guy. I should mention this little fact that I have learned from working here. Most of the guys with long hair and facial hair are werewolves. Demons and vamps have neatly kept short hair. Angels and witches tend to stick with medium length, usually down to their ears or chin. Anyways, the man in front of me had plump, delicious lips with a dark, scruffy beard and I caught myself licking my suddenly very dry lips. My gaze wandered to his beautiful, electric blue eyes. Holy shit. They are the bluest eyes that I have ever seen in my life. They remind me of the ocean water when my family went to Bora Bora for vacation when I was 13.

I continued to check him out, his high cheek bones and sharp jawline gave him that male model look. He was wearing a black, satin buttoned dress shirt with sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and had the first four buttons undone to reveal part of his chest tattoo. From what I could see, both of his arms and hands were covered in tattoos; another weakness of mine. He had the perfect tan and it looked like his skin was glowing under the lights. The black dress pants tied his look together with what looked like a silver wallet chain. His muscles were well-defined even through the clothes. You could tell he takes very good care of his body. The man, for lack of a better word, is a fucking god. Maybe he’s an angel and not a wolf. I was shamelessly checking him out when he chuckled and my eyes snapped up to him.

“Can I buy you a drink, beautiful?” I nodded my head, completely speechless that this beautiful man is brave enough to talk to me. I’ve never seen him in here before, and I would most definitely remembered if I had, so maybe he doesn’t know that it’s not very wise to speak to me. “What would you like to have?” You. I’d like to have you, handsome. Damn, I’m thinking like a whore right now.

“Um. A Tequila Sunrise, please. Thank you.” While he was leaning on the bar so that Tommy could hear him, I took the opportunity to check his ass out and it was just as perfect as the rest of him. Well fuck, I am no better than a god-damn man. He turned towards me and gave me a panty-dropping smile. I have had a lot of men smile at me during my time working here but not a single one was as sexy as the one this man gave me. I felt my face get hot and prayed that he couldn’t see that I was blushing. I have a horrible feeling that I might make a fool of myself in front of this guy. I have no fucking clue how to flirt or interact with a guy.

“I saw you earlier, do you work here?”

“Yeah, I just got off early because as of midnight, I’m 21….” My body went cold as I remembered who I was trying to hide from. In a panic, I scanned everywhere around me, then looked towards their table and saw that they were busy making out with some girls. I let out a relieved breath and hoped that Mr. Yummy didn’t notice that I almost had a full on panic attack.

“Happy Birthday.” I looked up at him, trying to regain my composure and smiled. “Though, you look like you just had a mini panic attack a second ago.” Crap, he’s observant. “Those guys know your boyfriend or something?” Or something. I blushed as Tommy handed us our drinks.

“Thank you and no.” I let out a giggle then took a sip of my drink. I enjoyed the burn of the liquor as it went down my throat. “I don’t have a boyfriend. That’s my step-brother and his best friend. I’m trying to hide from them for as long as I can.” I took another sip, nervously.

“Come sit with me and my friends over there. We could help hide you.” I almost choked on my drink in surprise. He is definitely not from here. He pointed to a fairly hidden table on the opposite wall from the other two. “My name’s Damien, by the way.” Damien. Hmm. Definitely fits him.

“I’m Zariah.” I looked at him then at Mason. I really wanted to hang out because I might never get the chance to have this experience ever again, but I don’t want him or his friends to get hurt because of me.

“If you are worried about causing problems, I’m not.” Is he a mind reader? Or is my reactions just that obvious? He smiled and his eyes flashed a glowing blue; werewolf. So. Fucking. Hot. Let me explain the whole eyes thing. All supernaturals have their normal, natural ‘human’ eye color, so that they can pass of as normal in our world. But when their supernatural side comes out, their eyes change. Demon’s are a glowing orange. Angel’s are a glowing gold. Vampire’s are a glowing blood red. Witches’ are a glowing purple and werewolves are a glowing blue. Since they try to keep themselves concealed from most humans, if you are aware of them, you have to use other signs to know what they are, like hair, personality and in some cases, the different sounds they make when they are pissed off. In case you’re wondering where I learned all of this, it was all Dom and Uncle Rhys, oh and here at the club. It is a club for supernaturals so that they don’t really have to hide themselves and the only humans that are allowed to come in are ones that already know of their existence. You have to be invited by someone in the community and get a special tattoo with invisible ink on the top of your hand. They check for it at the door if you try to come in unaccompanied. Mason and I got ours when we were 15, now that I have been working here for four years they don’t ever check it, but it’s good for if we want to go to a similar club anywhere else. “My friends are wolves too. We aren’t worried about a human and a demon.”

“It’s not just you that I’m worried about.” I mumbled so low that I don’t think he heard me, at least I hoped he didn’t. After tomorrow, I won’t have any control over my life and I’ll belong to them. This is my last chance, my last night to make any decisions for myself and to know what freedom feels like. Staring at the sexy man in front of me, I made the decision that sealed my fate. “ Fuck it, it’s my birthday and I deserve to have some fun.” He gave me a bright smile. Damn, even the man’s teeth are perfect. He held out a hand to help me off of the stool and when I took it, I felt like I was doing the right thing, like I belonged next to him. I grabbed my purse and drink then let him lead me to his table, with his free hand on the bare skin on the small of my back. His touch was warm and felt nice, I had to hold back a shiver. I know that I shouldn’t like him touching me, but I really did.

The closer we got to his friends, the more nervous I got. I’m not just scared of what Mason and Dom will do if they find me, but because I’ve never had friends and I don’t know how to interact with people like that. When we got to the table, his friends moved around the booth to make room for the both of us to sit. Damien held his hand out for me to sit first then he slid in next to me. I looked around the table at the four gorgeous , flawless faces. I haven’t seen a single supernatural that wasn’t perfectly beautiful. It’s kind of unfair that their gods made them visually perfect, meanwhile, our gods made sure that some of us were hit with the ugly stick; some, multiple times. I was starting to feel out of place among them.

“Guys, this is Zariah…. Do you go by Zara or Riah? Or something else?”

“Either is fine.”

“Riah it is then.” I was thankful that he chose that because Mason, Dom, dad and Uncle Rhys are the only ones that call me Zara; and I really didn’t want to explain any of that. “This is my best friend Seth and his twin sister Sierra. That’s Zane and his girlfriend Kailee.” They all smiled at me and I smiled back at them, my anxiety went racing as they stared at me, so I downed my drink quickly. God, I’m so fucking awkward. I hate that I don’t know how to socialize. “Would you like another one?”

“Um. It’s okay. I can get it.” Why can’t I just behave like a normal person?

“I don’t think so, babe. It’s your birthday, you shouldn’t be paying for your drinks.” I blushed when he called me babe. Mason and Dom call me babe and baby but it felt and sounded different when Damien said it. He waved over one of the waitresses and when she came over, her eyes got huge.

“Zariah, does Mase and Dom know that you’re hanging out with friends?” She asked, looking concerned and Damien spoke before I could.

“They don’t. Can you keep it a secret for me, sweetheart?” She blushed bright red then nodded. He gave her a smile then told her his order.

“Well, Happy Birthday. How old are you turning?” Sierra asked to break up the awkward silence.

“It’s my 21st.” Everyone said happy birthday and it felt nice to actually talk to other people. We talked and laughed for over an hour. They were so nice and funny. I felt a bit bad that I was vague on some of the questions that they asked, not because I didn’t trust them but more because I was embarrassed and I didn’t want to ruin the night by being a downer. I was actually enjoying myself for the first time in I don’t even know how long. I didn’t feel like a loser or a loner. I felt… normal. That in itself is weird. I felt normal among people who are supernaturally un-normal.

“Riah, you should give us your number so that we can stay in touch and hang out again.” Kailee said as they all pulled out their phones and typed in my number. Why is it when I finally have a chance to have friends, my life ends up belonging to someone else? God, I hope I can find a way out of this, I want to be their friend, I like them and I have always wanted my own friends. Damien leaned closer to me and whispered in my ear, making me shiver as his warm breath hit my neck.

“Can I convince you to dance with me?” I gulped. I’ve never danced with anyone before, just alone in my room; well other than Mason and Dom of course. But I found myself really wanting to dance with him but I was nervous as hell. I looked at him and he gave me the sexiest pouty face that made me forget that I was about to do something really dangerous.

“Sure.” After we slid out, he held his hand out for me and I took it without thinking twice. He led me to the dance floor and I was silently freaking out like a middle school girl because I was holding hands with a guy. One that wasn’t Mason or Dom; everything always seems to revolve around them and I hate it. I shook my head, I didn’t want to think about them right now. He found a spot for us and I turned so that my back was to his chest. I started swaying my hips back and forth, stopping to grind my ass against him every so often; just like I’ve seen the girls here do. It made him squeeze my hips and give a low, sexy growl. Which in turn, made me squeeze my thighs together from the feeling it gave me. I’m guessing from his reaction that I’m doing it right. It was the third song when he moved his hands so that they were on my bare waist and he started rubbing circles on my skin with his thumbs. It sent these pleasurable tingles through me and made my whole body break out in goosebumps. I was enjoying his touch, a lot. He put his mouth close to my ear and as his breath hit my neck, I shivered, again.

“Are you okay, Micetta? You were just shivering, are you cold?” Oh, he knows damn well what happened and what he did, I could hear the smile in his voice. He was playing with me.

“I’m fine, there was a breeze.” I tried to play back. “What does Micetta mean?”

“It means kitten in Italian.” I smiled, I liked it. It was different and somehow it felt intimate. He pulled me closer, one hand splayed on my bare stomach; I felt like purring for some reason, weird. He nuzzled into the crook of my neck and took at deep breath. Dom explained to me a long time ago, that all supernaturals have a strong sense of smell, but the wolves have the strongest; vamps coming in second. Even though demons are predators, they don’t have the feral characteristics like the wolves and vamps; especially the wolves who hunt animals in their wolf form. Now, anytime that I am around, Damien will smell me before he even sees me and know that it’s me. From the small purr he gave out, I think that he likes how I smell. He rubbed his nose up my neck. “You are going to be trouble, Riah.” He said when he reached my ear. I have to say that hearing him say my name sounds better than anyone else I’ve ever met saying it. He nipped my neck and it caused me to gasp.

“What do you mean?” I asked and with out thinking, I tilted my head to the side, secretly hoping that he would start kissing it. I wanted to know what his lips felt like on my skin. I felt him run his finger from below my ear to my shoulder. I closed my eyes and prayed to all of the gods and goddesses to not let this moment end.

“Let’s just say that I’m not going to be able to get you out of my head; you’re different than other girls. I don’t know what it is.” He purred directly into my ear and damn it, it turned me on more; this just wasn’t fair.

After one more song, we went to the table and I grabbed my purse. I was about to go to the bathroom when I noticed that the whole table had tensed up. I didn’t even get a chance to turn around completely before there was a strong grip on my wrist and I got pulled into a chest. My smile fell and my heart stopped as I looked up to see the stormy blue eyes that guaranteed to ruin my night; I instantly started to panic. I looked beside him, already knowing what I would see; Dom’s orange eyes glaring at my friends. “There you are little sister.” I could hear the anger in his voice and I felt like all of the air had been sucked out of my lungs. “Dad called, he has a surprise for you for your birthday. Say bye to your new friends.” He spat the last word. I know that dad didn’t call and that there wasn’t a surprise at home. I gulped, this is gonna end with me bleeding and a possible trip to the hospital. I looked at Damien and his friends, they all looked worried, something that I’m not used to seeing towards me. I had tears threatening to spill, but I won’t let them; not yet.

“Bye guys, it was nice to meet you. I had a really good time, thank you.” I tried to sound strong and like nothing was wrong, like I was scared to death.

“Zariah, are….” I cut him off before he made things worse.

“It’s okay, I’m fine. Bye guys.” As I started looking away, I caught a glimpse of all of their eyes glowing bright blue. Dom gripped my other arm and started yanking me to the exit.

“Give Dom your keys, he’s driving you home.” I pulled my keys out, handing them to him then looked at Mason. He was infuriated, I could almost see the steam from his ears. I climbed into my car, scared for my life and I contemplated running back into the club and beg Damien to hide me. Dom got in and drove off, making the decision for me.

“You need a shower, you smell like dog.” He growled out.

“I’m sorry, Dom.” I looked down at my lap like I always do when I know I’m in trouble. “You guys were having fun with those girls and I didn’t want to ruin your fun. You know that girls don’t like…”

“You know better, Zara.” He cut me off. “We were already antsy being this close to the deadline.” He put his hand under my skirt, on my upper thigh and squeezed. I wanted to push his hand off of me but I knew better. I internally cringed at his touch; I can’t believe that I used to long for him to touch me.

“Don’t pretend like the deadline means anything to you. Remember, I’m not a virgin anymore because of you.” He squeezed my thigh tighter.

“You didn’t have a problem with it when it happened. In fact, I remember vividly how you moaned and begged me not to stop.” I looked at him and watched him lick his lips as he remembered that night; a night I used to cherish. “Mase isn’t pissed that you were hanging out with people, he’s pissed that you let that mutt touch you. You know that we are the only ones that are allowed to touch you. Be happy we didn’t kill him like we did what’s his name. The dickhead that made the comment about your tits a few years ago.” I gasped and felt sick. Did they really murder someone because of me?

“I thought you only beat him up. You…. You killed him?” I felt the tears that I had been holding back finally start falling and I felt like I was going to puke.

“I helped beat his ass, yeah. But Mase was so pissed that we went to his house and Mase killed him then threatened his family. He is ruthless when it comes to you. He’s going to make one hell of a demon.” I covered my mouth to stop the scream that I wanted to let out. That poor family. They didn’t deserve that, he didn’t deserve that. Oh, really quick. Only vampires and demons can change someone to be like them, even other supernaturals. The others have to be born to become one; yes, vamps and demons are born as one as well. “You’ll make a sexy demon, even badass; once that nagging humanity is split in half.” I turned to him with wide eyes.

“I never said I would…”

“You have no choice, it will all be explained to you when you’re home from that meeting.” He pulled into the driveway and shut the car off. I only managed to get the door open when Mason pulled me out by my arm, hard.

“You know what to do, Zariah.” I felt like puking even more now as I went into the dark house. I went to the living room, sat on my knees on the floor with my head down and prayed this wouldn’t be as bad as I think it will be. This is what they make me do when I’m in trouble; it makes them feel dominate and in control. Usually, I just get yelled at when this happens but I have a really bad feeling that is not the case tonight.

“You did it now, Zara. He’s never been this pissed. What the hell did you do?” Dad asked as he sat on the couch; I guess Mason called him on our way home. Dad was scary when he’s mad but Mason, he’s terrifying. I heard the front door slam shut and held my breath. He stormed in, alone, I guess Dom went home which wasn’t surprising; he never stays to watch me get punished. I knew that I was tempting fate tonight, but I’ll take whatever is coming because I made my own choice for once and I had fun. Thoughts of Damien’s hands on me had me distracted and I didn’t realize that Mason stopped in front of me until he grabbed my ponytail and pulled me up by it. *Crack* My head snapped to the side and I could taste the very familiar metallic taste in my mouth. He grabbed my chin roughly and made me look up at him.

“How dare you let some random guy touch you! You belong to me! Only I can touch you like that!” *Crack* Again, and in the same spot.

“Then why do you let Dom touch me?” I gasped at myself. Where did that come from? Stupid move, Zariah. You know better, you know to keep your mouth shut when he gets like this. His face went really red and I swear I thought he was about to combust. He grabbed me by my throat and pushed until my head slammed against the wall.

“I guess it’s time for you to know. Part of my deal with Dom is that he can do whatever he wants to with you.”

“What…. Deal?” I choked out but he tightened his grip.

“Oh, my beautiful, stupid, Zara. After your meeting, he’ll be changing both of us and all I had to pay was to be willing to share you with him.” He let me go then before I could catch my breath, he punched me in the stomach, causing me to double over. “I told you, I love you, Zara. You are mine. You always have been and always will be. You will be my wife and we will have the perfect family that we were denied of.” I stood still and looked at him with wide eyes then at dad.

“Daddy, please. Don’t let him do this, please. I promise… I’ll be good, I’ll do better. Please!” I cried as I threw myself at his feet, begging for him to protect me for once. Sadness flashed across his face so fast that I wasn’t sure if I even saw it. He started laughing at me as Mason pulled me up by my hair again; his laugh sounded fake and forced, it was weird.

“Go get a shower and get on the bed, naked. I need to teach you a lesson so that you always remember who you belong to.” He pushed me and I almost fell over. I grabbed my purse and limped up to my room, having to take a break half-way up the steps because of the pain in my stomach and burning sensation in my throat. Once I was in my room, I dropped my purse on my desk then headed to my bathroom where I got undressed and stared in the mirror at the damage he’s already caused. My cheek was swollen and starting to bruise. My lips were both busted open and a bruise was forming on my stomach. I had finger marks starting to darken on my neck and wrist. I’ve always been a fast healer but there is no way it will all be gone by the time I need to be at my meeting. This is going to be a pain to cover up. I climbed into the shower and once the hot water hit my body, I sank to the floor and cried. I will die before I let them turn me, even if it means that I kill myself. As I washed up, I thought about the fun I had tonight; Damien keeps creeping back into my mind. I thought about how it felt to have friends of my own who actually wanted to hang out with me. How I felt safe in Damien’s arms as we danced and I let out a sob because I know that I’ll never feel that again. At least I got to be happy for a little bit. They will never know how much tonight meant to me.

I was sitting on my bed for at least ten minutes before Mason came in with a bag. I took one look at it and felt the bile rise in my throat. “We are going to play a little different tonight, my queen. But first, you need to be punished for earlier.” I was really confused, I thought my beating was my punishment. I watched him pull out a dildo, rope and a scary looking whip. Sure, I might have kinks and all but I don’t want to explore them with him, plus, I know he’s not looking to please me. I started to disassociate like I always do when he comes to my room. I think of being somewhere else, someone else; it usually helps me get through the torture. “Tsk. Tsk. None of that.” He pulled me to the floor by my hair and dragged me to my desk. He tied my hands around the leg of it and made sure that the rope was tight. With my back to him, I laid my head against the wooden leg and prayed for this to be over quick.

He stepped back and a minute later I felt the whip land on my bare back. I choked down the scream at first, not wanting to give him the satisfaction, but, by the fourth lash, I was screaming in pain and begging him to stop. I could feel the warmth of my blood as it trickled down my back. He whipped me a total of ten times and when he was done he untied me then helped me to my bed. The pain was so bad that I could barely move, let alone stand on my own. I have never felt pain like this before, it felt like my back was on fire and needles were stabbing me. Stabbing me, not poking but stabbing me, sharp and hard. I couldn’t even lay on my bed but he forced me to lay flat on my back, even after I begged him to let me lay on my side. With an evil, sadistic grin, he started using the toy and he wasn’t gentle about it. It was anything but pleasurable and the pain was so bad that I bit my lip, making it bleed more. When he noticed that I wasn’t reacting, no moans, only silence, he started biting the tops of my breasts. He bit so hard that he left marks and even broke skin causing them to bleed a little. Maybe I’ll bleed out by the time the sun rises. He kept saying that I was his, that I belonged to him and that no one will ever love me as much as he does. I couldn’t hold it back anymore and I started crying again. He smiled as he licked the tears from my cheek, which made me cry harder.

When he was done, he pulled me out of bed and forced me to my knees. I knew what he wanted. I opened my mouth as he grabbed my hair and thrust himself in. Sure, I could've bitten him, trust me, I’ve thought about it, but then what? I barely have any money, no where to go, he knows where I work and once he’d heal up, he’d come after me and the punishment would be ten times worse than what I just went through. So, please, don’t judge me for doing what I have to just to survive.

Thank god it didn’t take him long to finish this time. He cleaned up his mess while I tried to lay on my side on the bed. “I did this to teach you a lesson. I love you, Zara, so fucking much. You need to learn what will happen if anyone other than Dom and I touch you. Now, who do you belong to?”

“Y-You.” I barely got it out, my throat was so sore and raw. He nodded and smiled in approval. He moved to kiss me, causing me to flinch and when I felt his lips on mine, I kept them still, refusing to kiss back. After he finally left, I laid on my bed for a while crying and wishing that I would just die so I could finally be free. I reached for my phone to check the time and to set an alarm but I realized that it was still in my purse on the desk. I almost fell to the ground from the pain when I stood up. My phone lit up after I unlocked it, 3:35 am; well, I’m not getting much sleep tonight. Not like I’m not used to barely getting any sleep. I set my alarms then went to read the text messages I had, all from unknown numbers. The first four were from Sierra, Seth, Kailee and Zane. My heart hurt knowing that I wouldn’t be able to actually be friends with them, so I chose not to respond. The last number had several messages.

Unknown: Hey beautiful, it’s Damien.

Unknown: Are you okay? I didn’t like that grip they had on you.

Unknown: We are heading back to our hotel. The Angelo.

Unknown: If you need a place to stay for the night, we are all willing to share a room.

Unknown: Please let me know that you’re alive, sweetheart. I’m getting nervous.

Me: I’m alive. Sorry, my phone was on silent and in my purse.

Unknown: No need to apologize, Micetta. I hope we didn’t get you into too much trouble.

Me: I’m fine. Thank you for hanging out with me tonight.

Me: I’m sorry if I ruined your night.

Me: I enjoyed spending time with you but I don’t think we should keep in contact.

Unknown: You didn’t ruin anything. Dancing with you was the highlight of my night.

Unknown: Is that what you want?

Me: No, but what I want doesn’t matter.

Unknown: It definitely does matter, why do you say that?

Me: Because by tomorrow night, I won’t be me anymore and I’ll belong to them.

Unknown: What does that mean?

Me: Good-bye Damien. It really was nice meeting you. Thank you for making my birthday the best one that I’ve had in a long time.

Unknown: Zariah, please tell me what you are talking about.

Unknown: If you are in danger, tell me. I’ll come get you right now.

Unknown: Riah? Please.

I want to tell him yes and run away with him but I won’t put him in danger for some stupid, pathetic girl he met at the club. I put his number on silent so that I wouldn’t be tempted to see what he sent. God, this sucks, I finally meet a guy that isn’t scared of Mason and Dom, who I could definitely see myself falling for and I can’t have him. I wish I was dead. I’m tired of being scared and in pain all of the time. If mom was here, none of this would be happening, would it? Why did you have to leave me mommy? What did I do so wrong? The tears fell as I closed my eyes. I miss you, mommy, so much.

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