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Kai Romano is ultimate playboy. He's rich, hot and not to mention the son of a criminal boss. The last thing on his mind is love, but when a deal goes wrong and he ends up shot, Kai finds himself falling hard and fast for his new doctor, but he knows all too well the dangers of falling in love. Yet, she may just be the one woman worth risking everything for? Emery is living her perfect life of being a doctor, but finds herself bored and drained, awaiting the next exiting venture. So when a sexy stranger who hides his darkness beneath jokes and crass flirting comes crashing into her life, she's left questioning her morals, her desires and if she's capable of being the one to tame this playboy?

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Chapter |1| The Ultimate Fuckboy

K A I ' S P. O. V

For as long as I can remember, I have never believed in love.

Sure, I can see it. I'm surrounded by people who can't stop falling into the damned thing, my parents for one, my sister and her annoyingly attractive husband for another.

I know it exists. I know people can find it. I just don't think it's for me. And that's okay. I fucking love my life.

For one, I'm a bachelor with no commitments. That means unlimited time for myself, for my hobbies, for whatever I fucking want because the only person I need to rely on is myself.

Two, I'm mostly always happy. My life is filled content and joy that I find from being alone. Sure, my family offer up some of that happiness too, but only because I choose to visit them, choose to attend family game night even though my five year old niece Anastasia always manages to beat me a twister.

Three...the sex. Living a single unattached lifestyle means unlimited one night stands, quick hookups in random bathrooms, and the best part is there are no attachments. No awkward morning afters, no clingy phone calls, no second date.

Yeah, my life is pretty fucking perfect. And I don't want a damn thing changing it.

"Oh fuck!" The blonde screeches as I bury myself deep inside of her. I curse at the feeling of her tight pussy pulsing around my cock already.

I lift her higher, her hand slamming into the bathroom door, but she doesn't seem to care so I carry on. She bounces energetically, her screams echoing out of the small cubicle, oblivious to everyone probably listening in.

"More, more," My fingers sink into her soft hips, finding leverage to deepen my thrusts. I bite the thin material of her top, and yank it down, letting small breasts pop free.

My tongue latches onto her pink nipple, sucking softly, as she mewls in pleasure above me. "Ohhhh Justin yes harder," I cringe at the false name I gave her but oblige and fuck her harder.

Then I feel my jacket vibrating. Shit. I can't ignore it's probably Aaron ready to bust my balls for something stupid.

"What's wrong baby?" I recoil. I fucking hate pet names.

"I need to take this. You mind?"

She grins mischievously, lowering his lips to my ear. "I don't mind." And then she sticks her tongue inside it. It's more of weird feeling than seductive, but at least she's game for still fucking.

I quickly grab my phone, and press it to my ear, supporting her with one arm. Slowly, I start to pump again and she giggles trying to suppress her moans.

"What's up?"

"What's up? What's fucking up!" Yep, it's Aaron. He seethes on the other end for a bit, cursing to himself and I guess I'm the fucking idiot he keeps referring to. I use his mini tantrum to my advantage and lift the girl higher, so I can fuck her faster.

"Oh my gawd..." Her eyes practically role into the back of her. I smirk, trying to hold back my own orgasm whilst on the phone to my brother-in-law.

"Are you seriously fucking someone right now?"

"What gave me away?" She smiles at me sated after her second orgasm, and shakes her head at me.

"I can't...no more..." When I hear no, I stop. I will never understand bastards who hear no and carry one, those who get off to people begging them to stop, screaming and crying.

I set her down whilst Aaron talks to someone else. Presumably my sister.

She sinks to her knees instead and takes my cock in her mouth. Hey, I'm not complaining.

"Someone fucking talk to me." I bellow into the phone.

"I'm trying to convince her to leave you. Remember we had that job to pull off today, but clearly you have better things to do." Fuck. Kiara reminded me. Five times to be exact.

Shit, motherfucking..."I'll be there in ten." I turn off the phone before he can dispute and quickly shove it in my jacket just as the blonde deep throats me, causing my orgasm to burst free.

I smile down at her as she licks me clean and then help her up. She fixes her clothes as I quickly redo my belt. My hand reaches for door when she stops me.

"Will I see you again?" Fuck.


"Sabrina." She adds. Great, now I'm a bigger asshole.

"Sabrina, I don't do the whole dating thing. The most you'll ever get with me is a great fuck and that's it. Trust me, it's all you want from me. You deserve better, and I hope you find him."

She looks dejected but nods anyway and I quickly leave before my guilt can get the better of me.

There are three girls in the bathroom by the mirrors. Their chatter ceases when they see me. One of them stares at me in utter disgust, and I notice the wedding band on her ring finger. The other two have the same primal look I get from most girls.

Normally I'd dragged them both into the cubicle with me, maybe even ask Sabrina if she wants to join in, but I can't. Not when fucking them would affect my family and my work. Instead, I set my sights on the exit door and don't look back.

"So you understand the plan Kai?"

"Huh." I quickly pocket my phone, my newest score on angry birds ripe on the screen. My sister notices it and scowls.

"Don't frown Kiwi. You'll get wrinkles and then Aaron won't want to fuck you anymore." She continues to glare at me like usual, but quickly attempts to smooth her frown lines.

"Don't listen to him Princess, I would fuck you no matter how you look."

"Even when I'm old and wrinkly and have hair on my toes." He laughs, and reaches over with one hand to squeeze her thigh, the other still gripping the steering wheel.

"Even then."

"Look I'm sorry, just tell me again."

Her husband softens her anger, thank god, so she repeats the plan. "The guys we meeting are two dealers. We supply them, they supply their customers. However they broke one the rules."

When Kiara and Aaron took over everything, they worked hard to establish their authority and that included setting clear guidelines that everyone has to follow. Even me. The punishments vary but the obvious one being death.

"Which one?"

"They've been dealing to kids. High school kids. One of our guys got wind of it and threatened them to stop. They killed him. His body was discovered last night and missing was the five grand he had collected from other dealers as part of our share."

"Five grand isn't much."

"It's the principle." Aaron adds. "You let five grand go missing with no consequences and suddenly you're weak. People start to challenge your authority and then you've got a fucking revolution on your hands." Bit dramatic.

"We're meeting with them tonight. Three Romanos show strength, shows power. We give them a choice. Stop and hand over the money or die. If they don't agree to stop, Aaron will pull the trigger on one. You the other."

"Afraid to get your hand dirty Princess?" I mock and Aaron reaches back to slap my head.

"Watch it." He growls, setting his gaze back on the road.

My sister just smirks. "Actually I'm wearing my new Chanel boots and I don't feel like scrubbing blood off them tomorrow. Also I knew you'd want to do something more, than just stand next to me and be a pretty face."

"Haha." I flip her off whilst Aaron parks the car.

We all get out and I stare down the dark musty alleyway, the streetlights barely staying alive. "Wow. This isn't a scene from a fucking horror movie at all."

"It's their territory or whatever. They wouldn't agree to meet unless it was here."

The only noises are our shoes splashing in the murky puddles that cover the alley. I stay behind him, making sure no-one jumps out from behind to attack us.

Killing either Kiara or Aaron would cause a big chink in our chain of power. Our dynasty would be weakened, giving the chance for others to seize their own power.

"You really need to invest in bodyguards."

Aaron snorts. "Your sister won't listen to me."

"It's sexist to determine me as being the one who needs one. If I get one, you get one. So does Kai and Kieron and my parents..."


"What?" Kiara struggles to comprehend the fact her husband just agreed with her.

"I'll have one too, that means you will. Our children will, Caitlin too. Kai, if he wants one."

"I really don't." Imagine trying to get laid with some hulking figure watching your every move. Even though my life is blasted into the media form time to time, I value my privacy.

"Stop." She shoots out her hand, stopping so abruptly I almost crash into her. I still and reach for my gun just as two men emerge from around the corner and approach.

My sister seems to be familiar with the first one. I hate the way his beady eyes are fixed on her chest and not her eyes. Aaron notices too and cocks his gun in response. The other one just smirks at the threat. Idiots.

"Kyle and..."

"Pete." The other grins attempting to reach out his hand. His friends slaps it down.

"We're not here to play niceties Kiara."

"Mrs Romano." Aaron corrects. Kyle grits his teeth and I notice the fat handgun that sits on his waist.

"Mrs Romano, I want our deal back. No matter what, we sold that product and we're your biggest sellers."

"Because you've been dealing to underaged children. To teenagers for fuck's sake. Our rules we're very clear and we've been lenient in our punishment so far."

"You killed three of my men."

"You killed one of mine and stole money from us. No-one fucking takes from us, so listen to me you greedy bastard if you want to go home tonight with all your fingers to your wife and your two children, Ben and Cecilia...then you will give me back my money with interest, you will return all our product to us and you will find something else to deal with other than narcotics."

Fuck. My little sister was scary.

The other one, Pete physically recoils and moves back whilst Kyle is, unsurprisingly, an idiot and steps closer to my sister's face. "I can think of a better idea."

"Fuck!" I yell out as Pete fire his gun, the bullet lodging itself into my hip. My hand grips the wound, blood wetting my hand, as I fumble to reach my gun. Aaron fires at him, killing him with the second bullet but Kyle has his dirty hand on my sister's throat and the gun is besides her temple.

What's terrifying is that Kiara isn't even scared any more. She's had so many guns in her face that she appears numb to it.

"Do it Aaron!" She wants her to shoot and that's the problem.

To her, Aaron can easily remedy it but shooting the bastard, but what if Kyle's hand slips on the trigger as he falls to the ground? What if Aaron misses and Kyle doesn't?

Aaron hesitates whilst Kyle presses his lips to my sister's cheek, letting his tongue defile her skin to antagonise Aaron. I take a quiet step forward and then another, slowly rounding Kyle.

He doesn't notice. Whether that's because he believes I'm too injured to possibly kill him, or he's too engrossed by Aaron and Kiara, I use it to my advantage.

"Maybe I'll take your pretty head as a trophy? Show the whole fucking world that me, Kyle Evans was the only one strong enough to take down the Romano mafia. They'll bow down to me, I'll be a fucking king and I'll..." Bang.

Smoke invades the fresh hole just sliced through his head. "Fuck you." I murmur weakly, spitting at him dead body.

Aaron swarms my sister, picking her up so her legs wraps around his waist. "Next time, when I say shoot. Fucking shoot."

"I can't risk your life for a slim shot." He growls back.

"You have to otherwise..."

"Hey guys, I hate to interrupt your little lover's spout. However adorable it is, but I'm kinda bleeding out here."

"Fuck." I hear my sister curse, her legs quickly dropping down from her husband as she rushes over to me. "Kai! Kai! Kai!"

"Ow!" I fucking cry out as heat blisters my cheek. My eyes snap open and I notice her red palm, sizzling from the strike. "Did you just slap me?"

"Don't close your eyes idiot." Then she turns back to Aaron. "Just lift him." Wait what? No...

Her hsuband raises me in his arms like I'm the damsel in distress and he's my white fucking knight. "I don't like this anymore than you." He mumbles, walking me to the car.

I'm in too much pain to argue so I shut my mouth and just pray to god, no-one ever mentions this night again.

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