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The SAS leader

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“If you say that one more time i’m gonna shove this pizza down my throat, so I don’t have to talk to you anymore!” “Nah, I know you want something else down your throat .” As he smirks at me. My cheeks start getting hot. Its like he knows the perfect words to piss me off. “Go to hell Ace” As I cross my arms. Getting kidnapped why your drunk is not fun. Also working for the SAS(secret agent society) leader ain’t fun either . All I wanted to do is go home and eat my cheesballs. 

Romance / Action
Mary R
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"I can't believe I lost my job!"

Yelling to the point were my throat started hurting. Walking along the dirt trail road to my house, which felt like I was dawdling the whole way there.

"I need to call McKenzie, she'll cheer me up,"

As I frantically started searching for my phone in need to call my best friend. After scrambling through my bag I finally found it.


"McKenzie, thank god you answered."

"WhAt'S up IsABle!" Hereing her voice go up.

"Are you drunk?" I reply, unlocking my house door.

"NOooO! What the hell makes you think that?"

"Cause you sound wasted and I can here the music in the background.

"Anyways, I lost my job today at subway for the 11th time."

"Damn girl you can never keep a job."

Hearing her chuckle made me want to throw her in a dumpster and leaving her there.

"Girl, you can't even keep a man. All you do is hook up and leave." I snaped back

"But there all so hot!" She whines.

"Wich bar are you at?"


"K, be there in ten."

I love McKenzie, but sometimes I really do wanna throw her im a dumpster and leaving her there to rot. Shes been my childhood bestfriend for as long as I can remember.

In high school McKenzie has always been the pretty, cool and popular one between us two. Its because of her shiny red hair, And she whent through puberty befor I did. With her perfect curvy's and straight teeth. Shes always been the cheerleader and i've always been the gymnast. But we both quit when we got into our teens. I wouldn't say my body is as curvy like McKenzie's, but it wasn't bland.

I looked at my outfit choices, Picking a tight red dress with a open cut at the top and black heels. I decided to put my hair down with two braids on each sides leading to the back. Wich had a perfect messy bun half way through my hair. With a ply of makeup I was set and ready to go.

The walk wasn't far, mind the fact that I got my car taking away by the police for crashing it seven times. Damnit my life really sucks, I thought to myself, As I walked into the bar.

The bar was packed. At this point I wasn't sure if I would find McKenzie, or at least get past the first door. Finally squirming my way through I found the bartender.

"Can I have a sunset rum?"

"Show me ID'." He said narrowing his eyebrows.

Pulling out my gray ID from my purse. I could feel the bartender glaring at me.

"What, do you think its fake?" I said giving him a sharp glance

"No, no ma'am, you look more 18 then 21."

"Thanks." As I snached my ID back.

After my 4th drink it didn't take that long befor my head throbed in pain.

"Damnit where's McKenzie."

Getting up from my stool to the dance floor. I started swaying my hips from left to right with the music. If I was in dance mom's I would of won that's for sure.

All of a sudden I feel a firm strong hand wrapped around my waist. In shocked I turned around to see who this stranger was.

"Hello beautiful." Said a deep voice.

"Who are you?" As I took a step forward.

This man had blond short hair with curls at the top. He was wearing a red tuxedo with black pants. He kind of reminded me of Alvin from Alvin and the chipmunks but less hairy.

"I'm luke Reese, how about you?"

"Isabell Rogers."

As I could feel our body heat between the empty gap. I could feel my head throbing more and my knees giving out. I needed to make an excuse to go home, But who knows I could never see this fine man again.

"Do you wanna have sex with me? At my place?" Looking into his big brown eyes.

I could tell he was shocked by my request. He took a deep breath feeling a warm heat tickle my neck. He brought one hand Ford for me to take it. I took his hands as I felt myself lifting from the ground. He swings me over his shoulders, which caught me off guard. As I wach the ground change from carpet to cement.

"Were are you taking me?" I groaned.

"Having sex with you."

As he sets me down gently in the passenger seat of his car. The car ride was quiet and long. Looking out the window at New York city. The lights sparkle in the night sky.

"Is this really the right thing to do?" I thought to myself.

Losing my virginity to a complete stranger. The funny thing is I am a 21 year old woman who never had in orgasm or even masturbated for that matter and here I was going to have sex with a guy I just met at the bar. I looked over at Luke as I could feel my eyes getting heavier.

"Hey arn't we going to my place?" As I yawned.

"Nope were going to my place." he said giving me a smirk.

"Dont worry we will be there in 5 minutes."

I looked back out the window.

"Mabey I should close my eyes for 4 minutes." As I got comfortable in the passenger seat.

before I knew it, I was already passed out. As the long car ride continued.

Luke: like if you wanna see me kiss Isabell✨

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