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Heart of Immortals

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After being saved by the Vampire King, Aroa was given a mission by the wolves to unravel the mystery behind the sudden disappearance of Chaos during the first war of gods and demons. It seems like a simple task: Investigate and sneak out of the palace of Vampires. But the vampires and wolves have been at odds since the war ended. Also, this gorgeous King is claiming to be her mate? She couldn't deny the fatal attraction she felt with the King. But if the Three the Fates were telling the truth, he could not be her mate. For if she's the princess of wolves, then her mate is supposed to be the demon of destiny, a demon born only on the first blood moon that occurred twenty-three years ago. It's what was written in the prophecy … The first night when the moon bled, the demon of destiny came to life Five suns will pass, and the long battle will end and the descendant of the moon will take her first breath The second time the moon will be painted red. These two lovers will unite. They will rule with greatness; it will be known, far and wide, That peace will follow wherever they are It will know no bounds, that beings from all realms will bow. Despite his youthful appearance, Chaos has been in existence longer than most demons. He could not be her mate, right? Find out in the Heart of Immortals - Book Two of The Romance of Gods and Demons Series.

Romance / Fantasy
R. Michaels
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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and events mentioned in this book are a product of the author’s creativity and imagination. Any similarities to actual persons, places, or events are purely coincidental.

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