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Sexts, Texts and Suspicious Circumstances : The Intimate Real Texts of a New Romance

By AmyOwen All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica


This is a unique and gripping insight into a very personal world which the reader would not ordinarily be privy to. Comprising the intimate texts exchanged between a modern day professional couple who have fallen very quickly into a special relationship, the wording is an exact copy of those sent during their communication; the only changes being names and other identifying details. A captivating and emotive read, this book is a must for anyone dating or for those with an interest in psychology. The book contains erotic texts of an explicitly sexual nature.


Amidst the atmospheric lighting of one of the most exclusive new offbeat bars in town, several cocktails in, Laura’s friends finally convince her to download Tinder on her phone.

Laura recently moved to Birmingham for a new job; she is loving city life and being single, after her last long term relationship ended.

They sit there giggling like school girls swiping left and right on pictures of men who they fancy or don’t. Laura’s excitement and amazement at the buffet of men on offer can’t be contained, much to the amusement of her friends.

As Laura tries to convince herself of the reasons why it’s ok to use the app, thus avoiding the embarrassment of potentially being recognised on it, she gets her first match. She squeals in excitement and fear, as though her schoolgirl crush had just stalked in wearing a fireman outfit, sweating and scorched from fighting a blaze, summoning her to follow him.

A few days later, casually swiping at any opportunity, Laura has shamefully ‘completed’ Tinder and has resorted to expanding the 2mile radius. Naïvely chatting away to various guys, she begins to tire of the usual openings, “hey”, “how’s things”, “hi Laura”. She has yet to meet someone she wants to date. The novelty is starting to wear off, but then she matches with Ben.

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