Trained by the Alpha

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Members of Leona's pack don't really notice her. She gets along with them if needed but nothing more; she wouldn't call them her friends. Until one day everything changes when she receives a punishment she never would have dreamed of. A simple slip up caused her Alpha to think of a perfect way to teach her to never make such a mistake again: an intense and personal training by another Alpha who leads one of the strongest packs around. Little did she know this training would change her life forever...

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Hi! I'm Leona Brightwood, a lonely 16 year old female wolf with no friends; well, except for Luna - my wolf. I don't look super fancy; I have dark brown long wavy hair, I'm tall-ish, just a bit taller than average, I guess I have some nice curves, at least in good clothes, without... uh... no comment. I hate myself. There is nothing that I like. My eyes maybe, they're dark blue like the deep ocean. I like the ocean.

I'm part of the Moonlit Wolves pack, we're friendly, pretty average on the hierarchy. We help if we're needed but we don't enjoy fighting.

I live in the packhouse with my older brother and all the rest. Our parents don't live with us. They're not around anymore. Everybody has their own room except the wolves that have mates. They share one, lucky them - I will never get one. Even if I will meet my mate, he would just reject me. Who would want a mate without style or beauty? I wear some makeup but I'm far from pretty.

My room is the furthest down the corridor. I rarely have visitors and I don't hang out with my pack members much. I usually just sit in my room, watching movies with Luna, eating chips or playing games while she cheers me on or laughs at me because I fail so hard (I'm not good at games but they're fun).

In the evening we always go for a little run in the woods. The fresh, cool air helps us get our mind off things and tire ourselves out to have a good night's rest.

I hate school. Who doesn't? You're expected to fit right in at the first day and if you don't, well fuck you, be the outsider of class. And of course us wolves have to attend school, not with humans luckily, but with a bunch of assholish males and super pretty females that wouldn't let me be part of their group. Don't get me wrong, I'm not so fake like most of them, I would just like to have some friends and maybe some fashion and beauty advice...

Just so happens that tomorrow is my first day at the new school. Let me explain: Our previous pack, the one me and my brother grew up in, had a little run-in with a different pack and now they're hostile towards us, attacking us on sight. So the pack broke up and now I have to change in the middle of the year. Yay. Lovely. I'm reeeaally looking forward to it.

C'mon, it's gonna be alright! You have me! If anyone is bad towards you, I'm gonna kick their butt!

'Yeah I guess... *sigh* I'm happy I have you, Luna. You're the only one I need.'

'Any time. I'm always there for you, Leona.'

'Alright Luns! Let's go for our run, hop into the bath and go to bed. We can't be late on our first day!'

'Right! Let's go!'

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