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Justified revenge

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Emile and Maria is kidnapped and get abused for weeks but they manager to escape and return later to take their revenge. Later on Maria falls in love but things goes wrong. Will they find love at the end and will they all survive?

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Emile and Maria finished school last year. It’s hard to find a job here in Johannesburg. They search and ask around at shops and businesses but are repeatedly turned away. They can’t help it they don’t have fancy clothes to wear. If you live in the lower parts of town then you have very little and then people automatically think you are stupid too.

One evening, Maria goes to visit a friend and loses track of time. It is almost 11 o’clock at night when she walks home. Above her in the trees she can hear an owl hoot mysteriously. There is a light breeze and it blows some of the leaves in the street against her. She wraps her jacket tighter around her body. It is pitch dark in the shadow of a large tree in front of her in the road. It feels like someone is watching her. A chill runs down her spine as she moves closer to the shadow of the tree. She gets startled when a large dark figure suddenly appears in front of her. She was so absorbed in thought that she didn’t notice her surroundings. She stops dead in her tracks and freeze up as fear wraps around her. Then the adrenaline kicks in and she turns around to run away but she is too slow and the person grabs her by her ponytail from behind and she violently gets yanked back against his broad chest. He presses a cloth over her nose and mouth and the next moment everything goes black in front of her and her body goes limp in his arms.

He quickly looks around to see if anyone had seen him before he loads Maria into the back of his panel van parked a few meters away. He hears footsteps approaching and goes and hides behind the same tree. He peers around the tree’s trunk and see that it is a young man approaching. He has headphones in his ears so he is blissfully unaware of the danger that awaits him.

Just as Emile walk past the tree, the figure jumps out behind him and places the cloth with chloroform over his nose and mouth. Very quickly the young man loses consciousness and the figure also carries him to his panel van. He places Emile next to the girl on the mattress in the back of the panel van. He is very pleased with himself. He just killed two birds with one stone.

Now he can have fun with both of them at the same time. He starts his panel van’s engine and drives silently out of the residential area. By this time at night in this part of town, everyone is passed out from the booze and drugs they used throughout the day. No one will probably even miss the two or realize that they are gone.

When Hans gets to his house he make sure the two are still unconscious. He first carries Maria in and lays her down in the basement on a dirty mattress. He then walks out and fetches Emile as well and lay him down on another mattress not far from Maria.

He will come back later to see if they are awake, but before he goes out he ties their hands and feet and ties a piece of cloth over their mouths.

In the early hours of the morning, the two regain consciousness and look at each other anxiously. They struggle to free their hands and feet, but it doesn’t help. Later they hear footsteps of someone coming down the stairs and the person opens the door. They anxiously look up at the big strong man who stands in front of them. He is very tall and big built. He has a square shape. He has brown curly hair that stands up in all directions on his head. But worst of all are those deathly cold brown, almost black eyes staring down at them. He closes the door behind him and locks it.

“Ah you are awake. I warn you in advance before I take the cloth off your mouths that you can scream as much as you want. No one in this neighborhood is going to heed your cries. They’ll think it’s my television that’s so loud again” he chats nonchalantly as he unties their hands and feet. They scurry away from him in fear.

He first walks towards Maria. He grabs her by the back of her head and tangles her hair through his fingers. He pulls her closer to him.

“You are beautiful” he says and licks her face. He tries to kiss her but she turns her face away. She tries to struggle to get away from him but he just grabs more of her hair and forces her to stop as his other hand closes around her throat.

“Leave me alone! What do you want from me” Maria says rebelliously.

“I’m going to have fun with you and your friend here” he says as he slaps her hard across the face. Emile rushes at him but Hans also grabs him by the throat and holds the two of them like two marionettes. Their feet barely touch the ground.

“I’ll break your necks if you don’t behave yourself” he threatens coldly and squeezes almost all the air out of their throats.

He throws them very hard onto the ground. They gasp for breath as the fall knocks the air out of them. He looks at them sternly and walks towards the door. Without another words he walks out the door and locks it behind him.

“Are you okay” Emile asks Maria.

She just shakes her head to indicate yes.

“What does this man want from us? Do you know him” she asks anxiously.

“I have no idea who he is, but I don’t know if we’re going to get out of here alive” says Emile very scared. Unfortunately, he is not one of the tallest and well-built men on earth and taking on Hans will only be fatal for him.

After about ten minutes Hans comes through the door again and closes the door behind him. He throws a very thin nightgown to Maria.

“Put this on” he orders.

“No” Maria says.

Hans takes two injections out of his pocket and says “then we’ll do it my way.”

Before Maria can stop him Hans pushes the needle into her upper arm and injects the contents into her arm. Emile tries to aim for the door but he also gets a needle in his arm. The drugs in the injections make them feel as if they are floating and they step back and go and sit on their respective mattresses.

Hans first gets hold of Maria. He jerks her to her feet and she unsteadily tries to keep her balance. He violently tares her clothes of her body and throws them in a pile next to her on the floor. He takes out a knife from his pocket and cuts her underwear from her body. Instinctively she closes her body with her arms. He slaps her hard across the face so that she falls onto the mattress behind her. He put the knife back into his pocket and loosens his pants. He takes out his enormous hard penis and walks closer to Maria. She tries to get away and try to screams but nothing happens. Her body does not want to respond to her brain’s instructions.

He gets down on his knees in front of her. Violently he pulls her closer and opens her legs. He braces her thighs with his thighs and pushes her legs open to the sides with his elbows. He licks his fingers and forcefully pushes them into her womanhood. Pain shoots through Maria’s legs. He then takes his stiff penis and rams it hard into Maria. The pain now shoots through her whole body. He rapes her so brutally that she bleeds after he’s done with her. It feels like he has ripped her womb apart. Maria lies powerless on the mattress and stares at the cruel man who gets up and wipes his penis with an old cloth.

“Here wipe off the blood. Tomorrow will go better. The first time is always the most painful” he says and throws the cloth to her. She can however not move and just stares at him.

He walks towards Emile. He sits in a heap on the mattress. Hans grabs him by the legs and turns him on his stomach. He rips off Emile’s pants.

“Tell me son are you a homo, do you do boys or girls” he asks as Emile looks anxiously over his shoulder into those dark brown almost black sadistic eyes. He cannot answer the man.

“Well tonight I’m going to pop your cherry for you. Then you can start batting for both teams” he says sarcastically.

He gets onto his knees behind Emile and pulls him closer by his hips so that Emile stands on his knees in front of him. Hans spits on one of his finger and pushes first one finger and then two fingers into Emile’s anus. It hurts and Emile tries to get out from under the man’s hold but can’t even move his legs. The next moment Hans rams his stiff penis hard into Emile’s anus. This makes Emile gasp for air. It feels like everything inside him is being torn apart. He almost faints from the pain. Hans continues to ram his penis hard into Emile until he reaches an orgasm.

“There we go. Now you are good to go” he says satisfied before he gets up. Before walking out the door he looks back at his new victims with a grin on his face.

They try not to think about their broken bodies and falls asleep from the drugs in their systems.

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