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Sorrowful Love..

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Aira falls in love with Kimshin. Kimshin is a deity and inside Aira's body there is something that's killing her. Kimshin sacrifice himself to kill the thing inside Aira's body and he dies. Kimshin will be back with no power as deity.

Romance / Horror
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The man in black

On 2003 Aira was going home from her Birthday party with her parents. The party was at her grandmothers house. Her mom bought her a new toy on their way to home. There was a road named Fox hills and there was a saying “anyone who cross Fox hills shall taste death except the special ones.” the parents knew the Fox hills was a dangerous place but they didn’t know that they were crossing the Fox hills. Suddenly something crashed to the car and the car turned upside down. The only thing they saw was an ineffable creature with long 2 hands and 2 legs covered by blood. Aira was knocked to unconscious and saw a weird hallucination. She was in her house with her parents and she had forgotten what happened in reality. When she saw the toy her mom bought to her, she abruptly remembered what happened in reality. She called her mom and said “Mom I am hungry” her mom responded “here sweetie eat some fruits” and gave her a basket full of fruits. She refused to eat it and said “Mom I want walnut cakes”. Her mom went to kitchen and checked, while checking Aira grabbed a knife and hid the knife on her back. After checking the kitchen mom said. Sweetie we ran out of Walnut cakes, We will buy Walnut cakes tomorrow. Aira said ” I am allergic to nuts, How could you ever forget that” Her mom responded saying “Mom have been working so hard that mom forgot about it” Aira said “My mom could never forget that she is a doctor, you are not my mom”. and she stabbed her fake mom and stepped back. then that Women’s voice changed to a man’s voice and screamed “I am your mom”. Aira was frightened and ran to her room. Her fake dad and fake mom was also chasing her. When Aira locked her room after getting in, her fake dad’s hand turned into a sharp monsters hand and broke the door. Aira’s room was dark, she was sitting in a corner she was extraordinarily scared. Then swiftly a man in black jacket was standing ahead of her. He’s eyes were glowing red, frightening. He asked “are you Enum?” Aira couldn’t answer his question. she was barely conscious. He asked again “are you Enum?” He touched her and said ”sigh you are not!" This man have the ability to read peoples mind by touching them, making people do what he asks just by looking into he's eyes and a lot more like this. This man grabbed Aira's face and made an eye contact and said "forget about everything that happened tonight." After a few seconds Aira was back to reality. The car was upside down. her parents were missing. Aira was still in the car. there was police all around and when Aira came out of car she saw her mom's blood and she started crying and yelled "my mom and dad is missing" The police said "we will find your parents, It's a promise".

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