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Jake and Lucy

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Jake and Lucy for two years have been together, their relationship was as sturdy as the walls of Jericho.

Palmer Emmanuel
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Chapter one

Jake and Lucy for two years have been together, their relationship was as sturdy as the walls of Jericho. Jake was a happy reporter and even became happier the day Lucy showed up in his life. Lucy was a happy undergraduate student and even became happier the day Jake became her honey.

As an undergraduate student she never went out with Jake, she gave countless of excuses, it was either she want to read more or study more or focus more. And Jake never objected the fact that he wanted her to be among the best student ‘but just for fun’ cried out Jake most times but Lucy was such to turn down his offers with a peck.

Despite the fact that Lucy always turned down Jake’s offers of taking her out, it never affected their love or reduced it in anyway rather it kept on burning like a furnace of fire and the heat could be felt by everyone who knew them.

It was pass 8am when Jake woke up that morning, just when he could get his eyes opened he heard the phone ringing.

‘Hello, peter what’s up’ he said stretching himself and yawning, with the phone pressed softly on to his ear.

‘Jake, do you know what the time is’ asked peter

‘Yeah!’ Jake looked to the side of the bed where an alarm clock was ‘it just 8:22’

‘Where are you? Are you on your way coming?’

‘No! I am just waking up’

‘What!’ Peter exclaimed ‘you are just waking up? Look Jake, the boss have be asking after you severally this morning and I told him you were on your way coming , come on Jake what is wrong with you?, you aren’t taking your job serious’

‘Hey! Save me the chitchat, just come and meet me at lady’s world, I have a surprise for you as for the boss I will handle him’

‘What time’


Jake threw the phone on the bed and jumped down happily and dressed up as soon as possible and left the house looking gorgeous.

For thirty minutes he had been in lady’s world staring on the beautiful clothes, shoes, bag and Jewelry and admiring them, when peter pulled over at the parking lot. Jake saw him through the revolving door and walked to him outside.

‘Why are you coming now it almost ten?’ asked Jake.

‘You side nine’

‘But this is almost ten’

Peter kept quiet with his hand on his pocket staring at Jake ‘what surprise were you talking about?’ he asked after a short while.

‘Are you ready? Now come with me’ Jake said and they both walked into the shop

‘Wow this place is beautiful’ said peter staring around the place.

‘This way’ Jake said and dragged peter along with him to a section in the shop where beautiful rings were displayed.

‘By now you should be surprised’ said Jake smiling.

‘For what?’

‘I am getting engage with Lucy’ Jake said still smiling

‘You are so crazy Jake’ peter said still staring at the beautiful rings on the display; Jake smile went off his face as if the power powering it went blackout and he became serious.

‘Why did you say that?’ asked Jake.

‘It’s not me you should be surprising it’s Lucy, so you called me for this, I thought it was something else’

‘Well, I thought you should be surprised as well, you were the one who told me to go ahead and I am here to surprise you that I am going ahead?’

‘Any way, Jake which one are you going for?’

‘Hmmm’ Jake starred at each of the beautiful rings properly ‘this one would be great’ Jake pointed to a ring with a big diamond after a while.

‘Jake, that would be too expensive I suggest you go with this’ peter pointed to a shining golden ring with a small diamond. ‘No! I want something more expensive’ Jake said and stared back at the ring ‘but this is more beautiful’ peter insisted.

‘And I said I need something more expensive’

‘Ok, if you say so’

Jake took the ring out from the glass and ran his and slowly and gently on it ‘she is going to love this’ he said but peter was not listening he was looking surprise at the price tag of the golden ring with a small diamond ‘oh! Jake, this golden ring with the small diamond actually cost more than that one’ he said and Jake looked at peter ‘really’ he asked and looked at the ring and then the price tag.

‘Wow, I think I will go for this’

‘But Jake, this is too expensive’

‘That is why I am going for it’

Jake carefully drop the other ring and stared back at peter ‘look peter, I brought you here because I wanted you to give me suggestions ok! Now which do you suggest the small diamond or the big diamond’

Peter looked at Jake straight in his eyes and gave him a mocking look before staring back at the two rings ‘am waiting’ said Jake

‘the big diamond?’

‘My God, but you said the small diamond before?’ screamed Jake

‘Yes! Because I thought it was less expensive!’

‘I don’t know why I brought you here in the first place you don’t even have a clue’ Jake said and took the golden ring with the small diamond ‘I will want to get some clothes for Lucy’ he added and began walking to another section in the shop were beautiful clothes were showcased

‘Jake! Are you going to spend all your money here?’ peter asked dragging himself behind Jake who seems not to be listening.

It was almost 11am when Jake and peter came out from the shop, peter could not believe that they had spent almost an hour shopping and Jake seems to be excited for what he had got for Lucy just when they entered the car, Jake’s phone rang and It was boss calling.

‘Hello sir, good morning’ Jake greeted

‘What happened? Jake, by this time you are still not in the office?’ the boss said a bit raising his voice.

‘sir, actually, when I woke up this morning I felt weak and sick so I decided to see the doctor first before come to work, when I got to the doctor’s place he told me to get some drugs which he prescribed for me, sir am just coming out from the shop where I went to buy the drugs I am with peter now and we are coming right now to the office’ Jake explained

‘Ok! Jake I wish you quick recovering’ the boss said and Jake brought down the phone from his ear with relief and stared at peter that was about starting the car

‘Why are you staring at me that way?’ asked Jake

‘Noting Jake, it’s just that I am surprised, I thought they sell clothes, shoes and jewelry and all that, I never knew they sell drugs too’ peter said and moved the car.

As Jake sat down in his office, he checked the time severally and he could not wait for the closing hour, he had practice how he would push the ring into Lucy’s finger severally, he thought more about the dinner he intend to have with her and how excited she would be.

Jake was still thinking with smile when one of the new screw members Tamara walked into his office and said

‘Hi Jake’

‘Hi’ Jake responded in a hash way he was not quite happy that she had met him smiling to himself

‘Jake, some sacked employees are protesting at Debi Avenue where the company that gave them the mass sack is located and we are to give a report on that, and we should be living now’

‘Why me? What about …’

‘You are the only reporter in the office’ said Tamara as she walked away, Jake watched her and when she had left, he hit his desk angrily and reluctantly stood up and left the office after several looks at the time.

He was pretty tired when he came back form the report but at least he was happy that the time was far spent, he paced around the office saying hi to those who cared and those who never cared and when it was time to sign-out he did it as quick as he could.

He ran to his office and picked the bag and the things he had bought for Lucy, he was about living when the boss rushed to him at the corridor leading to the reception and told him to stay till seven so he could stand for a James his colleague who was not around for his TV program, Jake smiled as if he joyously accepted the offer ‘yes sir’ he grinned and after the boss had left his grinning became a mocking one ‘this man just want to frustrate me today’ he said and went back to his office.

He called peter and told him to meet him at the office by 8:00pm; peter was first surprise that Jake would still be In the office by that time ‘I would be handling a TV program for someone … James precisely’ Jake said, and peter agreed to pick him up by 8pm after another argument that he shouldn’t be the one to take him home, that Jake could use the taxi but Jake was quiet pieced up that peter didn’t understand that the thing he had bought earlier was still with him including the ring and it was never met to be so.

After the TV program Jake ran down stairs hoping to find peter’s car just waiting for him but he found nothing, and was pretty angry that peter had disappointed him, while he was still parading himself in the compound he remembered that the thing he bought for Lucy where still in the office and that he had not come down with it ‘oh my block head’ he said and went to the office to get it.

Pedro was in the office when Jake rushed in, the bag was just on his hand and he was stealing a look at its content, smiling like a glutton in a dinner party, when Jake pulled the bag from him. ‘What are you looking at’ he asked ‘nothing, but lovely things you have here’ said Pedro pointing to the bag, Jake gave him a mournful look and left the office with the phone on his ear calling peter.

For another several minutes Jake waited outside but peter was not in sight until it was 9pm, when he drove into the compound horning, Jake ran to the car and jumped inside.

‘I told you to meet me here by 8pm’ Jake complained

‘please Jake, we should leave now, I almost forgot’ peter drove into the road and Jake called Lucy telling her he was heading for the campus but Lucy said she was already in the library, reluctantly peter reversed the car and headed for the library.

It was really a long ride from the campus to the library, when peter pulled over in the parking lot he took a deep breath, he did it as if he was catching his breath from the long ride as if it has been a long walk.

Jake came down from the car calling Lucy’s phone but she didn’t pick because she was on her way to the door way, Jake ran to her as soon as she came out from the door

‘How are you doing?’ Jake asked, with Lucy still on his arms, ‘am fine, jake, you came to look for me this night?’

‘Lucy! You know I care about you so don’t worry’

‘It’s just that I want you to be safe’

‘Lucy I am safe, anyway I will want us to go somewhere cool and have a nice time together’

‘Jake, this is not the first time you are saying this and this is not the first time I am telling you that it is a distraction to me, my mom is paying so much for me to attend one of the best universities in the country and I want to make her proud by facing my studies and coming out well’ Lucy explained with his hands on Jake’s shoulder Jake stared to her and to peter’s car in the parking lot as if to be such he was still there and then he said ‘Lucy I know but there is nothing bad in taking one or two hours of your time in having fun, all work and no play makes jack a doll boy they say, Lucy’

‘Jake, I am not jack, and that one or two hours in precious to me’

‘Fine, you are turning down my offer again as always, its ok’ said Jake

‘Jake, don’t get angry with me please?’ Lucy pleaded

‘No I am not, am used to it, could you please give me a walk to the car?’

‘Such!’ they both walked to the car to meet peter sleeping ‘wake up you idiot’ Jake screamed hitting the car so hard, he jerked up looking at Lucy and Jake from the window,

‘I was not sleeping’ he said but Jake ignored and opened the back door and took the bag containing the things he had bought for her, Lucy took the bag and stared at the content she smiled and gave Jake a hug, before attempting to leave Jake pull her back ‘I think I forget something’ he said and dipped his hand on the bag, he brought out the little ring box in a way that made Lucy surprise but he put it into his pocket without allowing Lucy see what it was. ‘What is that?’ asked Lucy still staring at Jake’s pocket ‘nothing, oh don’t worry I think I will keep that’ he said and gave Lucy a hug and then a kiss and then a good bye, he entered the car to meet peter sleeping again this time not resting his back to the chair but his head on the staring.

‘Wake up you’ Jake screamed and hit him on his back, he jerked up again ‘how was it?’ he asked ‘how was what?’ asked Jake ‘the engagement’ Jake stared at him with a quiet face and peter stared at him with a happy and surprised face ‘there was no engagement’ said Jake after a while ‘but, you said you were going to do it today,’ said peter ‘I know I did said so, but I didn’t tell you I was going to do it in the library’ Jake said and peter started the car and took Jake home.

Days passed, months passed, Lucy was still turning Jake’s offers down as always with her usual excuses and peck or sometimes a kiss, Jake coming to the campus and sometimes the library had become rampant, sometimes he could not see Lucy, because she was too busy at that particular point in time, despite everything Jake was still coming to see her with offers, but Lucy was busy turning it down but Jake was looking for the right and perfect day when she would have Lucy out of school to a nice place he had prepare and asked that one question and then pushed the ring into her finger, but the right time could not be told and so the ring which was to be on Lucy’s finger rested solemnly on jakes pocket anywhere he went.

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