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The novel is about two boys Marico Diaz and Diego Fernandez., who loved each other. They met through the window when they were young and neighbors at Monteria, Cordoba. Will their conquer it all when Dominic Fernandez proved that he didn't like homosexuals and he would anything possible to break the two lovers apart. Diego and Marico went through many hardships until theysaw that they are not meant to be together.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


Old wounds come back to haunt us in many ways we never expected but what if an old wound still hurts like a new one every time you clean it. In this case even smelling it hurts like a thousand knives stabbing your body at the same time at different angles. It did hurt for Marico Diaz, a young man who entered the office of his boss not knowing that his life will change. Marico entered the office of Mr Diego Fernandez after being hired by Fernandez INC Corporations and Sons as their new receptionist. As he entered he caught sight of the CEO there was something on Marico’s eyes, something no one could explain. He starred at the figure in front of him as if he just saw a ghost or someone he never thought could ever walk the earth. Marico’s eyes were full of passion and long lasting love for Diego, it was clear in his eyes that he felt something deeply for Diego and Marico nor Diego knew why.

“What do you think you are doing” Diego said, surprised at how the man next to him was looking at him as if he saw so something on his face.

“Nothing sir” said Marico shaking.

Looking at him angrily “it’s not sir it is Mr Fernandez to you” Diego said.

“Sorry sir ooh sorry Mr Fernandez, you called for me” said Marico.

Listo (okay) in Colombia, tell Camilla to bring in the hard copy from Madrigez Logistics I want to see something” Diego said with a commanding voice.

Camilla Rodriguez was Diego’s assistant at Fernandez INC Corporations and Sons. Diego was so scared as if the Earth would open up and he will be swallowed that exact same moment. It was as if the world was revolving around him. He seemed like he was talking to the man who put a scar that will never leave his skin and his heart. Diego looked at Marico so confused and wondering if there was something he did to make this man standing in front of him to look at him with such devotion and passion. Marico also did not know why Diego was striking to him as a God but something inside moved something that was hidden deep in his heart, something no one ever awoken in him. There was a spark of light in Diego’s eyes as he was looking at Marico, there was a sign of joy and happiness that made his heart skips a little at the sight of Marico Diaz.

“uhmm there is nothing left you may leave”, Diego said.

“Thank you Mr Fernandez” said Marico.

His day was ruined as he was so scared and ashamed to stand in front of Diego Fernandez who everyone is afraid of. Everyone at the Fernandez home knows Diego as a beast that can never be tamed but that day he spoke to Marico in a better manner the way he usually does. Marico himself was not surprised as he was starting to work as a receptionist that day, so nothing was new to him. Diego was sitting in his office minutes after Marico left and he wondered why his own voice and mouth disappointed him, why his ruthless beast was tamed inside by the sight of poor Mr Marico Diaz but he never found an answer. He just wondered until he got tired of asking himself rhetorical questions. They say the hearts knows best, it knows what you don’t know and when it gets close to the path it once tracked, it will do more than disappointing the owner. It was known in Córdoba and his hometown Monteria that Diego Fernandez was starting to track in his father’s ways, he was also becoming a bitter and scary man and no one at the office had ever seen his nice side or ever seen his gums. He was always angry at the office and after work he would go to MDD bar, his family bar to have some drinks with girls and then the next day go back to work and be the grumpy scary Mr Fernandez. No one dared to go close to Diego he had a presence to show that he does not like company.

“Stupid voice, why did not you show that kid what you are made of” Diego said angry.

“eres una bestia recuerda siempre que ser amable te hara debil ( You are a beast always remember that, being nice will make you weak)” thought Diego reassuring himself to keep his standards.

Diego then looked at his father’s portrait hanged in his office, and then he breathed in and out. He was so surprised at that scene. Minutes later he called Camilla with a harsh and ruthless voice causing everyone in the office hearing him. He was shouting at her like she killed his old dear mother Miss Julio Fernandez, who can’t even raise a hand to show she is still breathing. She had a stroke as a result of a panic attack 10 years ago while Diego was still studying at the University of Cordoba next to Monteria. Diego was moved there in the middle of the term at the outskirts of Monteria. The reasons as to why he never studied at Monteria University are still unknown but by looking at his family state you can bet there was a reason as heavy as a missal that destroyed everything. For a family like the Fernandez family, laws and rules were meant to be followed to keep Dominic Marcos Fernandez their father and the family king happy and satisfied with his children’s’ decisions. Dominic is called a dictator who controls everything at home and his 4 children have to follow in his footsteps. Diego Fernandez the eldest is the CEO of his 5th company called Fernandez INC Corporations and sons. His second son Darios Fernandez is the CEO of his bar and drug courier hideout called MDD CLUB. Some says the extra D in MDD is for drugs but it was never confirmed. Darios is the crazy and most carefree from the rest, maybe that’s why Dominic only gave him a task to take care of the bar only while the drug side is taken care of by Diego and Dominic himself. Then we have the third born a girl called Daniella Fernandez who is the COO of Dominic’s 5th company where Diego the favourite son is the CEO. Daniella is like her father; she is straight forward and does not care about things that make Dominic angry she always tries to make her father happy. The last born son is Dernando Fernandez who is 18 years old and still in Colegio Bilingue Monteria School. Dernando is more a lot like his mother and older brother Diego as he just wants to live his life but he is afraid of Dominic, so he just let his father control his decisions. Some asks why he decided to name his children names starting with ‘D’ but no one knows maybe because he just want his reputation to be known as Dominic with the 4D’s.

“Why didn’t you bring the file earlier?” said Diego in a more harsh way a voice like the roar of lion almost knocking the building down, I’m pretty sure the people in the first floor heard him while he was in the 6th floor of the tallest building in Cordoba Centre City.

“Sorry Mr Fernandez, I was still busy collecting information as per Mr Madrigez expectations” said Camilla shivering.

“Next time when I want something, I want it within a second from my command. DO YOU HEAR ME” screaming at Camilla like a mad man.

“Ye………..” said Camilla before she could finish…

“GET OUTTTTTTT” said Diego in a more furious manner than ever before, no one has ever seen him this angry it was obvious something happened that day. No one dared to go to his office that day. When he calls you in you knew that you were going to suffer a fate more than what Jesus Christ suffered when they were crucifying him. Hours passed and no one went into his office until seven in the evening when everything had to go home, he then left his office without saying anything.

Marico was busy packing his stuff to go home that Friday to see his family and he was so happy singing and expecting to see his family. That’s when as he was busy packing Diego passed by his reception table and immediately when Diego saw Marico he looked at him and they both locked eyes. Time stopped for a minutes like Camilla with her giraffe two piece was holding time. They locked eyes with passion flowing in between. After what seemed like an eternity the silence was broken.

“uhmm uhmm uhmm Lo siento Mr Fernandez (I’m sorry)” said Marico shaking like he was the thunder and lightning that was happening outside. He was more scared of what Diego would say considering the fact that he got to know that his boss was a brutal man.

Keeps quiet for 3 minutes “don’t do it again” said Diego in a calm way like a baby asking to be fed by someone they don’t know.

Diego looked at Marico for the last time and he left. Marico was standing there startled at what had happened before him. At how the crazy scary Mr Fernandez was looking at him like he wanted to eat him. He spoke to him in a calm and sexy way than what he did to Camilla and the others. The answer lied in Diego’s heart which was way more dangerous to find as the lion will never allow himself to be weak like that. Marico finished packing and he went to take his stuff from Padua Apartamentos in room 307 third floor. After packing he called his mother for her to know her son is coming home that evening. Before nine in the night, Marico was already home with his family in their 6 room house, 4 bedrooms and a lounge with a kitchen.

The Diaz family is what we called a middle lifestyle family they are not as rich as their neighbours the Fernandez family but they are able to feed their family with the little that they have. Marico’s father Hugo Diaz died from a fire that destroyed their shop outside of Monteria 15 years ago. Hugo was a family man who loved his children and wife and only wanted the best for his son and daughter. Maria Diaz their mother is a sweet woman who loved her husband so much. They were like Romeo and Juliet and they loved each other for the life and children they had but fate had another plan for him. After the death of her husband she took the insurance money for the burnt shop and the funeral insurance that she claimed and started a restaurant in Monteria. Luciana Diaz is the first born, who disappointed her parents and got pregnant for a salesman who left her the minute she took in. She gave birth to twins Lara and Laura Cruz they were given their father last name as he was there when she gave birth and he left again and vanished never to be seen again. She raised her twins with her mother and Marico with the little they had. Marico Diaz is the last born, a boy who is beloved by the whole of Monteria maybe because of his cute smile and the way he loves people that makes it easy to talk to him. The Diaz family is the type of family you would want to be part of as they love each other and support each other without expecting any reward. It’s a shame Hugo was not there to share his love with his granddaughters.

“Mommy Uncle Mari is coming” said Laura and Lara at the same time.

“tu tio esta aqui (your uncle is here)” said Luciana seeing her baby brother. She hugged him like they have not seen each other in 10 decades.

“You are scare these days Mari what’s wrong, ooh mi hermano pequeno (my baby brother) “said Luciana so delighted to see Marico.

“no soy un bebe, mi hermana mayor (I’m not a baby, my older sister)” said Marico, frowning at how Luciana is teasing him.

“tio tio (uncle uncle)” said Laura. Marico hugged his nieces so happily that his smile reached his ear.

“Mama Mari ha vuelto, ven a ver a tu hijo (mom Mari is back, come see your son)” said Luciana playing with his cheeks like a baby she says he is.

“mi bebe como estas te ves delgada comes lo suficiente mari devar. Ven a comer para que puedas recuperar tu peso (My baby, how are you? You look thin do you eat enough Mari dear. Come and eat so you can gain your weight back)” said Maria with a worried tone, she is so worried about her son that every time he comes back home she always checked for his weight and if he east enough as if he is an egg and if he drops he will break.

“estoy bien mamacita. Estin bien, es solo estres del trabajo, pero estare bien (im okay mama. I’m fine it’s just stress from work but I will be okay)” said Marico reassuring his mother that he will be okay she should worry about him.

“It’s that job at the Fernandez company mamacita, they want to kill him since they could not 10 years ago. Simplemente odio a Dominic Fernandez (I just hate Dominic Fernandez)” said Luciana her face like she is remembering something bad that happened. By the mention of Dominic Fernandez, Marico looked down and he seemed to doze off to what happened 10 years ago and he was so said and heartbroken at the thought of it.

“esta bien, hija mia, no odiamos a nadie en esta familia. Recuerda siempre que Marico (it’s okay my daughter we don’t hate anyone in this family. Always remember that Marico)” said Maria.

Marico knows that his mother always calls him by Mari, but when she calls him by his full name then what she is saying is very important to him, and he must never forget it. And he never did. He looked at her eyes as to catch her words and store them in his memory, word by word the way she said it.

“Okay mama, entiendo (I understand)” said Marico showing he caught every bit of what she said.

“What would you like to eat Mari” said Luciana asking her baby brother.

“cualquier cosa (anything)” said Marico.

“Okay let’s go in” said Maria.

The family went inside their house to eat dinner. After dinner the twins said goodnight and went to sleep together with Maria and Luciana and Marico. He went inside his room and something caught his attention as he looked to the left and he saw a window showing their neighbour’s room. He looked at that window for 2 minutes and tears stared to fall down his cheeks, it seemed as if he was reminiscing about something he never wanted to think about. As he was staring at that window his sister went inside the room and closed the curtain then asked him to sleep in her room and she will sleep with her twins. Every time Marico he never sleeps in his room and the family knows that they lock the room every time he visits. Marico did not have the strength to argue or to face what seemed like a remembrance of endless pain and misery so he went to sleep in his sister’s bedroom.


Inside MDD club Diego was busy drinking with girls like he usually does every time he has a scene in the office or anywhere in his life. He was drinking his 7th cup of vodka when his brother Darios entered. Darios immediately saw that Diego is drinking something that hurts away but could not point out what was it that was killing his dear older brother. To try to help Diego, Darios wanted to speak to him to find out what the problem was but Diego is someone who will never accept help even from his little brother or mother herself.

“Diego what’s wrong man? What happened, you look like you saw a ghost today” asked Darios in a humorous manner.

“I think I did” answered Diego in a sad and confused manner. He immediately stands up and goes to the bathroom.

Confused “que (what)” said Darios confused in a way that no one even Diego could fix the circuit he caused in Darios head. Even Diego himself did not know the reason behind the way he is behaving; he just knows something is missing but no clue as to what. Diego went to the bathroom where he was followed by a girl he usually hook up with called Carina. As she was approaching him, he looked at her as if he was seeing someone he adored, someone he loved with his whole life. And he started to touch her cheeks like she was the only person in this world. He looked at her lips so affectionate that nothing was going to stop him from kissing her. He looked at her face again and immediately his lips touched hers, there was no backing down. As he was kissing her he was constantly moaning the name Rico thousands of times. “Rico Rico” Carina did not understand to her maybe it was a song of pleasure but the way Diego was saying the name it meant more than the universe, more to him than the mighty Dominic Marcos Fernandez. After 4 minutes of kissing Carina, Diego immediately regrets his decisions and storm out of the bathroom. He saw his little brother and asked him to tell Arturo one of the bar bodyguards to drive him home. Then Diego bids farewell to his brother without doing the check in of the drugs exactly like his father asked him to do. That was the first day Diego forgot a command given to him by his father, the first day he forgot the command given to him by his almighty father.

Arturo took Diego to his apartment at his father’s building called Marcos Apatmentos 45 minutes away from his workplace. He immediately slept off trying to forget about whatever that happened that day.

The next day, Saturday morning one day after Marico was hired to be a receptionist at Fernandez INC Corporations and Sons. He woke up late that day at 12 o’clock, the day was bright there was sun outside and he was awoken by voices downstairs. As Marico was trying to catch his last snore there was a knock on his door. It was a tiny knock “knock knock knock, otio ya llego la Hermana eva y el hermano jaleno (uncle sister Eva and brother Jaleno are here)” said Laura as she continues knocking. After hearing that Marico tells them to go downstairs and he will there in a minute. He woke up and went to his bedroom to bath and change clothes then he went downstairs. He found his mother talking to his childhood friend Eva and Jaleno. He greeted his mother and she left for work at her restaurant called HugoDiaz Eatery. Eva and Jaleno are Marico’s childhood friends since they were born as Maria and Aunty Maeve Ortiz Jaleno’s mother and Karla Delgado Eva’s mother were working together in Monteria supermarket before Maria left to open the shop that killed her husband 11 years ago. Marico hugged his friends and he sat down to eat breakfast. Marino was left with the twins as Luciana was a nurse at Monteria general hospital 1 hour away from home and she already left for work.

As the friends were busy talking and laughing, Eva asked his friend a question “como estas mari (how are you Mari)” asking as if he was not only asking about his well-being but about a lot of things that affects Marico.

“I’m okay Eva” answering politely.

Jaleno asked his friend about how it feels working at the Fernandez big company also how it feels to work with greasy Mr Diego Fernandez. Marico seemed not to care about Diego and his behaviours. But Eva suddenly talks about how Diego used to be a nice guy with a cute smile, and when he smiled it was like everyone in the universe stopped breathing and looked at him. For being handsome Diego was number one he won THE MOST HANDSOME BARCHELOR IN MONTERIA for 7 years in a row. Everyone knew that Diego was a handsome man and everyone is after his attention. Ever since his father Dominic betrothed him to the head of state and government president Luis Alenjaro Mateo Ramirez’s daughter Antonella Mariangel Ramirez. A beauty queen so beautiful every man wants to make her his wife but for Diego she did not even turn his face even to make him like her. Dominic wanted Diego to marry Antonella so that his shady businesses are covered by the president and no one knows. Diego did not want that, he had no choice but to follow in his father’s commands. Diego begged his father not to rush their marriage as he is getting to know Antonella and Dominic agreed. Marino and his friends had a blast day together with the twins at Monteria, they went out to see movies, and playing games and went out shopping to enjoy life a little. That night Eva told Marico to go out for drinks. They had to drive out of Monteria to Córdoba the city centre. Marico did not want to go because that’s where his place of work was and he was scared he would meet his boss or anyone he works with. For Eva there was no way you could refuse to go for drinks as she was queen of the group. After they were done with shopping they went home and found Luciana already back from work. It was perfect for their little night out. Eva and Jaleno decided to give Marico a little make over since he had a slightly different dressing code than other gay men we know. Marico was the guy who would wear oversize short and trousers but that night Eva was certain to give him a makeover just for the night maybe he would be noticed by something. They did not know that Marico was already noticed by someone no one knew would notice him. Marico went into the room wearing baggy clothes and after 1 hour 15 minutes he came out wearing a black jean, a white LGBTQ t-shirt and a leather jacket. With sun glasses and a necklace as accessories he also had a braids men hairstyle with no hair sideways. Marico looked like a billionaire and he had a shiny clear smooth skin so it was a combination. He looked like a goddess that night. After the makeover they left for the night, it took less than 50 minutes to get to Córdoba city. The first bar was Córdoba Long Rock where they spent 2 hours drinking and laughing while both men and women were looking at Marico as if he was Miss or Mr Universe. At 22:14 they left and entered Bar Parreno where they also did the same and drank until they dropped. Their last stop before going back to Monteria was MDD club as it was 13 minutes away from Bar Parreno. They were a little tipsy to notice that they entered the almighty Dominic Marcos Fernandez’s bar; they just entered that club and started their chain of drinking.

Few feet away from them was Diego with Darios and some girls drinking, they were talking about how Dominic was angry at Diego for forgetting to check in their stash of drugs. The conversation was going well but as they heard people nearby talking about a handsome guy who entered the bar. They were saying the guy may be handsome more than Diego. He did not like the sound of that so he went to see this imaginary guy everyone was talking so proudly of. He walked next to Marico and looked at him as if he was searching for the handsomeness everyone was talking about. He immediately saw that Marino was indeed handsome and he was someone who was worthy of Diego’s presence. Diego looked at Marico and something inside him moved, he felt something change and he spoke in a more calm way than anyone would. He then asked for Marico’s name, Eva saw this and immediately intervened.

“Marico…….no no Mario, por que preguntas (why do you ask)” said Eva trying to hide her friend’s identity.

“me gusta el……..no no me gusta (I like him….. no no I like it)” said Diego shaking not caring about everyone around him.

Not caring about Antonella his betrothed or his father or his dying mother. Diego was looking at his future in Mario (Marico) he was ready to settle down with him. The two locked eyes like there was no tomorrow he touched his cheeks like he was seeing what he saw in Carina the previous day. The impossible happened that night, Diego was in love. It was something which was forbidden in his home especially loving a boy. He never cared about that he was in love with the angel in front of him, he was in love with the way the Marico (Mario)was smiling, at how handsome the angel was, at how carefree the angel as was, at how familiar the angel was. Diego was in love. It was safe to say that Diego felt like he was at home, the warmth of love in the eyes of Marico (Mario). Marico (Mario) also asked for Diego’s name as if he did not know he was talking to his boss or someone who used to make his heart skip a beat or someone his heart already knew. Diego answered “soy Diego Fernandez (I’m Diego Fernandez)” he was so speaking like he could see their wedding in his eyes the same eyes he gave Marico on his first day at work.

“Fernandez as in Dominic Fernandez and the 4D’s” asked Marico (Mario)

Diego nodded, he wanted to have more hours with this mysterious man in front of him he wanted to be with him more than anything. Before he could ask for something more than a name, Eva broke the moment of passion by reminding Marico that it was time to go. As they were leaving, without thinking Diego took Marico (Mario)’s hand and he turned like Ella in the movie Cinderella. Marico (Mario) twirled the wrong way and he wanted to fall and Diego got him by the waist. Diego looked in his eyes that were directly piecing through Diego’s heart and before Eva wanted to say something, Diego slowly moved his lips toward Marico (Mario)’s lips so slowly and passionately until their lips touched. During the kiss it seemed like Diego was remembering a kiss he held so dearly from someone he loves, both were kissing each other like lost lovers separated by circumstances. Diego and Marico were so in love that they did not see Dominic standing in the front door of the bar.

Dominic’s eyes were so bloody red when he saw this moment. He saw his son passionately kissing another man in his bar in front of everyone. He held his fists so hard that he hit a Beyoncé standee in the pub and it fell down in pieces. Dominic was so angry he wanted to kill Diego and make Marico disappear at that moment and maybe make the situation invisible. Darios saw his father and immediately signalled Diego to let go of Marico (Mario). Diego immediately let go of Marico (Mario) and Eva dragged him out the back door avoiding Dominic’s fury. They immediately get into Eva’s car and they drive far away as possible. Back inside MDD bar Diego looks down as he can’t bear to see the disgust face of his father or the anger in his eyes as well as the way he is looking straight to Diego as if he is a criminal on the run. Dominic did not say anything rather he just ordered everyone to leave like he normally does that they were closing the bar as it was late. He closed the bar and like a dog hiding his tail behind his legs he was ashamed so he went to check on the drugs, both Darios and Diego heard some noises of boxes being banged against each other in the storage, they could not go check as they knew the reason behind their father’s behaviour. Darios told Diego to go home he will talk to Dominic himself when he is calm. Before Diego could leave Dominic came back with a gun in his hand. He ordered Diego to sit down. He was so angry he asked Diego in a harsh and angry way, “por que (why)” asking and looking at Diego as if he will read the answer to that question from Diego’s face. Diego had no answer to that question. He tried thinking and looking for it but he had no answer to that question.

“We talked about this; I thought we fixed this 10 years ago por que estas hacienda esto de nuevo? no estas cansado? (Why are you doing this again? Aren’t you tired?)” Dominic asking his son in an angry tone.

Diego answered his father telling him how he never thought of asking himself why, maybe because that will never change he should accept that his first son will never view women as the same way as he loves men. He begged his father to understand that he will always love men because the feelings he has for men are stronger than the feelings he will ever have for women.

“eres mi hijo, un Fernandez nunca saldras con un hombre mientras yo viva. Me entiendes eso nunca va a pasar (you are my son, a Fernandez you will never date a man as long as I live. Do you understand me that will never happen)” said Dominic in a higher tone and more serious tone than before.

Diego was ready to defy what his father had said he was ready to deny what the father was saying. He told his father that no one in this world will stop the feelings he has for Mario.

“lo que sea que hiciste hace 10 anos claramente no fue para mi beneficio, pore so nunca resolvio ningun problema que creas que tienes. Soy gay papa y deberias dejarme vivir mi vida. Amo a Mario, por favour no me quites este tambien. Por favour papa (Whatever you did 10years ago clearly was not for my benefit that’s why it never solved any problem you think you have. I’m gay dad and you should let me live my life. I love Mario please don’t take this one away from me as well. Please dad)” said Diego, this seemed to be the longest sentence he had ever said to his father ever since he was born.

“Mario is it? We will see how you will continue with that Mario of yours. Repugnante (disgusting)” said Dominic.

Diego did not say anything he just told his father that in his life he has been listening to everything he said. He even forgot about his dream of becoming a lawyer to be a CEO of his company as he demanded; now it must stop. Darios was trying to calm the situation down, trying to make Diego reason with their father. He tried to use Julio as an excuse and the Diego was quiet but he was ready to go after his love, the boy he fell in love with the second he saw him. He was ready to go and open the door when he heard his father’s last words.

“te lo prohibo (I forbid you)” said Dominic.

Dominic was the kind of man when he says he does not approve of something then you should not do it because the consequences would be too hard to bear. He was so sure of sticking to his words every time; he was a man of no empty promises. Diego knew better than to defy that sentence, he knew better. Diego knew that when his father said that it meant you will never do what he said you must not do even though it mean everything to you. Diego had to swallow his pride and the lust for a man he never knew but he was longing for. He had to stay at the bar to follow his father’s command like he always does. Dominic realized something was wrong, he realized that the night Diego forgot to check the stash. To him it was something that was starting all of a sudden and it made him think of all other changes Diego made in his life 13 years ago before they decided to move to Córdoba city suburbs for him to go to University of Córdoba.

Marico, Eva and Jaleno were in a car, they were all sober from the fear they had because of Dominic. Marico knew how far demonic can go for his son and everyone who disobeys him. Marino was certain he was never going back Fernandez INC on Monday. He had a fake name and makeover that night so Diego was never going to recognize Marico as his dear love. Diego went back to his apartment angry and a little bit happy because he met someone whom he loved to him it was the piece that was missing in his heart. He felt like Marico (Mario) was someone he once loved, someone he once shared a memory that scarred his heart. That night Diego was certain that Marico (Mario) will be someone who will always have his heart even though his father was against the idea. That night both Diego Fernandez and Marico Diaz were certain the moment both of them shared under false pretences was a moment to hold dear for the rest of their existence. Even though Dominic forbade Diego from seeing Marico (Mario) the affectionate kiss will always be in his heart, it will always be the only thing that holds them together, the only thing that brings them closer to each other every day. Diego that night also had a picture of Marico (Mario) from the photographer in the bar as his memory of a man he loved at first sight, but to Marico it was just a love that was starting to spark again. It was flames that were starting to live and give birth to a fire so dangerous that it could destroy the whole of Monteria including Dominic Marcos Fernandez.

It was Sunday morning, two days after Marico was hired at the Fernandez INC and one day after he shared an affectionate kiss with his love Diego Fernandez. When Marico woke up he had a headache so bad that he needed to stay in the room for 1 hour. When everything was clear and he could remember everything about the day before, he first saw that he was sleeping in his room, the same room he could not be in for more than 30 minutes on for almost 11 years but now he slept in it. Yesterday Marico cried to sleep in that room, he said that his Ego was there in heart and soul. Marico wanted to be in that room it was where everything that led to yesterday began. Maria was so concerned and confused at what her son was saying and doing but Marico was an adult to be controlled so they could not stop him. Luciana reminded him that he had to leave early so that he can get to Córdoba city centre early so he will have time to relax and prepare for work the next day. Marico woke up and took a shower; prepared everything and kissed his mother and sister as well as his nieces’ goodbye. He arrived at Córdoba city centre at 15:20 and he had the time in the world to sort out his apartment and prepare for work. At night Marico watched a movie and fell asleep on the sofa.

Monday came and Marico woke up in a hurry to go to work so that he is not late and end up getting screamed at by his boss. He put on his regular saggy clothes and left to catch an early bus. Diego was already at the office when Marino arrived; Diego was waiting for the day to end so he can go on the search for his Mario at the MDD. You could see it in Diego’s eyes that he was going to search for Mario until he found him. Marico was scares that day and it seemed as if Diego was in a good mood so no one was called in his office. Time was fast that like water flowing to the river. Marico was drinking coffee to calm his nerves at 16:50 ten minutes before work ends. He prayed that ten minutes would fly so that he doesn’t get to see Diego but it seemed like he did not pray enough or God was busy with other people prayers. Emilia a core worker came to Marico table and told him Mr Fernandez wanted to see him in 5 minutes, at the sound of that Marico was unprepared for a series of insults and screams but he had no choice and he ran to Diego’s office. Marico opened the door and met eyes with Diego and immediately the same connection Diego had with him the first day of work was there. The same connection he felt when kissing Carina and Mario. It was locked in Marino’s face and the way he smiled, Diego looked at Marico like he was searching for Mario inside, he looked at him as if he wanted Marico to say something he was hiding, a secret he was hiding for years. Marico’s eyes were sparkling with love and passion for his boss the same passion Mario eyes had when they laid on Diego the day before. It was a moment of true feelings and truth between Marico and Diego.

“que estas escondiendo (what are you hiding)” asked Diego trying to look for something that Marico seemed to hide.

“What nada” (nothing)” answered Marico startled as to what Diego was talking about. It was between him being Mario or something else that Marico wanted to continue justifying his actions.

Diego was talking about a file he asked from Marico that Emilia forgot to tell Marico about. Diego’s face changed from being nice to being bossy and angry. He demanded the file in his table in 3 seconds and Marico hurryingly got the file and gave his boss. He was ordered to leave and never let the same mistake happen again or else he will be fired without his salary. Marico was surprised that Diego’s behaviour and mood changed as Marico forgot Diego did not know that Marico was the same man he shared a passionate kiss with the day before. Marico had to accept disappointment and leave Diego’s office to prepare to go home. After that scene Diego was preparing to go see hi sick mother in Córdoba city suburbs. They relocated from Monteria to Córdoba city 9 years ago. Diego first passed by MDD before going back home and he saw Darios. Diego wanted his little brother to help him find Mario his love in secret without Dominic knowing. Darios was sceptical at first but he eventually agreed to help hi dear brother. The only thing they had of Mario was the picture which looked nothing like the real person and the name without a last name or numbers. Finding Mario was going to be hard for Darios without Dominic’s connections but he was going to help his brother either way. Darios promised Diego that he will help only if Diego finds an excuse to lie to his mother why he won’t go see her since all her children were going. Darios had no choice but to go see his mother as Dominic would never agree. After talking about a solution to finding Mario, Diego and Darios took Arturo and they drove straight home to see their beloved mother.

After a drive they arrived at the Fernandez home in Córdoba while they a huge black gate opened revealing a tripe story mansion painted with white. It had a guinea fowl fountain so beautiful and white like snow. The flowers were trimmed so well in a rectangular shape sideways of the long pavement leading to the white front door to the house. It had a lush green field as lawn and thousands of trees surrounding the house. In the backyard there was a swimming pool and 4 gazebos painted with white, everything about the Fernandez house in Córdoba were in white. Also their cars were in white only Diego had a black AUDI A4. The house had big windows with white curtains. The house had a white wall surrounding it with 4D’s printed on the wall in black colour. It was true Dominic was rich but to the naked eye he was richer than rich. They had a swimming pool inside the house. The mansion had a big lounge and a dining room where everyone would sit and enjoy dinner. They had a cinema inside the house.

Julio was weak and she could not say more than 4 words but when she saw all her 4 children she was so happy like never before.

“mis hijos (my children)” Julio said in a weak and happy voice.

Her children hugged her to show that they were happy to see her. Daniella was leaving in the 2nd hotel of Fernandez while the last born Dernando was staying at his school dorm houses. Darios had no permanent place as he was always everywhere. Julio was so happy to see her children. After seeing their mother they had dinner and they were preparing to leave when Diego went to answer his call upstairs. As he was climbing the stairs he heard murmuring in his father’s study room. When he listened carefully he heard something disturbing.

“lo que enterramos hace 10 anos en Monteria por fin nos ha alcanzado (what we buried 10 years ago in Monteria has finally caught up with us)” said Dominic on a phone with a man Diego does not know as he could recognize the voice.

Diego was very worried as to he was confused and he wanted to know what was buried 10 years ago and who his father was talking to. He knew better than to ask Dominic or reveal that he was eavesdropping on his father’s phone call so he had to forget he ever heard the words.

Will Diego find out what his father is hiding or will his father find something else about his beloved son?


A few weeks later, Diego eventually forgot about what he heard his father saying and life was back to normal as usual. Nothing new or interesting was happening with both the Fernandez’s family and the Diaz’s family. Diego was still the same Diego following Dominic laws again the same way. He went back to being the same Diego shouting at everyone in the office, when time came he would go see his brother at MDD. He would also take care of his father’s drug business as usual. In Fernandez INC everything was the same, Diego would shout at anyone just because of a simple mistake. It was clear he missed Mario and not knowing his last name and how to contact him surely killed him from the inside. He would shout at Camilla for pouring too much sugar in his latte. One day Camilla sent Marico to deliver his obleas- light-brown wafers which was his favourite. He used to eat them every day when he was stressed. He would eat obleas for breakfast with latte, so that day Marico used jam instead of sprinkles as topping. Diego threw the plate of obleas in the dustbin and yelled at Marico telling him to leave his office. Diego would also do to his own siblings if they make a mistake weather it was about his food or the cleaners forgot to clean his cup board he would yell. He almost rendered Dernando deaf because he did not close his door when he went to call him in his room so that he would go down and greet their uncle. Uncle Maximo visits every time there is a disaster at Dominic’s house he would be the only one to solve it. He is the elder brother of Dominic’s. He lives not far from Monteria but every time they have problems he finds time to go visit them in Córdoba. Maximo and Dominic are the only existing children of their parents after their sister Daniellana died in a car accident many years ago. Dominic decided to name his only daughter Daniela after his sister as she was the only girl left in the Fernandez family. Maximo always has Dominic’s back and even though he is a Reverend father at St Monteria church he was not against Dominic’s shenanigans. He also supported him many years ago when he was suspected for starting a fire in Monteria and Maximo had to lie and say he was with him knowing fully that they were not together. He is the family pillar since he does not have children of his own. Maximo and his wife Alicia Lopez Fernandez were not blessed with the fruits of the womb and Maximo was so religious that he did not want to adopt. He believed in the right was to have children even though Alicia was ready to do anything just to hear a cry or the talk of a child in their home.

Diego usually go to MDD after work but there was this day he decided to stay at the office and work. Unfortunately Marico left his key at the reception table that night so he had to go back and take it. As Marico was looking for his key Diego hears some rumblings and movements downstairs. Diego went to check and immediately saw Marico; Diego looked at Marico as though he could see a hint of identical features that Mario had that night. Diego had forgotten about Mario but at the sight of Marico he started to feel something which no one could explain. He remembered how warm looking at Mario was, how red his cheeks were, how safe it was to be in Mario presence, how warm his hands were showing the warmth and the depth of his heart. He could see Mario in Marico and a circuit started to form in his mind. Marico found his key after a couple of minutes and he left. Diego was left wondering why the man he loved the most resembled his annoying receptionist. He was shocked as to how both men were so alike that the same spark, the same feeling he had the day he kissed Mario awoken in him. Diego was prepared to solve this mystery like solving a murder case where you have a gut feeling that the victim and the perpetrator are the same person. It was so hard for Diego because he can’t prove it but one must be help responsible for the crime. That was how Diego was feeling when he thought about his love scenario. He was so lost and confused but the answer lay in the only thing he was forbade to attempt. He had to go look for Mario, to search for him because without that he was never going to get peace.

After a while, everything was quiet and Julio was healing slowly and nicely. Business was flowing well at MDD in both the bar and the drugs. Miss Cataleya Rojas mistakenly collected Mr Bruce Vega’s drugs and now Mr Vega wanted miss Rojas to pay 10 000 000 pesos for the delaying his stash of cocaine. Miss Rojas could not pay that money because she could not sell the stash. Mr Vega got brutal and shot her in the head. Luckily it was at the storage and no one heard a gunshot that way no one knew that while they were dancing someone was killed. Dominic and Diego fixed the problem without issues but someone accidently saw what happened and ran away in shock. They tried pursuing Daniel but they could not find him. That day Dominic was scared as it risked the knowledge of his side line drug business. There was nothing that they could do about the man running away with information that could destroy Dominic’s empire. The fact that Diego did not marry Antonella the president’s daughter sooner also fuelled the fire in Dominic’s heart. If the president knew about this information they could not escape because Diego was not yet married to Antonella. Dominic ensured his son that there was nothing to be worried about as they could not do anything about the situation. Diego knew his father that he was going to try and does anything to fix the situation, like he always do. He did not know that the same tactics were used for every situation in Dominic’s life even when it includes his sons. Diego should have known that his father does not care about anyone one else but keeping his reputation safe. He should have known sooner.

A few months passed and Darios was busy trying to find Diego’s lost love Mario, he struggled to find Mario and one day he decided to look for him the old fashioned way. He decided to go around asking people if they knew the man on the picture. No one seemed to know Mario until the day he met someone who reside at Padua Arpartmetos. That person immediately recognized Mario as Marico Diaz, a young man who was humble and loving residing at that building. The man Darios asked even gave him Mario room number which was the third floor room 307. Immediately after getting this information Darios called Diego to share it with him. Diego was not available that day so Darios decided to go tell him in the office. After Diego heard the shocking news he was confused and kept asking himself questions as to how the man had the same name as his receptionist but he just believed the world was small and names are meant to be alike. Diego was not ready to complicate his life further so he just let it go but in his mind he was sure that one day he will go knocking on Marico’s door looking for Mario. He was sure that one day he will go searching because not knowing hurts more than knowing.

It was months after Fernandez signed a contract with Madrigez logistics and enterprises which was owed by Mr Aiden Madrigez. Fernandez INC’s part of the deal was to build an airport that was similar to the international in Rome together with 13 buildings a few feet away from the airport for accommodation for Madrigez. Diego planned a trip for Italy Rome to attend a meeting in Rome Italy as the buildings they were building had to have the same structure like the ones in Rome. Diego planned to go with Daniella his COO, Lina Jiminez the manager for infrastructure sector in the business, Isla Garcia in charge of the engineering team and Isabella Alvarez the treasurer for the project as well as the trip. 2 days before the trip they found out that they had to take 1 more person for control if something bad happens. Diego chose Marico for the position, no one knew why he chose the only person he hates, he shouts Marico every time he bets time. Marico was surprised that the same Diego was inviting him to go all the way to Rome, 16 hours in the air in his private jet. In 2 days’ time, Diego, Lina, Daniella, Isabella and Marico were in a plane for Rome Italy. The flight was quiet except for the girls gossiping and talking about Mrs Duster their cleaning lady. Her real name is Grace Castillo a 54 year old woman who came knocking at Fernandez offices few months after Diego was made CEO. They gave her that name because she used her 3rd month salary to buy a second hand Renault Duster because she wanted her daughter Allison to go to school in a car like other children. Mrs Castillo had one daughter because her husband ran away with her maid and stole all her money. She was a teacher at a high school in Genova, Colombia. Her husband was a cleaner at that school and after 16 years of marriage he just saw that he was enough of Grace and he took off with her maid together with the money she had saved for her daughter’s education. In her age it was hard to go back to teach because she suffered depression and almost killed herself because she could not take it anymore. After the saga she gained strength and found a cleaning job at Fernandez INC. Diego pays her more than regular cleaners. Diego does have a good heart, he does Marico saw that the minute he was singing in the plane. He was singing Katy Perry unconditionally song, the way his lips were moving as he as singing the high notes. It was a dream for Marico to see the man he loved so much singing a love song as if he was singing directly to him. It was as if it was directed to him, the way Diego looked at Marico as he was singing proved that the words were directed to Marico, every single words were directed to him. That time Marico was convinced that he loved Diego more than anything; he loved Diego even though the situation was against their union. Sometimes it’s hard for you to see Diego’s kindness because of the damage Dominic has upon his life. May as well as say that the mark of brutality and selflessness that Dominic placed on his life. But it was not for long Diego experienced the good side of life.

After hours of flying and sleeping they finally arrived at Rome Italy. The team arrived on Saturday in the evening and they had to stay 1 week to finalise the deal. Diego made sure the minute they go back to Cordoba that everything was ready to start and the construction of the airport and stadium would begin. There was a Katty Perry concert in Rome so the St. Regis Rome hotel was full and for Diego and his crew to stay. For them to stay there they were forced to share as there were 3 honeymoon suites available for them. They were professionals so Daniella had to share a room with Isla, Isabella with Lina and Diego with Marico. Diego was not happy nor sad about the situation he just accepted it and maybe he could get to know Marico. After the living arrangements they had to go for their first meeting to see the Colosseum in Rome to see the round windows they had to build for Mr Madrigez. After signing in, they had a meeting with Mr Madrigez at Hotel Hassler where Mr Madrigez was staying for the trip. The meeting took less than 1 hour and the team had to rest and sleep and prepare for viewing the airport the next day. That night it was difficult for Marico to sleep as Diego offered the bed and he slept in a couch, they were comfortable and expensive so to him it was not a big deal. Marico spent the night wondering for Diego is afraid or don’t like sharing the bed with strangers. In Diego’s thoughts he was just respecting the man who may turn out to be the love of his love. He did not want Marico to think that he was a pervert. The night was not that long. Two days passed in Rome and they had to go see Leonardo da Vinci International Airport so that they have the structure on how to build the airport. Mr Madrigez was a man of standards and high class and if the he wanted his airport to have the same structure as the one in Rome then Fernandez INC has to comply. Wednesday they were done with the deal and they had two days for free to stay in Rome and do whatever they wanted. After eating dinner Diego went to sleep. Daniella asked her brother if he was okay and he did not say anything. He seemed as if he just heard some disturbing news but he did not want to talk about it. Inside their room Diego was washing his face when Marico swallowed his pride and said something stupid.

“um um sorry Mr Fernandez Sir um um sorry, are you okay sir “ Marico asked while he was looking down to show how scared he was.

Diego did not say anything for 10 minutes. Silence filled that room and you could hear the Newgate wall clock ticking, the sound of murmurings of football playing in the next room and the sound of water dripping from the sink because he did not close the tap well. The silence went on and finally he opened his mouth to say something.

“Do you always butt into other people business like this” annoyed to show that he did not want to talk about it.

After a minute.

He smiles “yes actually I do, it’s in my blood, my mom always says that I act as if I’m the Lord trying to save whatever in this world even those beyond repair.” answered Marico.

He smiles while he tries to hide it.

“Then go do it somewhere else” moving towards the couch to sleep, where Marico was.

He thought Marico would move but he wanted to say something else and Diego cut him off and switch off the light and sleeps. In the middle of the night, Marico was awoken by the restlessness of Diego, he was swaying left to right and he was crying in his dream. Marico was so scared and rushed to wake Diego. Diego mummed “no don’t go” Marico immediately shook Diego to wake him up.

“Mr Fernandez! Mr Fernandez! Wake up! It’s a dream” shaking Diego uncontrollable.

After a minute he finally woke up and he was wet with sweat, Marico asked if he was alright 1000 times and he kept nodding like a mad man. Diego was so shocked and scared it was evident that the content of his dream was scary. He looked at the wall for minutes until he finally found courage to ask Marico to stay with him. He told Marico not to leave him alone as he was confused and scared. He almost cried for Marico to stay with him on the couch that night. He could not sleep so Marico told him stories about his university life. Slowly Diego fell asleep. In the morning on Thursday he woke up with Marico next him, they were in a position that they were so close to each other and that was the first time Diego got to look at Marico’s face up close. He could see Marico’s soft and bright skin, his pink small round lips. Marico’s nose was so small and it was not a Colombian nose, it was more of an American nose pointy and sharp. Diego admired Marico’s face and he wanted to touch it and feel it as he was busy looking at it Diego felt attracted to Marico. He did not see that he was only a feet away from kissing him. At that moment Marico’s eyes opened and Diego could see Mario in Marico. He was certain Marico was Mario and there was nothing that could change his mind about it. He was certain beyond doubt his receptionist was the only man he loved. Marico jumped and moved away from Diego and stood away from him, Diego was not concerned about what happened but at how Marico was Mario. He was so angry at himself that he spent every day shouting at Marico at the office as if he was nothing. He could not have known that Marico was the one he was searching for, the one whom he just feels attracted to. He wanted to ask Marico, he wanted to hug him and tell him everything but the only thing that came out of his mouth was the only thing he did not want to say.

“No le digas a nadie lo que paso ayer (don’t tell anyone what happened yesterday)” said Diego in a calm tone.

“lo que paso ayer? (What happened yesterday?)” Answered Marico to show that he understood and he was not going to tell a soul about what happened.

Diego was quiet the whole remaining days of the trip. Saturday came and the crew left for Córdoba. Everyone arrived safe and they went home but Diego went to MDD to see his brother as well as brief his father about the success of the Madrigez project. He did not drink that night but told Darios about whom Marico was and how he found out that Marico his receptionist was the same Mario he was looking for. Work at Fernandez INC was normal and the building of the airport and the buildings were almost done. Everything was met according to Mr Madrigez demands and it seemed like it was a project that would bring a lot of money to Fernandez INC. As much as they were the engineering company they owned 35% of the project while Mr Madrigez owned 40% and Mr Aeneas Vesta and Mr Linus Aggripa from Rome owned 25% combined. Fernandez INC was going to benefit both times from the project. It was a big break for the company as well as Diego who made Dominic proud. Diego was in his office when Marico entered without knocking and he found Diego on a phone call with Darios.

“Hermano and dad was busy breathing down my neck every day saying if I don’t get Mr Vesta and Mr Aggripa’s funding in this project I should not even come back home. Tu padre esta loco I’m pretty sure I’m not his son (bro, and dad and dad was busy breathing down my neck saying if I don’t get Mr Vesta and Mr Aggripa funding in this project I should not even come back home. Your father is crazy, I’m pretty sure I’m not his son)”.

Marico signalled Diego announcing his. Diego dropped the call and focused on Marico. He gave Diego some documents and some messages left by people calling. Diego reached out to take the documents and accidentally touched Marico’s hand. Strong feelings were felt by Diego that he looked at Marico. He looked directly into Marico’s eyes, he did not want to but something forced him that day. He saw love and he could not hold himself, he just touched Marico’s cheeks and dragged his face towards him. He looked at Marico and without warning their lips touched. He kissed Marico so deeply and passionately the sound and the intensity of the kiss could show that he found what was missing as if he found something that he lost, something that was forbidden to find. They say that the forbidden fruit is always sweeter but for Diego it was the sweetest. The kiss was so long and compassionate, it was as if they used to kiss like this before. Like they always kissed like this before. Few days after the kiss Diego took it up himself to ask Marico about the night they kissed while Marico’s friend said his name was Mario. Marico was so happy about the current situation and he agreed that he had a makeover and he was Mario that night. From that day onwards Diego tried to avoid Marico but it was hard for him because he loved Marico like nothing in this earth. Diego would go see Marico in secret they started dating and no one knew because they would hide it well. They would go out to see movies; they were always together secretly after work. They had a room in Santa Marta Hotels room 703 where they would meet every Friday when Marico was not going home to see his mother. Their love was so pure and nice to watch. They had a touching yet sad story but their love was worth watching. They were so in love but at the office Diego would continue being harsh to hide their forbidden love story. He would call Marico even for a little message that could easily be sent through an email just to look at him for 2 minutes. That’s how strong their love was, it was indestructible. After a while Daniella started noticing that Diego would skip important meetings and go out without anyone knowing his whereabouts. His love scandal was threatening even the Madrigez project because the day he had to go sign the opening for the airport he was busy with Marico doing shopping for Marico’s room. Months passed and Diego was enjoying his life with his boyfriend Marico. Dominic heard that Diego showed traits of someone who was happy and skipping work to go where no one knew. He was even skipping days to go see Julio and he would lie saying he was sick. Dominic did not put in any effort in Diego’s behaviour he was just happy his son was happy; he suspected that the Madrigez project was the culprit. After few months, Marico went home to see his mother in Monteria. He told Diego and that night they did not meet. During dinner Maria could see that her son was happy and she asked if he had anyone he was dating. Marico answered that he was not looking for a relationship. Few minutes his phone rang and Diego was calling. He switched off the phone fast and he was so scared.

“mi hijo, promise me you will tell me when you date someone. I don’t want what happened 10 years ago to repeat itself (my son, promise me you will tell me when you date someone. I don’t want what happened 10 years ago to repeat itself)” said Maria in a concerned tone.

“si mama, please Mari querida date someone better this time (yes mama please Mari dear date someone better this time)” said Luciana in a more worried voice than Maria.

“I would never accept anyone who has Dominic blood running in their veins. I would rather die than accept it, do you hear me Marico” said Maria looking for a single sign that her son heard what she said. She was sounding as if she knew something Marico and Luciana did not.

“si mama” (yes mom) looking down to avoid his mother’s gaze.

Marico looked as if he heard his mother but this time he did not actually hear what his mother said whether she called him Mari or Marico. What she said was clearly not going to apply in his life. That night his mother’s words were echoing in his ears but as soon as he turned to look at the window seeing the house next door. It was as if what his mother said was being washed away and it would be as if she never said those words. That night Marico had a dream where he asked Diego never to leave him.it was the most terrifying dream Marico ever had ever since he was reunited with Diego. It meant something; it had to be a sign. He immediately woke up before getting an answer. That dream would replay in Marico’s head every time he thinks about his mother’s words. Marico was scared that his and Diego relationship would end before it even starts. He was so scared that he would have to end his relationship with Diego someday. Marico went to visit his friends Eva and Jaleno so that they can discuss everything that happened ever since he left Monteria. He woke up early the next day and went to see them. He decided to take his two nieces because Maria and Luciana had to work that Sunday. Mario arrived at Eva’s house and Jaleno was already there. He sat down with his friends and told them everything that happened after he kissed Diego at the bar. He explained everything even how he spent a night with Diego at Italy. He told them how they kissed again at his office and how they started dating. He told them about their secret meetings and how sweet Diego is when he is with him. As he was telling them this, he was smiling and he was happy to tell his friends about the love of his life.

“WHATTTTTT! Marico are you crazy” said Jaleno putting his hands on top of his head.

“Ooooh I always knew you would end up together, such a cute couple” said Eva smiling and rooting for the Diego and Marico.

“Eva are you crazy, how could you support that. It’s wrong he should be 10000 kilometres away from Diego” said Jaleno.

“But Jae it’s not a bad thing I mean he loves me and I love him as well” said, Marico.

“Do you remember what happened years ago or maybe you forgot in a hurry” said Jaleno.

After Jaleno mentioned the events which happened years ago, Marico kept quiet and it was silent for a minute and he did not say anything until Eva continued.

“Stop it Jaleno, so Marico have you done it” asked Eva.

“Stop it Eva, but for your information NO” answered Marico smiling and filled with shyness.

“Stop it Eva, but I’m happy for you friend just be careful, he is known to break hearts” said Jaleno.

“Um okay lets go see my mother she said she wanted to see you Marico” said Eva.

They went to Eva background to see Miss Karla Delgado, she was busy watering her plants and singing and humming. But the moment she saw Marico she was so happy. She hugged him and they sat down to talk about his job and life as well as whether he found a girlfriend or not. She was so interested in whether he found himself a girlfriend or not. When Jaleno said Marico would never get a girlfriend because he does not like girls. She immediately hit Jaleno hand and told them that Marico will surely find a beautiful wife and bear Maria a grandchild who will look like Mr Diaz his father. She told them that he will never disappoint his family and friends. But Marico did disappoint his parents and family members, he was not interested in any girl and also he was surely in a relationship with a man. It was not any man but Diego the Fernandez first son. After hearing that Marico was so disappointed because he was disappointing everyone in his life. He already tasted the waters and now he was doing it again and based on his mother worried face and Dominic’s anger he was surely going to burn for real this time.

After Marico enjoyed his visit at home with family and friends he had to go back to work and his relationship with Diego. He returned to work on Tuesday without telling Diego the reason behind him skipping work on Monday. Diego was not angry about it, but the other manager of the company was angry. Daniella was so pissed at how Diego was handling Marico’s situation as if skipping work is not a serious misconduct. Diego was angry at how Daniella was handling the situation because skipping one day of work does not even require a disciplinary hearing. Daniella did not want to hear Diego or Marico’s explanations she was ready to implement harsh consequences on Marico. Diego could not do anything about what Daniella was doing because when they voted Diego, Lina and Camilla voted for Marico but the majority voted with Daniella. Marico was doing laundry at his apartment when he got a call form Camilla telling him to check his emails because there are important announcements sent to him. He immediately checked his emails and found 2 emails, 1 from Camilla and 1 form Diego. He first checked Diego’s email.


Dear mi amor

I’m sorry for what you will receive today is only bad mews. If it was up to me I would make the situation better. I don’t want you to suffer alone. Call me when you get time. XX-57-10-456-9845. XOXO funny face.

Te quiereo mucho.

After reading Diego’s email Marico was confused and scared to open Camilla email. He thought maybe they found out about their relationship or maybe Dominic wants to see him or maybe they want to fire him because of having a sexual relationship with the CEO. He was so scared to open the email and he decided to take his phone and call Diego. He did not want to call but his heart kept telling him to. His mind was reluctant to call but his heart kept forcing him to call Diego. After 1 ring.

“My love, I’m so sorry about the email I wish there was something I could do” said Diego in teary eyes.

“Why are sorry about the email you sent. I think it’s cute. Yo tambien te amo “(I love you too) said Marico.

Diego immediately knew that Marico did not read the email form Camilla and he made the conversation to be short saying he needs to go solve some issues on some business plan he was working on. After Marico was done calling Diego he then went to sit in front of his computer and decided to open the email form Camilla.

FROM: FernandezINCzmail.com

CCC: Dfernandezzmail.com



The receptionist manager has noticed you skipping work for 4 days without giving a valuable reason as to why. Due to the implications of this, he is requesting your presences at your disciplinary meeting. The company code of conduct section 15 rule no.132 says “no employee will be absent from work for more than 3 days without giving a reason why”.

Your disciplinary will be held on the 23 of August 2016, at the company’s board room, at 12:15. Those in attendance will be Miss D Fernandez the COO, Miss G Colorado your manager, Mr F Heilah the receptionist manager’s secretary and Miss C Rodriguez representing Mr D Fernandez. Please attend to communicate this issue.

Have a good day.

Diego was quite for a minute then he closed his computer and slept off a bit. The only words that escaped his mouth were “I’m dead”. Marico thought about the reasons why he skipped work.


First day

Diego missed Marico so much that he forced Marico to skip work on a Friday and they went to spend the whole day at their hotel room. Marico did not want to skip work but Diego was so sad and unhappy that day because the doctor said his mother’s sickness was worse and she has 5 months to live. Marico could not let his boyfriend spend the day alone so he went to see him.

Second day

It was a Wednesday when Diego was sick and Marico had to skip work and go take care of him. Diego was having those nightmares again and he could not tell anyone only Marico knew. Marico was so happy to help his boyfriend feel better.

Third day

Diego planned a weekend off with Marico. They wanted to go on Friday night but Dominic also wanted Diego to help him sort out some problems at MDD. Diego forced Marico to go with him on Thursday so that on Friday night he is home to sort out the issues with Dominic. So that made Marico to skip Thursday and Friday.


Marico was certain Diego would do something about the hearing considering that Diego was the reason Marico skipped work. Marico loved Diego so much that he blamed himself for skipping work. Even though it was Diego’s fault, Marico could not blame his love, he could not do it. He kept his disciplinary hearing a secret, he could not tell his family because the reason for his disciplinary was forbidden. He was scared and alone during the waiting for the hearing, Diego was not calling much, he was either busy in meetings or he was busy with Dominic at MDD. Marico was fine with the situation, he believed in his boyfriend. He loved Diego so much a disciplinary hearing was not going to end their love or his trust in Diego. Days passed and his disciplinary day arrived. Marico work up and just decided to accept whatever that will happen as fate. When he entered he saw Daniella, Miss Grace, Mr Freddy and Camilla but there was another man on the far left. A man he knows so well. Diego attended Marico’s hearing. Marico was so blessed to see his boyfriend at his hearing he was so happy that he attended to support him. After 30 minutes Marico was found guilty but they gave him a written warning and he promised never to do it again. He got a lesser punishment because Diego really begged Daniella to forgive Marico because the reason for him being absent was him. He explained the reasons but said that he was sick because of what is happening to their mother. Daniella felt for her brother and because he used their mother her heart was softened and she allowed Marico to stay at Fernandez INC. Marico never found out that the reason he is staying at the company is because of his love. He never knew Diego loved him as much as he loved Diego, he just believed that his love was strong enough to stay with Diego despite the dangers they faced. He was ready to be with Diego no matter what people or his family says. He was determined that the only way he is going to leave Diego is when Diego himself tells him he should leave.

Diego’s mother had spent 2 months and only 3 months left just as her doctor, Dr Bernardino Francis Jio, a well-trained neurologist who did his masters and honours in the United States of America. Dominic hired Dr Jio for his well-known record and the ability to treat patients who suffered from severe stroke. Dr Jio tried to do everything to save Julio but because of the extreme damage the stroke had caused on her brain there was nothing Dr Jio could do to cure Julio. The only medication left was only showing her love and care so that she can die peacefully. Diego and his siblings visited again to see Julio after hearing the news about their beloved mom. That day it was quiet because neither Dominic nor his children wanted to face the sad news that Julio would die that year or the following year. The saddest thing was that there was nothing they could do about it. That day they just cooked dinner themselves for their mother. The hired cooks and cleaners were told to leave. The children cooked together with their mother, laughing together with their mother and they also cleaned her room, the lounge, sitting room as well as the TV room. They wanted to bond with their mother. Diego would help carry Julio to places around their house, Daniella and Dernando cooked Julio’s favourite food and cleaned her room as well as decorate it. Darios and his father were busy cleaning outside their home, trimming the flower bushes and the trees Julio planted herself in celebration of her children. They cooked her favourite food samcocho, they also cooked ajiaco her favourite soup with chicken. Julio was so excited to see her husband and her children going the extra mile just to make her special. She was so blessed that she even cried for the first time in months. Julio knew her life was short but that day it was long and special because her children made sure she forget about her problems. They spent that day laughing and talking about old times when their children were little and Diego would follow Dominic everywhere.

“Ma. I love you so much you know that right” said Diego holding his mother’s hand.

“My child I-I know that don’t worry d-darling I will always k-know that” said Julio coughing and shaking.

“Mamacita are you okay, do you need water?” said Dernando looking worried.

“Don’t worry hermano (brother) she will be okay” said Darios trying to hide his worries face from his little brother.

“Yes, De she will be fine” said Daniella.

“But Hermana (sister) ma is…..” said Dernando.

“Stop it Dernando. It’s okay she will be fine” said Diego.

The mood changed and Dernando stood up and hit the table with his little fists. His face showing anger and he was tired of hiding this anger.

“I don’t know why you all are hiding the fact that we are all here because mama will die soon, you are running away from that fact. And we all know the reason behind it, we all know it” said Dernando angry.

“Please my s-son. I-I will live. D-don’t b-blame anyone on this” said Julio.

“NO mama we all know it. And if mama dies I will never forgive you” looking at Dominic angrily then he ran away crying.

Dominic tries to smile so that things are better. He tried to engage with the remaining members in the dinner in a good way after Dernando said those hurtful words. Daniella tried to run after Dernando and she couldn’t find him. Dominic and his two sons were left with Julio trying to make things better for her. She was smiling and saw nothing wrong with what happened at the family dinner. No one knew what caused the good last born of the Fernandez family to snap like that. But one thing was sure that their family dinners were never going to be the same. Julio would surely die knowing the angry face of her last born. She was not sad about It rather she was happy that Dernando finally spoke his mind. Dernando being the last son of rich a family some believe it comes with comforts and good lifestyle but at the Fernandez family it comes with oppression and being controlled. Diego was controlled and he is still under Dominic control. Daniella was subjected to being told every day that she is the only daughter in the Fernandez lineage so she should behave like one. It was easy to control Daniella and Dominic never found any problems with her. Darios was the problematic one, he was sent to live with his uncle at the age of 15 because of his defiance. He did not like to be controlled and he said it out loud. But Dernando the last born was quiet since the day he was born. He was born on the 20 of July and in Colombia they celebrate Colombian Independence Day. Dominic was so blessed to have a last born of the family, Dernando was supposed to be named Fernando which means a conqueror, a courageous person and a leader but Dominic chose to remove “F” and placed “D”. He would follow his brother Diego everywhere and he would look up to Darios and learn some skills from him. He was quiet and seemed to follow Dominic’s rules without a problem. All that changed that day, Dernando opened a pack of worms that would open the dry wound that was closed 10 years ago. No one was prepared for what will happen after that but they were ready for anything.

After 3 months, November 13th 10:40. Workers at Fernandez INC were still at the office finishing up to attend a gala dinner hosted by the company to thank the workers for the wonderful year. They were also celebrating the fruitful year because it brought a lot of success for Fernandez INC. The whole Fernandez family was going to be there as well as Julio even in her critical state. The Diaz family could not make it to celebrate with Marico because of work. Marico invited his friends’ Eva and Jaleno. The evening of the gala dinner came and all the highest members attended. Mr Madrigez, Mr Vesta, Mr Aggripa’s and all the staff members as well as Fernandez INC trusted clients ever since it were founded. Dominic and his family were there wearing black and looking respectable. The theme was black and blue and Dominic was not one to miss the dressing code as well as the theme. Dominic was busy with the usually showing and flocking around with his sons showing everyone how successful they were. Dernando refused to attend the event, he lied saying he had an assignment he had to do with his friends. Everyone was happy looking pleasant as well as enjoying each other’s company. Lina, Isla and Camilla were talking and laughing when Marico entered the room; everything changed in his mind and the whole room was quiet for a moment. He stood at the red carpet and looked directly at Diego who was standing at the very end if the carpet. For that moment the situation changed and it looked as if it was their wedding and Diego was waiting for his groom at the end. It was like a fairy-tale story and everyone was laughing and applauding for them. Then minutes later Marico came back to his senses and he saw that no one was looking at him rather Diego was staring at him secretly. He was giving him that “i will see you later” look. Marico smiled a bit and entered the room to find his colleagues. The dinner was exciting and everything was flowing until Diego escaped from his father’s eyes and stole Marico away to the woman’s bathroom by mistake. Diego dragged Marico by the hand and he banged him against the wall, Marico was busy telling Diego how unsafe and dangerous what he was doing was. When Diego heard that, he placed a hand on Marico’s mouth so that he can shut him up. Marico looked at Diego eyes asking him if what Diego is doing is right by not saying anything. Diego could not care less what he wanted Marico. He was driven by desire there was nothing to change his mind. He looked at Marico’s eyes searching for a yes and all Marico could say was “yes”. Diego kept kissing Marico’s neck so hard that he even bit it and left a hickey there. Marico was enjoying the moment, Marico was busy swaying left and right and Diego was busy kissing him down to his mouth. He unbuttoned Marico’s shirt and he started to lick down Marico’s chest. And when he got to the belt Diego looked at Marico and asked “can i?” Marico answered that he has never done it before and Diego asked again “can i?” and Marico nodded. Diego asked if Marico was sure and he nodded. Diego undid the belt and he unzipped Marico’s trouser, he then pulled Marico’s trousers down and he looked at Marico but he could only see Marico’s ear because Marico turned away because he was shy. Diego released a smirk and as he was getting ready to do his thing he was stopped by a voice.

“Oh Dios mio” (oh my God) said Daniella shocked to death. She looked at both men as I she had never seen something like that.

By hearing that Diego and Marico instantly prepared their clothes and they both stood up to face the music. Daniella was so shocked at what was happening in front of her. She was so shocked to see her brother going down on another men and she was so shocked to see that the other man was no one other than Marico Diaz their receptionist. It was so shocking to Daniella that she started crying and Diego held her.

“Hermano eres gay?” (Brother are you gay?) asked Daniella.

“Yes Ella I could not tell you because of your relationship with Pa. I could not jeopardize my life or Marico’s or any man I had ever been with” answered Diego.

“You have been with other men” asked Marico and Daniella at the same time.

“Marico listen I did not tell you because I wanted to start afresh with you” said Diego.

“I could not tell you Ella I’m so sorry” said Diego.

“So you lied to me, I asked you to be honest with me and you lied. So is Harris one of them” asked Marico crying.

“Yes” said Diego

“And Dreg, James, Laurel, Pat, Denis, Nicolas, Paul, Lorenzo, Jovian, Jeronimo, Adam, Aaron, Elroy and all the others I did not mention” cried Marico.

“Hermano (brother) so you were doing to boys what you were doing to girls” asked Daniella.

“Ooh you did this to girls as well, so I’m nothing but a toy to you. How could you do this to me? How could you……….” Said Marico asking him and hitting him at the same time.

Diego did not say anything and Marico ran away crying. Diego stood there without feeling anything, no emotion showing no feeling of hurt or anything. Marico ran away crying and his friend followed him. He was so shattered for hearing about Diego’s life changing from boys and girls. The most furious thing was that he thought he knew Diego and he thought Diego was faithful from day one but he guessed wrong.

Will their relationship prosper through the hardships or will they give up on each other?


2 weeks passed after Diego and Marico’s fight. Daniella always avoided her brother at the office she could not face him after he lied about his sexuality. She was angry at him also for lying about his relationship with Marico when she asked why he was behaving strangely towards him. Diego continued spending days at MDD to try and stop his bleeding heart for Marico who left without a word. Marico’s receptionist practical ended and Fernandez took another intern in the company. Marico had to wait for the following year so that he could renew his receptionist practical for 2017. After Marico left, the office was quiet and Diego has changed his routines. No one heard him shout after Marico left, no one was called into his office and he would not have lunch sometimes. Diego was completely shuttered after the events, also the fact that Marico was not picking up his calls made it hard for Diego to focus. Marico was nowhere to be found. It was hard for Diego to find Marico because he did not know where Marico came from. He did not know any of Marico’s friends he just remember the two friends he was with that night at MDD. Diego was so sad and he felt like there was nothing he could do to find his love. Dominic and Diego would work sometimes at MDD but he lacked the passion to go to work. He lost interest in many things he would skip work and sleep all day. The only thing he loved doing was spending days with his mother at the hospital. Well Julio was admitted at the hospital because the doctor was certain that her days were slim and she was in no condition to live alone. She was sad to live the comfort of her own home but she had no choice because of her health. Dernando would visit but sometimes he would skip visits because his mother was not at home and he did not want to see his father alone. Dernando was not happy about his mother’s condition but he had no choice to accept fate as it is. Julio is the pillar that holds the family together and her sickness made the family to break a little, they could not accept the fact that the glue that brought their family together would melt soon. They were strong enough that no matter what happens they would always be there for each other. Just like Darios was there for Diego when he lost the love of his life for the second time. It was not his father who made Marico leave, it was Diego’s lies. Diego could not believe that his own foolishness made the love of his life to leave. He could not believe that he was the one who made Marico leave. It was hurtful for him to deal with the fact that he was the cause of his own misfortunes. One night Diego went to MDD to see his brother. He found Darios with Jovian Diego’s ex. Jovian was there that night Marico left in a heist and he knew that Diego did something to make Marico angry. He believed they had problems and since he was also trying to get Diego back he felt it was right to approach Diego and try his luck. The minute Jovian saw Diego he changed his accent and he unbuttoned some buttons so that Diego can see his chest. He wanted to seduce Diego but he was disappointed when Diego did not even pay attention to him. Diego was not willing to betray himself or his love for Marico so he just avoided Jovian’s efforts. Jovian tried by all means to draw Diego’s attention but all the hard work was for nothing, Diego was not interested. Jovian tried talking to Diego to make him remember some nights they spent together, to make him remember all the promises Diego made to him but it was to no avail.

“Well well, if it’s not Diego the fierce brutal boy. I missed you man. Do you want some time alone with me?” said Jovian in a flirtiest manner.

“No I’m not in the mood Jovian” said Diego looking at the opposite direction.

“But Diego, you no longer care about me. Why is that, is it that cheap boy you work with?” asked Jovian in an annoyed manner.

“Don’t ever call him cheap” said Diego in an angry tone.

“Are you serious man, you are talking like this because of a poor cheap ugly boy from wherever he came from. He does not deserve you, I do. Come on lets go” said Jovian.

“Jovian I think you should leave before I call security” said Darios.

“Okay fine I will leave, but this is not the end of us, do you hear me if I can’t have you then no one will” said Jovian in a threatening tone.

Jovian was so serious about his threat, he was certain that no man or woman in this world would have Diego. He was ready to sacrifice everything so that he could have Diego. Darios also does not like Jovian because of his behaviour towards things he feels entitled to have. He is the last son of Mr Hernias a mafia guru who works with Dominic and Diego. Diego found him appealing because he was close every time Diego needed to blow up some steam. Diego also liked the fact that they were working with his father so it was easy for them to hide their scandals. Diego was certain that night that he only wanted Marico. It was Marico he wanted and he was clearly going to get him back no matter what happens. He wanted his boyfriend back and no one was going to stop him. Every time Diego enters his room he would see Marico cooking or cleaning the room or even dancing while Diego cleans. He would have flashbacks of their relationship; actually everything in his room reminded him of Marico. He also had flashbacks of the day Diego was sick and Marico came to help him. Diego missed Marico so much that he could not stay 30 minutes in his room. Every time he saw flashes of Marico in his room he would cry. Diego was suffering without Marico. One day at the office Daniella wanted some documents about Fernandez new client Nick Alberto who owns a bar. Daniella wanted some information regarding their project. Daniella entered Diego’s office and found him crying. He was sobbing so uncontrollable like a new born crying to be fed and that Daniella to forget that she was angry at him and just hugged her brother. She was busy patting his back to make him better. She was also telling him that it will be okay but Diego’s heart was heavy and he could not stop crying. He was sad and heartbroken. The spike about the situation and Daniella made sure her brother understand that there was nothing he could do to bring Marico back. Dniella told Diego that if he really wants Marico back he should just look for him and apologize. She told him that if his heart really yearns for Marico then he will eventually find him where ever he is. Diego was so hurt and sad but Daniella could see that Diego really loved Marico. She forgave her brother for everything he did and she made a promise never to tell Dominic. She was disappointing her father by sticking with her brother but she was ready to fight for her brother’s happiness. Daniella was never going to let Dominic destroy Diego’s life. After talking for some time Diego was ready to go look for Marico, he was ready to accept Daniella’s help in order to get Marico back. He was ready to change his ways for Marico’s trust. Diego and Daniella started by drawing up a list of bad things Diego does that can make someone hate him. 1. Diego is a player. 2. Diego does not truly love anyone. 3. Diego has moods and shouts a lot. 4. Diego is controlled by Dominic. 5. Diego is not romantic. They finished writing the list and Daniella said one thing to her brother, she said “this are my observations, you must not use what I think as what Marico is also feeling. You may find out that what I hate about you is what Marico loves most. Think wise not fast”. Diego was clearly certain that he will get Marico back the following year when he returns to work for them as their receptionist for his second practice. Daniella and Diego became close shortly after that, they would go out to eat together and Dominic would always find them whispering and plotting something when they were at home. He did not know why but he had a feeling that whatever they were plotting was not good. He was happy that his children were talking again. They had a relationship again and it was amazing to watch them getting closer again. It was blissful.

Christmas day arrived and everyone went home to celebrate with their families. The Fernandez family celebrated Christmas with Julio at the hospital. Everyone was there Dominic, Diego, Darios, Daniella and Dernando. Also Maximo and his wife Alicia also made time to go see Julio at the hospital to celebrate Christmas. They were presents under the tree it was a typical Christmas celebration with Julio. It was special for the family. There was a Christmas tree at Julio’s room; the tree was decorated with pictures of the family. You could hear laughter and giggles through the windows. Happiness filled the room like flood and everyone was swept away by it. They were so happy that Julio survived the year. Everyone was happy that they survived the year. The Fernandez family was also celebrating the fact that Dernando was done with high school and he wanted to go to university. He was told that he would choose between attending at the United States of America or Córdoba University. Dominic wanted Dernando to enrol at the faculty of business administration so that he can manage Dominic 2nd Company in Rome Italy. Dernando just avoided his father’s suggestion and listened only to his mother who said that Dernando can be whatever he wanted. Their little celebration was nice at the hospital and everyone accepted and felt the love. That day Dominic made sure that there was no drama from the family so that Julio can enjoy Christmas. On the other side, the Diaz family celebrated Christmas by visiting their father’s grave to pay respect. The family was happy visiting the grave side and they found their little peace and happiness there. After, they returned home to celebrate as a family. Eva and Jaleno’s family were there. Their mothers and fathers and siblings were there. Everyone who loved the Diaz family attended their Christmas celebration. Gifts were given to the members and as they were enjoying dinner Marico received a message from an unknown number.

Marico Diaz. I’m so sorry for what I have done to your sweet heart. I love you Marico and nothing will change. I don’t know why I lied but I never lied because I am a player but I lied because i wanted to protect your feelings. I miss you Marico and what happened between us was real. I love you for real. Solo desearia que pudieras perdonarme (I just wish you could forgive me). I will never give up, I will try by all means for you to forgive me. Love Diego.

Marico looked at that message and he just switched off his phone. Marico was not ready to forget Diego for what he did to his caring heart. He was certain that he would never forgive Diego because he gave his heart to Diego and trusted him even though people said it was a bad idea. He trusted his heart and still it failed him. He trusted the wrong guy again and it was proven before it was too late. Christmas was fun for everyone that year, it was joyful and blissful. 3 days after Christmas Eva and Jaleno convinced Marico to go with them to a 4 day trip to Paris. Marico was surprised because his friends don’t earn that much to afford a four day trip to Paris. Eva being Eva convinced Marico until he agreed to go with them, she said she saved money from the beginning of the year in order to take him to Paris. Marico was shocked but after they pleaded with him, he gave up and agreed to go with them. 27 December arrived, Marico, Eva and Jaleno packed their clothes and bid farewell to their parents and they left for the airport. The three friends were excited about the trip, they have never spent a day outside Córdoba or Monteria and that day they were going to France for the first time. It was magical for them. 8 420 kilometres later the three arrived at Paris, Marico was certain they would go to a much affordable hotel but Eva shocked them because they had a chauffeur collecting them from the airport and he drove them to four seasons hotel George V. this hotel cost price is R38 315/2 167,75 euros. Marico was shocked because he knows that hotel is expensive and there is no way Eva could save so much money for the apkbe the chauffeur and the hotel. He started to suspect things, he asked if Eva stole all the money just to make him happy. Well Eva just laughed and they entered the hotel to check in. the hotel was fancy and it was amazing. They gave them their rooms, Eva room 242, Jaleno room 241 but Marico got room 263 he did not know why they had to put him far from his friend but he was fine with it. They went out to go see places, the Luxembourg gardens, palace of Versailles, place de la Concorde, Disneyland Paris, Louis Vuitton foundation and lastly for the day Pont Alexander III. They visited all this places and later they went to eat dinner and they went to sleep. While Marico was sleeping he heard some voices next to his room, it was as if a guy was talking in a phone with someone else. He did not hear much but it was just enough not to worry him. He drifted off to sleep.

The next day they work up and decided to have breakfast in Jaleno room. They had a lot of nice and fancy food and after eating they went to a concert to see DJ Khaled preforming. The convert was nice and there were a lot of people there. Marico went to the restroom and he saw a glimpse if someone he knew, he saw someone who looked like Diego but he was not sire because he was a little bit tipsy. He could not focus his attention at the figure but he was certain he saw Diego. He rushed to tell his friend and Eva just brushed off saying just because Marico us thinking about Diego that why he thought he saw Diego I the restroom. They ensured him it was nothing he should not worry. All the time Diego was sure he saw Diego in the restroom but Eva was trying by all meant to silence him and his thoughts. After that day Marico received a bouquet of flowers with a card. The card had a message.


Now Marico was certain that Diego was somewhere in Paris and he rushed to tell Eva and Jaleno. He entered Eva’s room and to his surprise there was someone who should not be there. He entered and immediately heard Diego and Eva talking about the flowers he sent Marico that morning as well as the places they visited the first night they came to Paris. They were also plotting that Eva should force Marico to go to La tour Eiffel tower so that Diego could surprise him and apologize. After hearing everything, Marico dropped the bouquet in shock; he could hear Diego’s voice echoing in his mind. He felt betrayed by his own best and trusted friend. It was a sad moment for the three of them. Marico could not believe that his trusted friend could do this to him, he felt disappointed and betrayed.

“So you are saying that everything was a lie, you did not save money you got it from him. This man here gave you the money to lie to me. How much did he give you? Mmmmh………how much?” asked Diego.

“He he…..” Stammered Eva.

“WHATTT you can’t even speak. So when you look at me you see a fool, a ball you can play with. Am I a toy with no feelings? How could you Eva?” said Marico.

“It’s not her fault, I pleaded with her to…….” Said Diego.

“Shut up you shameless man, don’t you have shame. Do you think that money can buy me? I’m not an object” said Marico crying.

“No…no Marico. I love you that’s why I did this. I want to apologize for what I have done” said Diego pleading to Marico.

“Please friend forgive him. He is pleading with you” said Eva crying.

“I can’t Eva I can’t …….I-I just can’t forgive him. I gave up a lot of things to be with him before. I can’t risk anything else. I can’t give…….” said Marico crying.

“You can Marico, you can. You know why? Because you are the strongest man I know. You will never allow your past to determine your future. You know in your heart you love him. Just forgive him and you will trust him as time goes on” said Jaleno as he enters the room.

“Yes don’t date me yet, allow me to prove that I have changed and that I love you and respect you” said Diego holding Marico’s hands.

Diego was known for his charming and convincing words. Marico just nodded and he agreed to give Diego another chance to prove his love to him. Marico’s friends accepted Diego not because of his money but because he loved Marico and they also love Marico. They agreed that Diego will spend the last day of their trip in Paris with Marico so that they can rekindle their love. They spent the 30th of December at the Eiffel Tower together talking and doing things friends do. Marico and Diego had a good night but things turned a bit rough when and Diego tried to kiss Marico’s cheek but Marico turned. You could see the hint of disappointment in Diego’s face but he could not show it because he promised they will be friends. That night after spending the day together, they were getting closer to each other. They were to starting to warm up to each other and Marico started to trust Diego again. It was not that closer to a romantic relationship but it was more of a friendship. The 4 days planned for Paris ended and they returned back to Córdoba. They arrived at home and recalled the events that happened in Paris to Marico’s mother but they were not entirely honest as they left out Diego in the story. It was a good way for Marico to spend a holiday without Dominic Fernandez and his home. It was refreshing and healthy for him. New Year even arrived and they spent it so blissfully like they did with Christmas. Julio’s health improved a little and her family were there supporting her. She was discharged so she could spend New Year’s Day with her family.

Few months later the Fernandez Company accepted Marico’s request to do his second practical. Daniella accepted Marico without even asking him any questions. Ever since that everyone in the office knew that if you make Marico angry then Daniella would surely show you flames. They would also buy Marico free coffees. Marico is the type of guy who loves and respects other people. He would accept the coffees with love and respect. Diego would try every time to take Marico out on dates and Marico would deny. One day Daniella took it upon herself to ask Marico out for her brother. Marico adored Daniella and denying her pleads would seem as if he is disrespecting her. Daniella offered to take Marico to Restaurante ReComiendo a fancy, classy and expensive romantic restaurant in Córdoba. Marico knocked off at 20:14 and he took a ride with Daniella to the restaurant. When he arrived he saw Diego in a fancy suit waiting for him. Diego gave Marico flowers and some chocolates as a gift. Marico and Diego were enjoying dinner when unfortunately Jovian arrived with his father at the restaurant. They had a meeting with a lady client and he saw Diego with Marico dining and having fun there. Jovian being Jovian didn’t even let them be he just approached them and started making noise. Jovian was angry at Diego for making up with Marico and also for ignoring him for months.

“You think your little dinner will stop me from coming after you” asked Jovian furiously.

“Jovian please” said Diego.

“Well Marico or whatever they call you, listen this man is mine and mine alone. He is just using you now when he is tired of you he will run straight back to me” said Jovian laughing.

“Listen Jovian I love Marico I have never loved someone like the way I love Marico. He completes me, every time I think about him my heart just smiles because of the joy the thought of him brings. He is the angel of my heart the only man I would kneel before. Listen Marico I love you so much” said Diego looking at Mario.

“You say that to everyone Diego. Marico you are not the only one he ever said that to” said Jovian.

“James or Jobian, listen even though Diego does not love me, I do love him. I love him like nothing in this world and that’s enough to keep us together. I love him and from today I’m his boyfriend, you get it” said Marico.

“Marico you don’t have to lie to prove a point to him” said Diego.

“No Diego look at me, I accept you back. Te amo (I love you)” said Marico.

“Ooh bebe yo tambien te amo (oooh baby I love you too)” said Diego smiling.

“Vena qui (come here)” said Marico.

Marico and Diego shared a passionate and long kiss together in front of Jovian. When he saw that he just hit the table angrily and he left to his father and the meeting they were having. Jovian was angry because Marico and Diego had just got back together in front of him. He felt betrayed and heartbroken after seeing them together. Marico and Diego enjoyed their dinner without disturbances; they just enjoyed each other’s company. After a few minutes Daniella arrived to see how they were doing, after she found out that they got back together she was so happy for them. The three of them enjoyed dinner and they left. Marico left and he went home whereas Diego went to MDD with Daniella. It was the first time Daniella visited Darios while he was ta work. The three siblings ordered whisky and they sat down and enjoyed it while they were talking about Marico. Daniella raised a concern that she feels like she has seen Marico before, she had a hunch that they knew Marico. There was nothing more to say but Darios just said maybe because they see him every day at work that’s why he is familiar. It was nice to see Diego, Darios and their little sister Daniella enjoying each other company. The three being together at the same place is not common because of Dominic. Their father has a rule that the adults must hang around other adults. The rule was not fair for Dernando because he could not hang around Darios, Diego or Daniella. He was forced to be a loner because he was a little boy and Dominic did not want him to be influenced by his older siblings. At the Fernandez family, you were told as to how many friends you should have. Darios and Diego were forced to be close because of their business and also because they were born after the other. As for Daniella, she could not be close to Diego and Darios because they were older and they were boys. She had to be close a little to Dernando as a way to guide him when he takes wrong decisions. She was close to him as an acquaintance more than a sister. Julio never wanted her children to be raised like that but there was nothing she could do. Julio also was forced to marry to the Fernandez family at the age of 18 by her father. Dominic’s father wanted a wife for Dominic because Dominic seemed to like boys more than girls when he was young so his father married him a wife at the age of 20 to avoid him looking at boys. The way Dominic is harsh and the way he is raising his children is the spitting image of how he grew up. The three older siblings seemed not to have a problem with the way Dominic was raising them but Dernando has a problem. Maybe because he spent a lot of time alone so it made it easy for him to think about his future. At the Diaz house, Marico arrived late than usual and Maria was curious as to why Marico was late that night. She warned Marico of driving at night and as the nice boy that he was he apologised to his poor dear old mom. Marico seemed to love the energy at his home, he was so happy to be around his home and see the people he loved the most. Marico’s mother was getting old by the day and it seemed as if the walk to her restaurant everyday worn her out. Luciana told her brother that their mother can’t work at the restaurant anymore so Marico and Luciana had to work more so they can hire a lady to control their mother’s restaurant. Marico also agreed that their mother can’t work there anymore she needs help. Maria is a strong wise woman who does everything so that her children have the lives they need. She was ready to continue walking to her restaurant if they could not afford a helping hand. Ever since their father died she could not put more pressure on her children to take care of things in the house. Maria is the type of mother who loves her 2 children wholeheartedly. She could die for her children. She would protect them with everything she has. Long time ago when Luciana was dating the crazy young man. Eventually when Luciana took in Maria did not want Luciana to have an abortion; she said she will take care of the child and Luciana. All the resident of Monteria knows that Marico and Luciana are blessed to have Maria as their mother. She is the kind of mother someone like Marico needs to deal with his life problems. I guess Julio was also like that before she suffered her stroke. It was hard for Maria to take care of her family while her husband’s relatives took everything away from them saying that she killed him. She was accused that she fed him poison that’s why he could not save himself for the fire. Maria just kept quiet, she loved her husband and she could not bear the fact that she lost him. Being accused for his murder took away everything in her, but for the sake of her children she had to be strong.


At the other side of the town, Jovian was planning with his friend Damien to take away Marico. He said that they had to take away Marico. Damien was confused whether taking away meant killing or kidnapping Marico. Jovian was the type of a man who thinks once when he wants to do something. He was certain that taking Marico out of the way was the only way to secure his place right beside Diego. Jovian wanted Damien to first spy on Marico, then kidnap him and they will see what they will do about him. Damien did what he was told, he spied on Marico and found out that Marico’s routine is that he wakes up early in the morning and he goes to work around 7 am. And then during lunch he goes to a nearby café to get coffee. After work he goes back to his apartment, but Damien saw that every Friday he chooses to go see Diego at his apartment or a secret apartment or he chooses to go home to see his family. Damien research proved to Jovian that Marico actually chooses every Friday whether to see Diego or his family. Seeing that that they are strengthening their love, Jovian was angry at Marico more and he wanted to do anything to have Diego back. After Damien was done with research they planned to kidnap him when he chooses to go home so that Diego does not suspect anything. One particular Friday Jovian and Damien approached Marico when he was waiting for a taxi to go to Monteria. He was just singing and tapping when suddenly something was placed to cover his mouth and he could not breathe. Before he knew it he was on the ground, he had fainted. Damien was scared and he had second thoughts about the plan. Damien asked if it was a good idea to kidnap and kill Marico and the answer he got shocked him. Jovian answered that it was the only way to get what Jovian wants. They both carried Marico and put him inside Jovian’s trunk. Damien could see that it was serious the minute Jovian showed him his gun.

“Hey man you do know that Diego is Dominic’s son right” said Damien.

I know, but Dominic detest same sex relationships, he will thank us for saving his son” said Jovian.

Well Damien was okay with the answer but you could see in his eyes that he was not ready to kill Marico. He was not ready to take another man’s life just because of Jovian. Damien entered the car and they drove to a secluded area with Marico at the back. When they arrived at that area Jovian carried Marico out of the trunk and he dragged him inside a dark room. He tied him to a chair and he started beating him up. While he was busy beating him up Damien was taking a video so that they can send it to Diego. Marico was busy crying and asking them to spare him because he did not do anything wrong. Damien felt pity for Marico, after they sent a video to Diego with a caption “if you want him alive. Come to the abandoned waterwheel few kilometres away from the city centre. Come alone”. Diego was scared, he was shocked and angry. Also he was so scared that Jovian could kill Marico. He was so shocked and angry that Jovian had the audacity to kidnap Marico. Daniella eventually saw his facial expression that something is very wrong. Diego left in a hurry without saying anything. He left alone, when he arrived he saw that Marico was hurt so badly and his face was covered in blood. He had fainted and he was tired from the assault. Diego fell in front of Marico, he held Marico’s hand and he apologised while he was crying. He apologised that he was not there to save him, he apologised that he arrived late to save him. He pushed him while calling his name to check if he is alive. Jovian was busy laughing and saying that he can do anything to have Diego. Marico was not responding which made Diego to worry. He demanded that Jovian releases him so that he can be sent to the hospital. Jovian pointed his gun at Diego and said if Diego wants to save Marico the Diego had to spend a night with Jovian. Diego denied that, he could not do that to Marico for the second time. He could not betray and risk losing Marico again. After thinking about Marico and his current state Diego agreed to Jovian’s terms to spend a night with him, only if he promise that Marico would never know about it. They signed a contract about it so that when Diego backs down, Jovian’s father will the action. Diego had a lot to lose if he did not sign that day. Jovian agreed to take Marico to the hospital. When Marico woke up days later he found Diego at his bedside. He was so shocked to see Diego near him but he could not ask questions. Marico healed and Diego made time to fulfil his part of the deal. After a week everything was settled and neither Diego nor Marico remembered that Jovian ever existed. Marico did not tell his mother about the kidnapping and his attempted murder and no one besides Marico, Diego, Jovian and Damien knew about the incidents that led to Diego breaking the only promise he made to Marico. The promise that made Marico trust him again. Diego lied to Marico and if the secret ever comes out, it was the end of their relationship and Marico would never return to Diego. Life went back to normal as usual and everyone was working so hard that year. Fernandez INC had 3 new clients in March 2017. Diego was in and out of meetings, he had no chance to see Marico. Maybe Diego avoided Marico because of what he did; he never wanted Marico to suspect what happened between him and Jovian. He had to hide his infidelity behind work meetings and projects. Sometimes he would travel out of town for meetings and his projects. One day Marico saw that Diego is hiding something because he was avoiding their meetings every Friday. Diego would tell Marico that he should go visit his mother he would say that they would meet the next week. Marico could see that his relationship had changed so he asked Daniella if he saw something different with Diego. Julio sickness had intensified and she had difficulties recognizing her own children. Daniella used that as an excuse because she did not even know what was wrong with her own brother. Julio’s stroke had worsened and Dr Jio had told them in a family meeting that Julio’s brain is declining every minute. One day she will be brain dead and they will have to switch off the machine that keeps her alive. Diego was never going to kill his own mother, he loved her so much and he couldn’t live without her. After few months, it was June 2017 Dr Jio called a Fernandez family meeting with Maximo and Alicia. Dr Jio broke the news calmly and respectfully.

“Good morning the Fernandez family. I hope you are okay. Today I bring sad news. Mrs Fernandez is brain dead and……..” said Dr Jio. He could not finish his statement before Daniella cried.

“No no no ma that can be. Not Ma she can’t. Diego she can’t” said Daniella sobbing and crying so loud that even her neighbours heard.

“Daniella it’s okay don’t cry. Continue doctor” said Diego.

“Well thank you Mr Fernandez. As I was saying Mrs Fernandez is brain dead, she is dead but the only thing keeping her alive are the life support machines. You can choose to keep her live like that or switch off the machines” said Dr Jio.

“Can she stay like that forever?” asked Dernando.

“No you have a 1 year contact of life support. After 1 year and noting happens or she does not regain consciousness then we have to switch off the machines” said Dr Jio.

“Well we will switch off the machines” said Dominic without showing any expression.

“What? No just let her be for 1 year. Please pa 1 year” cried Dernando. He showed his the ring finger to demonstrate how little 1 year is.

“Mi sobrino vena qui (my nephew come here). Don’t cry there is nothing we can do this is best for your madre (mother)” said Maximo.

After a series of disagreements Dernando eventually agrees that they will switch the machines.

“We will switch them off on the 20th of July” said Dominic.

“Okay. I’m so sorry and my deepest condolences. Adios” said Dr Jio leaving.

“In honour of Dernando. Thanks Pa” said Darios.

After the news everyone departed and they went to deal with the news differently. Diego called Marico to share the news with. He was so sad and there is nothing they could do to fix the issue. Diego and Marico planned to meet outside Córdoba to check up on each other. Diego was so sad about the situation. He loved Julio and he could not believe that they will spend Christmas without her. For the Fernandez family it was hard to see Julio lifeless and they knew that there is nothing they could do to help them. It was hard for the children to deal with the fact that Julio would be off life support in the coming month. They just could not accept it. Diego was not the same Diego after hearing that, he just turned out to be a different Diego. Diego was finding it hard accept that his mother was dead and there was no hope that she would wake up. The news destroyed him, it shattered him. He was not the same anymore. Diego found comfort in the arms his beloved. Marico used his own experience of losing his father as a way to show Diego that losing a parent is hard but drowning with them is not an option. Marico was trying to save his boyfriend from being in a dark place. He tried to help Diego see the light at the end of the tunnel but it was hard for Marico to make Diego understand that. Diego loved Julio it was not easy to lose a parent like that. The Fernandez family felt guilty for Julio’s death. It was more of guilt than grieve. They were grieving for her but also they had guilt. No matter how much you burried a secret is it will come back to haunt you. Secrets have ways of coming back to haunt us. Trust me they do. Marico explained his experiences of losing his father, the only man he ever called father in his life. Losing his father at a young age was difficult for him. He could not think straight, he felt like all hope was lost and there was nothing that can be done to revive his father. As Marico was busy explaining what happened to his father, tears were also following up on his cheeks. The tears showed how much Marico suffered after the death of his father. He experienced pain that no one could ever feel. He was heartbroken and sad. Diego looked at Marico’s eyes and comforted him. I guess both lovers were even now, they lost a peace of their life’s puzzle. A stronger peace that held everything together, Julio was the only women who understood the Fernandez children. Marico still had his mother and Diego still had Dominic but he was not like Julio, he could not fill the space that Julio filled. Diego’s father was more like sand. It was as if he is not there while he is there. Marico took it upon himself to take care of Diego. He wanted Diego to never feel the pain or the empty hole losing a parent brings to a person. Marico was going to be Diego’s parent from that day onward. After a few days the family decided to visit uncle Maximo’s church at Monteria. Diego decided to ask Marico to go with him but Marico said he wanted to go back home. He could not attend their church because of that. They left for church at Monteria. Dominic did not want Diego to go, he lied and said that Diego had to stay and monitor some things at MDD but that attempt was unsuccessful because Daniella felt it deemed that they all go together. They used a family car and took the trip to Monteria. They arrived at their uncle’s home. He was living at a house for their church’s pastor. Monteria church had a house for the pastor and his family, so uncle Maximo would live at that house. They arrived on Saturday. It was a cool Saturday the air was cool and it was a clear weather forecast. Everything was okay at Monteria. They had dinner and slept. The next morning they woke up to prepare for church. They arrived early and church started. It was an educative sermon and everyone enjoyed it. It was more of a sermon about accepting what is hard to accept and accepting what your loved ones love and respect. It was talking to demonic and Diego more. The sermon was telling Dominic to accept what Diego was, he should love Diego more no matter whom or what he was. He is his blood and no matter what he chooses to do with his life Dominic should just accept it. In Dominic’s eyes it was telling his children to accept that they are bound to follow his rules for the rest of their lives. Dominic and uncle Maximo may be brothers and they may help each other with dangerous and illegal things. But uncle Maximo was more of a loving man, he used to tell Darios when he visited that he should pave his own way. He is an intelligent man who doesn’t like controlling. Defiance is found in oppression, paving a new way is the only way out of oppression. That was what Darios had in mind every time Dominic would try to control his life. Everyone had their own thoughts when uncle Maximo was preaching about acceptance. Dernando was thinking about accepting the fact that his beloved mother was dead and nothing would bring her back. For Daniella it was more of Dominic accepting that she is a girl, she needs a man and she wanted to have a family. For Darios it was more of Dominic accepting Diego because no matter what he is or what he does, he is still the same Diego. After uncle Maximo, the choir sang and church was out. They left in the evening, they travelled back to Córdoba. During dinner, Daniella’s phone rang and she left to answer it outside. Moments later while she was busy talking to that person, Dominic overheard her telling a man that she is pregnant and her father should not know because he will force her to abort that child or he would kill her boyfriend. When Dominic heard that he was furious that Daniella was found doing the only thing he forbade her to do. He did not want her to be pregnant because he was grooming her to marry Jovian. Dominic didn’t know that Jovian was gay and that he liked his older son. If he knew he would not be eager to force his precious daughter to marry a “disgusting” man like he calls them.

“Who are you talking to” asked Dominic.

“Marko uh my friend from work” said Daniella.

“Listen girl, I heard you are pregnant and you have a boyfriend. Why is that?” said Dominic.

“Okay Pa. I’m pregnant and its Marko’s” said Daniella shivering.


“But Pa please. It’s the third time I’m aborting I could die” cried Daniella.

“You should have thought about that before you acted like a whore and had unprotected sex with a dog. I raised you better than this Dan, did you forget what I told you. You are the ……” said Dominic.

“The only daughter of the Fernandez family and I should act like one” said Daniella then she was leaving crying before she turned the doorknob she heard her father.

“I’m glad you know that don’t disappoint me Daniella Fernandez” said Dominic.

“Si papa” said Daniella, then she entered the house.

In Dominic’s house, you would not do whatever you wanted. Daniella knew she was doomed she couldn’t have that child. She had no choice but to abort the baby. Daniella thought about the issue fir hours, she felt like she could not abort her child and at the same time she could not dare her father. If he found out that she did not abort the child, she will die. For the first time she talked to Diego about what was heavy on her soldiers. She told Darios and Diego all the things Dominic did to her for the past 4 years of her life. When she dated he would either force her to abort if she got pregnant or he would make her boyfriend disappear. All their lives they could not lie to Dominic he knew what you were doing and he would even track the people his children would hang out with. Every time he suspected that one of his children is disobeying him, he would look for a way so that child could do what he wanted. Daniella could not get away from him and she did not want to abort her child. Daniella begged Diego to talk to his father, she pleaded with him to lie that he was there when she aborted and everything is fine. Daniella loved Marko and she wanted a child with him. She believed that if she had that child maybe Dominic would stop forcing her to marry Jovian. He will maybe agree that they get married and raise their baby together. Dominic agreed and he lied to Dominic, he told him that Dr Jio did the abortion and Dominic believed Diego more than any of his children. The issue was settled before it even escalated. Daniella and her boyfriend would meet secretly to check up on each other and her siblings would help her to try and hide her pregnancy. They planned that when her stomach starts to show she and Marko would take a trip and they will return when she gave birth. Only Diego, Darios, Daniella and Marko will know about that plan. Her siblings were ready to help her solve her issues. They wanted a child in their family, they wanted change and if Julio was no longer there to save them they had to help themselves. Daniella was so happy that her siblings were ready to disobey their ruthless father to help her and her unborn baby. For that time Dominic was off Daniella’s back but he was checking up on her activities. Diego and Dario had a secret meeting with Marko at his home in Córdoba. Marko was a good guy and he seemed like he was going to be a good father. He was a state lawyer in Colombia, he met Daniella when he was hired by Fernandez INC to defend them when they were being sued for failing to deliver the right services. Marko is respectful and he is the type of guy who will do anything for Daniella and their child. The love he had for Daniella was strong and unbreakable. He agreed to work with the like of Diego and Darios to save them for Dominic. Both siblings showed Marko that they were not that bad just that they carry the Fernandez surname. They instantly bonded with Marko and everything was fine. They promised him that they will protect Danella and her child. It seems like Diego and Darios had a good relationship with the man who impregnated their sister.

2 weeks before they switch off Julio’s machines, they received an invitation to attend a gala dinner held at the president’s house up state. Luis Ramirez decided to host a gala dinner to introduce his daughter’s fiancé. Dominic was part of this because they wanted to introduce Diego as Antonella‘s fiancé. Diego’s father never told him that he had to propose to Antonella that day so that they can start preparing for the wedding. Diego did not know that he was going to propose so he invited his beloved Marico for the event. Both men dressed in black and they attended the event. The Fernandez family attended the gala dinner and the president accepted them with warm hands. While they were enjoying dinner, Dominic went to the front to make a statement in front of the people who attended the event as well as the cameras because the event was being broadcasted.

Evening ladies and gentleman, my president and the most beautiful jewel we have in Córdoba, Antonella. Standing before you is Dominic Fernandez, an owner of 5 big companies in Córdoba. I hereby come here to pass on an important union that I and the president want you to witness. Diego and Antonella please come here. These two standing in front of you are betrothed to be married. Today Diego will propose to Antonella in front of us and the wedding preparations will begin. Enjoy.

Cheers and clapping was heard from the crowd. They were so excited that the first son of an important and rich business man would marry the president daughter. Everyone in Córdoba was happy except for Marico. When Marico heard this, he looked at Diego. He was confused and shocked to hear what Dominic said. Why Diego agreed to this. It was not only Marico who was shocked, also Diego, Darios and Daniella were shocked to hear this. Dominic was just laughing with the president; they were also planning how they would start a business together. Antonella was busy touching Diego’s hand and she wanted them to dance. She was busy asking when he will propose and Marico was beginning to be annoyed by that. Antonella was seriously showing Diego that she wants to marry him and Marico was angry, Marico could not let Antonella take what belongs to him. He was so angry about Dominic’s statement. He asked Diego if they could talk some place private. Diego agreed and they went outside. Marico asked what Diego is going to do about the situation. Dominic’s control over Diego’s life was so tight that Diego did not know what else to do to save himself. He found it hard to ensure Marico that he will stay with him. He could not tell Marico that he would never marry Antonella. Marico could not believe what he was hearing, he could not believe that Diego was forgetting everything they shared and everything they went through together just because of what Dominic wanted him to do. Diego was scared of Dominic, he could not say just approach his father and tell him that he won’t marry Antonella. After their conversation Marico left the event without saying anything. He was just tired of going back and forth with Diego. He could not stay with a man who does not know what he wants. There was nothing Diego could have done; he could not just defy Dominic like that. Marico did not understand the level of fear Diego had for Dominic, he was scared of him. When the event ended Diego was so frustrated at Dominic for doing that to him publicly. He did not want people to know that he will get married to the president’s daughter in a few months. He was trying to fix his relationship with Marico and now his father dropped that bomb which destroyed everything he worked for. He was angry but there was nothing he could do or say to change Dominic’s mind about the wedding. He told them that Diego and Antonelle’s wedding will take place the following year and Diego should accept his fate just like uncle Maximo said in church. Diego tried to tell his father that uncle Maximo did not mean him controlling their lives he meant him accepting that people should live their lives peacefully. It meant that demonic should allow Diego to leave peacefully without controlling what they do with their lives. Dominic was never a man to consider other people’s feelings. He could not care that Diego loved Marico or that he wanted to marry he loved. He just cared about his own reputation and also about the things he will gain when Diego marries Antonella. His siblings also tried to talk him out of it; they tried using Julio as an excuse. They said that Julio would never agree that her son should be married of for the sake of another person not even their father. Dominic was not ready to accept that, he was never going to accept the fact that Diego did not want to marry Antonella. The rule was that he should marry her even though he did not like her. In the morning Diego called his father trying to explain why he does not want to marry Antonella.

“Pa I can’t marry Antonella, I don’t love her” said Diego.

Over the phone: “listen here Diego, you will marry Antoenlla no questions asked” said Dominic.

“Please Pa. Let me choose then one I will marry, please” begged Diego.

Over the phone: “escucha aqui eres mi hijo (listen here you are my son) you must do whatever I want. You will marry Antonella you hear me” said Dominic.

“But I love someone el…… I mean we are not compatible” said Diego.

“Hey BOY you will marry Antonella finish and klaar” said Dominic.

“Si papa (yes dad)” said Diego.

While Diego was busy talking to his father, Marico was eavesdropping on their conversation. After he dropped the call Marico entered the office. And he asked if Diego really wanted to go ahead with his father’s plan to marry Antonella. He asked if he was going to leave him and marry Antonella. Diego could not say anything, he just begged Marico to understand that he can’t defy his father. His father was going to punish or disown him if he ever defies him. Diego was caught in between defying his father or breaking the heart of a man whom he loved so dearly. He could not defy his father that was certain and he could not lose Marico for the second time, he could not afford to. Diego begged Marico to understand that he could not betray his own father. He begged Marico to understand his situation, he begged him to understand that he could not afford to lose him just because of what Dominic said. He was not ready to.

1 week before they switch Julio’s machine, Daniella was busy at home explaining to Dominic why she will take a full 9 months trip away after all the funeral arrangements. After experiencing a hardship of explaining she finally got relieved and Dominic believed her and she went outside to sit in the sun. Before she could enjoy the sun Mrs Jennet their maid arrived with a suspicious envelope. It had a caption written “for Mr Fernandez and family. Disfrutar (enjoy)”. Daniella was curious about the contents of the envelope so she opened it herself to check. When she opened it she found pictures of Diego and Dominic together. Some pictures were of them kissing some were of them entering a room in a hotel. The pictures were incriminating evidence that both of them were in a romantic relationship. This would destroy Dominic and he would surely kill Marico. Daniella could not allow that, she had to destroy the pictures before they get to Dominic. She could not let her father see that pictures. After destroying the pictures she called Diego to make him know that there is someone trying to destroy him. Diego did not even guess he knew that Jovian was behind the act. Jovian was the one who sent the pictures to Dominic to try and destroy Diego and Marico. Diego was angry about this, so he called Jovian to set up a meeting with him. He was angry that Jovian wanted Dominic to know about their relationship that’s why he had the audacity to send those pictures to their home. Diego was angry about this incident and he promised Jovian that if he ever tried this again he would surely tell his father and it would never end well. He pleaded with Jovian to keep his distance; he pleaded with him to respect him and try to focus on other things. He pleaded with him to forget about the love he has for him and just move on with his love. Jovian was not ready to give up his love for Diego but he had to. He did not exactly say he promised that he will leave them alone but he tried to make sure he is far away for both lovers. Diego even made sure that Jovian stays away from Marico; he wanted him to respect their relationship and accept that Diego had moved on with Marico. Diego also told Jovian that he never loved him, he will only love Marico and it will be better if Jovian knew and respected that point. Jovian showed that he understood and he will never disturb them. But judging by the look on Jovian’s face he was surely going to disturb Marico more. The last thing Diego said to Jovian made him hate Marico more.

“Listen Jovian, when it comes to love I love Marico and he is the only man I had ever and will only love in this world” said Diego.

“You never loved me?” asked Jovian.

“I liked you but I never loved you. Please respect yourself and leave us alone” said Diego.

After saying that Diego left Jovian without another word but just words to show that he was no longer interested in whatever brought them together. Diego was interested in Marico and he was the only one who made him happy, his goal was to love Marico and perhaps make him his husband. Jovian had to understand but love is blind like they say and it makes a person do things they don’t usually do. You become crazy if you are in love and the only right thing your mind tells you to do is do the wrong thing repeatedly. A person who is in love makes foolish decisions because of the how their heart is so deep in love with the only human they can never be with. That’s what Jovian was feeling for Diego, he had an undying love that led him to the wrong places every time he tried to be good. He was a good man who was lost because of crazy and stupid love. It was hard for him to accept that he could never have more of Diego. He could not accept that Diego could never love him but he had to accept it. It was right in front of him black and white. After the altercation Jovian left furiously and he went home to plot yet another way to get back at Diego for humiliating him. He was trying to think of a major plane when suddenly he saw an USB disk on top of his table. That moment the thought hit him. He had the perfect idea of how to get Diego back, the last attempt of getting Diego back. Immediately when he saw the disk his thoughts directed towards Marico. “Marico has to see this” Jovian was certain that after Marico see the contents of the disk their relationship is over. Jovian was certain that Mario and Diego would break up after Marico sees the content of that disk. He was so happy that he was going to destroy their relationship and he would get Diego back. That moment was now or never he had to do it before he changes his mind. Before Jovian could think of another way to destroy their relationship he eventually without thinking inserted the disk to a computer, after he copied the file to his phone. Before he knew it he was searching for Marico’s cell phone number. When he found it he took his cell phone and started to type a message.

For you own good. Don’t cry alone. Adios (goodbye)

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After three minutes he sent the message to Marico in the middle of the night. He did not think about the outcomes of the message he just thought about who he will get after he tried to break Diego and Marico off. His last attempt, Jovian just prayed it does work for his own good. That night Marico couldn’t get the message because he was fast asleep that night. He was dreaming about his and Diego’s wedding. In the morning before work he checked his messages and emails. He found the clip Jovian sent when he opened the clip. He found an unforgivable scene. He saw a video of Diego and Jovian having sex. They were all over each other kissing and hugging each other. Jovian was more excited and he was moaning so loud Marico cried by seeing that. That day he skipped work because he was heartbroken. He trusted Diego again just be broken into thousand pieces like he didn’t matter. He felt so used and dirty for trusting Diego again. He couldn’t believe that the same man who promised him a lot of things was the same one who broke that promise. Marico’s life ended before him, it flashed before his own eyes. It was unbelievable; it was something which never crossed his mind. He was so shattered so he just slept all day. At work, Diego asked Lina and Camilla why Marico never made it to work that day. He asked if maybe they heard something about it. No one knew why Marico decided to skip work that day. Diego did not enjoy that day at all. He was scared that Marico heard something dangerous. He was scared that Marico knew something he shouldn’t that made him skip work. After work Diego went to Marico’s apartment. He knocked first and no one answered he knocked again and no one answered. He knocked calling Marico name, he called and Marico told him to go. He begged Marico to open the door. Diego tried to open the door until he asked the hotel receptionist to unlock the door for him. He bribed Poor Mrs Dennis so that she opens Marico’s door for him. When he entered Marico’s room he found Marico was watching the video on a projector. He was torturing himself trying to find the reasons why Diego would do that.

“Maybe because I’m not rich. Because I don’t have money that’s why you think I’m stupid” said Marico crying.

“No Marico you don’t understand. I did that to save your life I…..” said Diego trying to explain his situation.

“Leave Diego just leave. This is the last day I’m shedding tears because of you. This is the last day you will ever see me like this. I gave up everything for you, I’m even risking my life dating you but you never cared. You don’t care about anyone right.” cried Marico.

“But …….” Said Diego.

Marico threw a paper with the list Diego listed about the things one would hate about him.

“I know now. You never love anyone” said Marico.

“LEAVEEEEE” screamed Marico.

Diego had no other choice but to leave. He had to go because there was nothing he could do to explain. He believed that he will explain everything once Marico had calmed down. He couldn’t talk to him while Marico was angry like that. He didn’t want to make Diego angrier. After that Marico went to work the following day. He just stopped visiting Diego. Diego couldn’t let this go considering the fact that he did what he did because he wanted to save Marico. Diego asked for Darios’s help with the situation, he asked Darios to explain what happened that led to him sleeping with Jovian. On Thursday after work Diego tried to speak with Marico but he couldn’t succeed. Marico just looked at him while he tried to explain and after he just looked at him left. Marico just said one thing.

“You just did what we still needed to plan to do. You did it just like that with another man” said Marico.

After he just took his things and he left. Before he could get far he saw Darios. Darios pleaded with Marico to have a drink with him. During their drinking session, Darios tried to explain to Marico what actually happened that day. He also explained how Diego had to choose between saving Marico’s life or him being angry at him like that. After hearing that, Marico couldn’t believe that he was angry at someone who saved his life. Someone who felt Marico’s life is more important than him being angry at Diego for months. He left in a hurry trying to call Diego but he couldn’t reach him. Marico rushed and went to see Diego at his apartment. He knocked and Diego opened, the minute Marico saw Diego he hugged him. He was busy apologizing for not believing him.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry baby I didn’t know “said Marico.

Diego was shocked and happy at the same time. He was pleased that his love forgave him. Marico was just happy Diego was still there when he went to see him. He apologized a lot until Diego said it is okay. He let Marico inside and closed the door. They were cuddling while Diego said something.

“We have not done it because you have not asked” said Diego looking at Marico.

After that Marico nodded and Diego kissed him. The kiss led them to the bedroom and Diego was on top of Marico within seconds. He kissed Marico so passionately and he put his hand underneath Marico’s shirt. He also tried to undo Marico’s belt, Marico immediately stopped Diego and looked to him, he was not sure if he wanted to continue but when he thought about Diego everything was clouded and he just accepted Diego. Marico told him that he was ready for it. After kissing for a while, Diego told him that he did not want to hurt him but Marico loved Diego and no matter the level of pain he was going to experience it was nothing compared to him satisfying his love. He did not mind the pain if it was because of Diego. Marico lay in bed and Diego was on top of him. They kissed passionately while Diego was busy touching Marico’s body, the lust in Diego’s eyes was so real and he could not control himself. He unzipped his trousers and he turned Marico around in a hurry. Marico was busy moaning and touching Diego all over. Diego took a condom in the cupboard near his bed. He ripped it open and put it on. They made love and they were both enjoying the moment, it was a beautiful moment between the two. After they just cuddled and slept off. It was a beautiful and loving moment for both of them they loved each other and for them to bind their love like that it was more interesting and beautiful. They didn’t care about Dominic and the rest of the issues they had outside their relationship. They cared about each other, they cared about the love they had for each other. The love they shared was more important to them than any other problem or any obstacle brought by a human or anything which wanted to destroy their relationship. That night was the first night they had sex, it was the first night they showed each other that they belong to each other. In the morning Diego took care of Marico, he helped him bath and cooked breakfast for him. He also went to buy medicine so that he can reduce the pain Marico had. Marico was happy to see that his boyfriend was treating him like a prince that he was. Diego really loved Marico and no matter what they went through together they love would conquer everything. They believed that they will be together forever no matter what the world tries to do to break them apart. They loved each other, they truly loved each other.

The auspicious day arrived. The 20th of July. They woke up in the morning and went to prepare for the hospital. Diego was not ready but he had to. He could not let his mother live on a machines. They had to set her free so that she could be at peace. Dominic alerted his children that they should all be ready and be at their house in Córdoba at 12 noon so that they could all leave together for the hospital. All the family members arrived at the hospital and they signed while waiting for Dr Jio. Dr Jio later arrived and he escorted them to Julio’s ward room. When they arrived there, everyone was emotional and they tried to be calm but Dernando could not hold it in. He found it hard to accept that his mother would officially be dead that day. He cried but there was nothing he could do he had to let them switch off the machines. All of them had something to say to Julio, they wanted to tell her sweet messages before they switch the machines off but Dr Jio told them that she could not hear them Dernando could not leave without saying anything. He said something to his mother and after that uncle Maximo said a little prayer and Dominic switched off the machines. When the monitor showed a straight line Daniella broke down and she cried so bitterly and it was so heartfelt and heart breaking, when Darios heard her cry he also shed tears like a toddler. They hugged each other trying to ease the pain but it was hard for them, after looking at Julio for the last time they left. They could not believe that that was the end of their mother, their sweet mother. The ride home was quiet and awkward everyone was trying to focus on the good side but there wasn’t. They went home to Córdoba to prepare to leave for Monteria the following day. Diego went to see Marico to tell him about his trip and that he was going to bury his mother but he didn’t tell Marico where he was going exactly. That weekend Marico also decided to go home to see his own mother. He arrived in the evening and immediately he saw that his neighbour’s house had more cars and it looked like Julio funeral was going to be held there. He was shocked and he hurried inside his house so that they don’t recognize him. Marico spent his day and the whole holiday trying to avoid being seen by his neighbours. He could not let them know that he was Marico Diaz their neighbour. Marico went to spend the day with Eva and Jaleno. When he arrived he saw that Eva was alone, she explained that Jaleno visited his grandmother and he would return the following week. Eva and her friend Marico were discussing something important. They were talking about Marico’s life ever since he accepted Diego back the previous year at Paris. Marico was not completely honest with his friend he did not tell Eva about the sex tape, he just told her about the arranged marriage. He knew that Eva would not blame Diego for that but surely she would blame him for sleeping with Jovian, they talked about their friendship and how important their love is. They also talked about how Julio would be buried in Monteria and Eva was helping Marico on how to avoid Diego during the funeral. He could not risk being seen, he knew that when Diego knew that Marico was his neighbour problem would arise. Marico had to hide every time he was outside Diego’s home.

The Fernandez family had a small service to celebrate Julio’s life with family and friends. The president and his daughter were there. Few people from Monteria attended the service because they knew that you do not enter Dominic’s house without an invitation. It was a graceful survive, they had her picture hanged up on the wall. The walls were full of her pictures with her children and family members. Julio led a happy and memorable life, she was known that she is different from Dominic. She loved people form deep inside her heart. While they were staying in Monteria Julio would help poor women with capital to start-up businesses so that they could support their families. She made sure that orphans had money to attend school. She would not allow a child who was poor to be strolling down the streets of Monteria without education. She was mother Theresa of Monteria. A lot of people loved Julio so they also held their own service at the centre square and everyone who loved her would place a flower under the tree just in honour of her. Julio Herdiz Fernandez was a loving soul and Monteria really lost their precious soul. Many people knew that they lost her the moment Dominic decided to move to Córdoba. That way she could not help the people of Monteria because she was far away from them. Dominic did not allow her visit them frequently. She was forbidden to visit Monteria up until the day she died. But she saved money on an account named Caring for the poor. She saved 13 million euros for the poor; she hoped that when she had saved enough she would ask Alicia so they can collaborate and build a free school for every child in Monteria. Because of her untimely death she could not, she could not fulfil it. After the service has ended, her lawyer Mr Benedict O Geva arrived to read Julio’s will. Before he read the will, he said that whatever was inside the will was indeed written and and signed by Mrs Julio Herdiz Fernandez. He read the will. Julio left the 13 million euros in a trust fund to Daniella who should work together with Alicia to build a school for the orphans in Monteria. She wanted her organs to be donated for people who needed organs. She also wanted them to live in peace because she may have left them too soon but that did not mean she does not love them or that she loved them any lesser. She wanted Dernando to take care of his older siblings especially Darios who needs someone besides him. She also said that she knew about Diego and everything he has. She said she was proud and she is still proud of him for the man he has become. Diego eventually knew that his mother was talking about him being gay and able to fight even though his trial fails. She also said she wanted Daniella to be married and have children. She also said that she wants her children to live a long and happy lives, she wanted them to love and experience love. She wanted her remains to be cremated and they should be sprayed under Monteria square. That was what Julio wished to happen to her, demonic wanted to disagree with what she wanted. Dernando and Dario just pleaded with their father they should allow their mother’s last wishes to be done. If he ever loved his wife he should allow them to do what she wanted. To keep her legacy growing they should do what she wanted. Daniella could not handle the project because she wanted to leave for a long time so she gave the project to Darios. For the first time in a while Darios was trusted to do something so huge. No one complained about it in fact Diego was happy that through whatever they suffered for the first time Darios was given a chance to prove that he was not useless after all. He was also happy that his sister trusted him with what his mother wanted. He was surely going to fulfil their wishes. He thanked Daniella and hugged her. The only thing that Dominic did after seeing this was that he just looked at his children and said that he trusts Julio and if she wants that then it will be done. Dominic was the type of man who never cared about people’s feeling but that day he just obeyed his dead wife last wishes. He wanted to send her off with the best gift he could think of. And allowing his children do what his wife wanted was the best send-off he could think of. He lived Julio and he wanted her to feel loved even in her death. After the lawyer left, they started to plan how they were going to do all what she wanted. They were ready to do all she wanted starting with donating her organs to the needy. After a week they were done with her wishes the only wish left was the school project and cremating her. They went to the mortuary and they had her remains cremated and then they went to spread the ashes at the square. After doing everything she wanted they felt at ease, they felt like they had given her a befitting send-off. The only think left was the send-off service. Darios and Alicia were busy deciding on how they will build the school Julio wanted. They planned to call it Julio EDUCATIVO School. It was a good name considering that Julio was the founder even though she was not there to finish the project. They planned that her name together with her picture will be hanged on the school library as the founder of the school. They plans were going accordingly and it looked like the school would be good. Diego was so pleased to see his brother Darios taking something so seriously. It was a good thing to watch because Darios was paying attention and the ideas he was contributing were useful and effective. It was blissful to watch what was happening in front if their eyes. It proved to them that Darios actually is useful when they trust him with important things to do, he is not useless like Dominic thought he was.

After the service Diego went outside to catch a breather when by mistake he saw an apparition he had seen before. He saw someone he knew the shadows of that person next door was that of a person he had seen before. He thought maybe he saw Marico at the neighbouring house. The figure disappeared before he could even make an identification of the figure. He wanted to see the figure so that he can be sure that was Marico or not. Diego was so sure that that person was Marico but he could not fully identify him because the figure disappeared without a trace. Diego stood there dumb folded and shocked, he could not believe it and he did not want to believe it until Darios went to ask what had happened. Diego told Darios that he thought that he saw Marico next door. Darios just laughed and said that Diego is crazy maybe because he misses Marico that’s why and there was nothing he could do to see him. He was sure that he saw Marico but after Darios explained the situation he just felt that maybe because he missed him. That moment he picked up the phone and called Marico. When he heard Marico’s voice he was so happy and it clicked to him that he desperately missed Marico. He felt refreshed and content. The feeling Diego had when he would call Marico and hear his voice. Marico was a charmer when it comes to Diego, he would make sure that Diego felt charmed and loved when they talk. Diego wanted to talk about the day they did the deed the day they made love for the first time, Marico was shy to talk about it. When he was busy talking about that night together Luciana heard it and demanded to know what Marico was talking about. Luciana asked what Marico was talking about, she also asked if he had a boyfriend. Marico could not answer because he did not want his sister to know that he was talking to Diego. She looked him in the eyes and told him that he could tell her the truth. Luciana loved her little brother and despite everything he did she would love him till forever. Marico loved his sister but she could not tell her that he was dating Diego. Diego was someone who was forbidden to date at the Diaz family. They could not date anyone from the Fernandez siblings. It was not like they were forced not to date them but because of the implications of what dating them entailed, they could not. Maria and Luciana did not like the Fernandez and telling Marico not do date them was enough for him to understand their feelings. Luciana looked at Marico waiting for a response. She waited for Marico to answer her questions but he just said no and he left to see his mother, Luciana was left alone to figure out on her own who Marico was dating and what was it that he was hiding. She knew that he was hiding something dangerous, she could not get above the fact that Marico was hiding something away from her family. She knew that she had to get the truth from Marico so that he can be free. Luciana knew her brother and she knew that secrets kill the family’s trust and they can always find a way to get out no matter how hard they try hiding them. Luciana believed that hearing bad news from the horse’s mouth was better than someone else telling you the news about someone you know and love.

That night both families had dinner at their different houses. At the Diaz family they had a beautiful and lively dinner. The children were talking and the twins were asking Marico how his life has been at Córdoba. They asked if he will bring his friends or the person he was talking to, they asked if he would introduce them to his friend. They were busy asking him childlike questions while playing with him. The twins wanted to see their uncle happy. Marico appreciated his family for being so loving and caring as well as understanding. The Diaz family dinners were amazing and they also were joyful. You would find them talking and laughing, everyone had the chance to say whatever they wanted, they had the freedom to. They had every right to disagree if they felt like they did not agree with whatever someone will say during dinner. It was not by force that someone should do thing they did not want to. Their table did not have constant places or chairs that were owned by certain people. Their table was round making it easy for their children to communicate and also so that they sit close to each other. That night dinner was cooked by Luciana. She cooked for her little brother, she wanted him to feel love and not feel forsaken. Maybe she wanted him to warm up to her about his relationships. She wanted him to be direct and tell her if maybe he was in a relationship with someone dangerous. While next door to the Diaz family, the Fernandez family’s dinner was a bit different and a different dinner compared to other families. The situation at dinner was bitter and everyone was not comfortable. The children did not have the freedom to say whatever they wanted. They only said what needed to be said. It was unusual for someone to say things just because they felt like it. Their dinner table had a rectangular shape, which made it hard for the children or the people around the table to be close to each other. Dominic was the only one who had the right to talk during dinner. They could not object to something he said, they did not have the right to say whatever they wanted. They had to ask for permission to say something. Dernando wanted to tell his father that he won’t be around Diego Christmas. He raised his hand and asked to speak. Dominic did not even consider Dernando’s hand, he just behaved as if Dernando did not even raise his hand. He just looked to the other side and he continued eating. Dernando saw that his father was not going to listen to him so he just kept quiet and left it as it was. He could not force his father to listen to what he wanted to say. Dominic finished eating and he left the table, Daniella and Darios left. Diego stayed to ask him what he wanted to tell Dominic. Dernando told Diego about his plan to skip Christmas; he just agreed that he would spend Christmas at home. It was a big issue for Diego but it would surely be a big issue to Dominic. Telling him would not make the situation better.

The dark cloud finally left the Fernandez family and Darios was left at Monteria to continue the school project with Alicia. He would spend most days with Alicia trying to make the school project a success. Daniella moved to United States of America with Marko for 2 years, they promised Darios and Diego that they would return when the child is strong enough to fly to Colombia. They escorted her to the airport and everyone bid farewell to her. They could not keep in touch because Dominic had eyes and ears everywhere. Everyone went back to their daily lives. Diego went back to work and the company decided to appoint a new COO while Daniella was away. Marico also returned back to work and everything was going well. August proved to be a good month for the people, they were prospering even though they could never hear Daniella’s voice for 2 years they were happy that they save her life and her child’s life. Fernandez INC was going in order and MDD was in control of Dominic and Diego because Darios was in Monteria building the school for the orphans. Everyone was prospering but far away at Rome University. Dernando was not so much prospering, he was having difficulties and he was breaking apart, he could not attend lectures like he would. He was engaged in drugs and he could not focus in class. He found it hard to pass assignments, he practically avoided his academics. Dernando was drowning and he could not tell his family because he was afraid of what Dominic would do to him if he found out about his doings. Dernando hid everything he was doing from the Dean, lecturer and close friends who knew him. It was because he lost his mother that’s why he lost his way; he was beginning to be a criminal hiding the extra illegal things he was doing in Rome. Dernando would skip classes and lie saying he was sick so that was the reason he skipped classes. He had no loyal friend the only friends he had were not good, they would smoke and drink every day. They would also steal from other students. Dernando was spiralling out of control; there was no way he was going to pass that year. If he did not pass he was going to go back to Colombia and tell his father the reason being him failing. One day his business lectures was busy handing out marks. Dernando got an F for an exam and he did not qualify to write the final exam. He failed the business module and he could not tell his family because of what will happen if Dominic knew about it. He deserted his friends and he would stay alone until one day he met a girl. He met this girl while he was busying coffee at a café. He was down he had no strength to talk to people. The girl was also buying coffee at that same cafe. The place was full so Dernando had to share the table with the girl. The girl greeted him and he did not say anything, she tried talking to him but he just ignored her. The girl tried until he finally gave in, she got attention from Dernando, he immediately found out her name. The girl’s name was Devi Yoshida an Indian girl who was studying business at that university. Dernando connected with Devi and they became friends right away, Devi was a nice girl and Dernando was lucky to have her as a friend. After they became friends Devi encouraged Dernando to speak out if he had a problem. During the course of their friendship, they were trusted each other and eventually Dernando trusted her with his life. Dernando eventually opened up to Devi and told her everything about his life. He told her about her father, that he lost his beloved mother and that his sister is away and he did not know why. He also told her about the way he was forced to choose business and he never wanted to do business. Devi encouraged Dernando to change his ways, she encouraged him to speak up for himself. She said that he can start afresh and no one would know. Dernando went to register for a law course and he started afresh. He found joy and also he was studying something he enjoyed, he also found joy in the heart of Devi Yoshida. He was interested in Devi and her bravery, he was charmed by the way she was so strong and she fought for what she believe in. Devi reminded him of Daniella, he also wanted Daniella to fight for hat she believed in. Dernando started law classes and he enjoyed every bit of it. He also enjoyed it because he was doing what his mother wanted him to do. He was following his own dream. He was following what his mother told him what to do. He was happy because of that, he was happy that Devi helped him overcome his drug addiction and he also let go of his friends. Dernando became best friends with Devi, he started to see that he loved her. She stroked him as someone who was different from his family members, she was different after all. She completed him, she was everything he ever wanted. He already knew that Devi was the one after his heart and he was ready to tell Devi that he loved her. He wanted her to know that he loved her more than a friend. The only problem was that he was scared to tell her and he did not want Devi to think that maybe he is a pervert. Dernando had to find a way to talk to Devi about his feelings. He did not need 3 years to prove that he loved Devi. He knew it inside his heart and that was enough. One day Dernando wrote a test and later during the day the marks were out and he found out that he passed so he went to talk to his beloved friend Devi. After that Dernando was certain that Devi was his knight in shining armour, he knew that he had to get her, she was precious and special. Dernando prepared some flowers and he asked Devi out for dinner. Devi agreed and they went out. Dernando began by telling Devi how precious she was and how she had been like a guardian angel guiding him throughout his life. He explained how he believed that Devi was like his mother had returned to him in the form of Devi. He loved her and he wanted Devi to know that. Dernando gave Devi flowers and he asked her to be his girlfriend. He told her how much he was in love with her and he pleaded with her to accept his love. Dernando was from a rich family but he was not romantic. He believed that everything he did for Devi was enough for her to see that he loved her. After Dernando asked Devi to be his girlfriend. She agreed without thinking twice. Devi also loved Dernando, she had the same feelings he did for her. She wanted him to have a better life and she believed Dernando stood for something more than what his life was. She wanted him to enjoy his life. Devi was a good Indian girl. She believed in God and also she believed in her Hindu religion. She was raised in a good family, she was the last born as well but her 2 brothers died in a car accident. So she was the only child left. She had a hard and rocky life but she made it through with the help of her family and friends.

Back in Córdoba Dominic was fixing a date for Diego and Antonella’s wedding. He was busy with Diego at his office when he was telling him that on the 24 of November he should marry Antonella. Diego was angry at his father he did not want to marry Antonella no matter what happened. He did not want to leave Marico and marry someone he did not love. Diego was getting angrier every time his father would mention Antonella. After Dominic told him that the news he sat down and thought about it for 12 minutes. He was busy thinking about it when eventually he snapped. He told his father that he would never marry Antonella because he did not love her. Dominic just shut him up and demanded that he rephrase his statement. He asked how he could defy what he wanted, how could he say that to his father, it was wrong for him to defy his own father. Diego never wanted to hear that, he wanted Dominic to drop the whole marriage thing because he was never going to marry Antonella. Diego told Dominic that he will never marry Antonella, he said that he would rather wake up his mother from the dead rather than marry Antonella. He pleaded with his father, he pleaded that he does not love Antonella and he should not force him to marry her. Dominic just told Diego that on Thursday they will have a meeting at the president home to discuss the process of their marriage.

“Please Pa, this is my life I should choose my life partner” said Dominic pleading with his father.

“You will marry Antonella and that is it. I don’t want to hear any objections from you” said Dominic.

“I will not marry her” said Diego.

“Don’t dare me boy, you will not like me when you do” said Diego in a daring tone.

Diego did not say anything else he just said that he will be there. After Dominic left Diego was ready to disagree with what his father was saying. He could not lose Marico because of a man he respects and loves. Dominic was indeed Diego’s father but he was not going to agree to marry someone he did not love because of what his father wanted. Diego called Marico into his office. He explained everything that happened and everything Dominic told him. Diego told Marico that he is not going to marry Antonella, he is going to stand up for what he believed in. Marico was happy to hear that Diego was going to stand up against his father. He was so happy that Diego would stand up for their love. This proved to Marico that Diego really loved him and that one day they would be together without Dominic discriminations and prejudices. They were actually going to conquer the world and show that their love does conquer all. Marico and Diego went out to a restaurant to celebrate the good news that Diego would disagree with his father for the first time. They ordered a buffet and they enjoyed it. After they just went to Diego apartment to spend the night and also to show each other that they are still together and they still love each other. They wanted to strengthen their love and make sure that they still loved each other. Marico never doubted Diego love he just wanted Diego to prove that he loved Marico and that he would do whatever humanly possible to stick with him throughout the difficulties.

On Thursday Dominic went with Diego to the president’s house. They had organised a meeting between Dominic and the president as well as Diego and Antonella. Dominic said that the wedding was scheduled to be held on the 24 of November. The president agreed with what Dominic was saying and after they were talking about the venue, the themes, the colours, the chairs, the wedding planner and when they come to plan the suit. Diego stood up and said that he will not marry Antonella. He said that they should stop wasting their times because he would never marry Antonella. Diego was fierce and angry at the same time. He was eager that he was not going to marry Antonella. He could not marry her because he did not love her. He told them that he did not love her and he looked directly in her eyes and apologised to her for the inconvenience. He told her that he did not love her and nothing was going to make him love her. He told them that he had someone he loved, someone he wanted to marry and no one was going to stop him from marring that person. Diego also looked at the president and apologised to him. He told the president that he loved that one person and he was not going to disappoint them and marry someone he never loved. He pleaded with his father that he will find a place in his heart to forgive him but he could not marry someone he never loved. He told his father that he was not going to have a marriage like his mother and his father had. He was not going to have a forced marriage. If he wanted to marry he would marry someone he loved with all his heart and that person is not Antonella. Dominic was angry at Diego, he rose up immediately and he held him by the collar. Dominic shouted at Diego asking why he is embarrassing himself and his father like that. He asked why he is doing that in front of the president and his daughter. For the first time in a long time Diego was not scared of his father Dominic, he was not scared of what Dominic would do. Diego did not care about what will happen to him tomorrow, he was happy that he could stand in front of his father and tell him that he will not do what he wanted. He stood up for what he believed in, he stood up for the person he loved and Dominic was never going to control him anymore, Dominic was never going to tell him what do because Diego had taken his life back. Diego was ready to take back his life. He looked at his father and he told him that he may be his father but he is not the controller of his life. Diego told Dominic that he was never going to be subjected to the life Dominic wants for him, he told that if he wants Antonella married to the Fernandez family then he should do it himself, he said Dominic should marry her herself.

“Listen Mr Fernandez, you are not Julio Herdiz. You did not give birth to me. Only my mother who suffered 9 months to have me will control me. You are my father I love you and respect you but I will never allow you control my life. I will not marry Antonella and that’s final” said Diego. After he said he left them.

Diego left in a heist, he had mixed emotions, he was fuming, irritated, heated, wretched, depressed, blissful, pleased, content, tangled, disorganised and he had regret , he had a pang of guilt for betraying his father. There was nothing he could do to change the situation, he already went against Dominic so he could not change back what had happened. Diego was a mess, the only thing keeping his sane was the thought of Marico. As much as he thought of Marico he also got angrier because his actions towards his father were only putting Marico in trouble. He felt scared for his Marico, Diego knew that Dominic would kill Marico. He was busy thinking about Marico’s safety when suddenly he heard a bang and that was it. Diego was hit by a black SUV driving towards his direction. He did not pay attention this side while he was busy thinking about Marico and his father. The SUV hit the side where Diego was and his car toppled 9 times until it stopped by hitting a stop sign. Everything just went quiet and Diego was unconscious that moment. The café owner near where he got hit witnessed the accident and she immediately called the hospital. After 30 minutes Diego was carried on an ambulance and he was on his way to the hospital. No one in his family knew about the accident. In the hospital when they were treating him Dr Jio saw that Diego was the patient and he immediately called Dominic to let him know that Diego was involved in a brutal accident. Dominic was still livid but when he heard the gruesome news he left whatever he was doing and called Darios in a hurry to go with him to the hospital. When they arrived at the hospital Darios was asking around whether they knew Diego Fernandez. He asked even the patients and after a while Dr Jio arrived and he wanted to tell them what happened. Diego was involved in a brutal car accident and his state was not good. Diego was in the ICU because the hit resulted in him having a head injury. The car was destroyed and it had crashed Diego’s legs and that was why his legs were a bit fractured. Diego would be in a wheelchair for months so that his legs can heal. Dr Jio explained that Diego was in a coma and they did not know when he would wake up but he has 50 50 percentage chance of waking up. Dario informed his brother Dernando what happened to Diego. Dernando was shaken a bit because of Diego’s accident but he could not go back home because of his final exams, he promised them to return on the first of December. After few weeks Diego was out of the coma. They changed him to a normal hospital room. After 2 days his family was allowed to visit him. When he looked around he saw his family members, he was a bit confused and shocked to see that some were not there. Diego saw Darios, Dernando and Dominic land he looked around the room as if he was searching for something else and he could not figure out what was it that he wanted to see more than anything.

“oooh hermano you are awake, I’m so happy. Oh God I thought something would happen to you. “Said Dernando hugging Diego.

“aaah-aaah Dernando why are you here is school closed yet?” said Diego trying to get up from his bed.

“What school in university in Rome brother. You took me there last year. I know I said I will not come back this December but after I heard you were in an accident I had to come” asked Dernando with tears running down his cheeks.

“si hermano, I’m thankful that you are safe we could not afford to lose you like we did with mom. Losing mom was difficult and we could not afford to lose you as well” said Darios hugging his brother.

“What do you mean by losing mom? She is okay we were with her last summer at home. By the way where is she and Daniella they should be here with you guys?” asked Diego looking around for Julio.

“Mom is dead Diego, we switched her machines together four months ago. She died and we buried her” said Dernando.

“What, wait wait mom can’t be dead. Why don’t I know that? How can she be dead? N-no n-no she c-cant….” Said Diego, he was having difficulties breathing.

“Dernando call Dr Jio fast. WE NEED A DOCTOR HERE!!” shouted Darios, he was scared and confused.

After few minutes Dr Jio entered at Diego’s room and he started to examine Diego. Dominic explained the situation that Diego could not remember what happened four months ago. Dr Jio asked Diego his name and he answered correctly, he also asked who the people around him in the room were and Diego answered correctly. He then asked what day it was and to everyone’s shock Diego said it the 24th of March 2016. All his family members were confused and demanded to know what had happened to Diego but Dominic was not. Darios was shocked and confused and when Dr Jio explained that Diego had lost memories of what had happened and the capacity lost was 1 year 8 months of his life. He remembered everything that had happened before then. Then it hit Darios that Diego forgot about everything crucial that had happened to his life, Diego only knew about what happened the day they went to Rome Italy for the Madrigez contract and after that it’s all blank. He did not remember that he finally found Mario, he did not remember that he was in a relationship with Marico, he did not remember that he lost Julio, he did not remember that Daniella was away because she was pregnant. Diego forgot the part of his life that had the information that would save his life, he forgot the most important part of his life. He did not remember that Dernando was in university he did not remember his mother’s will. The only thing Diego remembered that was important was that he had to make sure that his father is happy with him. He had to make sure that Dominic is not angry with him. That made Dominic happy. After Dr Jio told them the crucial information, Diego just said one thing which proved to Darios that he had lost the new Diego he was starting to love. The Diego who would do anything even defy Dominic just because of Marico. Diego who did not care about anything else but making sure that Dominic understand who he was and whom he loved.

“Pa did we get Mr Vesta and Mr Aggripa’s funding on the project? If not sorry that I disappointed you, I worked so hard to get it Pa I’m serious” said Diego holding his father’s hand. It was something he had stopped doing ever since Julio died. Diego went back to being Diego Fernandez the first son of Dominic Fernandez. The first son who was scared of his father and the first son who respected his father.

“si my son. You worked really hard I’m proud of you. It’s true that the Fernandez blood is running through your veins” said Dominic smiling at his son.

“”okay let him rest a bit” said Dr Jio.

Dominic always used that phrase every time Diego did something to please him. He would always torment him using that phrase. Darios and Dernando looked at each other and eventually in their minds they had to save Diego from Dominic again.

Will Darios and Dernando succeed in their plan to save Diego again? Will Dominic accept the disruptive Diego or will he stay with the old Diego as a puppet?


Our parents are supposed to wish good things upon our lives, they are supposed to be there for us when we lose our ways. Our parents wish us to have good and long lives and they don’t gain anything for our sufferings. For Diego his father was pleased at his downfall, he was happy that Diego lost his memories so that he can control him more. He was happy that Diego was back to his old self. After Diego was discharged Dominic removed him for working at MDD, he also made sure that Diego stayed with him at Córdoba so that he could monitor his progress. Diego was not allowed to have visitors, it was forbidden by Dominic. Only Dr Jio and his siblings would be allowed to be next to him. Dominic was the one who took the initiative to choose a new CEO for Fernandez Company while Diego was sick. He made sure that anyone who could have the potential to help Diego remember some of his memories was not allowed even 3 feet near their house. It started out nice and comfortable, Dominic would take care of Diego, he would also make sure that Diego slepf comfortable. He took it upon himself to travel with Diego when he wanted to go for check-ups or maybe if he wanted to go shopping. Diego felt that Dominic was doing all this because he was his father and he loved him like a father should love his son. He also felt like Dominic was there because his mother was no more. He did not know that Dominic had a plan of his own, Dominic was controlling Diego once more and it was undercover this time. Dominic made sure that he destroyed Diego old phone and he bought Diego a new phone so that his old numbers are deleted and lost. He did not want him to have a hint of his past life, there was nothing near Diego that would remind him of his past life or his lover. He could not remember that he once told his father that he had a lover that he wanted to marry, he could not and all that was lost in the accident. Everything he did and everything that he told Dominic before was lost with his memories. Dominic also made a routine for Diego, he wrote things that Diego was allowed to do and the things that he was not allowed to do. Diego’s routine was that he would wake up and eat breakfast and take his pills after a physiotherapist would arrive to help him strengthen his legs. Dominic was happy with Diego’s progress both his physical and mental state, Diego’s body was healing fast and he still could not remember anything that could destroy Dominic’s plan. Everyday Dominic made sure that he asked his son if he remembered something form his past life. Diego was happy and he was healing pretty well and fast. After a few days his legs were fully functioning. He would go to places himself. He would go outside to the lawn without his wheelchair or someone balancing him, he would also go up the stairs by himself. In the office, Marico was very concerned about Diego’s health, he was very concerned about his progress and what made it worse was that he could not get hold of Diego when he called. Marico was very worried and concerned about what was going on with Diego. He wanted to visit him but he could not get the information of where Diego was. He also could not visit because he was scared of hat Dominic would do when he saw him. Marico was so worried and he missed Diego so much, one day after work he went to MDD to see Darios and he thought maybe he could get some information about Diego. He thought maybe Darios could help him see Diego once and he felt like Diego was ignoring him. He went to MDD and he found Dario drinking the heavy stuff. Darios was gulping down a strong whisky without ice, it was certain that something was troubling him. Marico asked Darios what was going on with Diego, he asked why Diego was quiet, and he wanted to know what had happened after the accident. Darios started to explain Diego’s situation, he explained how Diego lost his memories and now he was at the mercy of their ruthless father. Marico’s heart broke when Darios told him that Diego had memory loss starting from the day they went to Rome and when Marico heard all that he started to shiver, he was just looked at Darios and told him that it was all over, there was no way they were getting Diego back. Marico was also sad that his love he could not remember him. Marico could not believe that Diego had forgotten about everything they went through. He was sure that he had lost his love because if Diego had lost his memories and Dominic was the one taking care of him then it would be hard for them to get hold of him. Marico lost hope of his love, he was certain that there was no way that Diego would remember him considering the fact that Dominic was hiding him and it would be hard for them to make Diego to remember Marico. Darios tried to explain the situation calmly and easily, he also told Marico about Dominic plan to marry Diego and Antonella. Dominic planned that on the 28th of December Diego would marry Antonella. Diego tried to explain the news to Marico so calmly so that he does not lose his mind. Marico immediately cried and broke down in front of thousand people, he could not hold himself. After Marico’s moment of weakness and despair he just stood up and he just told Darios that he knew he lost Diego, he knew that he was not going to get Diego back. Marico was ready to give up and he also told Darios that he should not worry about him he will be fine. And that’s when Darios told him that he will try by all means to get Diego back. Darios was not going to let his father take his brother as well, he was ready to fight for Diego. Dernadno and Darios were planning to work together so that they get Diego’s memories back. They planned that they should try by all means that Diego remembers Marico because Diego’s love for Marico was strong and it would break everything. Marico felt a little hope after the confession. He trusted Darios that he would get Diego back but it was going to be hard because Dominic is a dangerous man. At least Marico trusted Darios and despite everything that he said he still had hope for Diego, he had hope for his love and he believed that when two people love each other like he and Diego did nothing would break them up. He believed that love can conquer all, his father and mother’s unconditional love was an example. He grew close to his parents and he go to witness their sweet love when he was young, maybe that was the reason he believed in love even though it betrayed him he would still try and try. Marico was not the one to give up he was not taught that. After a while Marico left and while he was busy going to get a taxi to his apartment, he saw Jovian smoking outside. Jovian looked at Marico and he laughed at him. Jovian immediately looked down and he told Marico that Diego was someone who was not meant to be his. Diego was beyond his reach and he should have listened to Jovian if he wanted to keep his heart safe and if he wanted to avoid heartbreak. Jovian started telling Marico about how dangerous Dominic is, he explained that if Diego was under Dominic’s control then there is no way they are getting him back. Dominic would surely make sure that Diego do whatever he wanted. He told Marico that if Dominic wanted Diego to marry Antonella then surely Diego will marry Antonella. Dominic never plays around with reputation; no one would dare go against him. Jovian looked at Marico and he said one thing.

“But if you believe that you will have Diego back, then you should try maybe you will get him back. You are strong kid and with determination you can do dangerous things. You just proved that you love Diego beyond measures. Just be strong and trust Darios, he loves his brother and he is not going to let Dominic do this to his brother. They say if you love something you should let it go, I guess I’m letting Diego go. Be strong Marico and when you get Diego back just love him until everyone gets jealous” said Jovian smiling and he then pat Marico’s back.

Marico was struck by Jovian words, he was surprised that the same Jovian who did everything to make sure he could have Diego to himself said those words of encouragement to him. Marico was so shocked at the same time he was happy and felt at peace that Jovian understood his feelings. He had someone who felt the same as he did about Diego. He felt encouraged and happy during that moment. Marico was scared and confused so he did not tell his family about all the problems he was facing when he started to date. He thought about his mother and sister and he did not want to stress them, about the issues revolving around his life. He would hide all the problems but Luciana was starting to suspect that he was hiding something away from them

After a few days Dominic was eating dinner with Diego and Dernando. They were eating their mother’s favourite dish because Diego pleaded with Dominic that they should prepare some of his mother’s favourite dish. He missed his mother so much and he wanted to remember her with something, he did not have her memories but he knew that’s she was happy before she got admitted to the hospital. He wanted a reminder of their joyous and lively dinners. He wanted to reminisce about the good days they would sit and laugh as a family, those days everything was fine and nothing was going wrong. While they were eating Dominic started had something to tell his son. He told Diego that he wanted him to marry Antonella that month on the 28. Dominic explained that he did tell Diego and he said that he had a meeting with the president about the matter. Diego asked how everything had happened and that was when Dominic told Diego that he was on his way to that meeting when he had an accident. Dominic lied to Diego and told him that he agreed to marry Antonella and everything was okay. Dominic explained how Diego was going to tell the president and Antonella about the other necessities concerning their wedding. Dominic tried so hard to make Diego trust and believe that indeed they were planning his wedding and that he was okay with it. To Dominic’s surprise, Diego told his father that he did not know Antonella that well and he could not marry her that fast. Diego explained to his father that he did not love Antonella yet and he could not marry her. He also explained how he didnot know her personality and her lifestyle. He told his father that he needed more time to get to know Antonella and after he can be sure whether he wants to marry her or not. Dominic was not happy when he heard this, he was angry that Diego wanted to postpone the wedding because of the same reason he defied him before the accident. Dominic was also angry at Diego because he could not understand why he was obsessed with loving the person he should marry. To Dominic marrying someone your father chooses for you was a duty you had to uphold as a son or a daughter, but Diego believed in love and he wanted to love from within and not by force. Dominic was tired to say another thing and that’s when Dernando explained to Dominic that he should let Diego get time to know Antonella, he should be allowed to understand Antonella because she is going to be his wife and the mother of his children. He also told him that he should allow Diego have time to get to know Antonella. Dominic just kept quiet and he just said that he will give Diego 3 months to get to know Antonella and after 3 months he will marry her whether he knows her enough or not. He told them that when 3 months has been reached he will marry Antonella nevertheless. Darios and Dernando were not happy with Dominic’s decision but there was nothing they could do they had to accept that at least they 3 months to help Diego remember some of his crucial memories. Diego looked at his father and his siblings and he just thought that they were doing what they always do. They were fighting like they always do and it was normal for him to see that scenario. He felt like it was normal because he knew that they would always fight over small issues. Diego just pleaded with his sibling to stop arguing with their dad and he agreed that after 3 months he will marry Antonella. He promised his father that after 3 months he will do what he wants even if he does not know more of Antonella and he won’t have a problem marrying her.

Marico went home one Friday to his mother. As he was walking, he was thinking about his life and Diego’s life. He could see that his life was different from Diego’’s life, Diego was rich and sad but he was did not have millions in his bank account but he had hope and love in his heart. He believed that he could share that with Diego but Dominic never really liked that. He was thinking about their situation and also how they are going to help Diego remember everything he lost. He had mixed emotions about his life, he would pray and ask God why his life was that hard, he was curious as to why his life was different from other people’s lives. Marico felt like all his life he was destined to lose all the good things he had. He felt like he was destined to lose all good things Iife gave him starting from his father to also losing Diego. He even asked a stranger in the bus if maybe that man believed that he is destined for nothing good in his life. That man just said that Marico seemed like a loving soul and he really does deserve the best. He got home and his family was doing what they always do. They were showing that they were happy to see him. But Marico was sad, Marico did not even have dinner that night he just told them that he is full and he was going to sleep early. Maria asked what the problem was and he just said that he is okay he just feels tired and he will talk to them the next day. Luciana also asked showing her concerns but Marico was so sad and he had no strength to answer or explain that he may have lost his love. Also he did not want tell his sister that he was dating Diego and that he was going to lose him because of Dominic. Marico was alone in his world of despair, he was alone that he could not tell his family. Marico also did not want to tell his friends because the issue was so intense and disturbing. He did not want them to know about his situation and back luck in love. Maria looked at her son and saw that he had problems and he was sad. She could see that he was losing weight and she was sad because there was nothing she could do to help her son. It was in Marico’s hands to help himself. He had to tell his family about his problems if he wanted help. He had to open up to his mother is he wanted their help. That night before he slept he came to a decision that he will surely tell his family about his problems. He would surely tell them what was happening in his life ever since he started work at the Fernandez Company. That night he had a dream where Diego remembered him and they were going to be married. In his dreams he saw that everyone was happy with their union but Diego and Dominic were not happy about it. He immediately woke and he prayed about it, he woke up and he was sure that the next morning he was telling Marico and Luciana everything. In the morning Marico woke up, he went to take a bath and after brushing his teeth he went down stairs to eat breakfast before his mother and sister left for work. Marico ate breakfast and after he told them that he had something he wanted to tell them. He asked them not to be angry at him or anything, they should accept the truth as it is. Marico started to explain by telling them that he met Diego at work and they started dating. Marico explained everything he did not leave anything. He explained everything, he told them about the trip to Rome and what happened there. He told them about the trip to Paris with Eva and Jaleno and what had happened before that. He told them about what happened when Jovian kidnapped him and how Diego slept with Jovian in order to save Marico’s life. He explained how they would fight and they got back together and lastly he explained how Dominic forced Diego to marry Antonella. He told them about Diego defiance and how he got into an accident that led him to forget everything about their love, their struggles as well as how he was ready to defy his father because of their love. As Marico was busy explaining tears were rolling down his face, he could not look at his mother and his sister’s eyes. He felt that he had disappointed them so much with everything that he did. He felt like he was against his families. He was heartbroken and he felt like they would never trust him gain because he had killed their trust. Marico was sure that he had lost everything he had with his family. After he explained his situation, Maria and Luciana did not say anything. They just looked at Marico while he was crying, they felt for him they felt like they were the ones disappointing him. Luciana was the one who started the talk, she told Marico that she was not disappointed in him. She explained how she wanted him to feel at ease and love himself more. Luciana begged Marico not to cry, she begged him to forgive himself so that his mother can forgive him. Luciana hugged her brother and she comforted him, she was not angry with him and she was not disappointed rather she was proud and happy that he was able to stand up for what he believed in. Marico could not believe that Luciana was saying that, he was happy and relieved that she was not angry at him. He was happy that Luciana was proud of him. He then looked at Maria who was still quiet, she did not say anything. She looked down and she just drank water. Maria told Luciana to take the twins to sleep. She said that she wanted to have a word with Marico. Marico was scared of what his mother would do or say to him for disobeying what she told him. He thought that she would maybe tell him to quit work and stay at home or maybe he should leave Diego.

“Um listen Marico. I love you so much my son. I’m proud of what you have done today. I have always known that you had something huge you were hiding but I could not figure it out” said Maria.

“You always knew” asked Marico.

“We had always known. You remember that day when you wanted to sleep in your room for the first time. Yeah we had suspicions from that day. When you left for Paris with Eva and Jaleno, Jaleno explained everything” said Luciana.

“Mama are you not angry that I like a boy?” asked Marico looking down.

“No my son, love is not about gender. Love is love and I love you for loving yourself and accepting who you are” said Maria.

“Don’t worry Mari, we don’t care about gender we just want you to be happy. But I do wish you could have told me. I would have helped with preparing you for dates” said Luciana.

“Wow I’m so sorry Ma. I should have told you sooner” begged Marico.

“It’s okay Mari. At least now we are on the same page, always know that I love you and if this time Diego is worth it then do whatever you have to in order to save him. Ican see no one will change your mind now and that you have always loved that Fernandez boy.” said Maria.

“Yeah, you have our blessings Mari. We love you and your happiness comes first. Do what you have to do but be safe for us. We give you our blessings” said Luciana smiling.

“si mama. Thank you sister I’m so happy I have you as my family. I love you Ma and I love you as well Luciana” said Marico hugging his mother and his sister.

After Marico told his family and they accepted his and Diego’s relationship he felt like a whole burden has been lifted off his shoulders. He felt like he was relieved and that he could go on and save Diego together with Darios and Dernando. Marico was truly lucky to have Maria and Luciana as his family members. Marico told his family how happy and grateful he was that they loved him nevertheless. Maria truly was an angel she was the mother everyone needed. Marico felt like if Diego had her as a father then Diego and Marico would be married by now. Maria asked Marico to tell them how he is going to save Diego from Dominic. They also told him something to help Diego, Maria was a good mother. She was getting old so she did everything possible so that Marico can lead a purposeful life. She wanted Marico to have a happy and a good life. She wanted them to feel precious and loved so that he can be a good citizen. She wanted her children to feel a sense of belonging in their family. In the evening Maria and Luciana returned home from work and Luciana decided to start dinner. Marico asked if he could join his sister in preparing dinner. Luciana did not have any reason to disagree so they both started to prepare dinner. Maria was so pleased and delighted to see that her children were working together to start up dinner. They were dancing and singing, they were enjoying their family time. It was beautiful and joyful, everyone was happy and Maria could not have it any other way. Lara and Laura were starting high school the following year. It was a good thing to celebrate for, they were going to be 12 and high school was a big deal for them. Being a junior in Monteria high school was every child’s dream but they could not because of finances and state. They had little money but Luciana made sure that her children get quality education like she did. She wanted them to enjoy life just like she did. The only thing she was not going to give them was the love of a grandfather and a father but she made sure to love them unconditionally so that they don’t lack anything. After a few days, it was 3 days before Christmas. Diego and Dominic were busy talking about how they were going to celebrate Christmas without Julio. Diego was not ready to spend his first Christmas without his mother, he had just lost his memories and he did not remember that he spent last Christmas without Julio. They were preparing when Darios and Dernando entered the conversation. Both men told their father that they had something to show Diego. They had an envelope contining Marico and Diego’s pictures. They wanted to show Diego so that he could remember something about Marico. Dominic demanded to see the content of the envelope but Darios pleaded with his father that the content was private and he had to show Diego himself. No one expect Diego had the right to open the envelope. Dominic did not like the fact that they wanted to give something private to Diego. He immediately took the envelope and he wanted to open Dernando quickly grabbed the envelope and gave it to Darios. That’s when Dominic saw that they were planning something which would destroy his own plans. He asked what they wanted to show Diego and they lied saying it was confidential. Dominic gave them a harsh and clear instruction, he told them they should never give Diego any envelope or something like that without his knowledge. Dominic was angry at Darios and Dernando for trying to destroy his plan, he looked at them to make sure they understood what he said. They mainly nodded to show that they understood loud and clear. After Dominic told Diego to accompany to his study so that they can discuss more about his wedding. They also wanted to organize a date with Antonella so that Diego could take her out, this was the loophole Dominic forgot about. Dominic could not go with his child to the date. That moment Darios and Dernando planned to ambush Diego when he is on a date with Antonella and give him the pictures. They could not forget about the warning Dominic gave them but they had to make sure they fulfil the promise they gave Marico. They had to help him get Diego back, they had to make sure Diego remembers the love he shared with Marico so that Diego could be free from Dominic.

Christmas arrived again, the Fernandez family did not have anything to wish for. They did not have hope for tomorrow because the only hope was Julio and she was gone. Dernando and Darios were the only ones who were intact and they had full knowledge of what was going on. They did not enjoy Christmas, it was dull, suspicious, meaningless day. They spent all day planning how they will make sure that Diego saw the pictures they had. The Fernandez family was broken, it was shattered everyone was busy plotting against their own family members and there was no hope that it will ever be the same as before. On New Year’s Day Diego and Antonella went out on a sate. Dominic wanted to go with them but Diego cold not allow his father to impose on a romantic moment or on his chance to get to know his fiancé. He begged Dominic to stay behind, Dominic was not at ease he had a feeling that’s something bad would happen. He had a feeling that someone will try to destroy a plan he had and that did not sit well with him. Diego and Antonella were busy eating when Darios, Dernando and Marico entered the restaurant. They did not see that Dominic paid a bodyguard to go with them to keep them safe and also to monitor whom they see that night. When Marico and the 2 Fernandez siblings arrived they saw the bodyguard and they planned that when Diego goes to the bathroom Marico will follow him so that he can talk to him. Just like they anticipated while they were eating Diego asked to go to the restroom. When Diego was inside Marico found a way to sneak into the bathroom and he found Diego there. When Diego turned around he mistakenly bumped against Marico causing him to slip and when he was falling Diego held his hand and body so that he can stop Marico from falling. When Marico was in Diego’s grip, they looked at each other’s eyes, there sparks of love being between the two, their eyes clicked and they understood each other, and they felt for each other. Love was written all over them. Eyes never lie and Diego could see unconditional love in Marico’s eyes. He could see that the man in his arms loved him so much. Marico eyes were full of tears, full of happiness, full of pleasure and also they were full of sadness. He was about the fact that he could not do anything to save Diego, he could not touch him more than he already has. Diego was no longer his to have. After they were done string at each other, Diego broke the silence.

“Uh sorry I’m sorry I bumped into you Marico” said Diego.

“It’s okay Mr Fernandez I’m so sorry I bumped into you” said Marico wiping his tears.

“How are you doing? Fancy meeting you here, are you not at work or out with friends?” asked Diego while he extended his hand for a hand shake.

Marico first looked at Diego’s hand and he took it. When both their hands touched, Diego felt at peace and he wanted to stay there. He wanted to be there and not go anywhere else. He wanted Marico to hold him and never let him go. His eyes showed that he needed Marico to hold him and never let him go. He did not know why he felt like that but he felt it and it was right.

“Um sorry I have to go, my fiancé is um waiting” said Diego looking down.

“Wait um can you please take this. Mr Darios Fernandez sent me” said Marico.

“Uh o-okay-y. Um thank you. Bye Marico” said Diego and he left.

Marico heart was beating fast at that moment. It was beating like he was in a race with someone. He did not understand why he felt like that but he was happy he was able to hold Diego again. He was happy he was in Diego’s arms once again and he was happy because he thought that Diego would open the pictures. When dinner was over the couple left and Darios, Dernando and Marico left for the airport. Darios was accompanying Dernando to the airport so that he can go back to school. Darios and Marico had hoped that Diego would see the pictures. Few days after the date Diego was alone in his room, he was trying to lie down and take a rest when suddenly he saw the envelope and he remembered the weird conversation he had with his receptionist. He took the envelope and opened it. He saw that there were pictures inside and he took the pictures out and he looked at them. He saw the man he accidentally bumped at the restroom on New Year’s Day. He saw Marico and he was happy, Marico was smiling in the picture and he found himself smiling without a reason. He saw some pictures where they were in bed and some they were cuddling. He saw that he was also happy in the picture. He was also smiling, he was also happy in the pictures. Diego saw another man with Marico a man he did not recognize, he did not understand why he would be so romantically involved with his receptionist. Diego was confused and he was not sure whether he was the one in the picture or it was someone else. He was so confused, at that moment he felt like he was living a double life. When he was trying to figure it out, he had a little flashback of him and Marico when they were cleaning his apartment. He remembered that someone like Marico and him were cleaning his apartment. They were cosy and happy, they were acting like they knew each other for many years. They were happy and as was reliving that moment in his mind he smiled. After he went downstairs to look for his father, he found his father and he asked if he could extend the 3 months, Diego asked his father If he could extend the wedding to July. Dominic was curious as to why Diego wanted Dominic to extend the wedding to a far month. Dominic asked Diego and he just said that he had issues he had to fix with someone. Dominic did not like the sound of what Diego has just said. Dominic suspected that Diego met someone on the night he had a date with Antonella. To solve this he rushed inside Diego’s room and he started to search for anything suspicious. He searched everywhere, under the bed, the cardboard, the shelves, his bathroom and finally he found an envelope on top of Diego wardrobe. He looked at the envelope and he immediately knew that something inside was dangerous, he was sure that there was something suspicious inside. Dominic opened the envelope and immediately he saw the pictures. Dominic eyes were red, they showed hatred and disgust at what they were seeing. Dominic hit the wall and took the envelope with him. He travelled to see Antonella secretly. Dominic meeting with Antonella was an important one. He told Antonella that Diego would slip of her fingers if she did not do anything. Dominic wanted to put pressure Antonella of so that she can act irrationally to try and secure her spot near Diego. Antonella was more like Dominic, when they want something they would make sure they get it. They did not care who get hurt or who’s truest they break by doing so but they did not care. This time Antonella and Dominic wanted Diego to get married fast before he regained his memories. That’s when Dominic came up with a solution, Dominic proposed that he sleeps with Antonella and then she gets pregnant for him. He further explained that she would lie to Diego saying the child is his maybe he will marry her fast. Antonella and Dominic strengthen their plan, they wanted to drug Diego so that Antonella can sleep with him and after she claims that she is pregnant and he is the father. Dominic and Antonella were both dangerous and Diego had no idea what was coming for him. Dominic and Antonella planned to sleep together on the 29th of January. Darios and Marico were busy with work, they were hoping that one day Diego would remember Marico as his boyfriend with the help of the pictures and then he will go back to him. They did not know that Diego remembered Marico, he did remember Marico as his receptionist someone he would never date or love. Diego knew Marico as a poor guy who worked for his company and that was it. He had pride and he was not going to agree that Marico and him were lovers. That did not happen, it took days while they were waiting for Diego to remember Marico, they believed he would but he was not remembering anything or maybe he did not want to remember that part. Dominic and Antonella carried out their plans, they slept together on that day and they continued until Antonella took in, she was pregnant on their second attempt. February arrived and Antonella planned a dinner for both Diego and her. She planned a romantic date. She drugged Diego food and they enjoyed dinner. After Diego started to feel dizzy, he could not stand right but he was conscious so he knew what was going on. Antonella carried him to the bedroom with the help of Dominic. They both carried Diego and they placed him on top of his bed. Antonella started to do her things and after she was done she positioned him nicely and she slept on his chest. Morning came and when Diego woke up he could see that Antonella was next to him, he was shocked and he woke her up. He asked what had happened and she told him that they had dinner and he could not hold himself. Diego was confused and he was curious as to how he did all they said he did. After he agreed but he was suspicious because he had a gruesome headache. He felt like his heard was coming off, he could not feel his heard and there was no way he could make love to someone in that state. He eventually believed her because he had no other choice he also did not think that she was capable of lying. After Antonella left and everything went back to normal, everyone forgot about their moment.

Few weeks after, Marico was done working for the day when he was busy preparing to leave he got a call from Darios wanting to see him at MDD. When Marico arrived at 21:00, he found Darios on a call with Daniella. She had given birth and she wanted to hear Diego’s voice. She wanted to tell her big brother that she had given birth. She wanted to hear everything that had happened but Daniella did not know what had happened to her brother. She asked where Diego was and Dario started to explain the situation. Darios could not tell Daniella what had happened because she was pregnant and he did not want her to have stress or put the child in danger. He just wanted her to have a healthy pregnancy and enjoy it without hearing about the issues happening in Colombia. Daniella was so heart broken when she heard that her brother was in trouble. She could not believe that so much had happened after she left. She begged Dario to save her brother, she begged him to help Diego out of Dominic’s hands because she knew that if Dominic wanted something, she knew how far he could go to save his reputation. He did not play with anyone when he set a planned marriage, he would make sure that you follow the rules and if you don’t he would find a way to make you get married. If it meant that you get married by force them he would force you to get married. Marico also explained how he viewed the situation, he explained what they had given him the pictures and that’s when Daniella explained that she knew Diego and he would never agree that he was in a relationship with Marico. Daniella knew that Diego had pride and he would not agree that he was involved with a receptionist. Daniella’s confession triggered a lot of emotions in Marico, before they believed that someday he would get out, but after the time he spent they were not so sure. They did not believe that what they did really worked. They had doubts and there was nothing more they could do to help Diego. Marico was stressed enough, he could not take it anymore. He was tired of everything that was happening, he was tired of his life, and he was tired of people controlling other people. Marco was tired of life and its struggles. The most tiring of it all was how the world did not want him and Diego to be together, he was angry at how everyone around him was trying to help him but it was nothing because the only thing he wanted was being held by another human being. It was tiring for Marico to accept that his life has just gone back to what it was before he got Diego. He was tired about everything, he could not take it anymore. Darios tried to instil hope in Marico, he tried to make sure that Marico still had hope because if they wanted to save Diego he had to be strong and believe. Even though Darios tried to do that there was nothing he could do because Marico was tired, he was so tired of trying to hope for the inevitable. It was hopeless after all, it was hopeless to hope that you could win against Dominic. You could not win against Dominic and considering the fact that Diego was his son it was hopeless after all. One day Antonella went to inform Diego the news that would change his life, the news about her pregnancy. Dominic also prepared so that Antonella could have support when she breaks the news to Diego. She arrived and went to see Dominic before going to Diego. Diego had memory loss but he was not stupid, he was not a fool so she had to make sure that she delivers the news strategically so she does not blow up things. Antonella started by telling Diego how they have spent one night together and how that evening was perfect and delightful, she went on and explained that when they were busy night things happened. Diego was confused as to what Antonella was talking about. He wanted to know what she was sulking about because he could not understand a thing. Antonella then gave Diego a positive pregnancy test. Diego took it and asked what that meant.

“I’m pregnant baby and it is your child” said Antonella.

“What? You are what?” asked Diego.

“She is pregnant son. This is good news it is amazing” said Dominic.

“What’s amazing about this Pa? This should not have happened” said Diego.

“Diego you got her pregnant, stop insulting her and stand for your doings. So now that things are like this you will have to marry her sooner. You will marry her on the 20th of November” said Dominic.

“But dad I can’t just……” said Diego.

“You will marry her and that’s final” said Dominic.

After he said that he left. Diego knew that it was final he was going to get married to Antonella and that was it. He knew that he was doomed and there was nothing he could do. He could not do anything about it. Antonella was pregnant and it was his, in their family it was to make someone pregnant and not do right by her. It was right that Diego marry Antonella so that his child could have the Fernandez surname respectfully. It was not against the law that the child could have the father’s surname even if the parents are not married. But Dominic wanted to do things the traditional way. He wanted Diego to marry Antonella and so that they can give the child the Fernandez surname with dignity and respect. Diegon knew that he could not get the president’s daughter pregnant and not marry her. It was wrong and the president could not allow that to happen. He was also a strict and traditional man, and things should be done the traditional way. Diego had no other choice but to agree that he will marry Antonella when the time comes and no one should do anything about it. It was settled that he would marry her, no delays, no objections and definitely no backing down. Diego could not do anything else he was doomed. After the pregnancy Dominic lessened his monitoring Diego’s life, he knew that no matter what Diego did, no matter whom he saw and even if he remembered something he could not get away from the pregnancy and marrying Antonella. He would still marry Antonella even if he was in a relationship with a man or a woman. He was right Diego could not back down, it was because he had respect he respected women and he was not going to allow Antonella raise his chid without a father. It was always his dream that when he has children he wanted them to have a good life, he wanted to be there for his children. There was something about Diego and Antonella’s relationship, he did not love her and he could not even force himself to try. He could not buy her flowers, he could not kiss her or touch her in any way. Diego did not have sexual feelings for Antonella. Even she would try multiple times to seduce him he would just avoid her showing no interest. Diego did not have any feeling or whatsoever for Antonella. Diego was strong that he could return to work but because of his memory loss, it was hard for Dominic to agree. Diego could not remember his clients and the projects they had so he had to stay at home. He was allowed to visit Darios and some of his other friends. Also Dominic would allow him to go see his staff at Fernandez INC. The only thing that made Dominic to be at ease with allowing was that he had forced him to accept that he was going to get old with Antonella and their child. He was forced to take Antonella everywhere he went. It was broadcasted that the first son of Dominic Fernandez Diego Fernandez and the president’s daughter were expecting and they were going to get married in November. Marico had no strength to be happy or sad about the issue, he was tired of crying for Diego. He did not have the strength to cry for Diego. He could not bring himself to that level to cry for Diego. One day Marico and Darios were discussing about Diego’s and also they were just laughing at their failure to help Diego remember Marico. As they were drinking and laughing, Marico brought up something about Diego’s wife and her pregnancy. Marico was telling Darios how impossible it was that Diego could make someone pregnant. How difficult it was for Diego to sleep with Marico. Diego was not the one who would sleep with Antonella. He could not treat someone so respectful like rubbish, it was not how Diego did his things. Marico explained that Diego respected those who should be respected and that only lust would make him sleep with a girl. Darios also commented about the issue, he also explained how Diego choose his victims and Antonella would never be his choice. Darios told Marico what Diego said some day, he told Marico that one day when they were drinking Diego told him that “Hermano, I don’t know why dad is forcing me to marry Antonella, I don’t love her and I would never sleep with her, I don’t love her and I think I lost feelings for girls”. Darios remembered that sentence that Diego said, he remembered it correctly that Diego was starting to go back to his old self. He was gay and he was starting to embrace it. He would never sleep with Antonella. Darios and Marico were sure that the baby Antonella was carrying was not Diego’s. It couldn’t be Diego’s baby because Diego would never sleep with her. Diego’s penis only hardened when he was with Marico that was the only time he was hard. It was impossible that she got pregnant because of Diego. After their meeting they came to a conclusion that they should contact Dr. Jio to do a paternity test on Diego and the child once Antonella is 5 months due. They planned to test the baby in June………………….

Time flied as if someone was running with it. Dr. Jio asked Antonella to for a check-up. When Antonella went to the hospital, Dr. Jio tested her. The results were estimated to come out 2 weeks after. After 2 weeks the result came out and Dr. Jio called Darios and Marico. Dr Jio opened the results and he explained that the baby inside Antonella’s stomach had Diego DNA profile; however he was not its biological father. The other profile showed that it was not Diego but someone who had the same DNA profile as Diego who fathered the child. Darios raised his eyes and he just thought about Dominic and Antonella and he asked Dr. Jio what he meant by fathered. Dr Jio explained that the child was not Diego’s but it was Diego’s father. Marico was happy and shocked at that Antonella and Dominic planned to make Diego marry Antonella by sleeping together. They couldn’t believe the extent both of them would go in order to make sure that Diego married Antonella. It was scary to think about it. It was scary to think that Dominic and Antonella had sex. After Dr. Jio gave Darios and Marico the results, he continued with his work. It was left in Marico and Darios hands to expose the truth and save Diego from Dominic. They didn’t know how they were going to prove that the baby was not his but they knew that they had to save him. It was the least they could do for him. Diego needed their help and they had to help him. After that discovery, Darios had to act normal he could not let his father know that he knows about their secret. Darios started to spend a lot of time at home, he spent a lot of time observing Dominic and Antonella. To his surprise both Dominic and Daniella were acting normal, Darios nearly gave up until one day he found them talking about how the baby is doing and they talking about the name they will give the child. Even though they wanted people to think that the child was Diego’s Dominic also had the feeling of showing that child love like he was the father. Sometimes he would forget that he had to act like the grandfather and not the father. He was the father and grandfather so he had to make sure that the child is taken care of. Darios would see how Dominic would accompany Antonella to scans with Diego. Dominic became the third wheel in the couple’s relationship. He was there when they were choosing clothes for the child. He was also there when they were looking for a name for the child. He was also there when Diego would take Antonella to see a family therapist to check if she was ready for motherhood.

“I think Dariano, Daviano, Delano, Dillano, Dennis and D…….” said Antonella.

“I don’t think I want my child’s name to start with D. What about Aileen for a girl it’s nice and catchy and it means pleasant and beautiful. Also Aiden for a boy, it means little protector” said Diego. Aileen was the name Marico said they would name their child if they ever had one. He did not remember who told him about the name but he remembered that he had heard it before and he fell in love with the name.

“Ooh Aileen and Aiden, both names are magical and wonderful. I love them” said Darios.

“NO my grandchild will have a name starting with D to continue my legacy” said Dominic.

“My child will not continue your legacy. He/she will start mine” said Diego.

“The child is mi……. uh I mean he is the Fernandez grandchild he should have a name starting with D” said Dominic.

Darios looked at his father when he mistakenly wanted to say that the child was his.

“It is my child Pa I have the right to name it” said Diego.

“That won’t happen, not in this house. Respect yourself and your legacy son. The child will have a name starting with D and that’s final” said Dominic.

After saying that he left and Diego and Antonella were shocked at how Dominic wanted to control the child’s life even when it was not born. Darios knew why, he knew that Dominic was doing the same thing he did when his mother was pregnant with Dernando. Diego was confused at how his father wanted to name his child, he did not understand. It was hard for him to understand why his father would be so angry to name his child but eventually he did and they agreed that the child’s name would be Deviano Alenjaro Fernandez. It was a good name based on Dominic and what he wanted the people to think. It was a good name because he was also strengthening the D’s in his family.

9 months later, Dominic and Diego were busy preparing for Diego and Antonella’s wedding was going to be. First the wedding would be done by Antonella family. They were doing the final touches on their suits and Dominic was also helping Diego with his vows. Antonella was also preparing, she had help from her best friend Gilliano. Her bump was also big so they had to adjust the dress so that it could fit her. Diego and Antonella’s wedding was perfect, the president made sure there were expensive flowers, the cake was huge and colourful. The wedding was held at the most expensive and inclusive venue, it was held at Mezquita-Cathedral de Córdoba. The president attended, high and rich men attended their wedding. It was a luxury and a wedding you would want to attend. It was luxurious and well kept. Everyone who attended was people of their own legacies, people who owned thousand businesses worth millions. Everyone was allowed to attend; the whole of Córdoba was allowed to attend if they wanted. The wedding was free but for someone to attend they had to wear according to the theme. Antonella wore a dress by Berta Bridal at Blanco de Novia in Madrid, it was an expensive dress, a winning design which had long sleeves, a deep V-neckline and it was a ball gown princess like dress. She added some gold earrings by Jennifer Behr and she also wore a ring given to her by her mother. Diego wore a royal blue suit, a yellow tie and white shirt. The theme was royal blue and white with a hint of yellow. Diego felt that something was wrong, he felt like it was wrong for him to marry Antonella, he did not have the enthusiasm someone who was getting married should have. He was not scared or shivering he was calm and confused. It did not feel right it was wrong but he could not change what was happening. He could not change the wedding he had to get married he had to fulfil the promise he made to his father and Antonella. Diego was thinking about Marico’s face on the pictures they sent him, he was thinking about how close they were how happy they looked. He could not understand why he was happy and why when he looked at Marico the way he did on the pictures. He could see that he looked at Marico with love and trust. He could not understand why every time he thought about Marico he felt somehow, something inside him moved. He was in love with Marico but he did not understand why, he could not fully understand why he felt like that. As he was thinking about Marico he immediately pushed aside the thoughts and he thought about Antonella. He was thinking about his wife and his child. He had to make sure he forgot about everything so that he can try to love Antonella. The only thing strong enough to hold him was the thought of his child that only made him look forward to marrying Antonella. While Diego was having his own confusions, Antonella was also finishing dressing up, she was also thinking about how her life had turned up to be so complicated and so deceitful. She could not believe that she agreed for Dominic to impregnate her. Antonella was someone who believed in right and wrong, she would think about the things she did to get Diego. She felt so dirty and disgusted but there was no way she as backing down. She could not change her mind about the wedding. She could not go back and tell everyone that they child was not Diego’s. She could not, she had done a lot to be where she was. She could not disappoint her father, also she could not let her father know that she allowed an old man touch her because she wanted to get married. She did not have a choice but to get married even though she felt guilty. She felt guilty of doing what she did to Diego. While Diego and Antonella wedding was being prepared and the bride and the groom were dressing up, Darios was trying to talk to Marico about him attending Diego’s wedding. He tried to explain that it would benefit him to attend the wedding maybe Diego could see him and change his mind or maybe he could get closure from attending the wedding. Marico felt it was hard for him to attend his ex-boyfriend’s wedding, it was hard for him to see Diego get married to someone else he could not do it. He was not strong enough to accept that Diego was gone and he would never hear him call his name in a romantic way. He knew that when Diego got married it was the end of it. It was hard for Marico. He did not want to torment himself more, it was bad enough that Diego could not remember him but he could not attend Diego’s wedding. Darios tried by all means to convince him, to make sure that Marico attended. Marico did not attend Diego and Antonella’s wedding that day. The wedding ceremony went well, everyone was happy about it and it was broadcasted. The wedding was top of the notch, but it was just a wedding introduction, it was not legal and they did not sign anything. Antonella had to get married at Diego’s house so that they could legalize their marriage and she could be Diego’s wife legally. After the wedding arranged by the president and Antonella went to take pictures, all the important members also took pictures. Dernando did not attend the wedding because he was busy with school. After the introduction, few days later the day of Diego’s wedding to introduce Antonella to his house arrived. Darios also tried to convince Marico to attend that one, the wedding was held at Monteria Diego’s old house. Eventually Marico agreed to attend the wedding. He agreed maybe because it was next door to his house so if anything bad happened he would go home fast. He did not even put in much effort with the outfit he just decided to put on his regular clothes. He was devastated but he had to do it for his own benefit. If he wanted to send Diego off in a good state then he had to confront the situation. Darios begged him to understand that attending Diego’s wedding was a good attempt and a step at finding healing. Marico really wanted to heal so he attended the wedding. While they were going to the wedding Marico was praying to God that a miracle happens, he was praying that Diego remembers him, he was praying that something happens so that Diego can stop the wedding and return to him. It was everything he wanted, he believed that he will find closure that day. When Darios and Marico arrived at Diego wedding, they entered his Darios’s house and they entered the main hall and found out that Diego was waiting for Antonella at the altar. He just arrived and stood there and looked at Diego. When Diego looked at the side he saw Marico looking straight at him, Marico was crying. He had no hope he had nothing else to wish for rather than closure. Marico walked towards Diego, he was walking as if he was the one Diego was waiting for. He was walking as if it was their wedding. Diego looked at Diego, they locked eyes Diego’s heart was beating fast. Diego wanted to run to Marico he wanted to take Marico’s hand and make him his groom. He wanted to show the world that he loved Marico. He wanted everything at the venue to know that he loved Marico but he could not. He could not do all that he wanted for. In his mind he did not think that he would ever love someone like Marico, but he did. His heart did and there was nothing he could do to stop it. He could stop his eyes from staring at Marico but he could not stop the feelings he had for Marico, he could not stop his heart from loving Marico. But all that meant nothing, it meant nothing because he was getting married. He was fulfilling his duty for impregnating Antonella.

Uncle Maximo was the pastor. People waited for Antonella and she arrived later. A slow romantic song played as she was walking down the aisle with the president by her side. He was walking his daughter down the aisle. It was magnificent and beautiful. After Antonella and Diego held hand and they were looked at each other while uncle Maximo was busy leading the service. Marico could not look t them, he could not bear it but he had to there was no other way. The moment came when something people never imagine happened. They were busy enjoying the wedding ceremony when uncle Maximo asked the question.

“Is there anyone here who thinks these two should not be married? If you are here show yourself but if not you may forever hold your peace” asked uncle Maximo. There was silence for a few minutes and then something unimaginative happened.

“I love you Diego. I have loved you the moment I saw you through that window (Marico pointing at his window which was adjacent to Diego’s window). You were always and will be my true love. You used to love me unconditionally; you would love me without a reason to love me. You would love me with my flaws and you would always say I’m an angel. You also said you wished your mother knew me so that she could be at peace knowing that there are people like her in this world. You loved me Diego and I know you still do. It’s me Marico, it’s me your love. Your childhood love, your childhood friend I still love you till date” said Marico looking at Diego.

As Marico was busy confessing his love to Diego, Diego was trying so hard to remember what Marico was talking about, his mind was trying to place where or what he was talking about. He tried and he could not. After that Diego did not say anything, no one said anything about Marico confession and uncle Maximo wanted to continue. After Marico saw that his attempt failed he stoop and as he was leaving someone else entered the venue while saying something.

“I don’t think they should be married. They should not. Diego does not love Antonella he loves Marico” said Daniella as she enters the venue with two babies, one held by her and one held by Marko.

Everyone was shocked and curios about the babies and the man beside her. Dominic especially was shocked. He immediately stood up and asked who the children were and who the man beside his daughter was. Daniella started to tell everyone at the wedding the truth. She started telling them how Dominic would catch her dating and he would threaten to kill her boyfriend and if she did not break up with him he would kill them. When he found out his daughter was pregnant he would force her abort. She told everyone how she had 3 abortions and when Dominic found out about her pregnancy he forced her to abort. She could not abort the child and Darios and Diego helped her hide her pregnancy. She held the two daughters and she told everyone that the twins were the products of the pregnancy. She named them MarieJulio and AngieJulio Alvarez. She explained how she named them and included her mother’s name because Julio was an angel. She loved her children and she did not want them to suffer but Dominic did not care about them. Everyone at the wedding were shocked and hurt because of how everything happened, they could not believe that Dominic was that cruel even to his sown children. As Daniella was busy explaining Diego’s heard was buzzing like crazy he felt like something was spinning his heard. Memories were flooding in like water being poured inside a cup. His memories were flooded and they were coming to him fast. Diego screamed and after he fell down, he collapsed. After 4 minutes they woke him up and he was drinking water. After Diego also added on something.

“I know my father is evil, I remember everything but I have to marry Antonella. I’m so sorry Marico but the child is still mine” said Diego.

“That’s not your child but your little sibling” said Darios.

Darios also brought something up to light. He told everyone that Dominic his own father and Antonella slept together to force Diego to marry Antonella. Antonella baby was not Diego’s baby, it was Dominic’s. He showed everyone the paternity test. Everyone was shocked and Dominic hurriedly told everyone to leave so that they can try and fix the situation as a family. When everyone was gone, Dominic started to shout at everyone. Diego also started to shout at Antonella because he was angry at how they made him a fool, he was angry at his father that he also agreed and did the disgusting thing to make sure he marries Antonella. She was cornered and she broke down, she told them everything Dominic told her. She told them how he forced her to lie and say the child was Diego’s. It was over for Antonella, Diego could not look at her and her. The president was ashamed so he just left them like that, he left without saying anything. It was hard for him to stand up for what was said and what was happening. Diego then saw Marico, his little heaven he went to Marico and hugged him. He hugged him while he was saying he was sorry. He pleaded with Marico to forgive him, he pleaded that Marico gave him a second chance. He was pleading and crying asking that he did not know, he did not know what he was doing. He pleaded that he was forced he never wanted to marry Antonella he always wanted Marico to forgive him. He pleaded and when Marico agreed and he told Diego that it was okay he forgave him. Diego did not waste time he just kissed Marico. When Dominic saw this he became angry, he was angry and he lost control. Dominic started to say a lot of things. He started by telling them how he found out about Marico and Diego’s relationship when they were in high school. He saw that Diego would play music so loud that the boy next door could listen to it. Marico would make sure he also opened his window that he would see Diego every time. They would spend nights watching the starts together but away from each other. Diego and Marico’s windows were always open so that they could be able to see everything they do. One day Diego waited for Marico after school and he gave Marico a lollipop and he told him that he loved him more than a neighbour and a friend. After that Diego and Marico would go everywhere together, they would go play together, go swimming together. One day when they were done with high school, he found them together in Diego’s room. They were kissing and he saw that and flipped. He shouted at them and he told Marico never to return to his home again. He also told Diego never to bring Marico to his house again. He told his son never to see the boy from next door ever again. Dominic took Marico home and he told Maria himself that Marico should never be seen with Diego or be seen anywhere near their house. Maria and Hugo Marico’s father agreed and they removed Marico from his room and made him to sleep in Luciana’s room which was far away from Diego window while she was sleeping in the other room. Diego took Diego and enrolled him at Córdoba University. Diego and Marico were still calling each other every day when they were in university. Dominic found that out and one day he took a drastic decision. He wanted to scare off Marico, Maria and Hugo by burning their market at the corner. Dominic did not know that Hugo was still inside finishing some work, and eventually the market burned with Hugo inside.

“What? You killed my husband, you were the one who killed him” asked Maria.

Dominic was crying at that moment, he was explaining that after he heard that then fire he started killed Hugo. He decided to move away with his family to Córdoba. Dominic cried after explain the story. Diego also remembered that Marico was the boy from next door, he was the one he fell in love with from through window. Diego was also angry at Dominic, everyone was angry at Dominic. He killed a family man, he took away the life of an important man just because he could not accept that his son was gay. Maria took her son Marico and walked away, she also called Luciana and they went home. It was cold and everyone was heartbroken at the Fernandez family, they could not believe that Dominic did those things just because he wanted Marico and Diego to break up. It was unspeakable, it was disgusting. His children did not talk to him, that day the Fernandez siblings felt like they were cursed. They felt like their lives were just a roller-coaster. Marico left Diego because of what his father did. He left to deal with the grief in his own way, it was hard for him to stay there where as Diego’s father killed his innocent and loving father. It was a dull and quiet moment for the family. Dominic was nowhere to be seen, he had fled. Despite the fact that Dominic had confessed that Marico and Diego were lovers ever since everyone was happy Daniella had twins. She was happy she could be able to fulfil her mother’s wish. Julio wished that Diego stood up for himself and he did, he did not marry Antonella at the end of the day and he made sure that his father knew that he loved Marico. She wanted Darios to help and stand up for his family, Darios made sure that Diego remembered Marico and he was there by his siblings all along. She wanted Daniella to have a family and love to the fullest and Daniella had Marko her husband and her two beautiful daughters and she was so happy. Julio wanted Dernando to follow his dream and do what he love and not what his father wanted for him, and he deregistered from the business faculty and he enrolled in the faculty of law. He was doing what he wanted in school and he was happy. He was also in a relationship with a girl he loved, a girl who also had values like his mother. Julio wanted her 4 children to be happy and despite all the bad things that had happened they were able to change their fates. They were able to change what Dominic wanted for them. Diego, Darios, Daniella and Dernando defied their father directly and indirectly until they were successful. They made sure that they fulfilled their mother wishes even if they did not think they did. Marico and his family were busy comforting each other after the news they had just heard. They were busy thinking and asking each other what Hugo did to deserve what Dominic did to him. It was unfair for him to do that just because he wanted to separate two people who loved each other. It was hard for them to find the answers because only Dominic knew. Both families were feeling pain, they were feeling uncontrollable pain, pain they could not be unfelt. They couldn’t change the fact that Dominic was the cause of that pain. A family man, a father and a grandfather did that to them. Their neighbour brought them pain, they were broken and there was nothing they could do to change it. It was done.

Will Marico return to Diego for the last time? Will love conquer all or will it be destroyed forever?



It was a bright and good afternoon, flowers had fallen and Marico’s family had a marula tree which had beautiful pink flowers. They were rare and the marulas had a bad smell when they rot but the flowers had a good aroma. Marico was busy at home preparing his nieces to go to school. September was a good and a month of good luck. Luciana was already gone to work and Marico mother was a stay at home grandmother. She could no longer go back to work because she was old and she was not that strong. The family was happy, they were living and they also did not have problems. They decided to put all that happened behind them, they did not care about it, and it was nothing to worry about. Dominic was arrested and he was sentenced to 10 years in prison even though the Diaz family never wanted that they could not disagree with the law. Marico was washing his mother and Luciana together with Lara and Laura clothes. He just asked them to give him something to do around the house before he went crazy. While he was washing he was listening to a radio and then a song by Christina Perri “A thousand years” played. Marico was listening and the he was also singing. At first it was as if he did not care bout what the lyrics meant but when the song was playing he then heard the verse when the song was like “I have died everyday waiting for you, darling don’t be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years…….” He remembered that Diego would sing the verse to him every day. He felt like the song was talking to him, it was telling him something he was afraid to accept. The song was speaking to Marico in a way he never imagined it would after not listening to it for more than 2 years. He was thinking about Diego at that moment, he was thinking about the days they spent together, the days they were happy together, the laughter, the smiles he would have when he saw Diego. He was thinking about all the moments he spent with Diego and immediately tears started to roll down his cheeks, he cried so uncontrollable like a child. His mother saw that he was crying and she tried to comfort her son.

“It is okay Marico, it is okay my son. Sometimes we have to accept the things that are not meant to be. You have to accept that you are not meant to be with him” said Maria.

“Is it Ma? Is that the truth, we are not meant to be together or I’m just afraid to accept that we are meant to be together Ma?” asked Marico.

“My son no one said quit working at the Fernandez Company, no one forced you to stop loving him. You did that yourself, you thought it could be for the best” said Maria.

“Ma I thought I could forget about him, I did this for me, you, Luciana, Lara and Laura but I can see you don’t see it” said Marico and he left crying.

Maria knew that Marico was not okay, he was hurt because he wanted his family to be happy. She knew that he was forcing himself to accept that there was nothing he could do to have his love just to make sure that they are happy and content with him and it was wrong. She had to make sure she helps her son find his happy ever after even if it meant going back to the family which she had despised for more than 10 years she had to for her son. One day Maria went to visit their neighbour the Fernandez’s house. Maria had never stepped her foot there after Dominic confessed, it was 2 years and for the residents of the house it was shocking. She went there to discuss so something with Daniella. Daniella lived at Monteria with her 2 children and her husband. The house needed people to stay there to represent Fernandez family and she also was staying there to take care of Julio EDUCATIVO School. Maria had a meeting with Daniella about something which was troubling her soul. Daniella’s two children were 3 years and a few months old, they looked a lot like Julio their grandmother. They were so identical like Lara and Laura and Maria was happy for Daniella. They first had a small talk about how the twins were doing and how they were growing like Lara and Laura before they had a serious conversation. She pleaded with her to talk to Diego about Marico. She explained Marico’s situation at home, how he would not sleep for more than 3 hours, how Marico would not eat sometimes, how Marico’s mind would wonder off to somewhere when he is doing something. Marico’s state was not something Maria was going to allow for more than 2 years. She could not do it, it was hard to watch her son suffer where as it was not his fault. Daniella also agreed with Maria’s idea. It was hard for her to allow Marico suffer. She could not say anything about Diego because she had not seen him ever since Dominic was arrested 1 year 3 months ago. Daniella felt for Marico, he had suffered enough in his life, they could not let him suffer any more. Marico did not talk much but they could see that his heart was heavy and he wanted something he knew he could not have. Even though his mother was trying to help him Marico had accepted his fate, he was okay with it. Marico saw Maria coming from their neighbour’s house and he was angry. He wanted to know why his mother was coming from the Fernandez house, what was she doing there and why did she think it’s okay to visit the house. He was curious and he just let her think that he did not see her. He planned to ask her that night during dinner with Luciana there. He wanted Luciana to know that her mother was busy dining with their neighbours while they were busy. During dinner Marico decided to bring up what he saw while Luciana was still at work.

“Hermana guess who I saw coming from our neighbours house?” said Marico asking his sister.

“Who?” asked Luciana looking at Marico.

Marico used his head to show his sister that he was talking about Maria.

“I know about that Marico, don’t worry Daniella stays there with her family now so mama went to visit. Remember Daniella is so nice; she was the one who gave us the carrot cake we ate last week. We could not tell you because of…..uh you know. She has been a good neighbour for the past 1 year. We don’t go to her house but she does come here sometimes” said Daniella smiling.

“WHAT. You did not tell me that you and Daniella have been in touch for 1 year, acting like good neighbours. Ma how could you but anyways Daniella is an angel she is more like Julio. I wanted to see how her children were doing Ma. So if you have been not going to her house for 2 years Ma what were you doing there today?” asked Marico.

“I did not see her outside so I was returning her dishes and I wanted to give her the rice I cooked yesterday” said Maria.

“Okay, how are the children” asked Marico.

“They are okay, they are growing so fast and they fight a lot. They remind me of Lara and Laura when they were young. She is so blessed” said Maria.

“Grandma” said Lara and Laura at the same time.

“Stop copying me copycat” said Lara.

“You are the one inside my heard” said Laura laughing.

Dinner went on as they were discussing and laughing about their own lives and also how the twins grew up. Luciana was also laughing and they had dinner and went to sleep like they normally did. They family was still strong like it was before. Their love would never change, it will never be different. The twins went to sleep first and then Luciana went but Maria asked to have a word with Marico. She told him something she never thought she will. She told him that if he feels like he love Diego and he feels like Diego is the one then he should go after him while is still alive. She wants to see him happy while she still breaths so that’s she can die a happy woman knowing that her son is happy with his love. Marico did not know what to say he just agreed that he will surely find someone he loved and she will see him happy before she dies.

“Don’t worry mama. I have a big heart I will find someone I will love and you will see your Mari happy and in love before God decides to take you don’t worry. I love you mama and I wish you long life. Come one let’s go before Luciana calls” said Marico leading his mother to bed.

Less than a hundred kilometres away from Monteria, Diego was busy in a meeting with the CEO of Ail Vex photography and management when he got a call from Dernando, Darios and Daniella. They did a group video call to see each other and talk. Dernando had finished his third year and he was doing his last year, he also introduced Devi to his siblings. She was cool and calm and as Dernando had said she really did have the calmness and feeling they would get when they were with their mother. Daniella also showed them Marie and Angie and Marko as well. Darios just showed them the bar, after Dominic got arrested they removed the drugs from the bar and they were doing clean businesses. The Fernandez siblings were keeping and making sure the legacy was running without Dominic’s help. They were prospering without their father and it was good to see that. Diego had nothing to show or add on, he didn’t have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. He did not have a child or anything. After the confessions Antonella moved to USA forever she took their little sister with her. They heard that her name was Aileen Ramirez. Just like what Diego wanted to name the child and they did not hear anything else. They didn’t know how old she was or what she looked like or what she loved or anything. They only knew the name and that she had her mother’s surname. The call ended when Daniella begged her siblings that they should visit her for dinner because the children wanted to see their uncles and she also missed them. She wanted to see them so badly and they were missing in action. They agreed that they would visit her someday so that they can catch up as a family. They also spoke about visiting their father in prison. Well to be honest Diego was happy when he was with other people, maybe it was his way to hide the fact that he was never truly happy. In fact he was miserable, he no longer had an interest in anything. He would just wake up and go to work go back to his apartment and he could go out to eat sometimes when he remembered that he had to eat. His life was just boring and lonely. He would sometimes skip work and sleep all day in his apartment. Diego was alone and miserable and he could not do anything about. Diego would not go see his brother Darios so one day he went to see his beloved brother at Darios” BS&T/MDD bar. They changed the name after Dominic was arrested. The bar was given to Darios because he has been the one taking after it after all. He changed the name from MDD to Darios’s Blood Sweat & Tears (BS&T) the bar was his sweat and tears, he fought for the bar and he had the right after all. Darios finally owned something and it felt good, Dominic wanted a heavy drink just to try and forget about his miserable and lonely useless life. He would refer to it as a useless life because if it was meaningful then he would be happy. He ordered whisky and while he was drinking Darios saw him and he went to greet his brother. Darios was also missing Diego because they could not see each other for days. Diego would hide his heartbreak behind work. He would work hard to get more clients and more overseas clients so that he would leave Córdoba more. He was trying by all means to avoid that he was missing someone he loved. Darios immediately went to talk and comfort his brother. Darios knew that when Diego visited his bar and got whisky then it was hard, he could not hide the pain more. It was hard for him to hide that. Darios went to talk to him, he begged his brother to accept the truth he wanted Diego to agree that he could not live without Marico. He wanted Diego to accept that life was hard without Marico, it was unbearable. He tried living a lie, he tried lying acting as if he did not care but every time he thought about Marico he would break down and cry. There was no way he was okay with the way things turned out, it was hard for him to accept.

“Hermano, are you okay. You can tell me I’m here for you” asked Darios.

“Darios i-i-I miss him (Diego broke down and cried). I love him and I miss him, everywhere I go I think about him, I see him, I smell him. I LOVE HIM” said Diego crying so helplessly.

“Then why are you here and he is in Monteria? You just have to speak the truth you know” said Darios.

“He hates me bro, I don’t think he would want to see me. Let me just stop every time I try to love me I end up hurting him a thousand more” said Diego.

“No one said love was supposed to be all lovey dovey in love there are also hardships. You just have to love each other enough to face them and conquer them” said Darios.

“Our love was just hardships only, it was not worth it” said Diego.

“Love is like that hermano take a look at the sun, it shines light for 7 planets because it loves them. If one day the sun would be hot more than it is then all 7 planets will be destroyed all 7. That’s love we don’t know when and how we will hurt our loved one, we just have to believe and when we love them we love them wholeheartedly” said Darios.

“Hermano, when something is broken it can never be the same” said Diego.

After finishing his drink he just left the bar before his brother answered. He just went home to sleep and do what he knew how to do best. Sleep and try to forget about Marico even thought it was hard to. He could not forget about him even though he tried. He had to if he wanted to survive. He loved Marico so much and no matter what being away from him hurt him he was not going back just to hurt him more. He was not that happy with it but Diego believed that Marico was happy without him, he believed the Marico was okay with him out if his life. Diego cared about Marico happiness and after Marico quit his job and never returned to Fernandez INC Diego was sure that Marico never wanted anything to do with him, he knew that Marico was done with the relationship and he never wanted to see him. That made him come to terms with his situation, even though he was just unhappy he was happy that he was doing something Marico wanted, something his love wanted. Feeling unhappy and hurt was nothing compared to hurting Marico by being next to him which was also important to him.

June holidays arrived and Dernando decided to return home with Devi. He wanted his family to see the women behind his happiness. Devi had no problem going with Dernando to Colombia to see his family, in fact she as happy that Dernando decided to take the step and make them know that he was in a serious relationship with her. They arrived in Monteria, the house in Córdoba was demolished and Daniella built a museum, a memorial about Julio Herdiz Fernandez. She collected all the information she could about their mother and she stored it in the museum. It was more for historical purposes. She would do a lot for research and pay people money so that eventually people could learn about Julio’s history. Even though Julio was gone her children would try by all means to keep her legacy going. They would try so that people would get to know about Julio, her life, how she was forced to marry Dominic Fernandez, her 4 children, how she would fight against Dominic’s control issues up until she had a stroke because of it and also because of what Dominic did to Diego when he found out he was gay. Everything about Julio was stored in the museum and people of Monteria would visit to see their heroine’s memories. Her school was doing more than care for the orphans, it was also a school for kids who did not have money to afford luxurious schools. Her legacy was a success and thanks to the fruits of her womb. Her marriage with Dominic may have been a tough one, but Julio was luck because all her children were strong and fierce just like their father. The newspapers would have a story of Julio, and advertisements on TV would be of Julio, teachers would take her life as an example so that learners can learn the good parts of leading good and purposeful lives. Julio was still taking care of people even from the grave. Dernando was happy to see his sister also the twins were so happy to see their little uncle. They were jugulating at the Fernandez home. Devi was indeed Julio in spirit, she loved everyone. She was so happy to see Daniella and her babies. Eventually Daniella and her family became fond of her the first day they saw her. She was bubbly, playful and warm. She was a good girl. Dernando was also happy to see that his family were warming up to his girlfriend. Darios and Diego were not there yet, they were still at Córdoba but they called and said they will meet them at Córdoba prison and correction facilities so that they could see their father. It was a good day to visit the old man, he did not know his family was coming to see him. Dominic had changed he was a cleaner in prison and he would read the bible. He would always write apology letters to his children but they did not read the letters. He would always write to them so that they can know what he did and also what he was doing as well letting them know that he did not forget about them. He knew about their successes and would write letters telling them how he was so proud of them even though they did not read the letters.

They went to prison and the warden told Dominic that he had visitors. When Dominic saw his family he was so happy, he cried to show how happy he was. He couldn’t believe that they visited him. He could not believe that they came all of them, Diego, Darios, Daniella, Marko, Marie, Angie and Dernando with his girlfriend. Dominic was given 30 minutes to see them so he started by reading a letter he wrote.

To my children, I’m so sorry for everything I did, I’m so sorry I destroyed your lives. I did not want that I thought maybe I was doing the right thing for all of you. I hope you forgive me, I never wanted to make you suffer. I love you all. I love you my children. Especially Diego and Daniella I hope you forgive me I’m so sorry. I have changed I am a changed man. I never thought I will lose all of you because of my foolishness, I should have loved you despite the things that you did that I did not want. I should have listened to my wife, she knew best. Diego I accept you and Marico my son. To the Diaz family I apologize for everything I did to them. I should not have taken Hugo away from you. I know there is nothing I could say or do to change everything I did but I’m so sorry. Dominic.

His children did not say anything and after 3 minutes Daniella told him that they already forgave him. He was their father and they could not hold a grudge against their father. He was their remaining parent after all. They loved him and they understand that now he was paying for his sins. She showed him her children and her husband. He also told them about the letters he would send to the Diaz family to apologize. They did read and they wrote back that they forgave him. He told them about the activities he had joined in prison and that he is also helping the prison’s pastor with church every Sunday. The children loved their father and they did not want their family to be broken. Dominic also explained that he knows that they changed the names he gave to his businesses, he also knew that 3 of his drug businesses fell. He also knew that Dernando changed the course long time ago he couldn’t make him change because it was what he wanted. He even apologized for them lose their mother. He cried and they comforted him. After 30 minutes he left and they also left. They first went to eat before they went to Monteria. It was that day that Diego agreed to go with them to Monteria, he agreed that he will also sleep there. He was happy that they forgave their father and he was okay. They were happy that they fulfilled their mother wished and at the end they were happy with their father. During the evening they went to Monteria. They arrived at 18:43, the sun had set and they did not go their house in fact they decided to take Diego next door. It was the first time in 14 years that Diego went to the Diaz family. When they knocked, someone shouted “I’m coming”. After few minutes the door was open and Luciana was the one who opened. She gestured them to get in. They were told to go sit down and the minute they turned to the lounge that’s when Diego saw Marico sitting there reading a book. He saw Marico reading a book wearing specs. Marico was handsome and when Diego saw that his heart started to beat fast. He was happy to see Marico, he was happy to see the man he loved again. Marico did not see Diego but when he finished chapter 1, he wanted to get some water and that’s when he stood up and he was saw Diego standing there looking at him. He saw Diego right in front of him. They both looked at each other, Marico eyes were flooded with tears you could not see the colour of his pupil. He was happy to see Diego right there in front of him. After few minutes Marico thoughts came back and he just wiped his tears and he rushed to go to his room and that’s when Daniella spoke.

“As a family, we are sorry for what my dad did to yours. We are sorry for everything bad that you had to endure because of my father” said Daniella.

“Marico I love you, I have always loved you I lied saying I don’t care about you but I do. I did care 14 years ago and is still do now. I love you and I’m so sorry for what you went through because of our love. I know you don’t want to try again but I want to love you without you trying at all. I can do anything just allow me to love you please” said Diego while he was begging and he was on his knees.

“Please Marico, you are the only one who can save him, we need your help” said Darios.

“Brother Marico, I don’t know you that much but please for the sake of our brother” begged Dernando.

“You and your brother should just leave. Please” said Marico.

“I can’t, I don’t want to and I won’t leave without you” said Diego.

“When will you realise that we are better not together?” asked Marico.

“I will never agree to that. Not when I remember everything we went through, I remember everything you would tell me. I became a better person because of you unconditional love. (I have died everyday waiting for you, darling don’t be afraid I have loved you for more than 14 years and I will love you for a thousand more……….one step closer………..Please).” Said Diego while singing.

“Please Mari my son, this is your destiny embrace it I love you my child” said Maria.

“Please Marico” said Luciana.

After everyone tried begging Marico, he eventually realised that he did love Diego, he really loved Diego and there was no other way he was going to let him be just like that. Marico eventually gave in and he turned around to find Diego on his knees. He went and held his hands to help him stand up. He hugged Diego and said one word “yes” that way Diego knew Marico agreed and he was so happy. They kissed and everyone cheered for them.

Diego and Marico’s love was as strong as a tree. You can cut it down and when it rains the tree will have thousands of other tress just like it. It would grow every day. Their lives flourished and eventually they got married. Marico went back to university and he was a chef. Diego and Marico were so happy in their lives. Everyone flourished for them, sadly Maria joined her husband 2 years after Marico and Diego got married. She eventually died after seeing that her child was in love with someone he loved. Diego and Marico reunited and they love was stronger and better than it was. They loved each other and it was flowing like the wind they would feel every time they opened their windows to see each other. Their love was found through the window, they fell in love through the window and Diego was not one to fall in love but he could not believe that he fell in love with THE BOY NEXT DOOR.

Love is weak and love is strong. It is up to lovers to make sure the strong part of their love strengthen the weak part.


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