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Billionaire's Intense Love

By SSeemran All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance


Where love, understanding, and trust leads to a bright future in a couple's life what role does misunderstanding have a role in couple's life? Does it weakens their relationship or does it pillars their relationship even more? Angela Carson had to marry a complete stranger and she was forced to be wind up in a loveless life until one day everything changed and she began to see a new side of her life where someone was there to love her no matter how much misunderstanding came across there way. Who was that man? Read to know.

Chapter 1

Angela Pov

“Midnight where are you?”

Midnight was my one year old black Persian Cat who was now sitting on top of my wardrobe staring down at me curiously.

“C’mon kitty, get down here and eat your food.”

She meowed and jumped down into my arms as I headed towards the kitchen before serving her cat food to her so that I could get ready.

Living in Manhattan, New York wasn’t easy for me. Even with Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, still I have managed to remain jobless but I was lucky enough to share an apartment with my childhood best friend, Emily Lockwood. Emily was somewhat of a legend being the only person to break down the walls of yours truly, Angela Carson.

Even though I was the only girl to study in the Mechanical field not to mention, I was always top of my class and one would think I’d be a tomboy. This was definitely not the case. In fact, the complete opposite. I was a shy, reserved and introvert type of girl. Since, I was almost always surrounded by the opposite sex I had no shortage of invitations to dates and parties however me being me I decided to focus on my studies thus rejecting any association to relationships. Many times I’ve been complemented for my beauty while being complimented and insulted at the same time. I’ve always been told my beauty is unfathomable but I’m too shy for my own good. At the age of 24, with my waist long, blonde wavy hair and ocean blue eyes, I attracted attention. My pale skin and 5′9 height and curvaceous figure didn’t help either. Emily has always nagged me to join a modeling agency but I couldn’t see how that would work out because I’m too shy to even stand in front of a camera.

Speaking of Emily, I often help her in her flower shop. Yes, a flower shop. I’ve been questioned on this since I have my degree in mechanics but thanks to my overprotective and extremely possessive brothers who don’t believe I should be working, I find this impossibility. I’m not surprised since they’ve never allowed me to work. Ever since our mom died when I was 15, they’ve kept me securely under their wings, pampering and spoiling me. They pay for my rent as well as give me a monthly allowance, much to my refusal. Since our father runs his own restaurant in Chicago they’ve gone into business with him since they finished school. They just couldn’t leave him on his own after mom died. With Lucas being 26 and Danny being 25 they were old enough to take over from our father, Matthew Carson.

Living in Chicago all my life I needed a breath of fresh air, so when Em decided to move to the Big Apple, I joined her much to their disapproval. I needed my independence and since the only way to appease both them and myself, I agreed not to work as a employee and instead chose to work with Em in her flower shop.

Yes, someone could say this is a very unique choice to make but I can ensure that I’ll not be working with Em for the rest of my life. Yes, I do have priorities heck everyone has priorities in their life and in order to be more independent I have decided to finally go against my Family’s absurd choice of wanting me not to work.

Recently I have decided to go for job interviews and to free myself from dependency. Believe me or not Dependency makes you lazy and I’m far from that. But for me self-reliance posits self-reliance as an ability to be generous, charitable, and actively compassionate and again I do not want to overwhelmed or even want others to feel I’m snubbing them or not opening up to them because it is good to do things for yourself so letting other people to help me results in decrease in my confidence level. So, being a optimistic and a dreamer I want to be self- reliant which means not having to answer to anyone else for what I will to live my life and I won’t be remaining dependent any longer for money upon my family or even upon my future husband.

The sound of my phone ringing snapped me out to reality and I checked my phone to see five missed calls from Emily. I inhaled a breathe seeing her message asking me to be there by Ten. I checked the time to find it’s already nine-thirty in the morning. So, not bothering to waste any more time I hurried myself to get ready and reach her before the time.

I threw on my white floral knee length dress before slipping on my gladiators. I had enough time to quickly do a braid letting it fall to the side leaving no time for me to do my makeup. I took my phone and locked my apartment but not before checking on my Pussy cat. I saw her jumping onto my mattress and snuggling into the pillow sleeping as almost she touched the pillow. A small smile appeared in my face and I hurried locking my apartment door before racing down the street to Emily’s shop. Taking long strides, I tried to walk as quickly as I could to her shop. I saw George sitting with his black Labrador reading newspaper on the bench. He was an old man who would come every day in the morning with his black Labrador for a walk and since I walk everyday to Em’s shop I meet him daily and I wave at him to which he replied by smiling and waving back at me while his dog barked wiggling its tail happily.

Finally I reached the shop and found her working on the counter probably on the shop’s account. She was completely merged into her work which resulted her not to feel my presence or that was what I thought so, I managed to sneak into The Blossom while Em was busy in her work. I let out a sigh of relief when I found myself inside the shop without her noticing me but the happiness didn’t last long when I heard her speaking nonchalantly to me

“You are late.” without sparing me a glance.

“I know and I’m sorry.” I said sagging my shoulder with resignation at being caught.

She exhaled loudly and looked at me.

“Angie, how my times have I told you not to worry so much and just relax will you?” she asked throwing me a smile.

I gave her a simple smile as a reply.

Moving towards one of the shelves I heard Emily call out to me, “Angie will you arrange those white lilies? They’re on that shelf in the corner and if you need more the gardens full.”

I nodded as I began to arrange them.

As I reached out for the bunch I was stopped by an old, wrinkled hand wearing a Rolex that reached for the flowers at the same time as me. I looked at the owner of the hand and noticed a maybe mid-50 year old man wearing a business suite with blonde hair and warm green eyes. He was still handsome for his age and even with his 6′2 height he still had this kind aura around him. As I retreated back I noticed the warm smile that sat on his face trying desperately to mask the depression in his eyes. The sadness that bore out of them made me want to console him and ask him the reason of his sadness.

“Excuse me young lady can I have those lilies? I really want them for someone special. I fear those are the last in the shop.” His soft warm voice was tinged with kindness.

Shock overtook me for a moment as I realized he thought I was a customer. I smiled and cleared his misunderstanding about me being a customer before ringing them up. I then neatly bunched them together before tying some tissue paper and ribbon around it before handing it back to him.

He smiled widely at this before taking the flowers from me. As he was leaving he unexpectedly turned back to me and said, “Not only are you beautiful but also a kind hearted soul that I hope to meet again soon.”

With this he smiled at me one last time before paying for the flowers and quickly nodding my way goodbye. He was gone leaving me completely and utterly confused.

“Who was he?” Em asked me curiously from the counter.

I just shrugged my shoulders in reply and headed out to the garden for more lilies.

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