Billionaire's Intense Love

By SSeemran All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 9


Have you ever tried to get up from your bed but found your head throbbing very hard against your skull, and you see the world spinning around you making you feel nauseous?

Well, it’s the feeling I am feeling right now. As I gained consciousness and felt something cold touching my feet, I slowly opened my eyes but closed them again because of the light. I again tried to reopen my eyes and let them adjust to the light. My head began to spin and I found my body aching severely in every possible part. I tried to twitch my hands but it looked like it was almost impossible to do.

A small scream escaped from my mouth due to the pain I felt on my left leg. I tried to move my hands and this time I succeeded. Groaning, I held my head with my hands to stop the world from spinning.

When I was stable, I looked at my hands to see my pinky finger of my right-hand twitching oddly. Gaining confidence and taking deep breaths, I held it with my other hand and counting from three to one, I snapped it back to its place. A loud scream escaped my mouth because of the pain I felt when I did so.

There was a deep cut in my left leg, which was the reason for my extreme pain. Blood was oozing out of it and I knew losing blood is not an option, so I tore a piece of cloth from my shirt and tied it around my wound to stop the bleeding. My head was still hurting. I touched the back of my head and could feel something wet. When I looked at my fingers it had blood on them.

God! I was bleeding from everywhere.

My body had cuts and scratches all over it. My dress was torn and ruined. My brain wondered what happened?

I tried to remember. I remembered myself sitting in rain, then I’m in a plane, then I’m talking to a girl, fire, flames, blast and water.

Everything came flooding into my mind and I solved the pieces of my memory and came to the conclusion that we were in a plane crash.

Panic filled me as I looked here and there searching for everyone. Where is Valerie? Where is Vitaly and more importantly, where is Mr. Knights?

Tears started to roll down my cheeks. I looked around to see that I was somewhere which looked like an Island. It was surrounded by the sea and I couldn’t see anything far away. I looked up to see sun shining brightly above my head. I tried to get up using my hands, but my body felt numb causing me to fall with a thud on the sand. I groaned in pain but still tried to get up.

I stood up on my feet and began to walk God knows where. My breath began to quicken and I coughed loudly. My legs were in pain but I still walked, limping and yelping.

Something grabbed my attention. I could see something far away, lying in the sand. I made my way towards it.

When I got closer, I could figure out that it was a body.

A man’s body.

Realization hit me and I ran towards the body to find it was Mr. Knights. My world stopped and I was like a statue just standing there. Gaining courage, I limped to his body and saw scratches and cuts all over him. But the giant wound grabbed my attention. There was a big cut on his forearm and it was bleeding continuously.

I tore a big strip out of my shirt and wrapped it around his forearm to stop the bleeding.

His face looked pale and there were scratches all over his face. I leaned down into his chest to hear his heartbeats and thankfully it was beating. I exhaled in relief and tried to wake him up. Soon, his eyes fluttered open and he tried to adjust his eyes to the brightness. He groaned and held his head with his hands. He winced in pain when he looked at his forearm.

“Thank God,” I whispered and couldn’t control my emotions any longer as suddenly I broke down and sobbed.

Hearing me sob, he looked up at me and I watched as his green eyes dilated. I kept crying while he just kept on staring at me. He moved his hands and tried to reach my face, but soon winced in pain because of his forearm, resulted in him to withdraw his hand. I got worried and tried to touch his forearm but hesitated.

What if he didn’t like this and shouts at me. Mr. Knights groaned and looked up at me.

“What happened?” he asked looking confused.

I told him everything that happened and by the time I finished, he was staring at me with his intense gaze. I gave him a confused look and averted my gaze, feeling uncomfortable.

I sat there for some minutes and waited for him to say something. When he didn’t utter anything, I looked back at him to see him still looking at me with an emotion which I never saw in his eyes. I cleared my throat to get his attention back to me.

Did he hit his head or something?

What is wrong with him?

I stood up and signaled him to get up too. He tried to get up but fell down groaning and wincing. My hands itched to help him but I hesitated, thinking he wouldn’t like me touching him.

He again tried to get up and this time he even succeeded to stand on his feet but soon began to lose his balance and was ready to kiss the ground again, but I held him from his torso and supported him in standing.

When he gained his balance and I was sure that he won’t lose his balance, I tried to step away from him but he held onto my bare waist and tightened his grip making me crash into his side.

I was sure that my eyes were the size of the saucers. He started to walk holding me tightly towards the shade of the tree. We reached there and I helped him to sit down.

Then he asked me “What’s your name?” and it made me think, if he seriously hit his head somewhere?

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