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Chapter 10

“Where are you going?” he asked as I turned around and limped a little towards the sea.

“We can’t forget about the others. If we are here then I think Vitaly and Valerie must be here somewhere too. I’m really worried about both of them and I hope both are safe and sound. I’m going to search for them,” I said and took in a deep breath as I turned around ready to leave.

“Wait! I’ll come with you,” he said and I shook my head no.

“No! You don’t need to. You are badly hurt and it would be good if you rest a little,” I suggested but ignoring my advice he stood up from the place he was sitting and walked towards me.

“I’m fine. You are the one who has a wound on legs. I am fine,” he said and even though he claimed that he was fine I knew that he was anything but fine. His face looked pale and I was sure he wasn’t even feeling good because he was breathing in and out deeply.


“You go that way and I’ll go this way,” he said cutting me off leaving no place for arguing. I decided on agreeing with his decision because none of knew if they were fine or not and judging from the location of the sun and recalling the time when I was in the plane, I figured it was already one or two in the morning.

I nodded and turned around still limping a little. Every time my left feet touched the sand it had a painful sensation and judging from the bruise, tenderness and swell I understood that I had my broken on my feet. But that didn’t stop me from limping and searching for the others as I tried my best to walk; limp towards the other side of the deserted small island.

What seemed like an end, I reached a part of the island where it was surrounded by bamboo trees. I looked around everywhere and near the bank but found nothing. Disappointment and sorrow filled up my body as I thought about Valerie and Vitaly. She must have been scared and frightened because of loneliness and the accident.

Please take care of both them Jesus.

As I limped back towards the place where I last saw Mr. Knights, he was nowhere to be seen. So, I decided to go in his direction in search of him. But as I limped, I felt immense pain in the lower half of my body which caused me to tumble down on the sand. I breathed in and out heavily before getting up and continuing the search. There he was but he wasn’t alone.

As soon as I realised the figure of a person laying on the bank I dashed for it.

“Mr. Knights!” I breathed out as I made my way towards Valerie and sat down next to her body. The girl looked ruined. Her face was covered with bruises and her clothes were torn. She had a cut on her lips and nearly everywhere on her body.

“What happened? Why is she still unconscious?” I asked to myself and frantically checked her pulse and her heart beat.

“I found her here. I tried my best to wake her up. Her pulse is still there but still she isn’t regaining her consciousness,” he told me and I patted a pale looking Valerie on her face but she did not respond.

“Please! Please god let her be fine,” tears trickled down my face as I looked at her state feeling helpless and look up at Mr. Knights who had sorrow expression on his face.

“What should we do? Vitaly is nowhere to be found and Valerie is yet to regain consciousness” I asked as we laid Valerie under the tree carefully.

As I looked back at him I found him already staring down at me. He had this unreadable expression on his face and I shifted on my position sitting comfortably next to Valerie.

“My father would get to know about it if we didn’t reach the destination and by now, I’m sure they might have figured out about us being missing,” he said and sat down on the other side of Valerie facing me. We were now sitting on either side of Valerie and he stared at my face and then his eyes roamed on my torn shirt. I felt his gaze on my stomach.

“You ripped your shirt to bandage my arm... I’m grateful for it. Thank you,” he said and I just nodded in reply.

“So you’re name is Angela Carson...” he asked out of nowhere and that made me look back at him to find him playing with his finger absentmindedly.

“And we are married...” even though he mumbled it to himself I could still hear whatever he was speaking.

What’s wrong with him?

Is he alright?

“Where are you going?” he asked when I got up from my place and limped towards the shore.

“We should collect some mosses or sticks or something that would give us heat in the night. The sun is going down and we may face difficulties without heat and Valerie, her body needs heat. We should keep her warm,” I replied as I bent down and picked some dried twigs, leaves and everything that would help us.

“Hmm,” I looked back at him to find him picking up the twigs helping me in my work.

“That should do,” he said as we heaped all the twigs and branches on one place. I was just about to turn when Valerie moved her fingers. I was on my feet as I crunched down next to her holding her head on my lap.

“Valerie? Valerie?” I called her name and watched as she opened her eyes but closed it back groaning and moaning.

“Is she alright?” I heard Mr. Knights but at the moment I concentrated more on Valerie.

“Valerie can you hear me?” I asked as I held her face and rubbed her arm trying to comfort her.

“I- I can’t move” her voice croaked out at the end and she started coughing.

“It’s okay! It’s okay,” I said and felt depressed because we didn’t have water to offer her.

“Where are we? Wha-What happened? Why can’t I move?” her panicked filled voice reached my ear and I tried my best to calm her down. We didn’t know why she couldn’t move. It was possible she hit something on her head or on her body on the time of the accident or perhaps her body was simply exhausted because none of knew how we reached the island. Our body might have floated on its own to the shore and for that she might have been feeling tired. But not wanting to take a chance, I made sure to calm her down and kept her down on the sand.

She wept tremendously when she came to know about the crash and I watched as Mr. Knights offered his suit jacket to cover her body. I was grateful for it and took the jacket from him and covered her body and assured her that everything was going to be alright and we would soon be back to our respective houses.

“I want to go back home,” she cried silently and I nodded patting her head and watched her falling asleep.

The sun had already set down and we sat near to the bonfire that Mr. Knights lit up trying to warm our body. The cold breeze of the sea made me shiver in my place because I hardly had any clothes covering my body. Even the fire seemed to fail against the chill breeze. My teeth chattered and I looked back at Valerie to find her sleeping soundly with the jacket covering her upper body. She was finally asleep after weeping and sobbing for hours and the fact that she still couldn’t move made me worried sick.

“You okay?” I heard Mr. Knights.

I looked back at him to find him already staring at me. He seemed to be staring at me a lot since this morning and thankfully he has not even yelled or tried to abuse me in any way. In fact, even though we were in such a pathetic situation he seemed calm and quieter much to my relief. I guess the crash had drained all his energy and he doesn’t even want to waste his remaining energy on me by yelling at me.

“Hmm,” I replied. My teeth chattered and I felt anything but okay. It was so cold and it was getting harder for me to sit and with my broken leg I couldn’t even sit comfortably for very long. And sitting next to the fire made me feel nauseous. My head was spinning and I had a sudden feeling to throw up.

Finally I laid down on the freezing sand and wrapped my arms around my body, my body shivered as it contacted with the cold sand but I had no option.

“Come over here,” all of a sudden he said and I looked at him from my laying position.

He gestured me to go and sit next to him. The thought alone made me scared. He was the scariest man I had ever met in my life and it would be the last thing for me walk up to him for any help. What of he gets angry all of a sudden?

I can manage freezing in the cold but not his rage and silently I declined his offer and closed my eyes for a second and wished to fall asleep but then it was too cold.

“I see...” I heard him.

“You helped me stop my bleeding by tearing the part of your shirt and I believe I should hold responsibilities when you are feeling cold. So, I guess I should offer you my shir-,”

“No!” I jerked up from my place but then winced in pain due to the impact as I felt immense pain on my leg.

“You alright?” I head his worried voice. Although the pain was severe, I found my eyes looking his way wanting to see his face because it was the first time he was worried for me. And truly enough his face held worriness for me.

“I’m fine,” I nodded at him and sat back on the sand.

“So you’re stubborn too...”he spoke up and I looked at him questionably.

“Nothing!” he replied and the next moment he got up from his place and walked up to me. All the while my eyes remained trained on him and I shifted on my position when he came and sat next to me.

“Wh-?” my words were caught up in my breath as a gasp escaped my mouth when he wrapped his arms around me pulling me closer to him.

“Wha-What are you doing?” I wrestled against him and flustered by his actions tried to free myself from him but his hold was too tight for him and I felt my energy drained out.

“Relax! God you’re freezing! Your body is cold as an ice,” he said and Held my hand rubbing his palm on it trying to warm it.

“It’s okay. I’m fin-“

“Both of us are freezing. We don’t have any choice but to depend upon each other’s body heat,” he spoke up cutting me off in the middle and even though little weird sitting so close to him all of a sudden still I found my body giving up to his warmness.

Warmness became the necessity for me at the moment and I had no choice but to sit next to him with his arms around my body. But ... I felt little relieved now. With his body stopping the chilly breeze from reaching my side, I felt little relieved and unintentionally leaned closer to him feeling little sleepy all of a sudden.

As sleep overtook me, I felt his big warm hands rubbing the side of my arms and I heard him whisper “You don’t really seem like the kind I had imagine you to be.”

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