Billionaire's Intense Love

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Chapter 11


The last thing that I wanted was to end up in an Island away from home with the woman whom I loathed the most. I looked at her from under my eyelashes as she covered the stewardess using my jacket. My eyes fell on my forearm which had a cloth wrapped up stopping the blood from flowing. I could feel the muscles contracting every time I raised the same arm. And to say it hurts like hell would be an understatement and to top of that my head was throbbing and I was hungry.

I was grateful to her for helping me with my wound. I didn’t have any idea why I kept staring at her when she was helping the wounded girl, covering her properly even though she trembled in cold but not even for a second she complained about it.

I hated her for ruining my life, for barging into my life unwanted and it was the fact that she married me even though I had sent her that letter irritated me even more, and it was why I was keen on not even glancing her way. I knew she was god looking through my friends in the damn wedding when they kept on complimenting about her looks but then it was the last thing I wanted to know about her.

She was undoubtedly attractive and good looking and her eyes where the most striking part of her face. Her blue eyes looked so bright yet sad. From the time, I came to know about the crash and being stuck up in the island with injured ladies, if anything I had seen then that was her helping both of us even though she was the one who was injured.

“Where were you doing?” I asked her when she returned back to us after some hours of waking up.

When I woke up in the morning, I had imagine her to be near me, sleeping in my arms as last night she was trembling and I ended up helping her by wrapping my arms around her but she was gone when I woke up. Guessing she would be nearby I sat next to the sleeping stewardess and waited for her to come back.

“I went up in search of some food but…” her face was marred with disappointment as she looked down at the girl named Valerie.

“It’s okay,” I told her but questioned myself internally for why I was comforting her all of a sudden.

She smiled a sad one and hurried next to Valerie stroking her hair as she opened her eyes and looked around before her eyes settled on Angela.

“Can you move now?” Angela asked and the girl bit her lower lip and shook her head no.

“I am really hungry,” she croaked out as she closed her eyes and I watched as her lips trembled. Angela put her hand on her stroking her hands trying to console her.

“I searched for something that we could eat but found none,” Angela sighed as she looked back at me.

“I told you…its okay,” I said as I looked around.

“Wh-What about Vitaly?” we heard Valerie asking us.

Angela shook her head no and it was when Valerie started weeping once again. I looked at Angela to find her trying her best to console Valerie even though she seemed sad by the whole situation. She kept herself strong and faced it without any complaints.

The woman Seemed stronger than I had actually expected.

“Its already been a day since we are stuck up in here. Do you think they might have found out about us already?” Angela asked as she sat on the shore with her arms encircling her knees as she looked towards the ocean.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure my dad had already found out about it and would have left no stones unturned to search for us. We just need to be strong and more importantly Ms. Valerie seems to be depended upon you for taking care of her. As much as I feel bad to say it, but I think you’ll have remain strong for her sake,” I told her as I sat beside her.

“And yo-“ it seemed as if I forgot what I was talking about when I stared at her. The sun rays hitting her face made her skin glow. Though marred with bruises and cuts, her features stood out with her striking blue eyes that looked towards the ocean. My eyes roamed on her face before ending on her arms. It had bruises all over it when all of a sudden something went past my mind.

I remembered manhandling her back in the house when I found out about dad giving us a sudden visit. Turned out he was just checking on us and wanted to inform us about the event that was held in Paris and the honeymoon plan.

“You don’t really seem the type I’d imagine,” I heard myself muttering when she turned her head and looked at me.

“Sorry?” she asked and I shook my head no.

No wonder I find the phrase so true at the moment “Looks can be deceptive”

Her looks deceived me at moment and forced me think of the opposite of what I had an impression of her. Her innocent face and kind gestures to help the one in need bound me to think did she really marry me for money.

“That…” I spoke as I pointed my finger towards her arms. She looked at the direction and as she realised I was pointing towards the bruises in her arms she pulled her torn sleeves in attempts of hiding it from me.

“I didn’t really mean to hurt you that badly. I was enraged that day and didn’t have any idea that you were not the one who called my dad. In short, I am trying to say is…” I pursed my lips before speaking up “I am sorry. I misbehaved…” I said felt guilty as I looked at her arms. No doubt, it was an old bruise because it was already fading up.

She looked at me. Her eyes seemed to skim my face probably for any doubts before she nodded and exhaled out a deep breath.

“It’s okay. I forgive you,” she said and my eyes widened up in shock.

“What?” I heard myself muttering.

Is she even serious? How can see forgive a person who hurt her physically just so simply?

“I don’t really like holding grudges against people. It’s okay…” she said and turned her head towards the ocean sitting quietly on her spot living me with confusion and disturbed.

“I- I will make sure that…” I said indicating towards her bruises “it doesn’t happen again,” I completed to which she nodded.

“I hope you keep your promise Mr. Knight,” she said and gave me a small smile before getting up and walking back towards Valerie.

“Mr. Knights,” I muttered and it seemed I disliked the way she addressed me using my surname in place of my first name.

“What’s wrong with me? Why do I feel so apologetic all of a sudden?” I muttered as I looked back at her to find her sitting next to Valerie.

“Shit! What is this that I am feeling right now?”

“Has the island got to me and my mind?” I cursed myself holding my head.

“What is that sound?” I heard some sounds and looked here and there towards the sky when all of a sudden my eyes fell on the rescue helicopter.

“Oh my god!” I heard Angela as she got up on her place waved her hands in the air trying to gain their attention.

“We are over here!” I yelled as I ran towards the open area and waved my hands furiously hurting my already wounded forearms in the process. But still it didn’t stop me from yelling and waving the other hand desperately trying to gain their attention.

“Here! Over here!” I yelled and the helicopter seemed to get nearer it looked as if they noticed us and relief washed over me as I looked back towards the girls only to find Angela aiming a small piece of mirror on the helicopter’s direction. It was working because the mirror shone a beam of daylight creating a flash of light that caught their attention. She succeeded in signalling them efficiently.

“Where did you get that?” I asked yelling at top of my lungs for the sounds of the helicopter blades was making it difficult to hear or speak.

Instead of replying she gestured towards the direction where I assumed she found it.

I took a sigh of relief as I leaned back on my seat inside the helicopter as I watched the medical team nursing Valerie and Angela. Valerie still couldn’t move and Angela still had a fresh cut on her ankle which needed stitches but she had attention more on Valerie by the time we reached the hospital.

I was shifted on a stretcher as we were taken inside the hospital and somehow the media got the report of our crash as it surrounded me when the security team had to push them back for my safety. I had no idea where I was being taken to but I felt myself wondering where Angela was taken. Since we landed, she was taken to some other room for inspection while I was treated privately by a doctor for any internal injuries apart from the external ones with my dad following him like a lost puppy.

“How are you my son?” dad asked as he took a seat on the chair next to my bed and looked at me worriedly.

“Take a chill pill Old man! I’m perfectly fine,” I said and grinned when he lowered his eyes and held his forehead.

“You nearly gave me a heart attack there,” he looked as if he would break down any second.

“It was all my fault. If I had never pressured you to go on your honeymoon then this would have never happ-“

“Relax Dad! It was an accident. It was not your fault,” I said and smiled at him. He looked tired and had eye bags under his eyes. It looked as if he barely slept for a moment and that made me guilty for worrying him so much.

“For the first time in my life, I thought that I lost you, son,” he said which made me look his way. Dad is generally not from the people who show their emotions. But here he is sitting right beside me and the emotions are evident in his voice.

“Nay! you are not going to get rid of me so soon old man,” I said trying to lighten his mood.

He smiled and patted me on my shoulder making me flinch due to injuries.

“Easy there old man, you wouldn’t probably want to hurt your handsome Son more than he is” I gritted out and much to my annoyance he boomed out laughing hard.

“That’s my son, always straight forward” he smirked making me fake a smile which only doubled his smirk.

The door of my room opened again and we both looked towards it to see a police officer.

“I’m sorry to disturb you but we need your statement to investigate the crash, sir,” he stated.

My dad ready to interrupt when I butted in to stop him “It’s okay dad. Let him do his job.”

I shook my heads denying him and said: “Dad this matter needs to be solved as soon as possible”.

He reluctantly nodded but sat back in his place.

“Mr. Knights, how did the crash happen?”

“I don’t know I was in the room on the plane alone and was doing my work on my laptop when I felt the plane shaking terribly so, when I went out of the room, the plane started to rotate and everything went blur,” I truly stated.

“Hmm, Do you have any suspects on any of your rivals or enemies in this case?”

“No, I don’t have any suspect upon anybody”.

“How did you survive after experiencing such a terrible crash?”

“I don’t know how I reached that island but I know that I wasn’t going to make it to here if Angela didn’t save me on time,” I said remembering my first encounter with her.


“She is my wife, she was also there with me on that island and she saved both of us, including Ms. Valerie, the stewardess of my plane”.

“Oh, so the other patient is your wife!”

I nodded.

“Mr. Knights we need to investigate more for that we need to ask your wife some questions”

I looked at Dad and asked, “Dad where is she and how is she doing?”

“She is fine son, and she is taking rest in the other room, doctors have forbidden her to walk for some days and I would suggest that you can carry on your investigation after two or three days” dad strictly said to the officer leaving no room for an argument.

The officer nodded and turned to leave but I stopped him wanting to know about Vitaly.

“I’m afraid to inform you this, but Mr. Vitaly Pimenov was found dead by the rescue team,” the officer informed and as soon as the words escaped his mouth distress and depression glided over my body thinking about it.

“”What?” I managed to ask shocked with the notification.

“Wh- What are you saying?”

“Enough! I will handle it all from here officer,” dad interfered as the officer nodded before taking his leave.

“Did you hear that dad? He says Vitaly is no more,” I felt my heart aching in pain as I felt the soreness of losing a trusted and dear friend.

“It’s Okay. Rest for a while,” dad patted my hand and I shifted on my position covering myself to my chin as I kept on thinking about it.

A week passed by till I last saw Angela and I found myself wanting to see her face. Sure, her father and her brothers came to meet me within this days but I hoped Angela to come and meet me.

I don’t know why but every time the door of my room opens I wish it to be Angela.

“Why am I feeling like this?” I found myself asking the question to myself as I thought about it again and again.

The doctor came in to check me and I couldn’t hold it anymore within me so I blurted out “How is Angela?”

He looked at me through his notepad and said: “She is doing fine Mr. Knights and might I say that she is a strong woman.”

“She indeed is!” I thought to myself.

“Why is she kept in a separate room?” I wanted to know.

The doctor looked at me and said: “Because we were asked by Mr. Brad Knights to do so”.


“Yes, we asked Mr. Knights about Mrs. Knights to be shifted to your room but he just ordered us to keep her in other room” the doctor blurted out holding his shirt’s collar as though it was suffocating him.

That old man!

I glared at the doctor making him shift his position and said: “Next time ask me not my father.”

He nodded and began scribbling on his notepad.

“Shift her to my room and right now!” my voice boomed in the whole room making him choke on air and he stumbled more like ran out of my room to follow my order.

I heard screeching sounds of wheels and saw that Angela was being shifted to my room in a stretcher. She was placed beside my bed. Her leg was bandaged and but she looked healthy and much better from the last time I saw her. She had hair made up in pleats as she rested next to my bed sleeping soundly, still in her hospital gown.

Still, she looked breathtaking.

“Wait! What are you thinking?” I shook my head but still failed on averting my gaze away from her.

I inhaled deeply at the sight of her and kept staring at her for I don’t how many minutes or hours and soon slipped into a deep slumber. When I woke up, I looked at my right side only to find her trying hard to get up from her bed but flinching when her leg touched the floor.

“Hey! What are you doing?” I said making her look at me.

She brushed some strands of her hair behind her ear and pointed her finger towards the Bathroom.

Sighing at it I said: “You could have called the nurse or me, don’t you know doctors have forbidden you to walk on that leg?” I crossed my hands over my chest.

She bit down on her lips making my eyes to follow her gesture but I shook myself out of it and got up from my bed and made my way towards her.

I reached her to where she was still sitting on her bed and scooted her up in my arms bridal style.

She left out a squeal and said: “Mr. Kni-Mr Knights what are you doing?“.

Oh how terribly I wanted to hear her voice. I felt relief washed over me when I heard her Voice and I felt so nice to have her in my arms and nd what with her calling me “Mr. Knights?“.

“Can’t you see? I’m helping you to go to the bathroom and call me Xavier”.

“Please put me down, You have an injury in your forearm and you shouldn’t lift weights, you also need rest” she tried to wiggle out of my hold.

Too bad! I only tightened my hold on her and gave her a pointed look which made her stop her struggle. I liked the fact that she was still worrying about me.

I kept staring at her mesmerized by her eyes still holding her in my arms. “For your kind information my forearm is already healed and I’m fine so let me do my work,” I said and tightened my hold making her eyes widen in surprise but she kept her mouth shut.

I took her inside the bathroom and kept her down on the floor. Much to my dismay, she forced me out of the bathroom and I gave her some alone time to do her business. When she was done I again scooped her up in my arms and made her sleep on her bed.

She didn’t utter any words but kept staring at me.

I went back to my bed and laid down on it looking towards her when she was staring blankly at the ceiling.

“Why doesn’t she just talk to me? Isn’t she getting bored ?” I thought to myself.

I cleared my throat making her look at me.

She looked at me with her beautiful eyes that I forgot what I wanted to say. I found it more calming to only stare at her then to talk to her.

She never said anything while I stared at her and we both kept staring at each other lying down in our own bed.

And I began to have this feeling that I was going to be in a great trouble of fighting with myself in the future but I liked the feeling whatever she was unknowingly doing to me.

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