Billionaire's Intense Love

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Chapter 13


Today I have decided to take a leave from my office and complete all my pending works from my home. I have lots of work to finish and now I don’t even have the time to eat.

I sighed and continued to do my work in silence. Firstly, I was frustrated because I have been working from early morning and now it’s afternoon. Secondly, I couldn’t enjoy my leave with Angel. She did bring my lunch to my room but that was the only a short period of time when I could talk or enjoy with her.

There was a knock on my door and Angel peeped her head inside the door asking me if she could come in.

“You don’t need to ask me, come in,” I said still busy with my work.

“Sorry, if I am not disturbing, I wanted to ask you something,” she said little nervously and as well as with excitement evident in her voice.

“Hmm, yeah?,” I was so indulged in my work that I just hummed in response to let her know that I was listening.

“Actually today is my friend’s you know Du----,” I was so indulged in my work that I couldn’t hear her clearly.I was unmindful while she spoke.

“So can I?,” she asked nervously.

“What?,” I asked stuffing a paper in my mouth and arranging my files.

She cleared her throat making me, to look at her.

“Oh, shit! I didn’t hear anything that she told me,” I thought to myself.

“Can I?,” she askedagain and I just laughed nervously and rubbed the back of my neck using the pen that I was holding.

“God what did she ask me?,” I asked myself.

“Yeah! Sure ha-ha no need to ask,” I said not even knowing what she asked .

“Really? Thank you so much,” she beamed with happiness ran out of my room.

Oh, boy! What did I get myself into?

But I hope I don’t regret my decision of saying yes to her.

I sighed and continued with my work.

It was now 6:45 in the evening when my work finally finished.

I stretched my hands above my shoulders and sighed muttering “Finally.”

Now I could enjoy some quality time with Angel.I grinned and walked out of my study room switching off the lights.I was just taking the first step of the stair when the doorbell rang.

Lucy was busy in the kitchen so I shouted “It’s okay I got it.”

I made my way towards the door and opened the door to see the only person whom I hated the most with all my guts, standing there and grinning like a fool.

Dustin Sterling.

I just wanted to bang the door in his face.Stupid! Idiot!

“Hi Mr.Knights, Good evening” he chirped making my ear drums to bleed.

What’s with him chirping?

“Good evening Dusty,” I forced a smile but grinned when I saw him cringing his face at his new name.

“It’s Dustin not Dusty, anyways where is Angie?” he askedhis voice raising.

“Angie?” He fucking nicknamed my wife.

I was ready to break his nose when we heard clicking of heels coming from the stairs.

I turned around to see the most gorgeous girl in the world standing right before my eyes wearing a deep green sequin dress with long sleeves and high heels.Her eyes popped out with her minimum but gorgeous make up.Her scars in her leg were long gone.Her long legs were in display because the dress only reached her mid-thigh making me groan.

My heart began to pound vigorously against my rib cage wanting to free itself and I found the world stop around myself.The only thing I saw at that moment was her.Only her.

There were no words to describe such beauty.She smiled making my breath hitched.
I was flabbergasted.I was dumbstruck.

I never knew that there was a bold side of my sweet and simple Angel.

I was sure that my jaw was dropped to the floor.

She came towards me and asked “What’s going on?”

I was still speechless.

Dusty boy replied “Nothing we were just talking.”

“Oh, so let’s go?,” she asked .

Wait! Go? Go where? And with whom?

With this Dusty boy?

Oh, no.

“Go where?,” I asked finally finding my voice.

“I asked you right? That today is Dustin’s birthday and he is taking me with him to a club,” she said.

Oh, no! she askedme about going out with him.Oh, Shit! Bloody fucking Shit!

Not even in his dreams he could touch my Angel or even take her to a club.

I stopped my little ranting which was going on in my head and tried to stop her from going with him but my voice was lost in the air when I saw her already sitting in his stupid Lamborghini-Aventador and speeding away towards the driveway.

What the hell?

I closed the door and went to the living room and sat on the sofa.

“It’s okay,” I thought.

“What will happen? Just a stupid birthday party in some club,” I tried to reason.

“They will just cut the cake and have dinner and come back,” I thought laughing nervously.

“Cakes? Dinner? Club?,” I stood on my feet realizing and bolted towards my room.

In less than fifteen minutes I got ready and took my Mercedes and drove off to that stupid club.I knew where that jerk would have taken her.

After 20 minutes I reached the club and went in.Some girls were coming out of the club wearing too short clothes and smiled at me seductively, displaying their cleavage.

I huffed at them and pulled my leather jacket in annoYeahnce.I was wearing a white V neck Polo slim fit shirt with my Black leather Jacket and blue ripped Jeans.I entered the club and directly went towards the VIP zone.

I found a large crowd of people grinding and dancing with each other with the beat.But my eyes were searching for only one person.I looked everywhere searching for her but found her nowhere.That Dusty boy was also not visible.

I knew I was in the right place.I averted my gaze towards the bar and finally found them.A random guy was forcefully making Angel drink some alcohol.

The sight made me really angry and I clenched my fists in anger.I stormed to them and ripped that guy away from her.

“Hey what’s your problem dude back off, can’t you see we are enjoying” he smelled of alcohol and his voice was hoarse.

Bloody jerk.

I looked at Angel to see her head down on the counter of the bar.

How dare he? He did this to her?

I gripped his collar in my hands and shoved him to the counter furiously shouting on his face “Stay the fuck away from my wife” my voice was dead and I was really furious.

He raised his hands in surrender and I shoved him backwards making him stumble on the floor.

I grabbed Angel’s hand and dragged her out of the club.She stumbled in her feet beside me making her to lean against my shoulder.

She was clearly drunk.

I sighed and rubbed my face with my hands and balanced her holding her arms.She looked at me through her eyelashes and grinned mischievously.


I shook her shoulders and asked “How many drinks did you have?”

“Hann? What?,” she askedcutely.

I inhaled deeply and asked again “How many drinks did you have?”

" Oh, she raised her hands and counted using her fingers 1...2...5...3" and shrugged saying “Dunno.”

I face palmed myself and grabbed her hands “we are going home okay,” I said and dragged her.

“Hey wait! I swear,” shehiccupped “I didn’t drink of my own, they made me,” she whined.

“I know I saw everything, now come on,” I took her to my car and led her in and put her seats belts on.

I went to my side and drove off to the driveway.

In the middle of the road she began to shout “Ahh stop the car! stop the car!” which made me to apply break on my car stopping it abruptly with a screeching sound.

“Why? What happened?,” I asked.

She looked at me and smiled mischievously.Then she undid her seat belt and slowly leaned towards me.My heart beats raised and I bent towards the window thinking what’s wrong with her.

She came incredibly close to my face and held my face with her hands making me to look straight into her eyes.I closed my eyes thinking that she was going to Kiss me or something but when I felt nothing I opened my eyes to see her leaning towards my ears and brushing her cheeks unknowingly with mine making goose bumps forming on my body.

She breathed out a small warm air into my ears and I held her waist while she whispered”I don’t want to go back home” and she kissed my ears softly making my breath hitch and pulled away in a lightning speed grinning.

I was shocked and I felt my heart beat pounding wildly.Before I could say anything she jumped out of the car which made me to come back to earth.

“Angel,” I shouted and got out of my car following her.

She ran on the pavement away from the road much to my relief and went towards a shop.I followed her into the shop, searching for her.I saw her on the counter whispering to the lady and pointing towards me and then she dashed pushing me away again to the road.

I saw her holding something when she ran away.

I turned around to follow her but was stopped when the lady shouted “Hey young man, you need to pay for the thing that she took.”

“What? Oh, man,” I payed her and came to know that she bought some beer and asked the lady to take the money from me.

I ran out of the shop and saw her running towards a bench and sitting on it, gulping down her drink.I ran to her and snatched the can.

“Hey, you will puke if you drink that,” I said gesturing the can.

She shrugged and drank from the other can.I sighed and sat besides her sipping from the can I was holding.

“Come on let’s go home,” I said giving her my hand to hold.

She gave a look to my hand then shook her head “Nooonaaa noooo,” she sang.

“Angel!,” I glared narrowing my eyes and crossing my hands on my chest.

“Mr.Knights!,” she mimicked me and crossed her hands around her chest making my eyes to follow her action.

I kicked myself mentally and coughed nervously.

It’s not the time to think naughty Xavier!

“Noooo,” she sang.

I smiled and took her hand and said “Yes.”

“Catch me,” she sang and went to the pedestrian crossing and leaned on to the signal post. There were already some ladies standing there and were looking at her while some men were giving her lustful look.

I went to her and wrapped my arms around her waist balancing her.She giggled and put her head on my chest. The other ladies awed on our gesture while the men glared at me.

Angel looked towards them and giggled.

“What are you looking at hu? Never seen a drunk woman?” as soon as she said that everyone turned their head to the other side.

I turned her around and scooted her up in arms bridal style and walked towards our car.

She tried to wiggle and began to swing her legs singing “put me down out me down. ”

“No. ,” I said sternly.

“Ok! I won’t run I promise,” she whined giving me her puppy dog eyes.

I huffed and said “Fine.”

I let her down and she giggled holding my arms.I held her hands and started to walk but she stopped me and turned me around.Then she wrapped her hands around my neck and came close to me exhaling warm breaths on my neck making my hair in my neck to stand.

“Angel?,” I whispered.

She hushed me by putting her finger on my lips.“Sssh,” she whispered .

“Youareveryhandsome,” she said in one breath making me confuse.

“Ha?,” I asked.

She chuckled and said “You are very handsome.”

I choked on air and I could no longer feel my heart beat.

She finds me handsome?

Thank God.

“You are very beautiful,” I whispered back to her making her giggle.

“Liar,” she sang.

“Hey, am not lying you really are,” I said smiling.

“Really?,” she askedmaking her eyes wide like a kid.

So adorable.

“Really,” I answered.

I held her arms and unwrapped her hands around me “Now let’s go back home.You are drunk.”

“Hmmm but first let me do this,” she said with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“Do wha-” my question was left in the air when I found myself in water.I got up and rubbed my face to get rid of the water from my eyes.

She freaking pushed me into the fountain.


She was laughing holding her stomach and tears were visible at the end of her eyes.

“Angela Knights!,” I shouted crossing my hands on my chest still in the fountain.She stopped her laughing but started again rolling on the floor.

“Ha ha very funny,” I mocked.

Her laughter soon died and she wiped her tears “So-Sorry I’m so Sorry.”

I raised an eyebrow and glared at her.She gave me an amused look and held her hands out for me to take.

“Two can play this game Mrs.Knights,” I thought forming an evil plan in my head.

I thought and grinned evilly.

I took her hands and pulled her inside the fountain making her all soaked and wet.

I started laughing and felt my stomach hurt from so much laughing.But soon my laughter died when I felt hands on my hips which moved to my chest.

Angel was all soaked yet she looked so sexy.Water was dripping down her face and her lips were attracting me looking glossy and red.

She wrapped her hands around my neck and pulled me close to her making me to hold onto her waist.

“That was not right Mr.Knights,” she whisperedseductively making me groan.

“Ange-,” I was again cut off by her fingers and she started to trail her fingers on my lips.

She looked at me with her beautiful blue orbs and leaned towards me.

“Xavier,” she whisperedmaking my eyes widen and my heart skipped a beat.

It was the first time she called me using my name.Damn! It felt so right.I felt tingles going down my nerves and I shivered in a very good way.

So sexy.

I groaned and pulled her extremely close to me.I leaned in and finally I was able to touch her lips with mine.

It was so soft just like I have always imagined.I found myself being in paradise.I started to kiss her with all my passion and urgency.I was afraid that it was a dream which might break in any second. I held her face and pulled her closer.I kissed her with all my power.

I tilted my head and kissed her more passionately.I wanted her No I needed her.Her lips were magic.It did the things to me which I can’t ever explain and I just couldn’t get enough of her.Soon she wrapped her hands around my neck and kissed me back.Her lips were warm, soft and inviting.I trailed my hands on her back and pulled away for air but again pulled her even more closer and kissed her with all my might.I was hot and I knew she was too.She moaned against my lips and I felt myself in thin air.Everything and everyone around us disappeared and I only enjoyed the moment feeling her lips and her body closed to mine.

Soon I felt her stop and I slowly pulled away.She leaned her head on my shoulder and her eyes were closed probably being tired.

She slept kissing me?


I smiled and pushed her hair away from her face and lifted her on my shoulder and walked towards my car.I slowly put her on her seat and went towards mine and drove back towards my “OUR” house.I looked towards her to see her still sleeping and a smile formed onto my face seeing her pout in her sleep.

We reached back home and I had to help her to get back to her room.I called Lucy from her quarter and asked her to change her wet clothes.

I too took a shower and changed into a trouser and vest.I went to her room and sat beside her in her bed.She looked absolutely beautiful when the moon light reflected the mirror and fell on her face.She was already changed to a comfortable shirt and her makeup was off from her face.

I pushed back the strand of hair away from her face and kissed her forehead gently.

The things you do to me Angela.


My Angel.

You are only mine.

You are going to be mine.

Only mine.

Forever and ever.

“I am going to make you mine very soon and for forever.You will be mine.Your body and soul, everything will be only mine Mrs.Angela Knights,” I whispered in her ear making her sigh.

I kissed her forehead one last time and went towards my room.

I couldn’t sleep the whole night thinking about her.

Because a woman with blue eyes with golden hair raided my mind the whole night.

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