Billionaire's Intense Love

By SSeemran All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 15



Today we were to visit my relatives for which I have already told Angel to get ready.

Dad called me this morning inviting me and Angel to attend the family get together which we always have every once in a year. That means Dad including his cousin brothers would be present there and of course Aunt Heather my dad’s sister will be present too.

She is a piece in this world.

I got ready within half an hour and waited for Angel in the living room.I was checking my emails on my iPhone when she came and sat next to me.

I looked at her to see that she was wearing a lovely navy blue dress with gladiators and a peach chained sling bag.Her hair was down which I liked and as usual with minimal makeup.She smiled at me and said, “I’m ready. ”

I nodded and shoved my phone into my pocket and got up “Let’s go then. ”

We went to our garage and I chose my Gallardo for the ride.

“It will take three hours to reach there.Because we are going to our farmhouse which is in the outskirts of the city,” I told her to which she nodded.

I was excited because I could spend three hours alone with her.We put on our seat belts and drove off to the farmhouse.

The silence in my car began to irritate me.

“She never talks from her side,,” I thought to myself while stealing glances at her.

“Why can’t I get a talkative wife?,” I thought and exhaled a breath.

“Still I like her for the way she is,” I muttered to myself and as if she heard me she asked”Did you say something?,” she asked

I shook my head at her and she nodded looking out of the window to which I sighed.

Minutes later I heard her asking “Umm Tell me about this gathering. ”

“Oh, Finally! She speaks,” I thought

I smiled at her seeing that she was genuinely asking me about my family wanting to know about them.

“Um, actually we all have this gathering once in a year so that we can remain in contact with each other.Dad will be there.His cousin sister Aunt Heather will be there too and her two sons Liam and Cole will be there.”

“What about her husband?,” she askedsoftly.

“Um he is no more,,” I said nonchalantly.

“Oh, I’m sorry,,” she said with regret evident in her voice.

“Oh, no need to, you didn’t know and he died due to a car accident when we were fifteen or may be sixteen, long ago,,” I told her.

“I see,” she biting down on her lips making me groan internally.

“Angel!,” I snapped making her jump in her seat in surprise.

“Don’t do that!,” I said releasing her lips with my finger.

“This woman!,” I muttered.

“Uh then from my mother’s side Aunt Stella who is my mother’s sister and her husband Steve Martin and their two Sons Henry and Ethan and their daughter who is Seventeen Rochelle will be there,,” I said my mouth forming into a thin line.

“And yeah I want to clear this Aunt Heather is really noisy.No offense, she loves me and she will love you too but she sometimes really gets on my nerves and yeah I want to sort this out that Henry was going to get our company’s responsibilities if I didn’t marry you.”I said and looked at her.

She looked out of the window probably to avoid my gaze and I regretted saying that to her.“Angel I didn’t mean t-,” she cut me off me saying “No it’s okay I mean I’m really sorry if I would have any Idea with what was going on with you then I really would have denied the proposal,” she shrugged her shoulders and looked out of the window.

“Okay! She would’ve denied marrying me.”

I didn’t like how it sounded but I decided not to pull the matter any further.Again there was an annoying silence and I turned on the radio to fade it away.

We reached the farm house and I parked my Gallardo in front of the door entrance and got out.On the middle of our way Angel noticed a restaurant and she insisted on bringing a Casserole dish with her.

We entered the house and soon we’re greeted by our family members.First I was choked out of breath when I was crushed into a bear hug none other than aunt Heather.“Oh, look at him, he has grown so thin.Doesn’t your wife feed you well Xavier?,” she askedchirping.

I huffed out a breath and said: “My wife actually cooks delicious food and I think I have put on some weight,” I said feeling proud of Angel’s cooking.

She then ran to Angel and hugged her choking her breath just like me to which I grew tensed “Oh, dear look at her she is so beautiful.I didn’t get time to have a proper interaction with you in your wedding but today, the whole day I’m going to keep you with me,” she chirped and clapped her hands.Angel only gave her an amused smile and looked at me, her eyes twinkling.

“Wait! The whole day with her?,” I scowled at the thought.

Then how am I going to spend my time with her?

I sighed “Aunt Heather!”

Then she was greeted by Steve and Stella who were humanly greeting her much to my relief.Then came Liam and Cole.I don’t have any problem with them because Liam was engaged and Cole was committed.

But the person whom I despise the most was Henry.He always had hots for my things.He was really excited to get my company’s responsibility.

Liam and Cole greeted Angel with a mere handshake, complementing about her beauty then came, Henry the devil himself.He smirked at me which I wanted so badly to wipe it out of his irritating face and went towards Angel.He introduced himself to her and even had the audacity to take her hand and kissed on it making Angel blush and she withdrew her hand out of uneasiness.

I went towards her and wrapped my hands on her waist securely raising an eyebrow towards Henry.

“Relax man! I was just greeting properly to your wife.After all, she is beautiful” he said and looked towards Angel like she was some kind of meat.I didn’t like it at all.Him looking at her was irritating me.I just wanted to show him his place.

“Back off,” I blurted out my eyes reflecting my anger.

“Wha-” he askedbut I cut him off.

“I don’t like with you touching her.Touch her again and you are dead,” I said with venom in my voice and with so much anger that he backed off raising his hands in surrender.My anger was always evident from my eyes and people usually got scared just by looking at my eyes.They think that I could fight fiercely with them.Which is true because I am a trained kickboxer and martial art fighter.And I could seriously hurt them.Very badly.

I noticed Angel trying to take deep breaths and she was shivering.

Why is she shivering?

Is she cold?

Then the realization hit me.She was shivering because of me.Or more because of my anger.

“Shit! I forgot to be softer around her.Now she is afraid of me.Again,” I groaned at the thought.

“Great going Xavier.Why don’t you kick your face with the victory?” my inner self-mocked me.


I relaxed and turned her around.Everyone witnessed the incident and were watching us intently.I shrugged off their presence and held her face whispering “I’m sorry. ”

Though I could see her eyes watering still she managed to hold back her tears and nodded smiling weakly to which I smiled at her.

I loved this one thing of her.She was a brave woman.

Then Ethan came to greet Angel.He maintained his distance noticing my eyes which were still directed towards Henry and chose to introduce himself from a safe distance.

Then came Rochelle.She is really shy just like Angel and smiled introducing herself.Angel relaxed a bit talking to her and I don’t know what Angel said which made Rochelle laugh out really loud.We all were astonished to see Rochelle laugh because she hardly laughs and that also so loudly.I looked at Angel to see her smiling, her posture much relaxed to my satisfaction and then they both hugged each other.

We went towards our own direction much to my dislike.The ladies pulled Angel along with them towards the kitchen while we all men sat in the living room.I could hear laughter coming from the kitchen.

“I guess they are enjoying themselves,” Dad said smiling.

“Angela dear is really mixing and she is far better than your previous women Xavier.You are a lucky man” said Steve and I nodded smiling.

Off course I’m lucky.

Henry scoffed which grabbed our attention and we turned towards him.

“Lucky? Oh, really? It was only because of me that he got to marry her.Look at him he got both of them.The company and as well as the beautiful woman.What did I get?” he said nonchalantly.

“What will you get? That’s my father’s company and I am the heir and by the way, Thank you actually.It was only because of you I could marry Angel.”I smirked satisfied with my reply.

“Angel? Really? I bet she is only there with you for your money and to warm your bed, I mean isn’t it true? If you have denied the offer then maybe I would’ve been the one to get the Company and even the lady to my bed” he smirked and that was enough for my patience to give up.

I bolted towards him making his eyes widen in shock and punched him right in his face probably breaking his nose.I punched him again and again because he had no chance against me.I was pushed back by Dad and Liam while Steve inspected his injury.

“Listen to me you skunk say one word again against her and my company and you will be dead for sure,” I snapped my voice filled with venom.

The ladies ran out of the kitchen towards us to know about the situation.I saw Angel who was looking at us with confusion.

I signaled her to come towards me which she did slowly and nervously and as soon as she reached near me I pulled her towards me making her gasp and hugged her.She was stiff in my arms until I roamed my hands on her back making her relaxed.I hugged her more tightly and shoved my face in the crook of her neck.

“Make me relax,” I whispered near her ears.

She eventually put her hands on my shoulders then roamed it on my back whispering “it’s okay” softly.Eventually, I began to relax and my hold began to loose on her.I breathed deeply and looked at her eyes and found myself calming down mesmerized by her beautiful orbs.Though she was looking at me with fear, when I smiled she reciprocated by smiled back at me relaxing down a little.

I found my answers that day.

Only she was the one who could calm me and relax me when I was angry.

No one could ever do that and no one even could do that in the future but only she.

Only her.

I looked back towards everyone who were watching us intently and Dad giving me a knowing smile.Steve and Stella were scolding Henry for his behavior and aiding his nose.

“Okay everyone back to your place.Everything is sorted now” Dad said making the ladies go back towards the kitchen and the guys to sit back in the living room.

Angel left my hands and turned around to leave but I held her hands saying “No.”

I pulled her with me to upstairs and to a room and closed the door.

“Mr.Kni-,” she began but I kept my finger on her lips silencing her.

“Ssh just come here,,” I said opening my arms for her.

She looked at me for some seconds but eventually walked towards me.I pulled her to me and hugged her, embracing her with my arms tightly.I could feel her raised heart beat.I tightened my hold on her and pushed her hair to a side and put my face in the crook of her neck making her gasp.I inhaled deeply mesmerized with her scent.

“Mr.Knights what are you doi-,” I cut her off making her look into my eyes.I held her with her shoulder and lowered myself to level myself with her eyes.She was still small comparing to mine height.I gazed intensely on her face mentally remembering the beauty spot which was present near her lower lip and one near her eyes.

I never noticed that.

“Call me by my name,,” I asked her trying to be as polite as I could.

“Bu-,” she began and I narrowed my eyes making her stop abruptly.

“Say my name,” I encouraged her making her stiff and uncomfortable.

“Say it,,” I said again and this time she looked into my eyes and finally said “Xavier.”

I loved it how it sounded from her mouth. “Say it again,” I encouraged.

“Xavier,,” she said with her soft tone making me shiver with pleasure.

I pulled her back to me and smiled.I loved her body close to me.I loved her scent.I loved everything about her.

I hugged her tight and eventually pulled away.Unexpectedly, I kissed her on her cheek making her gasp and left her there in that room going back to the living room with a happy mood.

When I came back I found Henry already sitting there holding an ice bag on his cheek and a band-aid on his nose.

Dad was sitting casually talking with Steve while Ethan was talking to Liam.Cole was busy on his phone smiling probably chatting with his girlfriend.

I sat on the sofa grabbing everybody’s attention.I smirked at Henry making him scowl on me.

“You are back? So quickly?” Steve asked with astonishment.

I raised an eyebrow confused.

“He means you don’t come back this quick when you get angry” Ethan said erasing my confusion.

I smiled happily and said “Yeah because I found my calmness,,” I said and retreated my head on the sofa and took out my iPhone checking my emails all the time smiling like a goof.

When Dinner was done we went towards the dining hall and we all sat on our seats.I made Angel sit next to me and glared at Henry who scoffed seeing her close to me.Stella Scolded him for his behavior making Liam, Cole, and Ethan laugh at him.

The food was placed before us on the table making our mouth water.“She is really a great cook, some of this are made by Angela and I got to say you are really lucky Xavier dear” Aunt Heather chirped clapping her hands and smiling at us.

“We are really excited to see Junior Xavier or Angela running in the dining hall,” Stella said looking at us dreamingly.

I liked thinking about making Angel pregnant with my child in her womb.I looked at her to see her uncomfortable hearing this.

I frowned at this.

Doesn’t she want to have kids with me?

Doesn’t she like kids?

I frowned more and ate my Dinner in silence while everyone remained busy in gossiping.I would steal glances towards Angel to see her smiling and talking to Rochelle.

When we were done we bid our farewells to everyone.

“I wish Amelia to be here to see you both and give her blessings to you both” Stella said and tears rolled down her cheeks thinking about her sister.Steve hugged her and tried to stop her from crying.

We went inside the car and drove off.

“She really loved her sister” Angel spoke softly.I hummed in response.
Now when I think of it I find Angel really somewhat like Mom as Dad found previously.

She is kind just like Mom.Shy, beautiful, Strong, intelligent just like Mom.

I smiled seeing the similarities.I looked towards Angel to see her sleeping in her seat leaning her head on the window.Her hair was shielding her face from my gaze.I softly pushed her hair back with my one hand and kept another on the steering wheel.

We were driving for Two hours when the car stopped with a shrieking sound.

“Man! Not again,” I grunted and smacked the steering wheel in frustration.Angel jolted up from her sleep making me regret doing that.

“What happened?,” she askedrubbing her eyes to get rid of the sleep.

“Uh, The car stopped,,” I said nervously.

I thought she would lash out at me for my car like other women usually do but as always, I got the unexpected.

She came towards me and leaned on me.

Is she trying to be romantic?

Well I don’t mind at all.

But my thoughts were thrown out the window when she pushed the Hood switch of the car and got out of the car.

I followed her out of the car to see her opening the hood of the car and she began to inspect the machines.

“Hey! what are you doing?,” I asked astonished.It’s not every day that you get to see a woman inspecting the machines.

“Looking for the problem,,” she said not even looking at me.

“Do you know what you are doing?,” I asked wanting to be sure.

“Of course, I am a mechanical engineer after all and I can do this because of my experience with a friend,,” she said skeptically.

Wait! Did she say mechanical engineer?

A god damn engineer?

Why I am always the last one to know something like this about her.

“Hey! You never said me that you are a mechanical engineer,” I said crossing my arms around my chest irritated.

“Well, that’s because you never asked me about my qualifications,,” she said putting her hands on her hip.

“Okay but that doesn’t mean that you won’t tell me about you from your side,,” I said trying to reason myself.

“Fine! My fault.I am a Mechanical Engineer.Is this fine now Xavier?,” she said irritated.

She is irritated but she looks hot when she is angry and the way she said my name I wanted to eat her.

I grinned like a fool watching her do her work.She went to the trunk and took out the tool box.Then she came back towards the Bonnet and began to do her work.

I have to say watching her working so professionally working on the machines turned me on.She looked so sexy and hot.She lowered herself down to put the tool back in the toolbox which resulted her dress to raise up showing me her skin which was flawless and free of scars or any kind of marks.I groaned internally.If anything I wanted to do now then it was to go to her and do the things with her which would satisfy me to my core.

Finally she was done and she closed the hood and went back to the trunk to keep the tool box back in there.She cleaned her hands using the napkin from the napkin box and went to her seat and put on her seat belts.

“What? Are you going to stand there the whole night?,” she askedpeeping her head out of the window.

“What? You are not going to check your work is finished or not?,” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“I know my work Mr.Knights,” she mocked at me smiling teasingly.

“So confident? I like it.Then let’s check it Mrs.Knights,” I mocked her back and sat on the driver seat putting on the seat belt.

“So ready?,” I asked putting the key in the ignition.

She nodded and I ignited the Engine only to find the car roar back to life.

She smiled and I just gave her an astonished look not really believing what she did.

“Good work Miss Engineer,,” I said feeling proud of her work and drove off.

She smiled and looked out of the window and I kept myself busy in thinking if there is any other thing which I don’t know yet about her.

Suddenly a thought crossed my mind and an image of a girl near my car running away hearing my voice flashed in my mind.

Now I when I think of it I found some similarities.That girl that day also had golden hair just like Angel and did the machine work so professionally just like Angel.She was even tall just like Angel.

Could it be her?

I laughed nervously and scratched my jaw still driving.

“Hey I wanted to ask you a question,,” I asked eager to know if she was the one for whom I was able to reach the most important meeting of my life.

“Yes?,” she askedsignaling me to continue.

“I just wanted to know uh if I mean did you fix somebody’s car a few months before?,” I asked nervously.

She kept her face on her hand and began to think “Yes, may be the last time I fixed somebody’s car, it was few months back.”

“Really? What did you do,” I asked growing impatient.

“Uh I fixed it’s Carburetor,” she said happily and I stopped the car applying the brakes with a screeching sound making both of us to lean forward only to be pulled back by our seat belts.

Thank God!

Shit! I whispered out loud thinking last time my car’s problem was the Carburetor.

Double Shit!

It was her who repaired my car unknowingly and because of her I was able to reach the meeting and I was the one who treated her so badly thinking that she ruined my life when she was the one who made my life.

“What happen?” Angel asked me with her eyes wide open because of the sudden stop.

I looked towards her and then outside of the window to the sky shouting “God, why are you doing this to me?”

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