Billionaire's Intense Love

By SSeemran All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 17


Angela Pov

Lucy opened the door for me and I smiled at her when she took the paper bags for me.I have bought everything that we can use today for dinner.

“Ah! I see.You are planning to make spaghetti today?,” she askedas she looked into the bag.

“Umm-hmm.I want to eat Spaghetti today,” I said and kept my shoes inside the rack.

“Umm Sir is already home,,” she said while I was walking towards the living room.

“Xavier is already home? Where is he?”

“He is in his room with a guest,,” she said and I nodded.

“Okay let me see,,” I said and made my way towards his room while she walked away towards the kitchen.

Half way through my way, I stopped in my tracks when a red haired woman walked out of his room.She walked out of the room but when she saw me, she stopped right before me with a stunned expression.

Then came out Xavier himself.He didn’t notice my presence as the woman was blocking me from his sight.

“Hey! What’s wrong?” he askedthe lady when she stepped aside.

Xavier glanced towards me and his eyes widen and he said “Angela. ”

I looked towards the woman and then at him and then towards his room.

“Is she leaving?,” I wondered.

“Angel it’s not wh-” Xavier said but was cut off by the lady.

“Hi I am Pearl Olson,” the lady said and raised her hand for me to take.

“I am Angela Knights,,” I said and gave her my hand to which she smiled.

“You must be his wife, on,,” she said and I nodded.

“Well then It was nice meeting you I shall be going now,,” she said and took a step forward when it struck me.

“Wait!,” she stopped at her place and looked at me questionably.

“Angel?” Xavier questioned.

“Just a minute.Did you say, Pearl Olson?,” I asked to which she nodded.

I bit down on my lips and went towards the stair.

“Lucy?,” I called from my place.

“Yes?,” she answered as she came towards the stair.

“Remember that I told you to keep it till I ask for it? That I found a few months ago,” I asked and she made a confused face but then it clicked to her.

“Oh, yes! Yes!,” she exclaimed.

“Bring it to me,,” I asked and she nodded walking towards the other room where she kept it to bring it to me.

“Just a minute please,,” I asked Pearl.She nodded reluctantly but waited.

A few minutes later Lucy walked towards us with a box in her hand.

“Here,” she handed me the box.

“I believe it belongs to you,,” I said as I handed the box to Pearl.

She took it out of curiosity and gasped when she opened the box.

“It… it’s mine Pendant,,” she said as she touched the pendant and her eyes shed tears.

“Is it yours?” Xavier asked as he glanced at the box.

“Yes, it is,” she cried and looked up at me with her eyes filled with joy.

“How did you know it was mine?,” she asked .

“The pendant has initials carved on its back.So I just assumed it as Your name is Pearl Olson and the initials are ‘P. O’ I didn’t know it, in particular, I just guessed,” I said and she wiped her tears with her hand.I took out my handkerchief from my pocket and offered her to which she gladly took it from me “Thank you,” she whisperedwith a hoarse voice.

The next moment she flung her arms and embraced me with a hug.

“Thank you! Thank you so much,” she cried and I looked at Xavier too stunned by her action.He was smiling and gestured me to return the hug.So I did.I patted her back and said “It’s okay” when she began to sob.

“I didn’t find anything attached to it though.I only found the pendant,” I said when she retreated back.

“Oh, it’s okay.This pendant is important.Thank you once again for keeping it safely with you,” she said and looked back towards Xavier.

“It was given to me by someone very special.I thought I lost it forever.But today I found it.I came here in search of it but was disappointed when I didn’t find it.Thanks to you it is back to me again,” she said and I gave her a smile not knowing what to say.

“I must leave now,,” she said and I shook my head No.

“No! Join us for lunch,” I offered.

“I will but some another day.I need to go now,” she said holding my arm.

“But yo-” Xavier cut me off “Angel it’s okay.Let her go” he said and reluctantly I nodded.

We walked her towards the door and she thanked one more time before walking away.

“Where did you get that?” Xavier asked as we walked towards the dining hall.

“Oh, I found it in your room.I even asked you about it one day but you shrugged it off saying you don’t know to whom it belonged.So I asked Lucy to keep it until I ask for it.It seemed precious,” I shrugged.

“I did?” he asked .

I nodded.

“You were probably busy in your work that day,,” I said and we both sat on our seat.

Lucy began to arrange the plates for us and served the food for us.

“You are early home today,,” I asked.

“Yeah I didn’t feel like working today” he shrugged.

“Why? Are you alright? Are you not feeling well?”

“Relax! I am fine.I just didn’t feel like to work today” he said and I nodded.

We both ate our food in silence, occasionally talking to each other.

“It’s our company’s Silver Jubilee this end of the month,” he said as we sat on our sofa in the living room.

“Wow,,” I exclaimed excitedly.

“And Dad has wished for celebration,” he said and I nodded.

“And he also has set up a competition” he finished.

“Competition?,” I asked confused.

“Yeah! He wants a couple dance competition. Yeah! I know it’s stupi-”

“Wow! That’s amazing,” I exclaimed happily.

“What? You like his idea?” he looked stunned.

“Of course! It’s the company’s Silver Jubilee. It’s a good way to interact with people who gave their years to the company. This will be fun. It will be engaging and they will get to do what they haven’t done may be from a long period of time. The dance competition is a very good idea,” I said and leaned back against the sofa.

“So will you be my partner?” he asked out of nowhere making me jerk up on my place.

“What? You are taking part?,” I asked surprised.

“Correction! We are taking part” he said and crossed his arms across his chest.

“Really? Are you serious?,” I asked.

“Umm hmm,” he nodded.

“Oh, my god! That will be fun. What are we waiting for? The celebration is at the end of this month so that means we have only one and a half month on our hand,” I calculated in my mind.

“We have to practice. I want to win the competition,” I said and stood up from my place.

“What? Why do you all of a sudden want to win the competition?” he asked shocked.

“Because I am the Ceo’s wife. If we are taking part we must win,” I said and took hold of his hand.

“Wait! What? We just had our lunch now. C’mon I can’t practice now” he argued.

“We will not practice now,,” I said as I began to pull him with me towards my room.

“Then?” he asked .

“We are going to search for a perfect music and concept from the internet. And hopefully, we will find some interesting dance steps to perform,” I said excited and used both of mine hand to drag him. He was being awfully drowsy.

“Angela C’mon! We can do this some other time. Let’s just watch some TV or sleep. Please,” he argued.

I stopped on my track and let go of his hand.

“Do you not want us to win?,” I asked.


“Or do you not want me to be your partner?”

“What are yo-”

“I am sorry. I am dragging you into all this. You must be tired and I am dragging into...,” I sighed “Never mind! Let’s watch some movie,” I said and walked towards the living room when he got hold of my hand stopping me.


“Why do you look so excited all of a sudden? Is it only because of the celebration?” he askedout of nowhere making my heart beat flutter.

“Or is it something else?” he asked

“Angela” he called when I didn’t say anything.

“I- I just wanted to hold my place,,” I said and closed my eyes.

“Hold your place?” he asked and using his finger he raised my chin up.I took a deep breath before opening my eyes.

“I mean you are the owner of your company. You are well known and everyone respects you.I don’t want to let you dow-” he cut me off “Angela Knights.”

“Let’s find an amazing song. We are going to win this competition” he said and this time he was the one who was dragging me.

“Literally I had to drag him to take the competition seriously,,” I said as I kept the cups in its place after wiping water away from it.

“I knew I could trust you on this” Dad laughed on the other line making me chuckle.

“When he called me I knew he got the information about me wanting to keep a competition. I knew he would never take it seriously until I thought about my daughter-in-law convincing my son for it” Dad said from the other line of the phone. I took my phone from the table and turned off the speaker button. I went towards the chair and sat on it holding the phone close to my ear.

“I hope I am not pressuring you for this,” he said which made me sigh.

“I told you already. You are not pressuring me. As much you want Xavier to take part in this celebration, I too want him to engage himself in all this. It is fun and as much as I know him he will probably like to seat in his room doing all his business rather than taking part in any of the celebration,” I sighed thinking about the day when he had his day off but he utilized his whole day by doing all his business work in his study room.

“That’s my boy after all” Dad sighed and it looked he wasn’t happy about it.

“I do appreciate his hard work but too much will only lead to brain stress and I don’t want that for him,” Dad said and I nodded in agreement.

“Me too,,” I said and that’s when I heard the front door opening.

“I guess Xavier is back,,” I said into the phone.

“Well, then I will disconnect now.And practice your dance moves well because I am going to flaunt my daughter-in-law among my friends to make them jealous,” I could imagine Angela

the smirk plastered on his face right now.

I laughed at this and looked ahead to see Xavier “Who is it?” he asked .

“It’s Dad, ,” I said which made his eyes widen.

“That old man! Rejecting my calls and here he is chatting with you.Give the phone to me” he lunged forward and snatched the phone from me.

“How dare you old ma-” he stopped with a stoic expression.

“What happened?,” I asked confused on to why he stopped in the middle of the sentence.

“He freaking disconnected the call again” he screamed and I tried hard to control the laughter within me but I knew I was failing.

“It is not funny” he scoffed raking a hand through his hair.

“Oh, it is,” I whispered chuckling.

“What did you say?” he asked narrowing his eyes at me.

“Nothing. Nothing,” I lied.

“What was he saying?” he asked as undid the few button of his shirt and took a seat next to me.

“Nothing much. He was just saying that I need to train you properly as you, in his words, suck in dancing,,” I said and watched as he made an animated cartoon face.

“What?” He gritted out.

“Yeah! I agree with him though,” I said to provoke him and it worked because he gave me an incredulous look probably not believing this.

“I just hope may the best couple win,,” I said pouting.

He stood up from his chair in a lightning speed which made his chair fell backward because of the force he used.

“I can’t believe him neither you” he huffed out air and gave me a disbelieving look. I stifled a laugh, shrugging at him.

“Whatever. Meet me in the gym room in one hour.I am going to freshen up” he said and went away towards his bedroom.

“Oh, god,,” I sighed.

“Okay! So first, left foot and then turn,” I said and he did it.

“Then I will come to you and you will hold me while I bend backward,,” I said and he nodded.

I did my step and went to him. He held my waist firmly while I bend backward and rose up.

“And we did it,,” I said and he nodded.

I smiled and moved backward only to be pulled back to him.

“Wh-What are you doing?,” I asked breathlessly.

“Nothing” he whispered .

“Umm,,” I took a step backward but only to be pulled back to him again.

“Xavier!,” I cried.

He didn’t say anything but the only thing which I saw was his face merely inches away from me. His breath fanning my face and I was like held captive in his embrace.

He moved and gazed into my eyes and that is when I saw as his face neared more to me second by second. When it registered me about what he was going to do, my eyes widen in shock and I jumped a foot backward startling both me and him.

“Uh, phone. My phone is ringing,” I made up an excuse and ran out of the room with a red face.

The day has finally arrived. I wore a gray gown and did my hair into a simple twisted topknot bun. The dress looked elegant and expensive. It was Xavier who brought the dress for me for the night.

When I was done with my makeup, satisfied I stood on my silver high heels and gazed at myself into the mirror.

“Beautiful,” I heard him and looked back towards the door to find him leaning against the door frame smiling at me.

“I like this color on you,” he said and made his way towards me.

“Thank you,,” I said and smiled at him.

“Shall we?” he asked as he gave me his hand to take and I took it smiling like a goof.

In no time, we reached the venue.

“Oh, my god,” I gasped as I looked at the crowd of reporters and people gathering outside the venue.

“It looks somewhat type of an award function,,” I said as I looked out of the car’s windscreen and looked at the famous people who were making their ways into the hall through the crowd.

Xavier laughed hearing me and took my hand as he guided me out of the car.

“Smile at the camera,” he said and I did what he said to do.

We entered hand in hand into the Banquet hall. I found myself mesmerized seeing the preparations and the way everything was organized.

“Wow” was the only word that came out of my mouth.

“Ron, my PA did this all” Xavier whispered from next to me and I felt impressed by whoever he was.

“My Son and my daughter-in-law” by the voice we knew who it was.

“Oh, my! You look so beautiful” dad said in a British accent making me giggle for Xavier scoffed at him for his fake accent.

“Always in a foul mood” dad muttered but was heard because Xavier asked, “What was that?”

“Nothing. So? Ready for the dance?” he wiggled his eyebrows at Xavier which made Xavier give him a narrowed eyes look.

“Yes, we are,,” I told him and he smiled before he was pulled off by a group of man.

“C’mon let’s go there,” Xavier said pointing towards a corner and I nodded before walking the area.

“Sir,” I heard a man and looked towards my right side to find a man alabaster skin tone coming towards us.

“It’s Ron” Xavier whispered to me and I nodded.

“Good evening Sir, Ma’am” he greeted and I replied with a smile.

“It is nice to finally meet you, Ma’am,” he said and I looked towards Xavier who simply shrugged his shoulder and gave me a smirk.

“Oh, it’s a pleasure to meet you too. By the way, fantastic preparation. You did an amazing job,” I said truthfully and watched as a tint of pink marred his cheeks and he looked down rubbing his neck.

“Thank you,” he said laughing nervously.

“Uh Let’s eat. I am hungry. We will catch up to you” Xavier said and dragged me towards the Buffet.

“What are you doing?,” I said as I looked back towards where Ron was still standing looking at the floor.

“I am hungry” was all that Xavier said.

The rest of the evening was spent meeting dad’s friends and some guests. I get to know some of Xavier business friends too.

Finally, the announcement was made for the dance competition.

“Let’s get ready,” Xavier said and I nodded.

The participants were asked to walk towards the green room to change into their costumes. I saw many woman and man walking towards the given man and woman green room.

I smiled at Xavier before we headed towards our own direction towards our green room.

Our costumes were already present in the green room with a makeup artist.

I took my bag and changed into my dress.

It was a black heart shaped blouse with fringe and I wore the blue sequin salsa skirt with golden short pant underneath the skirt. The skirt was open from the front and it only covered the backside. So my pant was visible and I wore the black heel. And I was ready.

The makeup artist did my makeup with my hair curled down and glittery eyes.

All the ladies present inside the green room began whispering to each other as they took in my appearance.

“Wow,,” I heard a woman.

I smiled at them and sat on a chair taking my phone with me.

“You ready?” Xavier asked through text.

“Yes,,” I replied back.

When everyone was ready, we were asked to gather up near the stage outside the banquet hall.

We made our way there and took our seat backstage.

“Hi! What are you performing? You look amazing by the way” a woman said and I smiled saying “Salsa and Thank you. You too look amazing.”

“Wow! Thank you and all the best,” she said and I smiled saying “All the best to you too. ”

I was told that were in number five.

As the competition begins, I could hear the crowd screaming and the music blasting the air.

The first couple went up to the stage, and the song played which made the audience go wild as they cheered in joy.

I chuckled seeing the reaction of the audience.

By the time our number came, I felt myself growing nervous.

Unlike what I said to Xavier I wasn’t actually hoping to win the competition. I was here to make some awesome memories and have some fun.

“You look hot,” I heard him behind me as he kept his hands on my waist and kept his head on my shoulder whispering to me.

I looked back at him and turned around. He was wearing a blue buttoned down collared shirt and a black with blue sequin lining pant “So are you,” I said and he grinned, his boyish grin.

“Our turn,” he said and I nodded.

I walked towards the front while he went up to the stage. The audience went viral when he got up to the stage.I shook my head and laughed a bit at this.

We took our positions and then the song played. I walked up in a sexy hip swaying motion to the stage as we had rehearsed and stood before me.

It was a Salsa mix song by a Spanish female singer.

The crowd whistled and cheered when we began. Xavier was suave on the stage. Charming, elegant and confident while I tried my best to match up with his sexiness. Our moves were sexy as well as elegant. The most important part was I was enjoying.

With the last swirl, we reached the end.

Panting and sweating, we stood in the middle of the stage on our last position looking at each other with my left leg on his hold.

“Damn! Damn! Damn!” The anchor commented and we broke apart when the crowd screamed loudly for once more.

“Oh, god,” I laughed and as I leaned against Xavier. He laughed too holding my waist and I waved at the audience before walking down.

We went back into the green room and changed back into our previous dress because we were to meet some important guests from abroad.

I was really enthusiastic to watch others perform but the guests were very important and I had to miss it with Xavier.

“Stupendous performance,” a man said and I smiled when Xavier locked his arm with mine.

“Thank you,” we said in unison.

As we were driving back home, I looked out of the window smiling to myself.

We came second and the couple who won were the most entertaining one and they deserved to be won.

Mr. Waetford was the senior most in Xavier’s company. He was to retire this year and his wife who was in his mid-fifties was more than overwhelmed after they won. I was happy and Xavier was too. We all clapped in joy for their achievement and for the smile that was present on their face to be able to win.

I was happy for them and for myself too.

For I was taking an amazing memory of mine and Xavier of a happy moment, back home.

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