Billionaire's Intense Love

By SSeemran All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 18



Have you ever felt yourself like you are flying in the air and you have got all the happiness of the world?

Well these days, it seems like I am the happiest man in the world. I have been really happy these days and the reason is only Angel.

My Angel.

I find happiness only with her.

The day begins with her and my day gets over with her. Only her smile makes my day.

Today some of my business associates are to come to my house. I told Angel to get everything ready for them which I know she will do it perfectly without being asked. I forgot to tell her that they will be arriving anytime soon.I went towards her room and stood outside of her room. First, I thought of knocking on her door but then thought it’s already been so many months to our marriage so why to be so formal. I entered without knocking which I think was the worst and beautiful mistake of my life.

I couldn’t move from my place, I was captivated by a woman who was my wife. I felt the distance of our relationship then and there. We were husband and wife in a relationship, that means we were free to do anything but yet I had to remain within my boundaries. She stood with her back facing me as she towel dry her wet hair. She already had her jeans on and the only thought that she was topless before me which made me crazy.

Something caught my attention.I could see a beauty spot on her left side of her back near her hip which really turned me on painfully.I wanted to touch it and before I could do anything crazy, I saw her shoulders go stiff.

Maybe she sensed my presence.


Before she could turn around I swiftly went out of the room and closed the door softly without making any noise.

Thank God.

Next time I would surely knock her door before entering or I won’t be able to stop myself.Still, I smiled like a pervert and went towards the living room.

After some hours Angel came down and went towards the kitchen giving me a small smile.I crossed my hands at the back of my head and rested myself on the sofa when the doorbell rang.

Lucy went to get the door and came in three well-suited gentlemen.

I greeted them with a handshake and invited them towards the living room and seated them on the sofa.I asked Lucy to call Angel and sat on the sofa talking about our business deals.

I saw Angel walking towards the hall with a warm smile on her face but much to my confusion it faded away as soon as she saw the men.

Her posture became stiff and her face radiated tension.And something more was there.Her eyes showed fear and pain.

I didn’t understand what’s wrong with her all of a sudden.

But I let the matter go because I thought maybe I was just being paranoid.

She seemed to relax seeing me and came towards me.The three men stood up and I introduced each of them to her.

“Gentlemen! meet my wife Angela Knights,” I introduced wrapping my arms around her stiff body.

“Angel meet my business associates, Mr.Deming Yutang who is from China,,” I said gesturing the bald man who wore an Armani suit.Angel smiled at him and shook his hands to which the man replied back with a warm smile of his own.“Then Mr.Zachary Symington who is from America,,” I said gesturing a well suited tall and aggressive looking man of my age.Angel smiled and shook his hands.“It’s Mr.John Winters who is from France,,” I said gesturing to the overly dressed man who smiled oddly at Angel and raised his hands for Angel to which I noticed her hesitation but eventually not wanting to create a scene she shook her hand with him.I even noticed Angel taking deep breaths and her body trembling.The man Mr.John gave Angel a look which I didn’t like and held her hand too long for my liking.

I cleared my throat making both of them withdraw back their hands.

We sat on the sofa and talked about business but occasionally I would mark Mr.Winters looking at Angel all while.

Angel only averted her gaze to her lap and sat quietly nodding her head whenever she was asked a question.

Finally when it was the time of our lunch I asked Angel to arrange the table, to which she bolted right towards the kitchen in a lightning speed without sparing a glance back towards our direction.

I excused myself from the three Men and went towards the kitchen.I saw her leaning against the kitchen shelf with her head down, eyes closed.I went directly towards her and stood before her.

“Is everything okay?,” I asked making her snap open her eyes and look at me in surprise.

“Yeah. .uh, Yes everything is fine, I was just tired,,” she said and went towards the stove.

I followed her and turned her back towards me.I held her face in my hands and made her look up at me.

I gazed intensively at her making her stand still.I was searching for my answers in her eyes.Her eyes would tell me everything about her.

I saw a flicker of fear and tension in her eyes and I got my answers.

She is lying.

She is not okay.

Something is definitely wrong with her.

“I see,,” I said and pursed my lips letting go of her face and stepping back.

“I will just call them to the dining room, you carry on with your cooking,,” I said nonchalantly and went out of the kitchen.

From these all months if anything I knew about her is that she would never involve me in her problems or difficulties.Whatever is disturbing her she would never share with me.I don’t understand why she does that but I had told her a lot of times to drop this habit of hers.

But she just won’t listen to me.

I escorted them to the dining hall and asked them to seat while the food is being served.Angel came back to the dining hall and sat next to me with a stiff posture.

Lucy served us in our plates and went out of the room back to the kitchen.Everybody started eating while talking about random things.

“The food is really delicious Mr.Knights” Mr.Symington spoke taking a bite from his spoon.I smiled and nudged Angel with my elbow making her smile.

“My wife cooked it,,” I said feeling proud.

“Indeed! It is really delicious and your wife is really beautiful Mr.Knights” Mr.Yutang said smiling at me.

“You are a lucky man” he added making Angel blush and she smiles towards me.

“Yeah! he is a lucky man.A beautiful wife. . .”Mr.Winters said looking at Angel.

I saw her playing with her food not really eating.

I glanced at Mr.Winters and saw that there was a deep scar on his temple and the scar looked new.

“Hey, how did that happen?,” I asked gesturing with my fingers to his head.The other two men including Angel looked up from their plates at him.From my Peripheral vision, I saw Angel getting tensed.

Mr.Winters touched his scar with his finger and said “Oh, it’s nothing it was a girl” he said nonchalantly.

“What did she do?” Mr.Symington asked curiously.

“I kinda wanted to make love to her but she was angry with me which led to a fight between us and her hitting me with a vase,” Mr.Winters said laughing nervously and shrugging his shoulders like it wasn’t a big deal.

Mr.Symington and Mr.Yutang laughed at him and said: “You have got a rough chic ha!”

“Totally! rough and wild which I like the most” Mr.Winter said smirking.

The lunch was over and the three men were ready to go.So I bid them farewell and escorted them out of the house to their car.

I went inside to find Angel nowhere in sight.I went towards her room and this time I knocked on her door.

“Angel are you there?,” I asked from the other side of the door.

“Yeah, come in,,” she said.

I went in to see her sitting on the sofa beside the window.“What’s wrong?,” I asked her worriedly because her face was pale and she was sweating.

“Not-thing I am just tired,” she replied smiling a little bit.

“Are you sure?“I asked pursing my lips and shoving my hands into my pant pockets.

“Yeah totally,” she replied.

“Okay, you rest yourself I’m going to my room,,” I said and she nodded.

With that, I turned around and walked out of her room closing her door softly behind me.

Maybe she really is tired.

The day passed by and it’s been three days since that day.I was getting ready for my office earlier today and got out of my room and went towards Angel’s room to see her coming back towards her room wearing her jogging short spandex and a tank top.Her hair was tied up and she was huffing and was all sweaty.

She looked hot.

“You went out for Jogging?,” I asked her when she was just going into her room.

She turned and smiled at me “Yeah.”

“Um I’m going out for a business meeting today to England and I will come back after two days. Okay?,” I said fixing my tie.

“Okay,,” she said and stood there waiting for me to continue.

“Can you manage without me these two days?,” I said smirking at her and fixing my tie.

She gave me a look and raised an eyebrow.

“You know I’m very hot and sexy, hard to resist how are you going to manage?,” I said smirking at her while she looked at me with wide and disbelieving eyes.I loved teasing her.

“For your kind information I can manage very well without you Mr.Knights,” she huffed and crossed her arms on her chest making my eyes to follow her moves.

Not the time! You dirty Xavier.

I laughed and turned around heading back towards my room but stopped when she called me “Xavier!”

I turned around and waited for her to continue.She bit down on her lips and before I could say anything to her she came towards me and asked pointing at my tie “May I?”

I grinned and stood straight saying “You may.”She smiled and began to fix my tie.All the while I would stare at her beautiful face smiling occasionally whenever she twitched her eyebrow.

“Come back Soon,” she whisperedand looked at me with something in her eyes like she was trying to say something to me but something was holding her back.

I nodded and turned around but something crossed my mind and I turned back to her.She raised an eyebrow questionably at me.

I grinned and in a lightning speed kissed her on her cheek making her gasp in surprise and her eyes widen in shock.I laughed when her face grew all red like a tomato and made my way back to my room and took my luggage and went out of the house, towards my car.

My driver began to drive to the Airport and I sat at the back thinking that how these two days are going to pass without seeing her.

I smiled a little remembering how her face turned red when I kissed her and thought “These two days will be going to be hell for me. ”

But little did I know that these two days will seriously become the worst nightmare of my life.

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