Billionaire's Intense Love

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Chapter 19


When Xavier told me that he was going away for two days, I had this uneasy feeling growing inside my chest making me worried and uncomfortable.

Xavier had been very good to me since the day he has apologized for his mistakes.He often makes me smile without any reason.I have grown to know a lot more about him after that competition and I see a great friend inside him who loves to tease me and make me laugh without any reason.Things have been going really great between us and I hope it to be as it is.

The only thing which still petrifies me is his anger.He just can’t control himself when he is angry and whenever he loses his control I tend to cower away and the only thing which comes first in my mind is to run.The last time when he got angry was at the family gathering.Since then, I have been avoiding doing kinds of stuff which would trigger his anger.

The day, when his Business associates were to come to our house, was the worst day of my life.Because I get to meet the only man whom I’ve been loathing the most since the day I met him.

John Winters.

The things that he did to me back in Paris flashed on my mind when I saw him that day.He is a wicked man and I despise him the most in this world.His actions were purely inhumane and he is criminal in my eyes who has dirty thoughts not only for me but for many women out there.The thing that he doesn’t even care if a woman is married makes him worst even more than he really is.

Fear was evident in my eyes that day seeing his face again.But I maintained my posture and gesture in order to avoid creating a scene.I thought he had got his lesson that day and he wouldn’t try to harm me again.So, I brushed off the matter from my mind and didn’t bother to let Xavier know about it.

Today, I’m all alone in this big house.It’s been a day since Xavier left for England and I have given Lucy a day off to rest because there wasn’t any work in the house and I thought it would be great if she gets a day off because Xavier will be back the next day and she will be back to her work again.

I took my phone with me to the kitchen and kept it on the table when the phone beeped.I checked it to see a text message notification from Xavier.A small smile appeared on my lips and I clicked the message box to read his message.

“I know u must be crying right now thinking why did you even let me go.After all, I’m too hard to resist ;)”

I chuckled and replied back “Nah I don’t miss you.Stay there!”

I waited for his message and checked the message box when the phone beeped.

“Ouch! That hurts! You seriously don’t miss me?”

I smiled and replied ”Of course I miss You.Come back Soon. ”

"Your wish my command wifey.Be there tomorrow early in the morning.I gotta go now for a meeting.See Yeah :* ”

“Okay.All the best...Bye. ,” I replied back and kept the phone on the kitchen table.

I began to clean the kitchen using a wet cloth when the doorbell rang.I dried my hands using a turquoise towel and went to get the door thinking it might be Lucy because she told me she would come in the afternoon.I opened the door only to find no one.I looked around and went out more to look for someone but there was no one.I shrugged my shoulders and went back in closing the door.

I went back to the kitchen and took the knife and began to cut the potatoes for making French fries.I was just keeping the knife aside when I felt a presence behind me.I swiftly turned around when someone snaked his arms around my waist only to find the person John Winters.

A scream escaped my mouth in surprise and I panicked seeing him in my house.He held my hands from my back in his one hand and muffled my mouth with his other hand in order to stop me from shouting.

“Hello to you too beautiful,” he said with sarcasm and smirked evilly making my heart pump blood viciously.

I started to struggle and he pushed me to the kitchen shelf forcefully hitting my back in the process making me wince in pain. “Now! Now beautiful, don’t make it difficult for me.I didn’t take so much risk only to be pushed by you.Give me what I want.It will take only some hours and then I’ll be out of your house” he sneered and pushed himself on me.

I struggled more and freed my hands and pushed him away with all my force making him stumble on his own feet.I tried to run but he was fast and again he sandwiched me between himself and the kitchen counter.

“You know the last time things didn’t go that well and this time I’ll be damned if I let you get away this easily.You are really beautiful and only seeing you, I get turned on.The only thing that I want from you is to fuck you so bad and hard, just let me do my work and I’ll be out” he laughed evilly and tried to touch me inappropriately.

He snaked a hand in between my legs but I shut my legs close tightly.He raised his hand up and kept his hand on my left breast squeezing it painfully making me scream.I loathed his touch.

I somehow managed to get a hold of the Knife and kicked him in his groin making him let go of me and comfort his groin.I tried to escape again but again he tried to stop me.I closed my eyes and swung the knife and when I opened my eyes I saw him holding his arms which had a deep cut and was bleeding, very badly.

I took this as my chance and ran.I took the phone from the table and ran dialing the police.

My intention was to go upstairs and close my door, locking me inside.

I ran dialing the number but my feet faltered and I lost my balance and the phone fell from my hand.The screen broke but I picked it up and ran towards the stairs dialing Xavier’s number from the speed dial as I couldn’t see any numbers displaying because of the damaged screen.The only number visible was fixed as a speed dial to Xavier’s number and I internally thanked the lord for the help.So, I dialed it and held the phone to my ear.

The call got disconnected.Because he rejected it.I panicked and dialed again only to be rejected again.I tried again and this time he picked up whispering...“Angel didn’t I tell you that I’m in meetin-” but I cut him off shouting “Xavier!,” In the phone.

My voice was filled with fear and panic.

“Angela what’s going o-”

“Xavier please save me! Help It’s John! John Winters he. .he broke into the house and is trying to rape-” a loud scream escaped my mouth when I was tackled down to the floor.

“You bitch!” He straddled me and slapped me on my face making me cry louder.

The phone was still on my hands and I could hear Xavier shouting “Angel! Angel! Angela, what’s going on?”

“Xavier!,” I shouted struggling with John.He pinned my hands over my head and smirked “I knew your husband has gone out for a meeting.It was so easy to fool your guards and sneak into your house without them knowing” he said and laughed evilly.

“Leave me! Let me go,” I shouted and tried to push him but it was of no use.

He held my hands over my head in his one hand and with his other hand he started to unbutton my blouse.

“So beautiful! Mmm,” he whisperedeyeing my cleavage.

I spat on his face which led him to lose his grip on my hands.With all my force I punched him on his eyes making him to whimper in pain and I ran on the stairs.I was in the middle of the stairs when he grabbed my feet which led me to lose my balance and I fell face plant on the steps.I could feel blood running down my cheeks from my forehead and I tasted blood in my mouth.He dragged me down the stairs by my feet, hurting my back very badly.

“Whore! Whom did you call?” He sneered and slapped me hard.I cried louder shouting “let me go, please.Please.Please,” I begged him.

While struggling I again pushed him and ran away shattering everything on my way. He got hold of me again and turned me around and pushed me very forcefully making me to collide my back with the coffee table and the glass shattered cutting my back and making me bleed.

My orange blouse began to turn red because of my blood and the pain which I felt was unexplainable.I knew that it was the end of me today and I began to lose my consciousness.

But the last thing I wished on my mind was “Xavier please save me.”

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