Billionaire's Intense Love

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Chapter 20

Xavier Pov

Her words began to register in my mind and the reality hit me hard on my face.

“John Winters? How dare he?,” I gritted and bolted out of the hall.

Ron came running after me and asked: “What’s wrong sir?”

“Quick! get the jet ready.We are flying back now.It’s Angela.Call the police and send them to my house.Hurry!,” I shouted at him.He nodded and began to do what he was ordered.

The phone was still on my hand and I could hear her shouting, screaming and crying.I even heard what that rat said to her and did to her.

I was getting angry the more I heard her because I couldn’t do anything to save her.

“God Damn it!,” I yelled holding my head.

“Angela! Angel Angel,” I shouted and tears began to form in my eyes making everything blur to me.I could hear her pleading and begging and finally, I heard something crashing.It sounded like glass shattering and the screaming ended.

“Angela! Angel God Damn it! Please talk to me,” I shouted banging my hands on the elevator door.

The line went dead and I panicked even more.I dialed back to her number only to find it switched off.

Please, God, Save her.

Please don’t let anything happen to her.

I cried banging my head on my hand and Ron had to stop me from doing so.We took the car and went to the airport.I called Dad and told him everything.At least he was near to Angel than me and he could reach her before me.

John Winters.

“John Winters ,” I spat his name out in venom and I promised to myself if he did anything wrong with my Angela then I would end his useless life and will make sure to let him rot in hell.

“It’s all my fault,” I whispered and cried silently putting on my seatbelts.We were about to take off.Ron had to comfort me every time I would cry or shout the whole way.

“I should have done something.I knew he was not a good person and I have heard his earlier cases where he was found forcing himself on women and manhandling women.I should’ve done something when I found him giving lustful looks to my Angel.My Angel.I swear to God if that skunk even lay his dirty hands on her then I wouldn’t think before killing him with my own bare hands,” I shouted and pushed Ron when he tried to calm me.

Finally, when we landed I was restless to go home.I didn’t have any Idea what happened and I wanted nothing but just to see Angel fine.We took the car and the driver drove very fast obliged to my order.

When we reached my mansion, I saw reporters trying to get into my house but couldn’t because they were held back by Police officers.My heart began to pound and I ran towards the main door.

“Hey! Sir wait! You can’t go insid-” the police officer was cut off by Ron.I let him handle him and I could see the place was sealed by the police ‘Police line Do not Cross’ but I ignored it because my mind was somewhere else and I ran towards the house opening the door.

Everything was shattered on the ground and was out of its place.A strange vibe ran into my nerves making my inside tremble in anxiety.I saw blood everywhere and saw the coffee table shattered into pieces with its glass all over the place.Stains of blood were around it.

I could imagine a big struggling and fighting of two adults in this place.

A hand on my shoulder made me look behind me only to find Dad. His eyes looked sorrowful and I could see his eyes watering from the corners.

Dad handed me a laptop saying “Take a look at this. ”

There was a CCTV video and I clicked on it to find Angel cleaning the kitchen.It was the video from my house CCTV camera.

I watched it silently wanting to know what really happened.I watched Angel drying her hands and walking towards the main door.She opened it and found no one and went out little more to see who it was.A thing caught my attention and my anger began to skyrocket.

When she went out John sneaked in behind her silently.“That piece of shit,,” I whispered clenching my jaw.I saw Angel dicing potatoes when he sneaked behind her and snaked his arms around her waist making her to jump in surprise.I saw everything that happened.Angel stabbing him, struggling with him and calling me, getting slaps from him, everything.

My heart began to bleed seeing the last scene where he pushed her on the coffee table which explains the crash sound that I heard earlier on my phone and then I saw her bleeding getting unconscious.

After that John Scooted her up in his arms and went out of the house.

My blood boiled and I threw the laptop in anger.

“Calm down son it’s not the time for you to get angry.We need to find her.He took her somewhere and police are trying to search for them.We need to use our brain son” Dad tried to sooth me.

“I should’ve taken care of him that day in my house.It all started from that day,” I cried.

“No,” Ron said in a rage all of a sudden and handed me his tablet.

“Check this out, this video has been sent to me by the Venue’s owner who thought we should see this for it could help us in our case.The video is from that day when you both came to Paris for that cancer event.This all started from there” he said sounding restless.

Dad came and sat beside me and I played on the video.It was also a CCTV footage.I saw Angel wearing a beautiful dress that evening and she looked beyond beautiful.I cursed myself for not realizing her worth that time.She met John and I could see her trying to avoid him.

Then she went towards the dinner hall and was drinking water when that jerk took a seat beside her.I could see her getting tensed around him and soon John went away from that place.

Angel made her way back to the hall’s door when she was pulled by that skunk inside a room and the door was closed.We couldn’t see anything that happened in that room because there was no CCTV video of that room.

After some minutes I watched the door opening and Angel came out running holding a vase in her hand and her using her other hand she tried to shield her skin because of her torn dress.

After some minutes, John walked out holding his bleeding forehead covering the part where he was bleeding with his hand.

“Ma’am hit him with that vase in order to get away,” Ron said and I clenched my fist and bit down on it crying silently.

“The venue’s owner realized who the lady was as he saw this video when they were actually searching for thief who broke in that day and stole the charity money. But as he saw this he forwarded it to us immediately.”

“Son, we need to find her. God only knows what he will do to her” Dad said and by his tone, I knew he was trying hard not to lash out.

“He can’t do anything to her.He won’t do anything to her.He is not going to touch her,” I said my voice dead.

“I’m going to trace him down from grounds and make sure he won’t live a day more to see the sunlight and that’s my promise to you and to Angel,,” I said with determination to get Angela back.

“Prepare yourself John Winters because you are going to die soon, very soon because you tried to take away what’s mine and you are going to get punished for it. ”

I am going to make your life a Living Hell John Winters.


I haven’t sat in peace for six fucking hours.I have been continuously trying to track that bastard down.

My mind keeps going back to Angel.

I have called a friend of mine who is working in intelligence.He is helping me to track John down.

Six fucking hours! And yet there is no trace of that rat.

“Finally!” Nathan my friend shouted gaining our attention.

“What?,” I asked growing impatient.

“That rat as you call him, who took away your wife just switched on his phone.It was for just for some seconds but it was enough for me to trace his location” he told us excited.

“Yes! Yes! Yes,” I shouted in triumph.

“He is somewhere near the main church.Go get your woman,” he said smiling and patted me on my shoulder.

“I will.Send the police there.I am going there alone.First I need to teach him a lesson,,” I said to which he nodded and handed me a gun.

“I don’t nee-”

“Keep it.I know you don’t need this but still” he convinced me and I nodded running towards my car.

I drove off to that location and soon I reached the right place.I crossed the main church and found an isolated place.

The place was surrounded by many trees and in the middle, there was a warehouse.I knew that skunk would have kept my Angel there because he can’t go anywhere or can’t even think of leaving the country.

The cops had already set an alert in search of him. He couldn’t escape the country that easily. I made sure of it.

I parked my car far away and got out of my car and made my way sneakily.I reached the main door but I knew it wouldn’t be a good choice to enter directly from the main door.

I searched for any other way to enter in and found the perfect spot.I sneakily went towards the back door and peeped in to finally see my Angel.

She was tied down to a chair.Her hands were tied behind her and her legs were tied.A duct tape was wrapped around her mouth to prevent her from shouting and her clothes were soaked with blood.

My eyes began to water seeing her condition.She was in pain.I could see that.She was tired.I could feel that.Her eyes were closed and I knew she needs to get to the hospital as soon as possible.

Her condition was worse than an animal and I want nothing but to hold her in my arms.

My blood boiled when that rat came into my sight.

He was pacing around the room and was sweating.He looked angry and irritated.Then he made his way towards my Angel and slapped her hard.I clenched my jaw and my fist, angrily when she opened her eyes and began to weep.

“Your bloody husband has made the police to bite my ass and here you are sleeping peacefully.You whore.” He snapped at her making her cower away from him.

“Didn’t I say you to give me what I want and I would have gone away and would have left you alone but NO you had to call your husband and let him bite my ass,” he said grabbing her hair.

“Fine! If that’s what you want then let’s be it.I will finish what I have started” he said his voice dead.

Angel’s eyes were widened and tears were continuously running down her cheeks.She was pleading him and begging him with her eyes but it was of no use.

I was beyond angry when I saw him advancing towards her opening his belts.He began to touch her and tried to rip away her blouse.

That’s it.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I began to see red.Only with one kick, the door flew open gaining both of their attention.

Angel’s eye widened and I could see relief wash through her eyes seeing me whereas John was beyond angry and he ran towards me fiercely.

He flew his fist towards my face but I was fast and dodged his blow, hitting him right on his chest with my fist making him huff out air.I kicked him again on his chest and it was enough for him to lose his balance and he fell on the floor with a thud sound.

I looked at Angel to see her crying, her voice coming out muffled due to the tape.Her cleavage was on display because that rat has managed to open her blouse’s button.I ran towards her and got rid of the tape from her mouth wanting to hear her voice.

“Xavier,” she whisperedcrying.

I closed my eyes finally able to hear her voice and said “Angel.”

“Please take me back home I don’t want to stay here,” she whisperedcrying even more.

I wiped her tears and untied her hands and legs.I was just going to button up her blouse when that Rat hit me on my head making my world spin.

“Xavier!” Angel cried holding me.

He was going to attack me again but I kicked his legs making him kiss the ground again.He groaned and tried to stand but I spun around kicking him on his face.I was ready to kill him and I wanted revenge for what he did to Angel.

The scene what he did to her back in my house replayed in my mind and I lost it beating him with all my force.

“Xavier!” Angel shouted.

“Xavier please stop it.It’s enough.You are going to kill him.Please don’t do this.Please.Please stop.For me” her last sentence made me stop but I kicked him one last time and went back to Angel.

“Xavier!” Angel shouted looking behind me.I was fast and kicked back spinning around making him fall backward.He stood up again and was ready to hit me with a rod which he got nearby but the sounds of firing guns stopped him.

After that everything happened in a slow motion.I saw him bleeding and he loosed his grip on the rod letting it fall.His eyes were wide and he looked like he was in great pain.Then he fell with a thud sound on the floor.Blood bleeding out of his body.His body lied limp on the floor.

He huffed out air and we watched as his breathing stopped.He was dead.

I looked towards the door to see police officers pointing their guns towards his body.They shot him.

Dad was standing beside them looking at us with his worried eyes.My mind flew back to Angel and I ran towards her.

I quickly buttoned up her blouse and finally, I was able to hug her.

“You came? You came for me,” she cried whispering on my chest.

“Of course.I would have come wherever you were.Nobody can take you away from me and I will follow you everywhere you go,” I whispered back my words laced with only truth.

Soon I felt her taking deep breaths and she grew limp on my arms.

“Angel! Angela ,” I panicked shouting at her to open her eyes.

“Sir we need to take her to the hospital” an officer advised and it was enough for me to scoop her up in my arms and run to my car.

I took her to Hospital and the doctors began to check her.

We were sent out of the room by the nurse and we had to wait outside of the room for the Doctors.

Finally, the doctor came out and I restlessly walked to him. “How is she?,” I asked.

“She is alright sir.She has lost her lots of blood to which we have given her the blood drip and there were some pieces of glass stuck in her back which we had to take out and we have already treated all her wounds.She is just tired and has lost her strength probably because of struggling and fighting without eating anything.But don’t worry she will get better eventually.She needs rest” he patted on my shoulder and went away.

I sighed in relief and made my way towards the room.I entered the room and saw a blood drip attached to her hand and she was changed to Hospital gown.Her forehead was bandaged and her eyes were close.

I silently went towards her and sat on the stool holding her hand.

I sighed and kissed her hand whispering “You were this close to killing me, You know that? The things you do to me Angela Knights.You had me wrapped your finger.I want to stay in your heart like you do in mine.I want you to feel my every breath like I can feel yours.I want to be more than just friends with you Angel.You stole my heart and you took it away with you.I got to know about my feelings when today you were taken away from me.I am sorry that I was a fool not to understand your worth but now when I do, I want to be your husband.I want to see my children with you and most importantly I want to come back home only to be in your arms,” I whispered again kissing her hands.

I stood up and leaned over her whispering in her ear “You know why? Because I love you.I am in Love with you and there’s nothing I can do about it.I love you with all my life and I promise you I am going to make you mine very soon” with that I kissed her on her lips and kept my head on her chest listening to her steadied and soothing heartbeat.

You are going to Love me back.

You will only belong to me.

Forever and ever.

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