Billionaire's Intense Love

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Chapter 23



I touched her soft and smooth skin feeling the tingles running down my skin, only by the mere touch.I looked into her blue orbs only to get myself captivated.She smiled at me and I couldn’t help but notice her luscious lips stretching calling me to kiss her.I leaned towards her and kissed her possessively showing her that I am the only one whom she belonged to.

She kissed me back wrapping her hands around my neck, playing with my hair.I bit her lower lip asking for entrance which she allowed and our tongues started to mingle with each other.

The wildness and the passion grew within us and I pushed her against the wall making her hold on to my shirt tightly.I started to unbutton or more like ripped her shirt leaving her in a delicate red sexy bra and then I began to kiss her neck biting and sucking on it making her moan against my ear softly.

She started to help me with my shirt and soon I pushed her on the bed and started to pull down her loose pants but stopped when I heard a sound.

I jolted up from my sleep when I found my alarm on my phone ringing.I stopped it and wiped the sweat that formed on my forehead.

Another Dream!

I sighed rubbing my face with my palm.

How long will I have to suffer all these?

Every day I would wake up panting because of all my wild dreams.Getting a boner early morning is quite painful.Always the same one where I am kissing Angela passionately and we end up on the bed.While I proceed to strip her in thoughts of making love to her, the bubble of my dream bursts whenever the alarm buzzes.

But early morning dreams

I leaned on the headboard and crossed my arms on my chest.I groaned thinking that the person with whom I am having the most passionate night is just a door away from me.

I saw the time to its 5:15 AM in the morning.

“Shit!,” I cursed and got out of the bed.I was planning to join Angel in Jogging.I have come to know that Angel is not always alone while jogging.That Dusty boy always joins her and I hate it.I quickly got ready wearing my track pants and black vests.I took my headphones and wore my running shoes and went out of the room only to see Angel coming out of her room.

Perfect timing.

“Angel!,” I called her when she didn’t notice my presence.She looked back at me and with a smile walked towards me.

“You’re up so early?,” she askedlooking at my attire.

“Yup.I will join you in jogging,” I said rubbing my hands.

“You?,” she askedpointing her finger towards me.

“Yes me.Now let’s get going we are already late,” I said and held her finger which she was pointing towards me and dragged her out of the house.

We both walked out of our house and soon started to jog when we reached the public park.She was wearing a neon pink tank top and a short black spandex with her running shoes.She began to lead me and I followed her plugging my headphones into my ear.

My favorite song Back to love was playing when I saw that Dusty boy joining us for the Jogging.He didn’t seem to notice me because he ran directly like a dog towards Angel.

“Angie! Good Morning” he chirped completely ignoring me.

Again Angie!

“Good Morning!” Angel wished and turned to look at me still jogging.

“What are you doing here?” Dusty boy asked me with a sudden uproar in his voice.

“Can’t you see? Jogging! Duh,” I said glaring at him.


“Whatever!” he replied and began to jog with Angel.

He was jogging very close to Angel which I didn’t like so, I jogged more like run towards them and blocked him by running in between them.

“What are you doing?” Dusty boy asked with an irritated face.

“Jogging!,” I yelled on his ears when I marked Angel plunging her earphones in her ear.

I smirked seeing him cringing his nose and inserting his little finger into his ears and shaking his fingers dramatically making an annoyed face.

We jogged for what felt like 30 minutes and then went inside a cafe.I ordered a cold coffee while they both ordered their went out of the cafe.

“Why do you felt like jogging today?” Angel asked me nudging me by her elbow.

“I also need fitness, “I said nudging her back.

“No, you don’t need to,” she whisperedto herself but I heard it and pushed her shoulder with mine playfully, wiggling my eyebrows.She frowned and pushed me back.We soon began to push each other playfully but stopped when we heard someone clearing his throat.

“What?,” I snapped at Dusty boy.He scowled at my behavior and looked the other way.

“Sorry to interrupt your husband-wife moment but I need to go.”

“Then go! Who is even stopping you?,” I said rudely which made Angel nudge me on my stomach by her elbow.

“Yeah okay, bye,” Angel said smiling at him to which he smiled and went away waving his hand like a school kid.

Stupid jerk!

We jogged back home and I went to my room to get a shower.I took a long refreshing bath and got ready for my office when my phone rang.

“Hello?,” I asked seeing the unknown number.

“Xavier buddy!”

“Dominic? What happened to your number?,” I asked recognizing the voice from the other side.

“In my pant pocket.The battery is dead.It’s my fiancé’s number” he said happily.

“Fiancé? Whoa! When did that happen? And you didn’t even feel like to inform me about that? Amazing friend you are,” I asked irritated.

“Relax buddy! I wanted to, but it was the circumstances which made me shut my mouth close, anyways I will tell you everything about it today.I have kept a party tonight to let the world know about my engagement.So, throw your anger out of the window and you better be present tonight in my party.It’s a very important day of my life, so please” he said more like pleading.

“Ugh! Fine! I will be there message me your venue and all,” I said and was just going to cut the call when he yelled from the other side “Listen! Listen! Listen!”

“What?,” I snapped.

“Um Come with your wife.I want her to be here.Xavier I don’t want to sound rude but you are a total jackass.She is not that bad as you have described” he said confidently.

I held the bridge of my nose and sighed.

“Dominic I also need to tell you so much about what’s going on in my life and it’s all about Angela.I did a great mistake by judging her.She is far from what I described.She is totally innocent,” I said regretting the things I did to her.

“I knew it!” He yelled which made me withdraw the phone away from my ear.

“See I told you.I knew it.Whatever you did with her that day was horrible.I knew it when I saw no reaction from her side whenever she was humiliated” he snapped making me feel worse.

“Yeah, I know it and trust me I have apologized to her for it,” I sighed and sat on the bed.

“Then?” he askedeagerly.

“Then, everything seemed to be working great.She really is an amazing woman.I can’t wait to tell everything about her to you,” I said, my mood little lightened.

“Sure, just come in time to the party and do not try to do the fashionably late thing or whatever.Remember, if you are late then I’m going to kick your ass and beat the shit out of you” he said being serious.

“Whoa! No need to go all violent.I will be there on time,” I said trying to tie my tie.

“We will see, See Yeah,” he said and hung up.

I made my way towards Angel’s room and knocked at her door.

“Come in,,” she said and I went in to see her brushing her hair, looking at me through the mirror.

“There a friend’s party tonight and he specially ordered me to bring you with me,,” I said and pursued my lips shoving my hands in the pant pocket.

She turned to look at me and raised her eyebrows.

“So will you come?,” I asked trying it to over all this in one breath.

She smiled and nodded her head and continued brushing her hairs.

“Okay then, be ready by seven.We will go there after I come back from my office,” I said and she just gave me a small smile looking at me through the mirror.

I turned back to leave but stopped and turned around “It’s Dominic by the way.It’s his party.Remember him from Paris?,” I said fidgeting with the hem of my Coat.I felt nervousness wash over me remembering that God Damn day.

Shit! What if she lashes out on me remembering the day?

She stopped brushing her hair and looked at me through the mirror then averted gaze towards the other side.

I thought she would get upset but I was proven wrong when she looked up and pursed her lips saying “Okay.”

“Okay?,” I asked surprised not seeing any reaction from her.

“Okay,,” she shrugged her shoulders and continued brushing her hair.

“Okay then,” I whispered and went out of the room closing the door behind me.I exhaled my breath loudly as if I was holding my breath for eternity and sighed in relief.

The day passed by and I was really tired.I had to attend some meetings and had to visit a spot for buying a new land for my Company’s new headquarter.

I loosened my tie and sighed.

Dominic’s party!

I have to go to that stupid jerk’s party and if I don’t then he will make sure to make my life a living hell whenever we will meet each other.

I drove back to home wishing to have a good warm relaxing shower to relax my stiffened muscles.When I reached home I saw Lucy coming out of the kitchen.

“Where is Angel?,” I asked her unbuttoning few buttons of my shirt.

“She is in her room.She already got ready for the evening and she is now attending a phone call from her family members.Should I call her down sir?,” she askedme holding my business bag.

“No its okay.I will just go and get a shower.Let her talk.Just inform her that I’m home,” I said and went to my room.

I took a good warm refreshing shower and got ready wearing a black Armani Suit and double cuff with cufflinks and my Rolex.I styled my hair into 5 O’ Clock shadow look and grinned looking at the mirror, satisfied with my work.I checked the time to see we have only half an hour left to reach the party.I made my way downstairs to the living room hoping Angel to be present there.

Sure, She was already present there her back facing me and she was drinking water from a glass.

“Angel!,” I called her buttoning up my left buttons.

She looked back placing the glass on the table to give me a heart attack.I could hear my heart beat not pumping but pounding and pounding against my rib cage to come out of my body.

There stood in a black dress with V cut in the front and a long slit displaying her long leg and white creamy skin.

I could see her cleavage and get happy to see the chain which I bought for her present there.Not in any sense, she looked slutty.She looked hot, sexy and bold and with her feminine curvaceous figure, she was ready to kill.She was wearing a black stiletto which made her look taller than she really is.Her hair was pinned up in a stylish side bun and some pieces of strands were falling on her face.With light makeup, she wore red dark lipstick on her luscious lips gaining attraction only to her lips.


She doesn’t have any Idea what she is doing to me.

“Shall we leave?,” she askedmaking my eyes to linger more on her lips.


“Xavier!,” she shook me holding me from my arms.

“Yeah, yeah, let’s go,,” I snapped out of my dirty world and we both went out and got into our Limo.

The limo drive was totally in a silence for me it was a painful silence.It is not easy to hold yourself in control when a Sexy and Hot as red woman is sitting only some centimeters away from you.It is like meat kept near a hungry lion.

I knew today, it was going to be a really hard day saving her from hungry lustful Men.We reached there exactly on time and the chauffeur opened the door for us.The Paparazzi surrounded us clicking pictures of us and the bodyguards had to push them away from us.I wrapped my hands around Angel’s waist and walked inside the venue.

I could see people have already arrived and some people were talking to each other while some couples were dancing on the dance floor.

“Finally! You are here” Dominic yelled against the loud music and came towards us.

“Yup I told you didn’t I that I will come? I am a man of my words,” I said doing a man hug with him.

“Whatever,” he said rolling his eyes.

“Angela, Hi! How are you? I am really happy that you came” he chirped hugging Angel.

“I am fine.Thank you for inviting us” Angel replied smiling at him.

“You are looking really beautiful today,” Dominic said making Angel Blush.

I tightened my arms around her waist and pulled her closer to me making Dominic raise his eyebrows “I see you two have grown lot closer.”

I smirked and kissed Angel on her cheek making her gasp in shock to prove Dominic that whatever I said on the phone was true.

“Anyways you are right on time.I was just going to announce about my engagement now.Wait here” Dominic said and took the mike from the DJ and cleared his throat gaining everyone’s attention on him.The music stopped and He signaled somebody to go near him.

A brunette woman dressed in an olive green dress went towards him and he held her by her waist close to him.

“Everyone, as you all know we all here to celebrate my happiness of getting engaged to the woman whom I loved the most from three years has finally said yes to marry me.We are officially engaged now.Everyone, she is Lauren Smith” Dominic announced kissing the woman’s cheek whose name was Lauren to make his point.

Everybody clapped and cheered for him and for his fiancé and the woman blushed and they both began to kiss gaining few sweet comments from the people.

He gave back the mike to the DJ and the music started playing again and people continued to do what they were doing previously.

“Congratulations” Angel wished them smiling at them.

“Thank you” both of them replied and smiled at her.

“Congrats man,,” I said and shook Dominic’s hand.

“Thanks, man” he replied and again kissed Lauren’s cheek.

“Why don’t we let both of them know each other while we chat a little.What do you say?” Dominic asked me gesturing Angel and Lauren.

I didn’t want Angel to leave my side but I hesitantly nodded and left her with Lauren and went with Dominic.

“Whoa! Buddy come on tell me everything.I want to know everything” Dominic said excitedly rubbing his palms together.

“Relax! Man,” I said and went towards the balcony.He followed me there and when we were away from the sounds of people and music, I told him everything from the beginning.

He was grinning like a wolf by the time I finished telling him everything.

“Whoa! That’s a lot to take in Buddy.I knew it.I just knew it the way I saw her” he said and bumped my shoulder with his fist.

“Yes, I wish I could go back in time and solve all the horrible mistakes I did.That was really insane.I wasn’t human,” I sighed and rubbed my face with my palms.

“Relax dude.Whatever done is done.Now you should focus on your future” he said patting me on my shoulders.

“Yes, I guess so,,” I said a weak smile forming on my face.

“So ?” he asked pursing his lips wiggling his eyebrows.

“What?,” I snapped at him making him raise his hands in surrender smiling like a goof.

“You love her?” he asked already knowing the answer.


“No.What are you talking about?,” I said crossing my arms on my chest.

“Oh, don’t lie.I can see it in your eyes Xavi-Boo” he cooed pinching my cheek.

I slapped his hands away and glared at him but nevertheless smiled.

“I knew it.The great Xavier Knights have finally fallen in love.Hahaha, you are whipped brother!” he said crying dramatically.

“Oh, really? Am I whipped? Look who is talking,” I gave him a sarcastic comment to which he just rolled his eyes.

“Whatever.So finally You are in love.Have you confessed it to her?” he askedraising his eyebrows.

“No, Not yet.I’m waiting for the right time,” I said and sighed.

“Aww Relax Romeo.Are you scared that she will reject you?” Dominic asked parting my shoulders.

I didn’t reply but shrugged my shoulders.

“I don’t know what she will do after hearing my confession but there is one thing I know.Whether she says yes or no I’m never going to let her go.She was mine from the day I married her.She is mine.She will always be mine,” I said confidence and promise lacing in my speech.

“You don’t have any Idea How I felt when she was taken away from me by that rascal John.I felt like a piece of my heart is taken away from me.I found myself missing.My soul craved for her presence and the pain I felt was inevitable,” I said remembering that awful day.

“From then only I knew it, I knew that I can never let her go.I have to fight for her and with her, if anybody or even herself will want to go away from me,” I said and looked towards Dominic to see him grinning at me.

“You are completely smitten buddy,” he said and whistled.

I smiled at him slapped his hands away from me when he tried to pinch my cheek.

“So? How does this happen?,” I asked changing the topic and gesturing his ring.

He grinned and touched his ring with his fingers.

“Finally she said Yes to me.I loved her from my University days but never had this guts to ask her out.One day I gained courage and with most difficulty finally, I proposed her to be my girlfriend.Surprisingly, she said yes and after dating three years I proposed her again for marrying me and to my surprise she again accepted me.”

“I’m really happy for you buddy,,” I said making him smile.

“Lauren is the best thing that ever happened to me Man and yes like you I also can’t live without her.I Love her.”

“That I can see.Now come on let’s go back in.I want to go back to Angel.I have already seen crazy stupid Men giving her lustful looks.Now hurry unless you want your soul mate and mine to find another one,” I said making him scowl at me.

I walked back towards the crowd but stopped when I heard his next words.

“I’m really happy that finally you have got over with Claudia and chooses to move on” he whispered but I can get the vibe of happiness from his voice.

I turned back and pursed my lips shoving my hands into the pant pockets.

“Actually, I never loved her.She was my past and Angel is mine Present.I never felt this much attachment with her as I felt it with Angel.I never felt the tingles whenever I touched her as I get it with Angel.Moreover, I was never happy with her.I’m lucky that I got Angel as my wife,” I said truthfully and smirked when I saw his jaws wide open.

“What the fuck? You are a gone dude.I thought that you would lash out at me hearing Claudia’s name from my mouth but here you are giving me your speech.Man! Angela has truly changed you.Changed you for good” he said happiness glistening in his eyes.

“Yup, Changed me for good,,” I said and turned around to leave but the asshole has to open his mouth again.

“Oooo Xavi Boo calls Angela his Angel.Aww” he sang irritating me.

“Shut up asshole,” I flipped the middle finger at him and he threw his head back laughing out loud like a maniac.

He is really a pain in the ass.


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