Billionaire's Intense Love

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Chapter 24



“You look really beautiful in that dress,” Lauren said smiling at me.

“Thank you,” I replied smiling at her.

“I am really nervous about my engagement. It’s all happening so suddenly that now I’m having second thoughts on it” Lauren said fidgeting with her fingers.

“Oh, don’t worry. As much as I have known Dominic, he is a good guy. You will surely get over all this with the help of him. Talk to him about this,” I said patting on her shoulder.

“You know, when I first saw you today I thought you wouldn’t talk to me or you would have an attitude of yourself but you are totally different,,” she said smiling.

“Why did you think I would be different?,” I asked eagerly.

“Because you are really beautiful. And as much I have met beautiful people they are always full of themselves. Please don’t mind me,” she gave me an apologetic look.

“Oh, no no. I don’t mind. It’s usual,” I said laughing a bit.

We were talking when we both heard a high pitched voice directed towards us.We looked towards the owner of the voice to see it’s Kim and Stephanie.

Oh, no.I didn’t know that I have to face them.

God help me.

“Oh, so you are also invited here?” Stephanie said cringing her face at me.

“Invited? Please, she must have forcefully come here with Xavier” Kim said glaring at me.

“What’s going on?” Lauren asked us.

“This is going on,” Stephanie said and poured her drink on my dress.Everybody present in the party gasped and the drink dripped down on my legs through the slit of the dress.

Lauren gasped and covered her mouth with her palm with widened eyes.

“You deserve it bitch.Why don’t you just leave Xavier?” Stephanie yelled.

“Why will she? She is getting all the money and fame.It is her game after all.Bloody gold-digger!” Kim said her voice filled with venom.

My eyes began to water and I wanted to go away from there but stopped when I saw Xavier coming towards us.

“What’s going on?” he asked confused seeing the crowd gathered around us.

“Xavi!” Stephanie shouted and went towards him. She wrapped her hands around his neck and looked back at me.

“Look we showed her, her real place” Stephanie chirped.

Dominic came and stood beside Lauren asking her what happened.

“What do you mean?” Xavier asked Stephanie.

Why do I always end up being humiliated in the public?

Tears began to blind me and this is the first time in my life I felt anger burning inside me. My anger was directed towards all of them.

I am a human. I do have self-respect and my dignity is precious to me. With teary eyes and my face contorted with anger, I looked towards Xavier who was looking at Stephanie hearing her rantings.

He unwrapped Stephanie’s hands and moved her aside taking a step towards me.

I took a step back and held my hand out signaling him to stop right there and not making any farce in front of everyone.I had enough of it.I turned on my heels not hearing his inquisition.

Walking out of the lobby I had to change my route out of the exit, escaping from the crowd.I left the banquet hall pacing really fast.I went right inside the revolving door and came out to the street with a sudden swirl.

I straightly got to the sidewalk shrugging myself from the world around me.Walking in the streets of Manhattan I walked slowly dodging people’s stare to my state and made my way back to the Mansion.

I finally reached the mansion.

“Madam is everything alright ? “asked our security guard with concern in his tone after looking at my red swollen eyes.

“Everything is fine,” I exclaimed to the guard showing him my narrow gaze and nodded my heads, making him to hurriedly open the giant gate and allowing me to dash into the house.

I knew that Xavier has already arrived back to the house by seeing the Limo parked outside of the house. I went to the door and surprisingly found it open.I turned the knob and went inside only to face an angry as a lion Xavier.

His face was contorted with anger and as well as concern.

“Where were you?” he asked as he approached me taking long strides.

I didn’t answer him but made my way towards the stair.He followed me and stopped me by holding my arms and turning me towards him.

“Can’t you hear? I’m asking you. Where were you?” He gritted his teeth and asked me by shaking me.

I jerked his hands away from me and glared at him.

“It’s none of your business,,” I said and was just about to turn when he pushed me to the wall caging me by keeping both of his hands on either side of me on the wall.

“It’s none of my business? It is my God damn business. Do you understand? You are my wif-,” I cut him off by pushing him by his chest shouting at him.

“Don’t you dare wife me. Now you are giving the title of your wife to me? Why? Just why? What did you let them insult me before every one?

“I am so god damn tired of getting humiliated every single time now. Fine, I agree… I did marry you for money but I thought your father had your consent to marry a stranger like me. If I known you were being forced then I would have gone some other methods to arrange money for my father. Keep this in your mind, marrying someone off for money was the last thing I would have ever done.”

“But nobody seems to care about it. I am just leveled as a gold digger before everyone and I’m tired. I’m tired of people slashing me, humiliating me every single time now,” wiping the tears away from my face angrily I glared at the floor.

His hands reached forward to touch me but I snapped at him in an angry voice “Don’t touch me,” I said and ran on the stairs towards my room. Tears were streaming down my face and I wiped it angrily using my back hand.

“Angela. Listen to me!” I heard him running after me.

“Leave me alone!”


Suddenly a hand turned me around and I was thrown on somebody’s shoulder by my waist.

“Xavier! What are you doing? Put me down,” I yelled.

He took long strides and from the direction, I knew he was going towards his room.

“Put me down. Let me go,” I yelled at him hitting his back using my fist. My efforts were useless and he became to take long strides. I began to feel little dizzy because of my position and swung my legs.

He opened the door of his room and went in taking me with him and closed the door with a loud thud using his foot.

He threw me on something soft and I began to overcome my dizziness. I pushed away the loose hair away from my face and glared at him. I looked at the soft thing to see that I’m thrown on his bed. Slowly but intimidatingly he got rid of his suit and then his shirt leaving him only in his pants. My eyes trailed on his six packs and my heart rate began to increase.

“What are you d-doing?” He stood at the foot of the bed, watching my every move like a hawk. I watched as his eyes trailed towards my bottom and towards my exposed legs because of the dress which raised up and was out of its place leaving my legs all bare. I quickly covered my legs using my dress and shifted from my position to sit but he got hold of my leg and pulled me towards him making me squeal.

I began to struggle wanting to get away from his hold when he left my leg, I thought to take this as my queue to leave but a gasp came out of my mouth when he pounced on me caging me from my either side using his hands. He placed himself in between my legs and held my torso.

“What are you doing? Let me g-” My words were thrown out of the window when he held my face and kissed me rather fiercely choking my breath out of my lungs. I tried to push him but he held both of my hands and pinned them on the either side of my head and kissed me even more aggressively. All my attempts to free myself were effortless, so I didn’t kiss him back.

But I wanted to!

He bit my lower lip and sucked on it asking me to kiss him back. When I didn’t he bit down on my lips painfully making me gasp. He didn’t enter his tongue inside my mouth to which I’m really grateful for then I somehow found myself kissing him back against my own brain who was continuously telling me to stop it.

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