Billionaire's Intense Love

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Chapter 26



I woke up to direct Sun rays falling on my face through the curtains and I groaned turning over the other side.

Slowly I say on the bed and leaned against the headboard.I rubbed my face using my hands and a yawn escaped my mouth and I stretched and twisted my body and looked at the alarm clock.

Oh, God, it’s already 9 AM.

I hurriedly got up from the bed and looked around.It wasn’t the room where I lived.Memories of last night invaded my mind and I slapped my forehead remembering everything.I quickly made my way out of the room and went towards my room.

I went into the bathroom and looked at the mirror gasping at the sight.My hair was a mess and my dress was wrinkled.I got out of my dress and went to the shower.I washed my hair using the shampoo and applied conditioner.I washed my body and scrubbed it using a loofah and when I was done I turned off the shower and wore the bathrobe.

I wiped the mirror using my hand and brushed my teeth.I got out of the bathroom and chose to wear a simple gray blouse and loose white pants.I dried my hair and tied into a loose ponytail and applied some moisturizer on my hands.

I looked at the time to see it’s already nine.I sat on the sofa next to the window and closed my eyes.I think I should just leave.But I don’t know why I feel terrible for yelling at Xavier.

I don’t understand why my heart doesn’t want to agree on the fact that Xavier did it all intentionally.When I was yelling at him I saw his eyes flickered hurt and confusion.

I don’t understand what to do.

I sat there for god knows how many minutes or hours but I decided to watch TV in my room.

I got up from the sofa and sat on the bed switching on the LED.I went on switching channels not finding anything interesting but when I was about to switch off the TV, the news channel displayed on the screen and I stopped myself from switching off when I saw the news.

Stephanie and Kim.

The reporters read The two famous model of France has been arrested by the cops this morning for being involved in sex racquet and even trafficking.

According to reports, the information was given anonymously who informed the cops with proves.

The alleged 23 years old model Stephanie said that “The news is false and she is being framed” whereas the 24 years old model Kim agreed on the news and chosen to surrender.

Both of them have been arrested from their house in the morning.

It is really a shame to know that this famous model chose to pimp and blackmail other innocent girls and baited them into procuring prostitution.

My mind went blank and I continued to stare at the TV with widened eyes.How is this possible?

Oh, my God!

I quickly switched off the TV and ran downstairs in search of Xavier.As soon as I reached the living room I saw him sitting on the sofa with his one leg above his knee and with ease, he watched the TV more like the news which I just saw.

There was a small smirk on his lips and I began to think of he was the one who did all this anonymously.

“I didn’t have any idea what they two were doing there yesterday in the party and if you are thinking that I said them to do whatever they did to you yesterday then you are wrong,” he said without even looking at me.

How did he know I was standing there watching him?

“I can always feel you,” he said answering my unasked question, making my eyes even wider.

“If you are thinking this punishment is too much for them then you are again wrong.They deserved it.They deserved it for ruining innocentlive.They deserved it for humiliating you” he said and looked at me with cold eyes.

I shuddered to see his icy gaze and crossed my arms ashamed.Feeling embarrassed and guilty for accusing him of such a big thing.I should have considered before yelling.

“Xavi-,” I began but he cut me off saying “I will be late today.Now if you excuse me I have to go back to my office” he said and took his jacket suit from the sofa and went past me.

I wanted to cry but I wanted to say him a sorry.

God, why am I like this?

I should have thought before acting.

The whole day I would think of the ways to ask him for forgiveness but found none.I even surfed through the Internet for How to say sorry to your husband.None of the answers were satisfying but one sent a shiver through my veins when I read it lure your husband to bed.The best way to a sorry is making love to him.

Oh, no.

This is not the way.Finally, I found a way.I thought of cooking him his favorite foods.I liked the idea and began to prepare the food.When I checked the time it was already eight p. m.and I knew he would be back home soon.

Although he did inform me that he would be late still I arranged the table and waited for him reciting the lines again and again in my mind to saying sorry.

I looked at the clock to see its already ten p. m.My hope began to fade and I found myself more ashamed and embarrassed for jumping on a conclusion so soon without even knowing of trying to know about the matter.

I was sleepy and was really tired.So Lazily I walked into my room and got on my bed.Lying in the bed I stated at the ceiling for some more minutes when I started to doze off.I found myself in deep slumber and sighed internally for not even getting an opportunity to say sorry to him.

I woke up when I felt something wet and soft on my neck.I opened my eyes and gasped out of shock when I found a man hovering over me and kissing my neck.It was dark and I couldn’t see his face but the way my body reacted to his kisses I knew who it was.

He began to kiss my neck then slowly reached up to my jaws.My heart beat was quick and I didn’t stop him.Soon he stopped and got up from me and then putting his hands under my knees and my back he scooted me up.

“X-Xavier put me down.What are you doing?,” I asked wrapping my arms around his neck like my whole life depended on it.

He walked out of my room with me still in his arms and walked towards his room.

“Didn’t I told you yesterday that you will be sleeping with me in my room? Then why were you sleeping in that room huh?” his body was tensed and his eyes were still cold.

He reached his room and laid me on his bed.He climbed up after stripping to his boxers and covered both of us using the duvet.Then he wrapped his arms around me and slept next to me closing his eyes.

“Xavi-,” I began but he again cut me off “The food was delicious,” he said not even opening his eyes.

I felt little happy that he ate what I made but still felt the guilt for not able to apologize for my mistakes.

A lone tear rolled down my cheek and I slept next to him biting on my lips.

The first thing I will do tomorrow is to apologize him for my mistakes.I am going to repent it at any cost.I knew he was tired so I didn’t try to make any more conversation and let him rest.

Tomorrow, I promise.

I’m sorry.


I stretched my hand towards my side and when I found nothing I opened my eyes and looked around.Xavier was missing from my side but his side of the bed was already made and I looked at the clock to see it’s already six in the morning.I quickly got up from the bed and made it, folding the duvet neatly I kept it aside.

Walking into the bathroom I did my business by taking a quick shower and I brushed my teeth and hurriedly I wore my dress and ran downstairs.Lucy was already up preparing breakfast.

“Good Morning Lucy,” I greeted smiling at her, taking the apple I began to dice it.

“Good Morning sweetie,” she greeted smiling and continued making omelets.

“Where is Xavier?,” I asked and looked towards the living room.

“He went for Jogging.I think he is on his way back home,” she said and took the bread to toast it.

“Okay, Um Lucy I want your help,,” I said biting down on my lips.

“Help? Okay, what is it?,” she askedwhen we heard the front door open.I looked towards the living room and saw Xavier walking inside the house striding towards his room.

This is the chance.

Go and apologize.


Leaving whatever I was doing, I ran after him.I was right behind him but I didn’t make it on time when he closed the door of the bedroom shut.

Oh, no!

I sighed and stomped my feet pouting.Pacing around the corridor I waited for him to get out of the room.

Right after thirty minutes, he came out of his room wearing his business suit and struggling to make his tie.

Golden opportunity!

I made my way towards him when he raised his head and called “Lucy, help me with my tie. ”

I groaned in frustration when Lucy walked up to him and did his tie.After she was done, she went down and again I began to or more like tried to fish for opportunities to be near him but it all failed as he turned on his heels and went back to his room closing the door shut behind him.


Why don’t you go and jump into the drain?

I sighed and thought maybe it’s of no use to wait for him here.

Dining hall.

Yes! He will surely come to the dining hall for breakfast.There I could talk to him.

I quickly went downstairs and arranged the plates.I went back to the kitchen to find Lucy already doing her work.Blending the pineapple, I poured the juice into the glass and brought it to the dining hall when I heard the sound of door opening and closing.

With furrowed eyebrows I went to the door and opened just in time to see Xavier getting inside the car and before I could call him, he drove away.

I groaned in frustration and pacefalmed myself.

“What are you doing dear?” Lucy asked from behind me.

I turned around to face her and asked about Xavier.

“Oh, he didn’t tell you? Today he has a very important meeting so he skipped his breakfast which he will do in his office.Now come inside.Don’t stand their for too long,” she said and went inside.

I looked up and sighed in frustration.Why God? What did I do to get such treatment? Why are you doing this to me?

I went in and sat on the sofa switching on the TV.I kept on switching channels not finding anything interesting.Soon I began to doze off and I decided to take a nap on the sofa.

A screeching sound made me to jolt up from my sleep.I rubbed my eyes and went upstairs to see Lucy dragging a very heavy suitcase.

“God! Lucy what are you doing?,” I asked in confusion and went to help her.

“Oh, it’s nothing sweetheart I’m just transferring your things to Xavier’s room.She shrugged her shoulders and continued to drag the heavy suitcase.

“What? But why?,” I asked shocked.

“Oh, dear!,” she stopped and held her waist and pushed herself back.“Xavier ordered me to shift your things to his room today itself.He strictly ordered to shift all of your things to his room,” she said and began to drag the suitcase inside his room and inside his walk in closet.

I sighed and went to help her.After placing everything and shifting everything to his room an Idea formed in my mind.I hurriedly went to the kitchen and began to make food.

I Decided to make lunch for Xavier and pay him a visit to his office and may be there I could apologize.

After finishing my work,I packed the lunchbox and went to Lucy for her help.When I asked her about Xavier’s office location,first of all she gave me a confused look but helped me anyways giving me his office Address.

I went inside the walk in closet and got ready wearing a pink tunic dress with black belt and a striped grey scarf.I wore an overcoat and slipped on my sandals.Leaving my hair down I applied some lip gloss and ran out of the room and took the Lunchbox with me.

I thought to take the taxi.When I reached near the gates,I was totally shocked to see the two bulky guards closing the door and standing before me not allowing me to pass.

“What are you doing?,” I asked shocked with their behavior.

“Sorry ma’am,we can’t let you pass.We are just following orders.Sir told us not to allow you to leave the house” one of the bulky guard said giving me an apologetic look.

“Xavier told you not to let me pass? But why?,” I asked them even more shocked.

“We don’t have any Idea ma’am” one of them spoke.

“Okay! Fine,” I said and turned on my heels and walked back towards the house.I looked back at them to see them both going back to their places.

“Not this way,than that way,” I thought to myself seeing a ladder nearby the Mansion boundary wall.

I quickly went near the ladder and shifted it against the boundary wall.I took my purse and Lunchbox and climbed up when I heard the guards voices.

Both of them saw me and were shouting on me to stop climbing.But I was determined and in no way I was going to stop.I climbed up using the ladder and reached the boundary wall.

I looked at the height in the other side and looked back at the guards to see them nearing me.

It’s now or never.

I looked last time at the height and gaining some courage I jumped only to land on my back.I groaned lying there for some seconds but eventually got up.

“Woah! I did it.That was quiet a jump,” I gave a victorious smile and took my purse and box and made my way.

Reaching the Address that Lucy gave me, I payed the Taxi driver and looked at the building.A giant building which screamed power and luxury.

Knights Co-operation.

I went inside the building and saw people running here and there busy doing there work.I went towards the receptionist and saw a Blonde girl talking in the phone.I saw her badge to see her name Isabella.She ended her conversation and looked at me.

I don’t think she liked me because she raised her eyebrow and gave me an arrogant look asking me what do you want.

I gave a smile and asked about Xavier’s floor.She cringed her face and rolled her eyes and went back to do her work.

“Hello? Excuse me? I think I asked you about Xavier’s floor,” I asked her shocked by her behavior.

She looked up and gave me an irritated look.

“Why? What will you do there and who do you think you are calling Sir by his name huh?,” she askedrudely.

“Angela Knights.His wife,” I said making her eyes widen.

“Uh um ma’am.I didn’t know.Uh office is in 48 floor,” she stammered and looked at me nervously.

“Thank you,” I said annoyed with her behavior and shook my head which made her to bent her head down,ashamed.

I took the elevator and punched his floor button.The elevator door opened with a ping and I came out to see people working and all were busy.But what mostly gained my attention was there expressions.All of their expressions were scared, feared.

Whom are they fearing?

I went towards a receptionist who was a middle ages woman and smiled at her.

Fear evident on her face still she managed to smile and asked me what can she do for me.

“Um I am here to meet Mr.Knights,” I said and her already scared face turned more fearful.

“D-Do you have an appointment?,” she askedgulping.

Why is she so scared?

“No?,” I answered shaking my head negatively.

“Mam I’m afraid you can even meet him today.He has a very busy schedule and I don’t think you should go near him now,” she said giving me a small smile.

“Why?,” I asked.I wanted to know why was she stopping me to go near him.

“It’s not my place to say this but I think I should inform you that he is in really bad mood today and is very angry,” she said and now this was my time to gulp.

“May I know your name ma’am,” she asked .May be I could give you an appointment for later.

“Hmm sure.It’s Angela Knights,” I said and she dropped her pen looking at me with wide eyes.When I said that everybody present there stopped doing there work and looked at me with wide eyes.

“Uh I am so sorry, I didn’t know.Mrs.Knights uh welcome to Knights Co-operation.I will just let you meet him.,” she said and escorted me towards a room.I followed her there but I could feel everybody’s gaze on my back.

She stopped in front of a door and gulped nervously looking at me.

“What’s going on? Why is everyone seemed so scared?,” I asked her stopping her from knocking on the door.

“Ma-Mam actually there was a very important meeting today and it didn’t go very well.The second half of the meeting will be after lunch.Mr.Knights is very angry on the employees for not doing their work properly.He even warned us that he is going to fire all if we don’t do our work done by today itself,” she said fidgeting with her fingers.

I nodded and looked back at the employees.They were still looking at me with a strange emotion.May be hope.

I asked the woman whose name I came to know was Anna to leave.I wanted to go alone.I knocked on the door and their was a quick “Come in” voice.

I turned on the knob and opened the door to see two men with their back facing me standing before a large desk and the person who was behind the desk was yelling at them.

I guess the person is Xavier because I couldn’t see his face because of the two men blocking me. Suddenly the man whom I guessed is Xavier threw a pile of papers on them which made them to sidestep.

The papers were flying and falling on the ground in slow motion and it was when the three of them noticed me standing there beside the door.

Xavier watched me with an emotion which I think was shock, relieved and confusion.

While the other two watched me in confusion.

“Get the Papers and leave, both of you” Xavier’s voice boomed and made both of them to bent down and pick up the Papers hurriedly and they took long strides to get out of the room before sending a glance my way.

They closed the door behind them and when I turned back towards Xavier a loud gasp escaped my mouth in surprise when I saw Xavier already standing before me.His height hovering over me and dominating me.

In a flash his arms were wrapped around me and he pulled me to a bear hug.I squealed when he pushed me to the wall and put his head in the crook of my neck.

His hands started to roam on my arms and then on my waist and he tightened his grips their pulling me to his check hugging me.

I marked his body relaxing and his anger subsiding.Hesitantly biting my lips I wrapped my arms around his back and hugged him back.For a moment his body tensed and I regretted the decision and was about to remove my arms but stopped when he began to nuzzle his nose in my neck.

After some minutes he relaxed and pulled away from me placing his hands on my cheeks staring into my eyes.His look was intense and there were some emotions flickering in his eyes which I failed to guess.

“What are you doing here?” he askedhis anger long gone and stared softly at me.

“Uh um I thought that may be you could join me in lunch because you skipped your breakfast,” I said and laughed nervously.

He withdrew his hands back leaving my skin hot and I instantly missed his warmth.

“You c-came here to join me in lunch?” he askedfinding it a surprise.

“Of course.But I guess you are really busy.So I will just leave,” I said and turned around to leave but he stopped me by wrapping his hands on my waist turning me back towards him.

“N-No wait.I’m not that busy that I can’t join you for lunch” he said and escorted me towards a couch.I sat on it and he sat near me.

“You really came all this way to have lunch with me?” he askedstill surprised.

“Of course,” I pursed my lips and laughed nervously.I took out the lunchbox and kept it on the table.He got up and went somewhere and came back with two plates in his hands.I smiled at him and opened the lunchbox.The aroma of the food invaded his room and I noticed him inhaling the scent with a smile on his face.

“Woah! It smells so delicious.Now I have began to feel how hungry I am” he said and rubbed his palms.

I smiled and served the food for both of us in the plates and got up.I unwrapped my scarf around my neck and kept it beside me.I began to unbutton my overcoat’s button and began to strip to get rid of it.I was feeling incredibly hot.I could feel his burning gaze on my body and I looked at him to see his lustful gaze on a certain part of my body.

I cleared my throat which made him to look at my eyes and he smirked.

“Are you going to strip naked because I don’t have any problem.I’m already enjoying the show?” He blurted out with a smirk and twinkle in his eyes.

I choked on the air and looked at him with my wide eyes.

I narrowed my gaze at him and threw the coat on the couch and sat back taking the food in my lap and started eating.He began to laugh and pinched my already red cheeks because of blushing “You are so cute” he cooed.I slapped his hands away from my face making him to laugh more and I gave him an annoyed expression.

Soon he stopped laughing and took his plate and began to eat.

“Mmm delicious” he moaned eating his food making me to blush deep red.

I was sure that I was going to look like a tomato if he doesn’t stop making me blush with his every comment.

We ate our food in silence and I would glance at him for finding a way to apologize.I finished my food first from him and kept my plate down staring at him.He didn’t finish yet so I got up and went towards the washroom and cleaned my mouth and hands and wiped the water using a tissue.

When I came back he was already done so he got up and went towards the washroom.I kept his and my plates aside and closed the lunch box.He came out in 5 minutes and sat next to me.

I took a deep breath and blurted out in one go “I’msorry” he raised his eyebrows in confusion and said “Excuse me?”

I bit down on my lips and took another deep breath before saying “Xavier I am really sorry.”

He furrowed his eyebrows and asked “For what?”

“For yelling at you.For accusing at you something you didn’t even do,” I said and have him a apologetic look.

He began to get what I was talking about and his face gave an amused expression.

“Y-You came all this way,preparing lunch,only to apologize?” he askedand I nodded nervously.

We stared at each other for minute when he busted out laughing holding his stomach.

“Xavier!,” I slapped his knee embarrassed.

“Oh, God.You want to apologize when I’m not even angry at you? Oh, God you are seriously very cute” he said and reached to pinch my cheeks but I slapped his hands away.

“Xavier I’m serious,” I snapped making him to raise his hand in mock surrender.

“But I’m not at all angry upon you.I understand why you accused me.If I was in your place then I would’ve done the same.Actually it’s all my fault after all.If I haven’t been so Id-,” I cut him by placing my finger on his lips.

“It wasn’t your fault and I’m really Sorry.Please forgive me,” I whispered apologetically.

He stared at me for some seconds then took my hand which was on his lips and held it softly.He took it to his lips and kissed it softly making me gasp.

“If that’s what you want than I forgive you” he whisperedback.

I exhaled out not knowing that I was holding it.

“I can never get angry upon you.You know why?” he askedwhispering still holding my hand.

My heart beat started to raise and I shook my head slowly negatively not gaining trust on my voice.He smiled and stared right into my orbs “Because you are My Angel” he said and kissed my hand leaning his cheek on it.

My heart beat began to skyrocket and I gulped hearing the intensity in his voice.The way he stared at me, did something inside me.

I was spacing out when I didn’t notice him leaning towards me.He took the hand which he was holding and kept it at the back of his neck.He began to lean more forward and I began to bent backwards.Soon my back hit the couch and he was in top of me just staring at me.

“I love when you leave your hair down” he whisperedall of a sudden and took some strands of my hair within his finger.

“I love this color of your dress.It makes you look more beautiful” he whisperedand started to lean towards my face.My heart beat was faster and I could hear it’s sound in my ear.He kissed the end of my mouth softly and I took hold of his shirt clenching on it tightly.

He began to kiss softly on my face and then on my jaw and on my neck.He moved up and finally leaned down to capture my lips with his and kissed me passionately.I kissed him back quickly and pulled him by his shirt more close even possible.He started the kiss with sensuously and slowly.He kissed me gently and locked his lips to mine.He kissed me more passionately making my body hot and sending tingles down my body.

I liked this feeling though.

He nibbled on my lower lip and bit down on it softly tucking on it.Soon be began to pull away and kissed my neck.He stopped kissing me and stayed nuzzling his face in the crook of my neck.

He moved his head up and stared at my eyes while I stared at his.He smiled softly and I returned it with mine.

He got up from me and helped me to sit and sat next to me when his phone rang. He groaned and picked up his phone with annoyed expression.

“What?” He looked at me with a disbelief look.

I think I’m in trouble.

He hung up and shoved his phone back to his pocket.

“You jumped from the boundary wall?” he askedhis voice laced with disbelief.

I gave him a sheepish smile to which he shook his head and muttered “Unbelievable.”

Suddenly he took hold of leg and kept it on his knee checking for any injury.

“You jumped from a ten feet tall wall? What were you thinking? Are you insane? What if something happened to you? You behave like a child sometimes.I don’t even understand you sometimes” he began to scold me still checking for injuries.

“Relax nothing happened to me.See I’m right before your eyes and why did you ordered the guards not to allow me from passing the gates.They weren’t allowing me so I took the other way,” I said smiling sheepishly waving my hands like it’s not a big deal.

“An han I can see how much you are alright from this scratches” he said glaring at me,pointing at the scratches on my back thigh.

I laughed nervously and withdrew my legs away from his hold.

“You are scolding me? I came all the way to ask forgiveness and even took the risk to jump a ten feet tall wall and you are scolding me?,” I tried to blackmail him emotionally.

He sighed and closed his eyes shaking his head.“I forgot to inform the guards” he whispered .

“Why did you even ordered them not to let me pass?,” I scoffed.

“Because Madam you warned me that you wanted to leave the house and that I couldn’t allow to happen.You were so angry that you even declared that you don’t even want to be my wife and what do you expect from me to do?” He questioned me raising his eyebrows.

“May be let me g-,” I started but he cut me off

“NO I’m never letting you go. Even if you don’t want to be my wife, I won’t let you go. Even if you want to leave me I will never let you go. Do you understand?” he said anger back in his eyes.

“Xavier I was just joking. Relax!,” I said and got up but he got hold of my hand and pulled me to him making me to sit on his lap. I gasped and tried to get up but he held my waist and made me to sit back.

He kept staring intensely at me and when I began to feel uncomfortable due to his gaze he finally spoke “Say that you will never leave me” he blurted out and I stared back at him with wide eyes.

He tightened his hold on my waist making me to snap back to reality “Say it” he demanded.

“I won’t leave you,” I said and stared into his eyes. He was still tensed and his body was stiff. I leaned into him and kept my head on his chest listening to his fast heartbeat.

Why is he so scared that I will leave him?

“I won’t leave you,” I whispered again and again and he became to relax. He began to rub his palms on my arms and I listened as his heart beat became to even.

I looked up to him to see him relaxed and I put my fingers on his hair combing it gently. He closed his eyes and leaned into my touch. I smiled and held his face with both of my palms. His eyes snapped open and I leaned down to place a kiss on his warm forehead.

He closed his eyes again and relaxed, his anger subsiding.

I got up from his lap and he gave me an adorable irritated look.I laughed and wore my coat and wrapped my scarf.

“Wait! Where are you going?” he askedconfused and got up.

“Back home. You have a meeting in your second half did you forget?,” I asked him teasingly.

He rubbed the back of his neck and said: “Of course not.”

I rolled my eyes and have him a fake smile “Yeah sure you didn’t,” I mocked him getting a raised eyebrow from him.

I was about to take my purse when a thought crossed my mind.I look back at him and slowly walked towards him.

“Be gentle with your employees. They are also human,” I whispered and strengthen his shirt which was now wrinkled “And all the best,” I stood on my tip toe and softly kissed his cheek making him to wrap his arms around my waist to balance me and smiled.

I began to pull away but he pointed towards his other cheek asking for me to Kiss there. I laughed a bit but kissed him anyways my lips lingering on his cheek.

I began to pull away but he again pointed towards his forehead. “Xavier!,” I scolded. He pouted but didn’t let me go so I sighed and stood again on my tip toe to kiss his forehead when he changed his direction and kissed me on my lips.

“Xavier!,” I snapped against his lips but he laughed and bite my lips making it to swell and me to gasp. I got his chest and pulled away.

He began to laugh and I took my purse and the lunch box and made my way towards the door flushed.

“Hey, my driver will drop you home” he shouted and I glared at him giving him a fake smile. I couldn’t help it so I liked my tongue out on him and he began to laugh holding his stomach. I smiled and exited his room. His laughter booming from his office and everybody stared at me with wide eyes.

I simply smiled back at them and went towards the elevator to go back home.

Mission Sorry accomplished.

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