Billionaire's Intense Love

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Chapter 27



“Why?,” she asked me with widening her eyes.

“What why? I don’t like it!,” I said crossing my arms over my chest.

“But why?,” she pouted.

Currently, we are having a heated argument on a very important matter. Actually, Angel’s cousin sister who is just living nearby wants Angel to babysit her two kids.

Today is the weekend and I wanted to spend some quality time with Angel but No my plans went out of the window when out of nowhere her cousin sister comes into the picture and asks her to babysit her two kids so that she could spend some time with her husband.


I don’t want that to happen but Angel is so keen to keep the kids in our house for a day that she is arguing with me right now.

If she likes kids so much, then the only thing she needs to do is to simply ask me.

She was pouting on me for not agreeing.Finally, I gave in to her.

“Ugh! Fine,” I said defeated and sighed.

“Really?,” she askedme with disbelief.

“Yes really!,” I said and crossed my arms over my chest.

“Yeahy!,” she squealed and came running towards me.I felt excited and opened my arms for her, but she ran past me and picked up her phone dialing her cousin’s number leaving me there, still with my arms open looking like an Idiot.

Huh and here I thought that I could spend some romantic time with her.All thanks to the kids.

I was sitting on the sofa watching the soccer highlights when the doorbell rang.My mood was grumpy and the annoyed expression on my face would scare away every single sane human being away from me.

Angel ran to get the door and with a groan, I had to follow her.She looked back at me and gestured with her hand asking me to smile.I gave her a fake smile and she furrowed her eyebrows.

She opened the door and we were greeted with two people and two kids.

“Angela” the woman chirped and hugged Angel.

“Kelly!” Angel smiled at the blonde may be 5′7" tall woman and hugged her back.

“Angela!” The man whom I guess is the husband of Kelly side hugged Angel.

“Ian!” Angel smiled at the blonde man whose height was may be 6′ and hugged him back.

“Suzy! Jake!” Angel hugged the two kids who hugged back to her.

“Kelly, Ian meet my husband Xavier Knights,” Angel introduced me to them.I smiled at them and shooked both of their hands.They seemed friendly and warm.

“Hello nice to meet you,,” I said.

“Xavier, she is my cousin Kelly Ivanoswki and her husband Ian Ivanoswki and their children Jake who is seven years old and Suzy who just turned five,” she introduced them to me.

“Hello and it’s nice to meet you too” they greeted back.

“Ivanoswki? Russian?,” I asked and they both nodded smiling at each other.

“Angela Thank you so much for agreeing to watch over them while we are gone.We promise we will be back soon by dinner.”Kelly said and ushered the kids towards us.

“Don’t trouble your aunt and uncle okay.Be good kids while we are away.We promise we will be back soon okay” Kelly said and kissed both the kids head and went away with Ian to their car and drove away.

I looked at the two kids who were looking at me innocently.

Hmmm, I guess it won’t be that hard to take care of them. So innocent.

“NO.Don’t.Touch.It,” I warned Jake.

Currently, he is holding a glass of water in his hand and is holding it above my laptop.He wanted to give it a bath.

Oh, god which laptop baths?

“NO . NO.Noooo,” I yelled when he poured the water on my poor laptop.I pulled my hair in frustration and ran to it.I took the wet laptop and quickly wiped the dribbling water out of its screen.

“Oh, no.I think it won’t start.Shit!,” I glared at Jake who was smirking evilly at me and at the same time battling his eyelashes innocently at me.

I guess they are not so innocent as they look.

“You little how ca-” a loud scream cut me off and I recognized the voice is of Angel.Panicked I ran towards the direction of the voice.I knew Jake was following me running on his little feet.

I ran into my store room and as soon as I saw Angel, standing safely my heart beat calmed down a bit.

“What happened?,” I asked her eagerly.

She didn’t say anything but pointed her finger towards something.I looked towards the direction and I too screamed out of surprise.

There stood Suzy wearing a long oversized white dress and she has painted her face and body using my painting accessories.I used to paint before but I stopped because of my busy schedule so I kept all my canvas and painting stuffs in this store room and I guess Suzy used all my paints to paint herself.

She looked like that red ghost from the movie Insidious but a little version of it.I huffed and crossed my arms on my chest and narrowed my gaze at her and then at Angel.

“Now What?,” I asked her.

She gave me an amused look and went to Suzy and scooted her up in her arms.

“Now we need to give a good bubble bath to both of them,,” she cooed at Suzy making her giggle.

“Yeah! Bubble Bath Bath Bubble” sang Jake already taking off his shirt and running out of the room.

I shooked my head and sighed.

What have I got myself into?

“Aww so cute!” cooed Angel at Suzy making her giggle.

“Dhis Dhis Dhis Brooom Broom Beep Beep” Jake sang playing with the toy car I gave him while I shampooed his hair.

We made Jake and Suzy take a bath and now they are in the bath tub where Angel is giving helped Suzy getting rid of the paint from her hair, while I’m helping Jake.He just won’t keep quiet so I gave him a toy car which I found back in the store room.While I’m washing his body and hair he is playing with the stupid car.

Suzy splashed the soapy water on me and Angel, giggling.I glared at her while Angel smiled.

“Ugh! there are causing so much trouble,” I said irritated still washing Jake’s body.

“Ow! What was that for,” I said wincing when Angel elbowed me under my rib cage and might I say very badly.

“Don’t be so rude.They can understand you,” she said glaring at me.

“Whatever,” I shrugged my shoulders at her while she shook her head at me muttering something under her breath.

“Finally!,” I said as I took Jake out of the tub and wrapped a towel around his body.Angel too wrapped a towel around Suzy’s body and kept her down on the floor with Jake.

“Now kids go back to the room while I wash your clothes,” Angel said as she ushered them out of the bathroom and came back inside and soaked their dirty clothes in a bucket.

“They are a pain in the ass,,” I said rubbing my now sore back.

“Xavier! You don’t need to be so rude to them all the time.They are only kids,” she said and shook her head at me and began to soak the clothes using her hands.

“Kids? Don’t go on their sizes.They are little Devils,” I said annoyed as I washed my hands and dried them using a towel.

“Xavier! All kids are like this.They are just uh- um very playful,” she said and came towards me with the soaked clothes in her hand.She kept the clothes beside me on the sink and went towards the bath tub to clean it.I followed her there and turned her around holding her arm towards me.

“Did you not see what that five years old kid did to my painting stuff? They are doing this knowingly.I am telling you,” I complained her while she continued smiling at me.

“Xavier you are exaggerating things.They are innocent little kids,” she said and turned towards me when she slipped and she began to fall but I was quick and I held her but she was like pushed again and we both fell inside the tub in soapy water.

She on top of me.

I wiped the soapy water away from my eyes and we both heard giggling and laughing of both the kids.We turned out head towards the exit of the bathroom and there stood both of the devils laughing at us.They both pushed Angel for which she loosed her balance and fell on me making both of us inside the tub full of soapy water.

“Come here,” I shouted at the kids which made them run away still laughing, out of the bathroom.

I will have to punish them. This is enough.

But all of my thoughts for getting revenge went out of the window when I noticed the soaked beauty on top of me.Water dribbling down her face and a cute frown on her face as she struggled to get up but failing miserably, as she fell back on me.

What more do I want?

Her pink top was completely soaked and my white shirt and pants were also totally drenched.My hair was wet and so was her.Her pink top became see through and I could see her inner lines through her shirt. She tried to get up and kept her hands on my chest and tried to get up again but I held her waist and pulled her back to me, making her gasp.

“Xavier!,” she exclaimed.

“Sshh,,” I said putting a finger on her lips and pulling her up towards me.I trailed my Knuckles on her cheeks and jaws and she closed her eyes leaning into my touch.

“So Beautiful,,” I thought to myself and pulled her closer.

I moved forward and kissed her wet neck softly.I moved towards her more and wiped my face with her cheeks.I knew she was enjoying this too because she didn’t oppose me.Her chain fell on my chest and I began to kiss her jaw biting softly roaming my hands on her back when we both jolted up breaking the contact when we heard a loud crash sound from our bedroom.

“Kids!” we both muttered at the same time.

Angel looked back at me and I stared back at her when I marked her lips twitching up and then we both erupted out laughing loudly.She held my shoulders and I held her arm and we both laughed so hard that it became difficult for us to get up.Finally, I helped her first to get out of the tub then I drained the water and got up from the tub all soaked.

Angel went to the other bathroom for cleaning herself while I took a shower in the same bathroom.After I was done I came out and went towards the living room to find Angel already there eating snacks with the Kids.The kids have changed into a new set of clothes which their parents provided us.

I sat on the sofa beside Angel and took the bowl of popcorn from the table.We decided to watch a Disney movie because of the kids and finally, we settled on Frozen.

Suzy was sitting on the other side of Angel while I was sitting beside Angel and Jake choose to sit before us on the self-recliner chair.

While the movie played I was more interested in watching Angel than the movie.I would scoot up close to her every chance I got. She was watching the movie with so much interest that she didn’t notice my arm which I placed behind her shoulder on the sofa.

I leaned to her ear and whispered the line at the same time as the movie “Cause for the first time in forever I will be right here.”Her eyes widened and she looked at me with an emotion in her eyes.She kept staring at me when her eyes started to become glassy.

I held her face in my hands and whispered to her with sincerity in my voice “I will always be there with you.Always.”

She closed her eyes and leaned into my touch her lips twitching up into a smile.I scooted more close to her and she kept her head on my shoulder and I wrapped my arm around her shoulder.

When the movie finished, I got up and went towards Jake who was sleeping on the sofa.Suzy was up and she was doing something sitting near Angel.I thought to take Jake back to the room where he could sleep peacefully and comfortably.As soon as I reached near him He opened his eyes and surprised me by shouting loudly “Boo” at me.

This boy.He was pretending to sleep.I was surprised and I glared at him while he got up from the sofa and threw the leftover Popcorn at me.

Doesn’t he get tired ever?

Suzy started to laugh at me while Angel smiled still sitting on the sofa.

I ran following the little brat while he ran ahead of me circling the Coffee table. I followed him angrily while he laughed and taunted me nonstop.

Suddenly he turned to his right swiftly making me loose my balance and I fell right on Angel.

Ugh, what’s with me falling today?

A loud gasp was heard and I moved my face up to see Angel looking at me with widened eyes.

What’s with her widening her eyes? I only fell on her.What’s the big deal?

I tried to get up and that’s when I knew the reason of her widened eyes.Both of my palms were on her breast.

Oh, lord!

In an attempt of getting up, I applied more pressure on her breast which made her gasp.Her eyes were widened and her face became to grew red.I quickly got up from her and she stood up as quickly as I left her and turned on her heels excusing us that she was going back to the room.I looked at my Palms only one thought coming in my mind “So Soft.”

“Stop running,” I huffed seeing both the kids running in the hallway.

“Aunt called you,” said Jake while I was working on my office paper in my study room.

“Where?,” I asked getting up from my seat.

“There,” he said and led me the way and I followed him.

“Where?,” I asked again.

“There,” he said pointing towards a closed old wardrobe in the store room.

“Are you kidding me? You made me walk all this way for this?,” I said glaring at him and turned on my heel to walk away but stopped when he said: “We have locked her inside.”

“What?,” I shouted and panicked running towards the wardrobe.I opened it only to find no one.

“Xavier?,” I heard the voice of Angel behind me and relief washed over me.I was just about to turn around when I stepped on something which had wheels and I slipped inside the wardrobe.

“Xavier!” Angel screamed and came running towards me worriedly.

“Ow!,” I winced in pain when my left foot hit the inside of the wardrobe.

“Xavier are you alright?” Angel asked holding my arms.

“Yeah I jus- Hey hey.Open the door,” I yelled when Angel was shoved inside with me and the door was closed.We heard the laughter of both the kids and we looked at each other.

“Will you still say that they are Innocent little kids and they are not doing this knowingly?,” I said crossing my arms around my chest or I tried to because of the little space, we were practically squeezing each other.

“They are kids after all,” she replied laughing nervously.

I shook my head at her and banged the door angrily.

“Open this door right this Instant or the consequence will be very bad am telling you two,” I yelled at the little devils who were laughing their ass off at us.

“Okay,” Jake said and I thought that he was going to open the door but I was wrong when I heard the footsteps fading away.

“Hey! Where are you two going? Open this door,” I yelled.

“Open the door, Jake.Please” Angel shouted banging the door.

“Please? Seriously,” I questioned her irritated.

“Jake.Suzy open this door,” I yelled banging the door hard.

“Later” he yelled and the footsteps faded away.

I huffed annoyed and sighed.

“Now What?,” I asked Angel when I heard her sigh.

“I don’t know.May be we should just call Lucy for help,” she suggested and I nodded and took out the phone from my pant pocket.

Thank God My phone was in my pocket.I dialed Lucy’s number but cursed when I saw that there was no network.

“What happened?” Angel asked me.

“No network,,” I said and decided to leave a message which will go to her when there will be a network.

“She is in her room” Angel whispered.

“I know,,” I said regretting giving her a day off. I thought I would spend some time with Angel today so I gave her a day off.

“I’m sorry” Angel blurted out all of a sudden.Her voice filled with regret.

“What? But why?,” I asked trying to turn towards her.

“I was the one who argued to keep them home and now you are in this place and annoyed only because of me,” she whisperedapologetically.

I sighed and tried to reach my hands to her face because it was really dark inside the wardrobe and the only narrow shaft of light passing through the holes of the door made us see each other.

“It’s okay.It’s not your fault.Don’t blame yourself,” I said rubbing her face with my palms.

I don’t know what happened to me so suddenly but I pulled her close to me real close to me so suddenly that she didn’t even get the time to gasp.

“Tiring day,” I whispered seductively in her ear.

“I thought to spend the day with you today, but you clearly had some other plans.So, don’t you think that you should reward me with something for showing patience the whole day huh?,” I said and began to kiss her collarbone.

“Xavier,” she whisperedsoftly.

I really don’t know what got into me but I began to kiss her body fiercely making her to lean onto my kisses.I kissed her jaw biting and sucking on her skin, making her moan when I kissed her sweet spot.I began to trail kisses up to her face and she held onto my shirt tightly.

“Do you want me to do something?,” I teased her kissing the end of her the mouth.

“Xavier!,” she whisperedirritated.

“I won’t do it till you ask me to do.Tell me what do you want,” I asked kissing her sweet spot making her moan.

“Ki-Kiss-s me,” she whisperedand it was enough for me to do as she askedme to do.I kissed her full on her lips and pulled her more close to me if it was even possible.I placed my hand in the back of her neck and pulled her more close kissing her senseless.

I tucked her bottom lip asking her for entrance.I wanted to taste her and wanted to know her more.Surprisingly she opened her mouth and gave me permission to enter her.I entered my tongue inside her mouth exploring every inch of her.I fought with her for dominance and finally won.

My other hand began to roam over her body.I placed my hand inside her top on her bare waist which was warm to my skin.She shivered to my touch and I smile against her lips liking it.Slowly I trailed my hands up and up to her body.I stopped for some seconds giving her the chance to push me away if she wasn’t ready but I surprised when she wrapped her arms around my neck standing on her tip toe.

I placed the hand which was on the back of her neck on her waist and balanced her.

Slowly I trailed up more and finally, I was able to touch the part of her body which I have been dreaming from a long ago and was dying to touch.Though only a thin piece of cloth was separating her skin and my hand from fully touching her still I was mesmerized to feel it.

So soft and so fleshy. It fitted perfectly on my palms and I gave it a squeeze gaining a loud moan from her. I squeezed it more and pushed her to the wall of the wardrobe making her moan more.

I wanted more so I couldn’t hold myself anymore so I placed both of my palms on her boobs squeezing it and kneading it and holding it making her moan non-stop. Her moans were like some music to my ears turning me on and as if it urged me to keep on going.

But I knew she was new to all this and she would panic if I would rush things any further. On top of that, I didn’t forget that she had to go through so much in her life. She was a victim of sexual assault and kidnapping and I tried my level best to bring back the confidence in her. Her moans filled my ears and I had to control myself from going any further.

With a last squeeze, I withdrew my hands back slowly and placed it on her waist. I placed my head on her forehead kissing softly on her nose.

“Someday, I will get you,” I whispered to her while she panted.

Suddenly the door flew open and I had to squeeze my eyes shut because of the sudden rays of light.

“Oh, dear! Are you both alright?” Lucy asked us with a worried expression. But her worried expression soon turned into a slight smile when she Angel’s face. Her face was red as a tomato and all flushed. She quickly got out of the wardrobe and walked swiftly out of our sight.

“Oh! Uh um as soon as I got the message I came here to help you” Lucy muttered flushed.

“Thank you, Lucy,” I said and followed Angel towards our room.

As soon as I got inside the room I locked the door and ran after her and pushed her to the wall pinning her hands to the either side of the wall.

“Are you regretting what happened back there?,” I asked looking straight into her eyes.

She shook her head negatively saying a quiet “No.”

I smiled and shoved my face inside the crook of her neck. “Good because now it is going to happen every day and every night,” I said and kissed her neck making her gasp.

I pulled away and held her hand pulling her with me “Now let’s go down.Their parents will be arriving anytime soon to pick them up.”

She nodded and followed me.

At least the kids did some good to me.

I am going to buy some chocolates for those wonderful kids.

“Oh, how much I just love kids,” I smiled as I walked down the stairs.

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