Billionaire's Intense Love

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Chapter 29


The meeting turned out to be postponed to the second half.My clients are supposed to have lunch with me and for that I have brought home food specially made by Lucy for my clients.I looked at my watch to read only thirty minutes left for lunch and I sped up my work of going through the files wanting to finish it on time before they arrive for the lunch.

“Sir, a lady is here to meet you,” Ron said as I was reading an important file.

“Who is it, Ron? Ask her to meet me later.I am busy,” I said not even looking at him.I adjusted my reading glasses when I saw a fault in the file.Taking the pencil, from the pen stand I circled the mistake and looked up when Ron cleared his throat.

“What is it?” I asked taking the glasses off.

“The lady refuses to leave,” he said and that made me wonder who the lady is.

“What is her name again?,” I asked raising my eyebrows when he adjusted his tie looking uncomfortable.

“Claudia Hemsworth,” he said and the pencil fell down on the table from my hands.

“What?,” I whispered and he nodded in response.

I stood near the window looking out towards the sky.I still remember the day when I found her cheating me with my only best friend Daniel.I felt as if my heart has been torn into two.I loved her so much that whenever she askedme for something, I would lose my mind and would go any extent just see her happy.I was angry with her and I remained to be angry with her for playing with my feelings and emotions all these years for which I was never able to move on and knowingly hurt many women but in the end, she came into my life and I learned to forgive and move on.

My Angel.

She taught me that I would only hurt myself if I hurt others.Even though I treated her badly, she was always there for me whenever I needed her.It is unbelievable how pure her heart is.She has no ill feelings towards anyone.She forgave me so easily and made me realize what exactly love is.

Now, when I think about it a smile forms on my face whenever I think about that old Xavier.He was really stupid and a big jerk!

I can’t believe that I am the same Xavier whose heart was filled with hatred.But then, being in love with Angela I realized that I never really loved Claudia.The only one whom I would love until my end and would actually die for is my Angela.I just can’t see her upset.Her smile brightens my day and a lone tear makes my heart clench.I didn’t even realize when someone entered my room and stood behind me until the one cleared his throat.

I turned around to find Ron but a certain person standing behind him got my attention.


“Sir,Ms.Claudia is here to meet you,” Ron said as he turned and looked at Claudia.

Earlier when Ron said that Claudia is here to meet me, I thought I would be upset and angry at the same time.When I broke up with her I promised myself never to meet her ever again and never to trust any woman.But things have changed; as I looked at her I felt nothing.Not even a trace of anger surfaced my body nor did I feel any pain.

I guess I forgave her the day I started loving Angela.

“Claudia,” I said and a smile formed on my face.A genuine one as she looked at me with wide disbelief eyes.I guess I am not the only one who thought I would be angry seeing her.

I looked back at Ron and nodded at him.With a nod, he turned around and left us alone.

Both of them exchanged glances but as soon as Ron left closing the door shut behind him, Claudia’s grey eyes fell on me and she looked around perhaps, trying to avoid my gaze.

“It’s been a long time,” I said starting a conversation with her.She looked back up and rolled the hair that fell on her right cheek back to her ear.

“Yeah, it’s beenlong,” she said with a half-smile and once again averted her gaze away from me.Now, when I looked at her, she has changed a lot.Back then, she used to have very short hair, and she would always dress up like a supermodel but today, leaving her face everything about looks changed.Her hair was now long, her dress didn’t look that updated.She looked as if she has not updated her closet for a long time.Her grey eyes looked dull, almost dead.She was wearing a brown trench coat and it reminded me of the day when I last saw her.

Surely, she wore it the day when she came back to my mansion begging to talk.But I was so angry and hurt for she cheated on me, I ordered the guards to take her away from my sight.I can never forget that day but it’s really surprising to me that I didn’t even feel an ounce of pain when I remember it now.

She looked up and opened her mouth to speak when my phone rang.

“Excuse me,” I said as I picked up my phone from the table and later added a quiet “Please” as I looked at the caller ID to read Dominic.

“Hello?,” I said as I picked his call.

“Let’s go partyyy. . ”

“Shut up,,” I said and disconnected the call.

“Yeah, So?,” I said as I looked back at her to find her giving me a disbelieving look.

“What?,” I asked as I furrowed my eyebrows thinking whether there was something on my face for which she was giving me the look.

“You said Please,,” she said still in a disbelieved state and I smiled shoving my hands back into my pocket.

“Does it sound odd?,” I asked amazed upon myself as I went back to my seat and gestured her to take the seat before me on the chair, which she obliged.

“No, but it’s so very . .I mean unlike of you,,” she said and I looked up at her raising an eyebrow.

“Well you can say it’s her fault,,” I showed her my wedding ring and as her eyes fell on my ring, she nodded and pulled her coat more to her.

“I see,,” she muttered and I looked back at my phone when it beeped again indicating a text message.It read “C’mon PLEASE let’s go to a club and party,” from Dominic.

Why? What’s the occasion?

I texted him back.

“So how have you been?,” I asked as I kept the phone back on the table and concentrated back on her.

“I am doing good and how are you?,” she askedand I smiled, a genuine smile as I replied looking at Angel’s picture on my laptop “I am doing absolutely fantastic,”

“I can see that,,” she said all of a sudden and I looked back at her.

“I mean you are smiling every now and then,,” she shrugged her shoulder and I thought about it internally about what she meant.

“So?,” I asked wanting to know why she was here.She intertwined her fingers and exhaled out a breath before looking up at me.

“I am here to ask for forgiveness, Xavier” her eyes glistened and all of a sudden her behavior made me uncomfortable.

“About the past?,” I asked and she nodded.

“Look Claudia,” I heaved a sigh.

“Whatever happened between us was in the past and will always remain in the past.We or you can’t change it but if you are here to ask for forgiveness then you don’t have to,”

“Because I have already forgiven you.” Her face lit up as soon as she heard that and I gave her a half smile.

“Really?,” she askedas she looked with hope-filled in her eyes.

“Yes.I have really forgiven you a long ago because if it wasn’t for you then I would have never met her,,” I completed as I thought about it.

“Her?,” I heard her confused voice.

“My wife.Angela Knights,” I said and she nodded.

“You are in love with her,” she muttered and I intervened her own self-conversation saying “Love is just a small word to describe how actually I feel for her,” I said and she nodded.

“I see,” she replied.

“Yeah.I have forgiven you,,” I smiled at her when all of a sudden a memory of her with a kid flashed my mind.

“Oh, yeah, that reminds me you have a kid, I mean you have a daughter now, don’t you?,” I asked and she looked up nodding at me.

“I saw her that day at the mall.She really resembles Daniel a lot and that remind me where is Dan-” as soon as I uttered the word Daniel she burst out crying before me and I got up from my seat shocked because of her behavior.

“What? What happened?,” I asked as she sobbed and I picked up a tissue from the box and handed it to her.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said once she stopped and wiped her eyes using the tissue that I gave her.

“Daniel…we are not together,” she said in a breath and I looked at her in shock.


“I mean weren’t you both together-” I said but couldn’t complete my own sentence when she burst out once again.

“Hey, hey,” I said and made my way to her.

“What happened?,” I asked as I kept my hand on her shoulder, patting her back awkwardly wanting her to stop.

“He abandoned me and Sophia when he knew of me being pregnant with his daughter,” she said and broke down before me.I patted her back restraining myself from asking her why he left her.

“He said it was just a mistake.He was not ready to take my daughter’s and my responsibility as he was too young to be a father and a husband.I can’t believe I cheated you with him because I thought he loved me as much as I did to him.I loved him so much that I went so far of cheating you but all I got at the end is betraYeahl,,” she cried and I removed my hand from her back but as soon as I did that like a bolt she stood up and hugged me encircling her arms around my torso.

“Xavier I’m so sorry.I’m so sorry I hurt you for a man like him.I am really sorry please forgive me,,” she sobbed on my chest and awkwardly I patted her back and asked her quietly to stop crying but as soon as she stopped I tried to free myself from her but then I felt her arms roaming on my back.

“You still smell the same.God, I have missed this so much-”

“Claudia!,” I removed her hand from my body and pushed a little away from me as I took few steps back.She looked at me with her eyes filled with hope but then I ran through my hair and went back to my chair.

“It’s really good to see after a long time Claudia,” I said as I composed myself.

“Xavier, can we pleaseforget the past and move on?”

“Exactly! Move on.I have already moved on.I have my Angel with me now and I love her so muc—”

“You are lying!” all of a sudden and slammed her hands on my table.

“I know everything.That woman was forced on you by your father, didn’t she? You don’t love her! You are just saying this because you are still angry on me,” her rage-filled voice echoed in the room as I looked at her with wide eyes for her sudden outburst.

“You love me dammit! Only me,” she breathed out once she completed her sentence.Her eyes filled with rage and her words venomous which almost made me cringe for even thinking that I loved a woman like her but if it wasn’t for the poisonous side of me that Angela couldn’t succeed to wipe away from me, the side which I kept hidden to myself only to protect my love if ever anyone tried to hurt her surfaced when I heard Claudia’s little outburst.

I tried my best to be calm with her.

“Are you done?,” I asked once she realized what she did.

“No! I mean Xavier,” she pursed her lips and wiped away her tears using the back of her hand.

“I knew it.You can never change,,” I said as I intertwined my fingers and kept both of my hands by the elbow on the table.

“Xavier try to understand.I had my men investigate it and I found out she married you for money.That woman... your wife isn’t worth your lov-,” she couldn’t complete as I intervened.

“Oh, really? Then who is worth my love? You?” I asked with sarcasm clear in my voice.

“You don’t underst—”

“I don’t need to understand.And how dare you put your men behind my wife?Who asked you to invade our private space? I can sue you for invading our private life Ms.Hemsworth,” I asked as calmly as I could even though my feet were shaking wanting to run up to her and throw her out of my office building.

“I know I shouldn’t have done this but I did this only for you, Xavier.I still love you.That woman will ruin you.She will completely destroy you,,” she finished and I punched the switch next to my table in anger.

“You are seriously naive,,” I smiled and she looked at me with confusion.

“Right now you don’t understand who really I am.Let me introduce myself to you,” I said as I got up from my seat.

“Hello, I am Xavier Knights, the only heir of this Knight co.and the man who deeply loves a woman named Angela Knights so much, that if a single drop of tear escapes her eyes, I go berserk and if she smiles then also I go all berserk thinking I have achieved every goal in my life.I love her so much, that I can go up to any extent just to have her near me.Just me,,” I slammed my hands on the table and matched her eye level.

“I love her to the extent where I want her to destroy me.Only she has the power to destroy me, you are correct on that.I will give her everything that belongs to me even if its money, love or my life.She owns me now.Not just me but she my body even my soul belongs to her and only her and do you know what? I don’t ask anything in return in exchange for all this.You got the wrong person in this.I guess your ‘men’ didn’t investigate it properly, but here I am the one who is Villain.I am the one who has kept her only to me.I am the one who loves her so much that I can do anything for her,”

“And by anything…it simply means anything,” I completed with a promise in my voice.She shuddered in her place under my gaze and opened her mouth to speak but I cut her off.

“If I ever see you lingering around her than remember this, I will rip your soul out of your body and make sure you to go through more sufferings than you already have.Don’t underestimate my calmness as my patience to tolerate every rubbish you speak.My patience level is still the same.I am still the same but more vicious than one could ever imagine of but that is all for people like you.You don’t have any idea how much I love her.Take this as a warning Ms.Claudia Hemsworth,” I completed and she visibly gulped.

“Now, it was great meeting after a long time,,” I smiled as I sat back on my chair and gestured the two man behind her.Reluctantly, she looked back to find my bodyguards behind her.

“They will show you the way out,” I smiled and gestured them to escort her out.

“Xavier I…”

“Mark my words Claudia if my Angel gets hurt because of you, then you will see how amazing of a husband I can be...I will snatch everything away from you and everything means…” I looked up at her and gave her a wicked grin “Everything!”

As soon as she left I heaved a sigh and looked at the image of Angel on my laptop.She was being followed and they invaded her privacy.I wonder how she would react when I tell all this to her.

My phone rang andI picked it up without even looking at the caller ID: “Hello?”

“Let’s go partyyy-”

“Shut the fuck up, Dominic!” I snapped and hung up on him.His timing is always bad.

As I made my way back home, I looked at the meds in my hand which Ron gave me earlier.He told me that Angel came to my office and handed him the meds and asked him to inform me not to eat box which had peanuts in it.That made me wonder why did she not meet me? Why did she leave without seeing me?

“Angel?” I called for her once I searched for her in the kitchen but surprisingly unlike the other days, there was no aroma of her cooking instead I found Lucy chopping vegetables.

“Where is she?,” I asked as she looked up and kept the knife aside.

“Oh, dear, she is in her room,” Lucy smiled and went back to chop the veggies.

“She isn’t cooking today?,” I asked and Lucy nodded her head no.

“Ah okay,” I said and turned around.It’s perfectly fine if I don’t get to eat the food made by her just for a day.I mean it’s totally her choice but I can’t ignore the fact that I will miss her delicious food.Everything she cooked, I loved it.

“Angel?,” I called as I threw my bag on the bed and untied my tie as I undid my shirt button my eyes fell on a bag.

“Xavier, oh, you’re back,,” I saw her as she walked out of the walk-in-closet and took my bag from the bed.

“Ron told me you came to the office today.Why did you leave without seeing me?,” I asked as I got rid of my shirt.

“OhI am really sorry but I was in a hurry to get back home…oh, and did you get the meds that I handed him for you?,” she askedand I nodded.

“Why is that bag out here?,” I asked pointing the bag.

“I am flying back home tomorrow for Emily and Lucas’s wedding preparation,,” she said and I gave her an incredulous look.

“What? Tomorrow? But you told me that the wedding is in the next month.I mean why are you going so soon?,” I asked as I threw the shirt on the bed and immediately she picked it up and folded it on her arms.

“Xavier there’s a lot of work for me to do.I know I am sorry but it came out all of a sudden and she called me suddenly.And you know I am from both sides.I will have to prepare from my brother’s side as well as from my best friend’s side.Lot of work,,” she smiled and I pulled her from her waist closer to me.

“But why tomorrow? I will also come with you,“I said determined to go with her.

“What will you do there Xavier?,” she laughed.

“I will help! Or should I call Emily and -”

“No! No. .I mean you don’t need to do that!,” she said and I stared at her face.She looked different today.She was avoiding any eye contact with me.Why?

“Look at me,,” I said but she kept on avoiding.

“Angela look at me,,” I said and this time she did with a small smile.

“What’s wrong?,” I asked as I took in her appearance.She looked little pale and almost as if she was in a lot of tension.

“Nothing.Just a headache,,” she mumbled and kept her head on my chest.

“A headache? Are you not filling well? You are not going tomorrow in this condit-,,” she cut me off “No! It’s nothing.I am just thinking how will I manage everything from both sides.I mean it’s a wedding and Idon’t want anything to go wrong,,” she said and I nodded.

“Should I hire some organizers then?,” I asked as I ran my hand through her hair.

“No, it’s not needed,” she laughed and looked into my eyes.

“I’ll be fine.I want to do it myself,”

“But Angela,”

“I am fine, Xavier,” she smiled and that was all for me to bend down and capture her mouth in a passionate kiss.

“I am letting you go,” I said and she smiled “But only this time.Next time I’ll go with you.If you need anything then just give me a call.Don’t go all reckless with your health while you are busy preparing for the wedding.Make sure to rest well and don’t forget to take your food in time.You can’t run here there carelessly, I’ll not be there to hold you if you stumble so please,” as soon as I said that she cracked up, her laughter filled the room.

“You sound like my dad, Xavier oh, my god! I am not an elementary kid,” she laughed and gazed into my eyes.

“I know but this is the first time we are going to be separated.I can’t imagine a single day without you,” I said and kissed her forehead.

“Oh, Xavier,” she smiled as she encircled her arms around my neck.

“Why? Why do you worry about me so much?,” she askedarching her head as she looked up at me with a lovely smile which almost made me believe that she would tell me any second that she loves me.Her blue orbs looked as if she wanted to ask me so many things but something was holding her back.

“Isn’t it obvious? Because I love you,” I smiled back at her.

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