Billionaire's Intense Love

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Chapter 31

“As I had imagined, you look absolutely gorgeous in this,” I complimented Em as she wore the dress that I had tried beforehand. The dress was made only for her, even if I had worn it to check its measurement still I didn’t look that beautiful as she looked in it.

She grinned looking at me in the mirror and then turned around to face me.

“Oh, Angie I can’t wait for my wedding,” she hugged me excitedly and I returned the hug smiling at her happiness.

“I have seen you so happy before… ever,” I teased her and she moved back from and twirled on her place holding the skirt of the dress.

“Well, that’s because I am really happy.I feel like out of the world,” she said and I huffed at her raising an eyebrow.

“I knew it that you are an alien,” I remarked and took a seat on her bed.

“Really?” she scowled at me and that made me laugh at her.

“And that reminds me…you traitor.Who is your friend? Me or Xavier? You helped him trick me? That means you knew I was overhearing you the time you were talking with him on the phone?”

She stared at me for some seconds and then grinned goofily before running into her walk-in-closet to perhaps change.

“Of course I knew it!” she yelled from her closet and I shook my head at her before getting off the bed and making my way to the closet where she handed me the dress.

“Did you buy your heels?,” I asked as I kept the dress on the bed and waited for her to come out.

“Nah! I think I’ll just make some time today in the evening for it,” she said as she walked out of the closet.

“Good.Then I’ll be leaving now,” I said as I picked up my purse but she ran up to me and stood in front of me blocking me from the door.

“What?,” I asked as she crossed her arm and looked at me.

“Is everything okay between you two?,” she said all of a sudden which made me scowl at her.

“What are you talking about?,” I asked as kept my purse down on the bed and took a seat.

I looked out of the window of her room when a certain scene of the past played before my eyes.The lady named Claudia who came out of nowhere and took a seat before me and told me that she had a past with Xavier.The day where she was hugging him and he looked anything but uncomfortable with the one who hurt him badly in the past.

“Angie! Angela.” Em snapped her finger before my eyes breaking my thoughts.I shook my head and looked up at her.

“I know that I shouldn’t be asking questions about your marital life but when I was talking to him on the phone, it looked like you didn’t even ask him to come with you.I invited him and he said he would surprise you,” she said and took a seat before me on the chair.

“Is everything okay between you two? I don’t know why but you seem kind of off from the day you came here.Is it because of him? Does he not treat you wel—”

“Of course he does.He is really sweet when it comes to me and he said…” I stopped in the mid-sentence as I reminisced the day when he said he loved me.

“He said?” she urged me to talk.

I smiled at her before replying, “That he loves me.” I bit down on my lips when I felt my butterflies in my stomach and strange emotion lacing up my body.

“Really?Wow,” she exclaimed.

“And you? What did you reply?” she looked excited all of a sudden as she looked at me expectantly wanting to hear an answer which she hoped I would tell her.I knew I would break her hopes so I kept my mouth shut and averted my gaze to the floor.

“Oh, my heavens.You don’t like him?” she said with an astonished tone but then as soon as she said that I looked back at her with wide eyes.

“What are you saying? Of course, I like him,” I said and huffed at her when a smile formed on her face.

“Then what is it that is holding you back?” she asked and I couldn’t answer her when in reality I was the one who was having problems understanding my feelings.

“What is it?” she asked,which made me look back at her.

“Recently I met a woman named Claudia ThatcherI was in a cafe when we met.She just popped out of nowhere and took a seat before me on my table,” I finished, remembering the day when I met the woman.

“What about her?”

“She was the first to talk to me and I got to know that she was Xavier’s first love and his ex-fiancé,” Em had an unreadable expression plastered on her face as she took in what I just said.

“Okay? Then?” she seemed interested now and I told her the whole story after that.

“So you mean, she popped out of nowhere and told you she is Mr.Knights ex- fiancé…then she also told you that she cheated on him.Then you saw your husband hugging her the same day you met her,” as she completed I pulled my legs up on the bed.

“Did you even tell him that you have already met her?” Em asked.

I shook my head.

“Why not?”

“I don’t think that’s something important,” I said and looked down towards the floor.

“I don’t understand, what do you mean by all this.?How is this incident connected with you not giving any reply to his confession, Angie? Wait! Didn’t you just tell me that he confessed to you that he loves you?,” she asked and I nodded at her.

“Then what is your problem?” she asked and all I could do in reply was to sigh and I fell on my back on the bed staring at the ceiling.

“Okay!” I heard her sighing and the next moment she came next to me and lied down next to me staring the ceiling just like me.

“Let’s play a game,” she said and I looked at her in confusion.

“What do you mean?” I asked as I couldn’t understand her.

“I’ll just ask you some questions and all you have to do is to reply back in simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ format, okay?”

“Why?” I chuckled at her.

“You can’t speak anything else or block me in the middle.You are bound to answer and your answer should only be with yes or no.Nothing else.It’s a simple game and you can’t skip a question.In short, you have to answer,” she said, enunciating the last sentence trying to get it clear that I have to answer which made me scoff at her.

“Why should I follow it?”

“Because I invented the game,” she retorted and I rolled my eyes at her.

“What a liar,” I mumbled to myself.

“I heard it! Anyways, first question…Do you like him?” she asked and as soon as she said the word ‘like’ my heart began to race against my chest.I didn’t even know why my heart reacted that way but took in a deep breath and made up my that I would be honest.

“Yes,” I replied without any hesitation.

“Do you think he likes you like?” she asked and a smile spreads on my face as I thought about it.

“Yes,” I replied because I knew it that he clearly liked me.

“Does he treat you right?” she asked and that made me think of our past.I had no choice but to marry him.Even though it was just a marriage deal I had to marry him and believed that our arrange marriage will bring the best out of us and we would get through it together.I never really had any idea that he was forced into this and he didn’t really want to marry me.I thought his father that deal with me… So, I guessed his son might have no problem with it.

If ever I had known about him not wanting to marry me then I would have done every possible thing to persuade him to call off the wedding.And regarding the money that he paid for my father, I would’ve begged him to let me some time to arrange the money.

It was heartbreaking and painful for me because I had to suffer Xavier’s wrath but then I was stuck in the middle not knowing what to do.I couldn’t end the marriage because I had made this deal with his father and he had paid for my father’s medical bill and to top of that my father was not really well and I didn’t really want him to worry for me when he was not in a good condition suffering from financial crisis and health issues.

But then everything changed when Xavier asked for forgiveness for the way he treated me.He began to take care of me and unknowingly I started to grow dependent on him, even more, when he saved me from John Winters.He showed me a side which he never showed to anyone else and that made me like him.

“Yes,” I replied with a smile plastered on my face realizing some things.

“Do you think he was genuine when he confessed? That he loves you?” she asked and the day when he confessed played before my eyes.

Even his words kept playing into my head when he kissed me.I was too shocked.He was calm and before he confessed his eyes held determination while he confessed his eyes held generosity and after he confessed his eyes held aspiration to achieve something.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Do you think his love would ever stop loving you?“As soon as he said that I pulled myself up and sat on the bed thinking about it.Again, for some reasons, my heart seemed to be beating very fast as if I had ran a marathon.

Why does this make me feel disturbed all of a sudden? The mere thought brings a surge of anxiety.It makes me depressed.I don’t really want him to stop loving me.But…

Many a time he had proven himself that he truly and sincerely loves me and until today I had never really doubted it.

“No,” I replied and got up from the bed picking up my purse as hurriedly as I could because something had struck in me and I had all of a sudden realized something.

“Do you think that you can also ever fall in love with him?” I heard her as I reached for the doorknob.

“Yes,” I replied without any hesitation and without any reluctance.And I was of it from the bottom of the heart when I replied that.I mean,why couldn’t I fall in love with him and how couldn’t I when he has taken every possible step closer to me then I could too because there was no doubt that I liked him and I liked him in a way I have never liked anyone.

I like him not because he said he loves me but because for the person he truly is.

As I walked out of her house, a smile remained plastered on my face as I thought about it.Even in the whole way I kept on thinking about the time we had spent together.

I can’t really believe that I became jealous.I was feeling insecurities and was kind of scared that he might still have feelings for his ex but he said he loved me.And if it was him who told me that he loves me then it is what it is.There is no escape.

I laughed a little thinking about it and raked a hand through my hair feeling little weird.How could I not understand this feeling? Why would I have been jealous all of a sudden?

The lady beside me in the bus looked at me weirdly when I laughed but still I couldn’t hold myself.

As I got off the bus and walked back to my house,I saw him coming out of the house.

“Xavier!” I called for him and as soon as he saw me he stopped.

“Angel?” he said as I took a jog towards him.

“Didn’t I tell you that I would pick you from Emily’s house?” he asked and I did was to smile at him.

“It’s alright,” I muttered.

“What is it, you look in a good mood,” he said as he angled his head towards the side and looked at me with a smile.

“Let’s go in.It’s cold today,” I said as I laced my arms with his and pulled him with me.

“Well—” He started but I cut him off

“I have something to tell you,” I said and beamed with happiness.My heart fluttered a little when he smiled showing me his perfectly white teeth.

“What is it?” he asked all of a sudden looking eager to know.

“Not today,” I laughed a little as I walked past Danny in the hall and walked towards my bedroom.

“Are you coming?” I heard Danny asking Xavier.

“You all carry on.I’ll be there,” Xavier replied before jogging after me.

“Are you all going somewhere?” I asked and

He hummed in response, “To the pool.”

“Oh, great!,” I smiled as I pulled off my coast and kept it on the chair.

“What do you want to tell me?” he urged as he encircled me in his arms from my back and rested his chin on my shoulder.

“I’ll tell you…but not today.”


“Tomorrow for sure,” I said as I turned around and looked straight into his eyes.

“Okay?” he chuckled and raised an eyebrow at me.

“I will send you the time and place through a text message.Will you come?,” I asked and he nodded looked confused.

“Don’t be confused.” Standing on my toes, I placed a kiss on his cheek.He seemed to be taken aback by that.But as soon as he came back to his senses he tried to pull me closer for a real kiss but before he could do that I stepped out of his hold and walked to the bathroom.

“My brothers are waiting for you.You should get going,” I said from my shoulder when I heard my phone ringing.

“Xavier, who is it?” I asked as I remembered keeping my phone on the chair while I pulled off my coat.

“The customer care,” he yelled back.

By the time I got out of the bathroom he had already left.I assumed he had accompanied my brothers to play pool.So all I did was to switch my laptop on and surfed through the internet searching for some good ideas for a date night.

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