Billionaire's Intense Love

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Chapter 32

You bitch! How dare you avoid my calls.

I will ruin you.

“Who could it be?” I mumbled to myself as I drove off to pick Danny and Lucas up from the broker’s office.

The messages that I read on Angela’s phone while we were in that boutique had all my attention. No doubt the anonymous person has only one thing in his or her mind, and that is to hurt my girl.

Clicking my tongue in annoyance, I pulled my car in the side of the road and looked out of the window resting my hand on the steering wheel.

“What will I do with this woman?” I muttered, thinking about Angela. She could’ve told me about getting threats messages and calls but no she has to take things lightly. But then I can’t really blame her. She might be thinking about me. As far as I know her, she would’ve thought I would be disturbed if she told me about it.

But then…I feel even more disturbed than I already am after reading those by myself.

How is she even keeping up with these disturbing messages?

The buzzing of my phone got my attention as I picked it up as soon as I saw the caller ID.

“Who is it?” I asked directly coming to the point.

“Are you sure you want to know this?” Dominic asked from the other end that made me ball my fist.

“I just hope it isn’t the person that I think it is,,” I said through gritted teeth as I looked out of the window and rolled down the window screen. A gust of wind hit my face and I raked my hand through my hair, aggravated by the situation.

“Okay…so the number that you gave me to check out its owner is none other than the person whom you think it could be,” he completed and as soon as he said that I punched the steering wheel in anger and got out of the car.

“You sure?” Iasked wanting to make it clear, thinking he might have got it wrong but then he replied: “Name…Claudia Thatcher. Age—”

“Enough!” I cut him off and disconnected his call looking up at the sky.

I tried to calm my nerves but just her name peaked up my rage.Seething with anger, I kicked the tire and clutched my hair.

“How dare you.How fucking dare you mess with me even after I warned you not to interfere with my life, Claudia?“Even though I could hardly control my anger, I managed to take deep breaths to calm my nerves down.A wicked chuckle escaped my mouth when I thought about it. “You shouldn’t have done that.You shouldn’t have fucking done that.” I chuckled as I looked up at the sky. Ah! What a wonderful day…tsk… You ruined it. You have called it upon yourself, Claudia.Called it upon yourself.I used to think that you were a smart woman.But I see you don’t even have a brain,” I muttered as I rubbed my face, using the back of my hand and got back inside the car and ignited the engine before driving off to pick Angela’s brothers up.

The last message that I read was: Tomorrow.Lincoln Park Lagoon.Sharp at six in the evening.If you don’t reach in time then consider the proof that I have against you leaked to the media.

And I don’t like waiting.

I had managed to forward all the screenshot of the messages to my phone from Angela’s phone last night when she was in the bathroom.Then I had Dominic find up the owner of the number.To the very end, I was hoping that it shouldn’t be the person whom I had actually thought of when I first read the messages.But then to my extreme annoyance, it was her…Claudia.

“I guess you’ll have to face me now,” I muttered as I parked the car at the roadside when I marked Lucas and smiled at him putting a mask on over my true emotions that were building up due to a certain person.If anything that I want now is to keep Angel out of all these things.

She would be the last that I would ever want to see upset.And if that means I would’ve had to keep some things just to myself for her safety then I would definitely do it.

“I hope we are not burdening you,” Lucas said as he got in and on the passenger seat while Danny chose to seat in the back.

“Of course not,what are you even saying?” I laughed a little at it before driving off.

“You are not coming inside?” Danny asked as they got out of the car.

“No, I have some work to take care off.I’ll be back soon,” I said and they looked at each other before nodding.


From my rearview mirror, I watched as she walked past my car completely oblivious to the fact that I was seating right inside the car watching her moves.Dressed up in a navy blue trench coat and knee-high black boots, she walked with a look of determination in her eyes as if she was going to win a war.

That made me scoff at her.I looked at the time to find it only fifteen minutes left to six in the evening and yet she was already here claiming that she doesn’t like to be kept waiting.

Every single thing about her is fake.Even her own words.

I watched from my car’s window screen as she went near to the pond and stood in the middle of the small bridge that went above the pond.I was some meters away from her and the trees played abig part in hiding my car.

She looked around and then looked at her watch.Annoyance was clearly visible on her face as she muttered something and looked as if she would pull her hair in frustration any second.

The clock read half past six in the evening and still, she was standing there thinking Angela would come.I scoffed at her naivety.If it wasn’t for me deleting every single message from Angela’s phone that I read then perhaps Angel would really have been the one present instead of me.

I watched as she pulled her phone out from her bag and I took it as my queue.Getting out of the car, I walked up to her and snatched the phone away from her.She gasped before turning around with wide eyes.

“You don’t really look happy seeing me here now, do you?” I asked as I rolled her phone in between my thumb and index finger.

“Xa-Xavier, oh, what a surprise!” I noticed her voice shaking when she talked.Beads of sweat formed on her forehead and,as if she noticed that I noticed it, using the back of her hand she wiped it away before giving out a nervous laugh.

“Out of all the places…we meet here in Chicago.Isn’t it a lovely coin—”

“I told you not to interfere with my life,“I said and gave her pointed sharp gaze.She shifted on her place and I could even feel her tension even though we were standing pretty far away from each other.

“What are you talking about?” she tried to fake innocence and her effort made me chuckle.

“You think this all these tricks are going to work on me?”

“I think I should leave,” she said and tried to walk past me but was stopped when I held her arm and pushed her to stand right before me.

“Ow! What do you think you are doing?” she yelled at me and jerked her arm away from my hold.

“Feel happy that I am unlike you I am not crossing my limits.I don’t really like to play dirty but you’ve bound me to take actions,” the words gritted out of my teeth as I glared at her.

“I warned you not to come closer to my Angel and yet you tried to abuse her verbally and tried to upset her.I really used to think that you were a smart woman Claudia, but your actions speak the opposite.It seems you don’t really have a brain,”

“Mind your language, Xavier!” she barked at me.

“Or what?” I challenged.

“Or...” Suddenly she smirked and her eyes lit up as she put her hand into her bag and fished out a drive.

“I’ll hand this over to the media,” She grinned and swung the drive before my eyes.

“Really?” I asked and all she did was to grin victoriously.

“Do you think some mere photos and videos are going to break Angela away from me?” I said as I noticed her smile fading a little.

“Oh! You are really naïve, Claudia,” I scoffed at her.

“Did you really think that I couldn’t buy it back from them?” I said and smiled when her smile completely faded off her face.

“Tha-That’s nonsense.That is impossible,” she stuttered a little before glaring at me.

“Nothing is impossible for a person who has power.And I believe I do have to power to protect the ones that I love,”

“Enough of it.” Clicking her tongue, she rubbed her face with her palm before looking up at me.

“I just have enough of all your dramas.What do you know what love is?” Suddenly she had this uproar in her voice that made me narrow my eyes at her.

“Love.Love.Love.What do you think love is, huh? Do you think she loves you?” A dark chuckle escaped her mouth as she looked back towards the pond. “The only thing that you need to survive in this world is money and a person like you who was born with a silver spoon in mouth won’t ever understand.So what if I blackmailed your wife? You just don’t seem to move on.How long are you going hold this grudge against me?” She punched the right side of my shoulder.

“You always had everything.A good family,a mother who loved you, a billionaire father, money everything, and me...I had nothing.Even Daniel left me for money.He kicked his own blood over money.Money is everything!” she screamed at my face.

She closed her eyes and took deep breaths before opening them and when she did…her eyes only held hatred and jealousy for me.

“It was really a sight to behold when I saw you crying and kneeling before me hurt because I had cheated upon you with Daniel.I really can’t express how satisfied I felt when I saw a rich brat like you kneeling before me all broken,” as soon as she said that my nostrils flared up enraged but then I balled up my fists wanting to calm down.

“You thought I cheated on you because I loved Daniel, didn’t you? Huh! What a loser.I never really loved him.Everything I did with him was only meant to hurt you.I rejected you the first time when you proposed me wanting to see you hurt but then the happiness I got when you broke down was everything to me.Because I hated you.I had always hated you from the day we met.”

And as much as I found myself shocked,I felt pity on her for her condition.

“I was raised up a drunk father who would always beat me to death whenever he was angry and my mother. Her whole life spent cleaning the floors of people like you yet she died because she didn’t had enough money to treat herself.And I… I never really got to know what happiness really is.I didn’t have enough money to feed myself for which I started to depend on guys who were fool enough to fall on my charms and they spent money on me trying to woo me.But out of all them, you are the biggest fool to fall for a person who hated you the most,” her words were laced with poison and it was enough for me to understand that she was speaking the truth.

“I was jealous of you.While I had no money, you’d spend the money that your parents gave you wildly.I hated you.I hated you so much I can’t even express it.”

“But then Daniel,that bastard, backstabbed me.After impregnating me, all of a sudden he felt guilty for breaking his best friend’s trust and filled up with remorse he ran away.Again… this is all because of you,” she screamed at me, pointing an accusing finger in my direction.

“So now when you have nothing left with you, you thought you would blackmail my wife and pull some money out of her sleeves didn’t you?” I asked and all she did was to huff at me trying to catch up with her breath.

“Well, all I feel right now after hearing your little confession is…” I stared down at her with a smile. “Relief.” As soon as I said that, her eyes widened with shock.

“What? You didn’t really expect me to say this didn’t you? Oh, then what did you expect? Me kneeling down before you? Begging and crying my eyes out?” I chuckled at her reaction. “Well,sorry to burst your bubble, but right now I feel anything but sad.I am relieved that you walked out of my life and she walked in.So, I am glad that you chose to leave me only because you were jealous of me and you hated me. I have everything in my life and you have nothing, right?I mean…sure, look what I all have.I am finally the CEO of my father’s company.I have a beautiful wife, good friends, balanced relationship with my relatives—everything.And you…even thoughyou won in hurting me and broke me up badly, you still have nothing left.”

“With one phone call, all these videos and photos I have of you two will be leaked on the internet.Do you hear me? I can still ruin your career and your life,” she tried to blackmail me, but that only made me feel even more pity then I already felt for her.

“I would like you to give it try,” Isaid nonchalantly.


“I said I would like you to give it a try.Go ahead,call whoever you want,” I said and handed her phone urging her to call.

She stared at me for some seconds before dialing off a number.

“You…” I couldn’t help but to open my mouth “You seem to love only one person in this world.Don’t you?” and that made her look up at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Your daughter…” Her eyes widened up and her mouth opened and closed like a fish.

“I hope she is doing well,” I said, trying to remember her name from the last time Claudia told me about her. “Sophia, was it? Pretty name for a pretty girl,.” I don’t know what her mind screamed at her when I talked about her daughter but all of a sudden she seemed pale.The color drained from her face and she looked as if she was about to pass out.No wonder...the love of a mother for her child is pure.

“Are you thinking to hurt my baby because of all this?” suddenly her voice sounded like a whimper as she squinted her eyes at me.

“Maybe.I don’t really know,” I said as I looked down to the floor.

“No.You can’t.You-you could never hurt anyone,” she screamed at me.

“What are you talking about?” Furrowing my eyebrow,s I watched her fidgeting with her fingers.

“No.You can’t involve a little girl in all this.You just can’t,,” she shouted at the top of her lungs trying to keep her point.

“Well, says who? You involved my wife,” I gritted out and the glare that I gave her was enough to lower her voice.

“You’ve changed,” she said and I rolled my eyes at her.“You couldn’t even hurt me when I rejected you and even cheated on you.Yet you want to make me believe that you would actually hurt my baby?” She laughed at that.

“Well try me,” I challenged her.

She stared at me for some minutes as if trying to find any proof on my face that could make her believe that I was lying to her.But I guess, she believed me because the next moment she took several steps back looking frightened.

“Is this how much you love that woman? That you have changed yourself to this far?,” she askedand I chose to smile in reply.

As the realization struck her,she huffed out air and pursed her lips before looking at the drive that she was holding.

“Okay.Fine.I’ll end this here.I agree I still don’t love you.I thought I could get some money if I used this tricks but I guess I failed,” I heard her muttering in defeat.

“If you think I was foolish enough to fall for your tricks then you were absolutely wrong.I know you don’t have any proof inside that drive,” I said and rolled my eyes for the second time when her eyes widened.

“What? H-how?,” she managed to ask.

“You don’t even have money to pay your house rent,and you want me to believe that you actually hired some detectives for my wife?” I couldn’t help myself from mocking her.

“I guess you did a background check on me,didn’t you?”

“Fine.I admit my defeat.I won’t disturb your wife or you ever again,”she said with a low tone. “Just leave me and my baby alone.” She seemed as if she was begging.

“I hope you keep your words,because you can’t even realize how bad I can be when I am serious,” I warned her and took a step back.

“Know this.I don’t hate you,” as soon as I said that her head whipped up on my direction.

“But I don’t really like you.Even though you did all those stuff with me and tried to hurt my love, I can never forgive you for that, but still I don’t hate you,because deep down I feel as if I had been more mature with presenting myself to you then I believe you would’ve actually liked me back.It seems I failed to impress you and make you see the person I truly was.You saw me spending my money wildly but never saw why I spend it with my friends... because I wanted to have some friends.I never really had any friends from my childhood and it is why I was so keen on spending vigorously if that meant I could’ve some friends with whom I could share my feelings.You saw how bad of a person I was, but you never really saw how badly hurt I was when you rejected me.My feelings were genuine.” I sighed. “Anyway,those things are long gone.Know it, Claudia.I don’t ever want to see your face ever again in my life.So don’t ever show yourself before me ever again or else god will know what I would end up doing with you.And lastly, stay away from Angel and my family.This is my last warning to you.Keep this in your mind,” I said and turned around to leave but stopped when she opened her mouth.

“Did you...I mean, did you ever love me like this? Would you have protected me if I had ever liked you back?” she askedbut with a huff.

I left the place and walked back towards my car. “You are still a fool, Claudia.I could never hurt a little girl.A woman like you can never understand me,” I mumbled to myself as I drove back to home.

The clock showed ten in the evening by the time I reached home.I walked directly to the bedroom but surprisingly she wasn’t in the room.

Furrowing my eyebrows, I pulled my phone out of m pant pockets wanting to call her.But as soon as I pulled the phone out I heard Danny’s voice. “What’s wrong with you?”

I made my way towards the door only to collide with Angela herself.

“What’s wro—”

Istopped in mid-sentence.She was wearing a red long gown and she was dressed up as if it was the most important day of her life, but it was her eyes that made me worried. They held pain and sadness.

Pushing past me, she walked directly to her wardrobe and pulled some clothes out before running to the bathroom.

“Angela!” Iran after her only to be stopped by the door slamming on my face.

“What’s wrong? Were you crying?” I asked but got no reply.

The phone in my hand got my attention.I slid the screen open only to find notifications of missed calls and text messages popping on my screen,all from Angela.Then I read a message which made me feel as if someone had thrown a bucket filled with ice water on me: I’ll be waiting for you at La Brasilia Hotel tonight. Suite number 12.Try to make it before six in the evening. I’ve something to tell you.

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