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Spin off 4. Wrath of pregnancy

Xavier woke up to some noises and he rubbed his eyes before looking towards the other side of the bed finding the spot vacant.

“Angel?” he muttered and looked for his wife in the dark room. He checks the time to find it’s half past five in the morning.


He gets out of his bed and walked towards the attached bathroom where he heard the noises coming.

“Baby are you alright?” he questioned before knocking the door. When he got no response he opened the door and found Angel puking into the .

She was sitting in a crouched position near the commode with her hair tied up in a messy bun. She took deep breath in before leaning her head against her hand that was on the seat of the commode. Barely able to breath as she started to throw up again.

“Angel” Xavier was there in a flash rubbing her back. He was one heck of a worried man. When it comes to his wife he would do anything in this world to make her happy. But here he was feeling helpless as he thought what to do. She groaned feeling exhausted.

“Are you alright? Why are you throwing up? C’mon lets get you to the hospital. You are not we-” he was cut off by Angel as she kept a soothing yet trembling hand on his smiling at him.

“Relax! I am okay” she murmured. “Okay?” Xavier questioned. “You are okay?”

“Do you look okay? You are throwing up so badly and you are saying you are okay?” and the scolding Xavier was back. “C’mon lets get you to the hospital” he tugged his wife’s arm but she stopped him and made him sit next to her.

“I know why I am throwing up.”

Xavier sat next to her in that narrow section of the bathroom and gave her a confused look. “It’s the morning sickness. I am going to get it everyday” Angela sighed and rubbed her forehead feeling a mild headache making its way.

“What? Everyday?” Xavier asked.

“Yes, everyday. Perks of being pregnant,” Angela smiled at her confused husband. Though she wasn’t feeling any need to puke anymore but she was feeling the headache growing up in her head.

“In that case, we need an appointment from the doctor immediately.”

“Ah yes! I will just take an appointment soon. I don’t think I can bear this anymore” she sighed. “What do you mean by anymore?” Xavier asked narrowing his eyes at his wife. Angela gave him a sheepish smile before getting up to wash her mouth. “An- Angela?”

“I am asking you!” Xavier got up from the place and watched as his wife brushed her teeth barely looking at him from the mirror. Realisation hit him and he held the bridge of his nose. “You were having this from the beginning and you hide it from me. Isn’t it?”

Angela washed her mouth and patted the towel on her face. “I didn’t want to worry you” she smiled at him looking through the mirror. “Oh Angela!” Xavier turned her around and kissed her forehead before hugging her.“Why don’t you understand? I have the same responsibility as you.”

“I need to know everything that goes on with you. Both of you are my responsibility. I can’t see you going through all the pain and sufferings of parenthood all by yourself. I need to do my part too. I love you so much. You are my life baby” Xavier whispered.

“I love you too but you came home so tired last night and I didn’t really want to disturb your sleep”Angela said as she untied her hair from the bun.“Angel” Xavier sighed.

“You are more important to me than my work,you know it” he said as he leaned against her.

“Okay! Now don’t think too much. Just let me about any changes your body goes through. I will ask Ron set an appointment.We will be visiting the doctor together. I want to know everything” Xavier said keenly.

“Okay!” Angela smiled. “There is some changes already.”

“Huh?” Xavier frowned. “Can’t you see?” Angela frowned crossing her arms against chest. “What?” Xavier questioned not really getting her. “Oh my god Xavier are you blind?” Angela snapped at him.

“Oh no! Fucking Mood swings” Xavier thought gulping his saliva.

Angela looked and waited for him to speak but he didn’t she balls her fists. All of a sudden she wanted to hit her husband hard. She never really raised her voice at him and here she was thinking to hit him. She was confused too. “I am as fat as a cow” she said.

Xavier blinked his eyes before coughing out “What?” He couldn’t believe what she just said. “What what? Can’t you see I have put on weight?” Angela said slowly enunciating each words. Xavier looked up and down of her body and laughed out clutching his stomach.

If looks could kill Xavier must have been already six feet under the ground. Xavier laughed not believing that she just called herself a cow.

“What is wrong with her?” he thought. His laugh soon died on his throat when he saw her face filled with rage. “Oh no!”

Angela was so angry that she just wanted to climb a tall tower and scream like a king kong. She couldn’t believe that Xavier just laughed at her. Is she really that fat that she even looks funny like a joker which made her own husband laugh at her. “Why you!”

“No! No! I am not laughing at you!” Xavier tried to reason as he looked nervous now all of a sudden. Like an eagle Angel looked as if she was ready to hunt but here her prey was right before her eyes. She looked murderous now. Whatever she was feeling was new to her.

Never had she ever thought about killing her husband. But now she was. “So? I do look like a cow hu?” she said all of a sudden sweetly. Sweats formed on the back of Xavier’s neck. He felt nervous all of a sudden looking at her. She looked intimidating yet hot.

He smirked thinking the ways he would treat her in the bed all of a sudden. Maybe she would try to dominate him in the bed this time. The thought itself gave him a hard on but what he missed was the murderous look which was now back on his wife’s face.

Angela mistook his smirk as if he was really agreeing that she really looked like a cow. “Wow! first of all!” she snapped which immediately Xavier out of his naughty thoughts. “Because of you” she pointed an accusing finger at him “I am pregnant” she snapped.

“What happened to you hu?” she took a step further intimidating him. “Uh An-Angel” Xavier stammered now scared. “Nothing!” she screamed. “I have to go through everything. From morning sickness to every single change in the body. But you! nothing has changed.”

“I look like a cow now. Damn! you are even agreeing. Wow! At least you could have lied!” she yelled even more. “I am so foolish!” she screamed pulling her hair. “Get out!” she pointed her finger towards the door. “But Ange-” he was rudely cut off with a glare.

“But I wasn’t laughing at yo-” he was cut in between again “Oh so now you think I am blind hu?” she bellowed in rage.

“Angel-” Xavier jerked up in fear when he saw her picking up the shampoo bottle.

“I said get out of the bathroom!”she snapped ready to throw it.

“Angela! Baby please put it down. You will get hurt” Xavier tried to get that shampoo bottle but she pushed him and positioned it to throw it at him “Get out!” she glared.

“Fine! Fine! I am going” he said nervously and took side steps to get out of the bathroom.

All the while Angel looked at him like a hawk. He closed the door shut and took in a deep breath.

“You and your fucking mood swings” he hit the bathroom’s door by his foot angrily.

“What did you say?“came her voice.

“N-Nothing baby Nothing!” he ran out of the room.

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