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Spin off 5: Taking decisions like Parents

Xavier looked up through the mirror to find Angela tying little Amelia’s hair as Ace made his tie all by himself and adjusted his glasses before walking to his dad and looking at himself through the mirror, satisfied. Today was Ace’s school parents meeting and both Angela and Xavier made sure to attend it on time and it was why they hurried up.

“C’mon buddy,” Xavier said as he held Ace’s hand and walked out following Angela who was carrying a three year old Amelia in her arms as they hurried down the stairs meeting Lucy in the way.

“Here you go,” Lucy handed Amelia’s school bag and kissed her cheeks before waving a bye as Xavier and Angela walked out of the house to their car.

“Let’s drop Amelia in her preschool and then head for Ace’s,” Angela said as she got into the car, in the driver seat while Ace sat in the front in passenger seat and both Xavier and Amelia sat in the back seat. Quickly, Xavier bought his laptop out and merged his mind in it, working on a project while Angela drove off.

It was a habit now. Xavier always worked on his laptop while Angela drove a number of times, none of them minding anything else. Angela was a good driver and occasionally she would drive Xavier to his office while she headed to her own office. After Amelia was born and as soon as Amelia started preschool, Angela made up her mind that she was going to work again forgetting about her past work experience and even though Xavier was reluctant in the beginning to let her work, he was at ease when he saw his wife enjoying her work. It was what he had always wanted.

A happy family and there they were. The four of them as they completed each other and Xavier couldn’t be any more happier than he already was.

“Okay, So, here we are,” Angela sang as she parked her car right before Amelia’s preschool gate and Xavier kept his laptop aside as he hugged and pecked his little angels’ cheeks making her giggle, and helped her out of the car where the teacher welcomed her as always standing near the gate and took her inside with the rest of the children.

“Alright, let’s head for Aces’ school now,” Angela said and Xavier nodded knowing she might have seen his reply from the rear view mirror.

Five minutes prior to the meeting, three of them were now on their feet running towards the teachers’ cabin with Angela clicking her heels and Xavier right behind her making sure she didn’t trip while Ace ran in front leading the way.

“Mom be quick,” Ace urged as both of his parents finally managed to reach the teacher’s cabin right on time.

Angela looked up at Xavier and he stared back at her and immediately she was fixing his hair while he was adjusting her suit and her pencil skirt and both of them looked at each other and nodded “Perfect!”

It was there first time attending a parents meeting and to tell that they were kind of nervous would be an overstatement.

They were determined to leave a good impression on Ace’s teacher because they knew Ace being the smart kid would have already impressed her and now it was actually their turn to impress the teacher as his parents.

“Don’t worry, it’s going to be alright!” Xavier said as taking in deep breaths and nodding at Angela, looking unsure to what he just said.

“Are you telling this to me or to yourself?” Angela asked and Xavier shrugged not wanting to answer, because he himself didn’t have any idea about what he was saying. Finally glancing at each other and nodding for the umpteenth time, they walked forward towards the door and both of them collided to each other in the process. They heard someone clicking his tongue and looked back to find Ace giving them a weird look. Xavier, clearing his throat and not wanting to embarrass himself before his son took the step forward and opened the door letting Angela go through it first out of chivalry.

But Angela knew better and saw right through his act that he was actually nervous and letting her go first so that he doesn’t have to face the teacher. And it was Angela gave a look to Xavier and he gave her a lopsided grin as three of them got inside.

“Ah Ace! Mrs Knights, Mr. Knights,” the teacher spoke as soon as they got inside.

The teacher was a middle aged lady, highly qualified and looked cordial to both Xavier and Angela as they smiled at her and back at each other talking in expression language that ‘she is not that scary’ as they compared to what Brad had told them earlier about parent meetings and Xavier’s last teacher who was a lot strict and scarier one.

“Mrs Jones,” Xavier said as he walked up to the teacher and forwarded his hand for the teacher for a handshake. She took his hand and then shook hands with Angela as she signalled them to take the seat.

“I must say, Ace up here is the most decent and smart kid I have ever met in my life. In Fact, he is smarter than his age level kids and it is why I have decided to hold up this meeting to talk something important. And I hope being his parents, you both would always wish and want the best for your kid and I hope you think about it heartily as well as mindfully,” the teacher, Mrs Jones said as she clasped her hands and became serious all of a sudden. Involuntarily, Angela clasped her hands with Xavier and Xavier gave her hand a gentle squeeze assuring her that it would be fine as both of them paid attention to Ace’s teacher while Ace sat on the couch in the back of the room listening intently to his teacher.

The meeting was a chaos for both Xavier and Angela as Xavier unbuttoned his shirt and Angela removed her suit jacket as both of them took long strides towards their car with Ace following them like a little puppy holding his glasses afraid that it would fall off.

“Dad!” Ace called as he got into the car back seat and watched his tensed mother and father. Xavier unlike the previous time, sat on the driver seat because he knew Angela was not in her right state of mind to be able to drive and he huffed out as he rested his hand on the steering wheels.

“What does she mean sending Ace to a boarding school? He is only eight damn it!” Angela cried as remembered the teacher’s words.

It came out Mrs Jones, astonished by Ace’s IQ level and problem solving ability, and she kept an IQ test in which he scored full points and as she had already heard Ace solving upper grades problems easily, she wanted Ace to go for the London school where he would get proper study materials and that would help him in the future as he would be competing all the elite students from around the world.

“I know!” Xavier scoffed in response.

Like Angela, even Xavier didn’t want to let his son go to a boarding school and he didn’t even care the teacher’s words and the other elite students. For him, he wanted to be with Ace each and every minute and watch him grow up. He refused to even think about let his son go to a boarding school.

“Why can’t you just be like those other normal students or better fail in your exams,” he scoffed at himself when he said that second part.

Ace chuckled hearing his father as he rested back on his seat watching both of his parents meddling with their feelings.

Ace was a brilliant student, undoubtedly and was the nicest kid around. According to Brad, Ace had both his parents intelligence and was kind and pure like Angela and had the looks of Xavier. In other terms, Brad had already imagined that he was going to be the dream man of every woman around when he grew up. He wore high powered glasses for his age and always dressed neatly with his hair combed and parted to the side neatly and was a confident kid.

Ace loved his parents dearly and never argued back or demanded or wished for things like other kids of his age did. In fact he was very mature for his age and it was why he was able to catch his teacher’s eye. But somewhere deep down, he wished for the first time, that his parents agree to let him go because he already had a dream and it was to be an astronaut. Since the time he was born, he was very much interested in celestial bodies and things that were outside the world. He wanted to see what it looked like outside of the earth and this dream of his was well aware by both of his parents. But being the sweetest kid, he wasn’t going to interfere in his parents work and it was why he chose to sit quietly as both of his parents bickered in the front seat, the whole way back to their house.

Ace was sure that both of his parents would never let him go and even though he was sad, he didn't take it to his heart and chose to deal with the situation as quietly as he could.

It was midnight when Ace couldn’t sleep and got up and walked up to his telescope wanting to gaze at the stars when he heard some commotions downstairs and curiosity getting the best out of him, he walked down to find his mom crying with her head in his father’s lap as she sobbed continuously.

“Xavier, I can’t live without him,” Angela sobbed while rubbed his hand on his wife’s arm looking distressed as well.

They had finally come to the conclusion that keeping stones on their hearts, they were ready to let Ace go, for his future. They were aware that Ace wanted to go and he had dreams pictured up in his eyes. Failing Ace meant both Xavier and Angela failed as his parents and it was what they were afraid of.

Even though, they have to live apart, finally after fighting, bickering, quarreling and sobbing both of them got to the conclusion that indeed, Ace had to leave for England the next month.

Ace stood on the stairs, teary eyed as he watched his parents helping him to step the stairs of his dreams. He was grateful as well as sad to know that he might have to restrain his parents from seeing him grow up and pamper him. He wanted to stand on his own feet but watching his parents sacrificing their wishes for him made his heart swell up in love and pride, because he had the most amazing parents in the whole world whom he loved and cherished the most.

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