Billionaire's Intense Love

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Spin off 6: Stalker Knights, in the house

The great Xavier Knights who thought world and especially women revolved around him was proved wrong the day he fell in love with Angela Carson.

He had loathed, belittled, made hatred remarks on the lady he disliked the most in the beginning having his own opinion that she married him for his money suddenly has a different opinion about her as he starts to stalk his own wife in the house.

It’s been a few months, since the time he actually saw her face back in the island when they had the air crash and come back alive. He came to know a lot of things about her and was interested to know more about her but ashamed and reminding himself about his deeds in the past and his personality, he chose to remain neutral as he set his hawk like eyes on Angela to witness her each and every moves.

6 AM in the morning.

Xavier was late for his flight as he hurried up and holding his tie he walked out and downstairs when suddenly his feet grew limp and he stopped in his tracks. There she was, in a jogger and in a tank tops as she jogged in a place, warming up and finally going out of the Knights Mansion towards the streets for morning exercise.

Xavier was already in his car and he had no idea when he lost his mind and he told his driver to ride up the way Angela just went. Even though the timid driver tried his best to remind him of his flight, he chose to ignore it and barked at the poor driver to follow his orders and follow Angela.

Shook by his boss demeanor, the driver obliged and followed Angela. Xavier had his eyes fixated at the running beauty as he continued staring at her while she minded her own business and warmed up doing exercises. A small smile plastered up on Xavier’s lips as he saw his wife but soon a scowl formed on his face as he saw the guy from the other day named Dustin showed up and joined Angela.

Involuntarily Xavier’s hand formed up in a fist as he looked at their retreating backs.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing? Drive me to the airport now!” he yelled at the driver.

It had been days to that incident and since then Xavier had an idea that Angela went up for jogging with the Dusty boy. He didn’t really like Dustin but chose to ignore him as he sat in his study room, his mind drifting off to a certain blonde as he continued to fail putting up concentration on his work.

Giving himself an excuse that he needed a break, he stretched his arms up in the air and walked out of his study room thinking he should get some coffee to drink but as he got nearer to the staircase, his foot automatically turned up towards the steps and finally he found himself before Angela’s room.

“What the fuck am I doing here?” he thought and was just about to turn to leave when his body went against his wish and he had his face planted on the door wanting to hear what Angela was doing inside but failed to hear anything.

“Mr. Knights?” he looked back to find Angela holding a pile of clothes as she eyes Xavier strangely. Xavier aware of his position, raised his eyebrow at her and placed both of his hands on the door doing a stand up push up.

“I was just...” he laughed. But soon his laugh died down as he saw her expression and cleared his throat as he turned on his heels and walked towards his room.

“What the hell was that, Xavier, you moron!” he cursed feeling embarrassed of being caught.

Xavier walked down to his living room and he passed through the kitchen when suddenly his foot took some reverse steps back and he saw Angela working in the kitchen. She was holding a wrench in her hand while she tightened the tap which was leaking. Xavier got to know about her abilities and he knew what degree she held yet he wanted to help her but stopped as he took in the time to ogle his wife.

She was all wet, perhaps because the kitchen tap has been a deal with her but still she worked mindfully as she concentrated on her work fully unaware that somebody had his eyes set up on her.

The doorbell made Xavier hiss in annoyance as he walked up to get the door only to find Angela holding some shopping bags as she looked tired.

"Let me help," he extended his hand to help her pick up the bags and peeked through the bags to find kitchen stuffs. Her hair was a mess and she looked as if she she would pass out. The temperature was so hot outside and Angela knowing her family was going to give her a visit, went out on her own to get the stuffs that she wanted and in the process tiring herself.

"You alright?" Xavier asked he watched her gulp down two glasses of water.

"Yes," she smiled and hurriedly took out the veggies and put her hair up in a bun unaware of the fact that Xavier had his eyes set on her and especially on her neck.

He had quiet a time managing and controlling himself from not going over and explore Angela. His wife was hot and with his pants growing tighter every now and then, he excused himself to get a cold shower mentally giving an excuse to himself that the hot weather was getting to him.

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