Billionaire's Intense Love

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Spin off 7: If Angela weren't Angela

Angela...The sweet, kind hearted, intelligent and the woman with incredible patience limit is the only woman who could stand in front of the wild and heartless man like Xavier Knights.

With an unexpected marriage, she had to face many challenges in her life and that included her father’s medical issue, a contract marriage deal with the devil, withstanding hatred and insults, being levelled as a gold digger and a slut, dissed by her own husband, physical assault and being kidnapped by a psycho, stranded in an island and what not. But every time, it was Xavier Knights who was like a knight, true to his surname in a shining armour to help her in need.

Sure, he was the one who belittled her and hated her but he was also the one for whom she was able to get the money on time to save her father and he was also the one who saved her from the psycho and also...he was the one who made her fall in love, hard.

But Angela Carson, now Mrs. Angela Knights had been levelled a weak female character by many who got to know her only because she didn’t talk back, never got angry, didn’t fight back and was a kind hearted woman who listened to everyone’s problem even though she was the one sinking in quicksand of problems.

Ever imagined, how the love story of Angela Carson and Xavier Knights would have unfolded if Angela weren’t the Angela we knew, the Angel that Xavier fell in love with or the woman who sacrificed her life and happiness for her father’s well being?

“We need to talk,” Xavier said to his new bride in a way that made her shiver and she flinched for his manner of talking. So cold.

“I am not going to repeat this again so listen very carefully. You are nothing to me, not now, not ever.”

“I may have married you, but you don’t have any idea how much I hate you." His words were filled with venom... “Enjoy this as much as you want, but remember this—you are never going to be my wife. I hate you so much that I don’t even want to see your face. So you better stay away from me else the consequences will be not good. From today onwards, you can do whatever, but don’t dare to interfere in my life. I will be transferring money to your account every month and don’t expect anything else apart from this. We will be husband wife to the world but not inside this house.” He took a step to leave but again stopped and said, “I’ll be bringing my girlfriends here, and you can enjoy your own life, but don’t let the world know about it.”

Angela stood their with her mouth ajar as she looked at her so called husbands retreating back.

"As if I was dying to marry you, Asshole!" she cursed under her breath and pulled the veil off her head and looked over the house.

"Interesting. Quite a big house," she muttered and it was when her eyes fell on a woman standing at the corner.

"You?" she asked as she turned towards the middle aged woman who was dressed in a typical black and white coloured maid uniform.

"I am Lucy," the woman said timidly and then as she looked at her gave her a smile, a genuine smile.

"I heard what Xavier said. Please don't mind the way he speaks. I am going to inform this behaviour to Mr. Bra-" the lady was cut abruptly as Angela spoke "Did I ask you for that?"

"Ex-Excuse me?" Lucy was taken aback by the way Angela just spoke to her.

"Do what you are asked to do and you are the maid right? Mind your own business and as you've already heard what he said, so please would you take the hardship to show me my room? I'm tired," Angela didn't really seemed like the one who would talk the way she just did. Lucy was the one who took care of Xavier since his mother passed away and even though she was a maid, not even Xavier talked the way like Angela did just now and that really made Lucy upset and she felt insulted and embarrassed.

So are the rumours true?

She did marry Xavier for his money.

Lucy not wanting to cause any problem lowered her head down and walked her to her room.

In the bedroom, Angela plopped on her bed and looked at the ceiling thinking of the ways to get out of the marriage deal without causing any trouble or violating any rules that Brad made.

It was when she heard someone moaning and she knew it was no one but Xavier with some other woman having a steamy private time. She sighed and rolled her eyes as she took her phone and plugged her ear cords and did as he had told her earlier.

She minded her own business.

Angela found herself walking down the street when she spotted a car near the roadside and out of curiosity she made her way towards the car and instantly figured the problem looking at the open hood of the car. She looked here and there trying to find anyone around and when she didn't get anyone she fixed the car on her own...thanks to her mechanical degree, not only was she intelligent but she was good with machines too. And repairing a car was a piece of cake for her because she had helped her ex boyfriend in his garage a plenty of times.

She was just going to leave when she heard someone yelling and she looked towards the source to find none other than Xavier himself. He was on his phone yelling at the person on the other end and she picked out the fact that the car was his and he was running late for his meeting.

She picked up her books that she brought from Dustin's cafe and turned to leave but stopped when she remembered the way he treated her. He was such an asshole and jumped to conclusion without even listening to her part. The bossy fellow had the guts to order her to do things which she had never done and that made her mad.

Not only was she bounded by the contract made by Xavier's father but she had to face his idiotic side too and it was so much of a torture for her that made her turn back around towards the car and in a swift moment she destroyed everything that she had just fixed.

"Why should I be the only one suffering?" she muttered as she smirked and looked back at a tensed looking Xavier before scoffing and turning around to leave.

"Serves you right!" she hissed.

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