Billionaire's Intense Love

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Part 2: If Angela weren't Angela

Angela was forced and though unwilling she had to marry a stranger just to pay the loans that her ill father took and also not to mention, his medical fees as well. As if it wasn't enough for her, her stranger husband was a rash, wild, stupid and a womaniser and to top the list he did something that she had never imagined that he would actually do.

He abused her.

The jerk of a husband abused and slammed her into a door, putting an allegation on her that she had gone behind his back to inform his father about everything that were going on. The impact of her slamming the door was so rash that she hit her hand hard on the door knob and wincing in pain, she knelt down on the ground. Anger marred her mind as she saw a vase on the table next to her.

Never in all these years anybody behaved the way Xavier behaved with her. Her brothers never ever lay a finger on her and here he was, her so called husband, jumping to conclusions and abusing her. It was enough for her. She saw red and quickly she got up from her spot and held the vase and turned around wanting to hit the son-of -a-bitch, ignoring the warning that he had given her earlier not to show her face to him, but was only upset immediately when she figured out he had left almost immediately after he had hit her.

"Son of a b-" she muttered under her breath.


The beautiful city that Angela had always wished to visit but here she was with Xavier to attend his father's charity function.

The night seemed to be long as the waiters moved around serving drinks to everyone and taking orders, while the two woman sitting right before her kept on blabbering how a slut of a woman she was and how poor Xavier was.

In response, she concentrated more on her drink knowing that it was useless to even talk to women like them. She had no interest upon getting her nails dirty and it was why she kept her sanity not wasting her time on the woman named Stephanie and Kim.

The more they tried to belittle her, the more she looked unaffected and probably getting no response from her irked Xavier, for which he ended up leaving the table excusing himself for washroom. No sooner did Xavier leave, Angela held her wine glass and in a swift moment pour the drink on both Stephanie and Kim's face getting a lot of oo's and aahs' from the people around her and both of them gasping at her.

"Why you!" Stephanie got up from her seat and took menacing steps towards Angela who remained seated at her seat, calmly.

"How dare you! You bitch!" she raised her hand to slap Angela but Angela stood up and held her hand, twisting it oddly getting Stephanie cry in pain.

"Mind your tongue when you are talking to me, you-" Angela eyed her up and down before smirking "Slut!"

A lot of people gasped around her but that didn't stop Angela from twitching Stephanie's wrist. Her hands were like metal and judging from the power, Stephanie had a clear idea that Angela was stronger than her.

Truthfully, Angela's hands were not only good on machines but proved her stronger when she had to deal with people like Stephanie and Kim.

"You have the audacity to belittle me and my dress? Well honey look at yourself first! Even beggars dress better than you! What is this? I mean just look at you! You clearly look like a hooker. Yours boobs are out, no shame, makeup is caked on your face and you call me a whore?"

"Clearly, you and you!"she gazed at Kim "both are here to get hooked with richer boys. But know what honey, you are trying just too hard and with a married man. I see you both have an interest upon my husband and you call me a whore? Wow" Angela jerked Stephanie's hand away and she lost her balance and fell back on the chair.

"How dare you!" Kim slammed her hands on the table as the other boys stood up and looked back at Angela.

"How dare me? I am the wife of Mr. Xavier Knights and daughter in law of Mr. Brad Knights. Do you still need my identity to prove how dare I? Shall I call Mr. Brad and report the situation to him? What exactly do you think he would do for the insults you both had for me?" Angela asked as she scratched her chin and thought for a while.

"Oh yes! Cut ties with your business and throw you both on roads," Angela smiled wickedly as she saw the color draining from their face. Angela had a clear idea what they were speaking in French and though she knew French very well, she chose to keep quiet and listen until she heard about the tie ups with Brads' company. Knowing how powerful Brad was, Angela took it her cue to show Stephanie and Kim, their places.

"You both are the one who is working for Mr. Brad and that ultimately means for Xavier which means I am your Boss too. So next time, know your places or I will make sure to throw you two in the garbage and..." she fished some money out from her purse and threw it on their faces "Unlike you two, I don't depend on anybody's money. These are go and get yourself some decent clothes," she picked up her things and left a gasping Stephanie and embarrassed Kim in the hotel as she walked out.

Just too much!

It was like a movie. Her life had been a rollercoaster ride since the day she married Xavier and she huffed out in annoyance as she looked at the scars on her hand as she remembered how badly she had beaten John Winters for trying to touch her. She had left him half dead when he forced her to a room and in defence she had hit him and escaped only to land up before women like Stephanie and Kim.

And to top of that, Xavier was an ass.

Although, little but she worked part time and saved up a little and she had enough of Xavier and the problems she faced everyday. She wanted to get out of the marriage as soon as possible and for that she had to pay back a large sum of money for breaking the deal. It was when, she decided that she was getting a divorce as soon as they get back.

But who would have thought?

They got into a plane crash, both of them survived with Xavier getting the chance to know her and see her face and they came back home safe and sound.

Even though Lucy felt embarrassed the way Angela had talked to her still she was more than ecstatic to see both of them alive and healthy. Being with Angela, Lucy had witnessed that she was completely like Xavier. Even though she was little bitter but she saw that it was how she was strong and she hardly warmed up to anyone.

Lucy came to this point when Angela had made her a healthy soup when she was sick and apologised to her for the way she spoke to her. Lucy had instantly started liking her and admitted that whatever she had heard about her was a misconception. Angela wasn't kind but was consistent in her own way and it was what made her different.

Meanwhile, Xavier had been falling head over heels for the hot girl that was his wife and soon came in terms of loving her when he got to know about the deal that his dad had made with her. Too embarrassed for the way he had acted with her, he tried his level best to compromise with her although she gave him cold shoulders, hardly talked to him and never really warmed up to him.

It was the day, Xavier had finally decided that he was going to tell her how he felt. Everything was going well with Angela responding to him and smiling at him making his heart beat racing against his chest.


Angela kept a piece of paper on the table.

It was a divorce paper.

Xavier's heart was shattered into millions as he took the paper in his hands, he knew that Angela didn't really reciprocate his feelings.

So, this was basically what people actually wanted Angela's personality to be. You called her weak and now I made her steel strong. Is this character strong enough now?

Relax! Its just a spin "off" :D

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