Billionaire's Intense Love

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Spin off 8: Xavier!

It’s been a year since Xavier and I found our love. A year since Em had married and to say our anniversary of love as well because it was the day when we took our vows heartily and it was when I fell deeper in love with him.

I watched as he worked on his laptop sitting next to me on the bed while I slept or should I say tried to sleep but all this while I couldn’t because my eyes kept on falling on the clock thinking how would Xavier react when its finally twelve.

How would he wish me?

Its been one in the night and Xavier was still busy in his work.

Perhaps he has an urgent work to finish.

I was sure that because of his work, he forgot the time and he would definitely wish me in the morning. So smiling to myself, I sighed and closed my eyes letting sleep overtake me.

The rays of the sun hitting my face as I got up and stretched a little to shake off the sleep off me. The clock read six in the morning and I got up from the bed only to find Xavier missing. I heard the shower running and guessed that he was taking a bath. Smiling to myself, I wore my slippers and practically ran down towards the kitchen to make him his favourite breakfast.

Caramelised bacon and chilli jam sarnies.

As I took his plate and walked all the way up to our bedroom, I found him tying his tie and I kept the tray of food on the nightstand when he turned around. I thought he was going to wish me Happy Anniversary but he just smiled at me and walked past me to get his phone.

“Sorry baby, I have an urgent meeting today. I will have to leave immediately,” he said and pecked me on my cheeks before taking his laptop bag and walking out of the room.

“Xavi-” I stood there upset thinking that he actually forgot. But judging from the amount of time he spend on his laptop, I knew there was something important coming up and he was not really the type of person to forget things related to me.

Last time, he gave a grand party just for my birthday and made up a shelter for the homeless people as a present to me.

I was so proud of my Xavier.

I heaved a sigh and sat on the bed looking at the untouched breakfast that I had made.

Well I guess, I might have to eat it.

My eyes fell on the wallet that was on the nightstand which I had unknowingly shifted, when I was keeping the plate.

“Oh no! he forgot his wallet!” I stood up to run after him,but then an idea formed in my head as I took the notepad out and scribbled a ‘Happy Anniversary my love’ on it and folded the piece of paper before putting it inside his wallet.

“My Wallet,” I heard his voice and looked up to find him walking my way hurriedly.

“Oh no! I wasn’t taking out mon-”

“Its alright babe, everything that is mine belongs to you. You are the owner and my lady, you have the right!” he winked before he took the wallet from me but didn’t even bother to check inside as he smiled and hurriedly walked out.

“Have a good day-” I trailed off when I saw him out of my sight “Xavier...” I spoke to myself.

“Happy Anniversary Em!” I

“Oh Thank you so much!” she laughed from the other end.

“What’s up? What are your plans for the day?” I asked as I sat on the couch and looked out of the window.

“We don’t actually have any plans for today but we are actually flying to Miami this weekend for our anniversary celebration,” she beamed.

“Really? Oh that’s great!”

“Lucas has been really busy lately and this is why we decided we would go on a vacation and celebrate our anniversary there,”

“That’s really a nice plan. I’m happy for you,” I told her and we chatted for some hours before hanging up as I sighed rubbing my throat from talking too much.

“Oh what a day,” I said out loud as I stretched my arms up thought of taking a stroll down the street towards the market.

The day went on with a blur, with me shopping for hours and then working on my resume and applying for jobs, which Xavier was unaware of. I was still planning on getting a job and I thought it would be better if I let him know once I got the job. He wasn’t really that helpful or positive with me working because my brothers had told him of what actually happened in my last job, where my boss harassed me and it ended up Xavier getting all hyped up and he denied on letting me even apply for one.

He told me that if I wanted to work, then I would only work in his company before his eyes or I should start my own entreprise which he sponsor but I can’t get a job in other company.

So many days with Xavier and he was still the same. Possessive!

But I didn’t mind. I knew that I would definitely end up getting a nod from his side if he saw me happy with my work and it was why I kept on trying, applying for jobs.

It was already late in the evening and yet there was no sign of him and when I rung his office, Ron told me that he was busy with his clients and he had a message that he would be late.

I had my dinner alone and thanked Lucy for the cake that she made for me and Xavier for our anniversary but I ended up eating it all because it was just so delicious and Xavier was super late. As I laid down on my bed, turning off the lights, I looked at the clock to find it was already eleven.

He really forgot about our first anniversary.

Even though it made me upset yet I wasn’t even angry upon him. I knew how hard he worked maintaining the same level or should I say even better than Brad and I wouldn’t really wish to stand on his way.

The opening and closing of the door brought me out of my deep sleep and sleepily I looked at the clock to find it one in the morning.

“Xavier?” I asked once I realised he was back.

“I’m so sorry Angel, did I wake you up my love?” he asked as he walked out of the closet getting rid of his suit and tie. He walked up to me and sat down next to me on the bed as he continued unbuttoning his shirt.

“No, its alright. You are so late today, Xavier. How did the meeting go?” I asked and he beamed up with happiness.

“Oh amazing! I couldn’t even wait to share this you. This tie up of our companies would do so much not only to us but to normal people as well,” he said and I smiled happily as I turned to face at him.

“Congrats,” I exclaimed and he bent down to peck my lips.

“What did you do all day?” he asked as he got rid of his cufflinks.

“Oh nothing! I just went out for shopping,” I said and totally skipped the part where I searched for jobs online.

“Really? What did you buy?” he asked and I yawned tired as sleep overtook me again and replied sleepily “I will tell you tomorrow,”

He chuckled at me and I felt him getting off the bed and assumed that he went to change. So, I turned on my bed and pulled the duvet more to me as I snuggled deeper in it and slept peacefully.

I was just about to fall deep in slumber when out of nowhere a yell of someone broke my sleep and alert I jolted up, surprised.

“What the fuck?”

“Oh shit!”

“Xavier?” I was already on my feet running towards him towards the closet thinking something happened to him but then he ran out of the closet, shirtless holding a piece of paper looking as if someone had shot him.

“What’s the matter with you?” I asked as I found him fine and held my head for it was throbbing because of my sudden impact of getting off the bed.

“I am so sorry! Oh fuck! How could I forget? What’s the time?” he looked at the clock and his eyes grew bigger, the size of a saucer.

“Fuck!” he cursed out loud as he held his head looking frustrated and agitated.

“I am so sorry my love,” he walked to me and held me by my arms and shook me multiple times “I am so sorry. I didn’t mean t- I mean I am so stupid. How could I forget? I am an asshole! Damn it! Shout at me or yell at me...oh wait! You have never yelled at me. Alright then curse or yell at me.I deserve it! I am a moron. Complete moron damn it! How could I forget our anniversary?”

“Please Angel forgive me,”

“I will do anything to make it up to you okay? I will buy you a necklace alright? or may be a ring? A customised and expens- what the fuck am I even saying? Wait! No! I don’t mean that... No! Don’t get me wrong!” he shook me again.


“Wait! Let’s go for a vacation alright? I will book the tickets right now!”

“No! Let’s cut the cake first. I will just order a cake now,” he blabbered and took his phone out.


“I will ask Dominic to bring it now. Oh no! The moron is out on a vacation too! Don’t worry I will just go and bring it myself. Okay love? Please forgive me! Don’t be mad at me... Do not think that I give importance to my work more than you. I didn’t mean that...I love you the most,” he ran back towards the closet and came out with a shirt dangling on his shoulder as he hurriedly tried to button his shirt.

“Oh my god! You even wished and tried to make me remember. How could I not open my wallet the whole day? Shit! Oh my god!" he groaned "Oh that breakfast! I saw what you had made for me but still..."

"I walked away. I am such a dick. I am the worst husband ever!" he looked as if he was about to pass out.


"Angela believe me. It wasn't on purpose. I didn'-"

"Xavier!" the man made me snap at him and he close his mouth abruptly as he looked at me as if a cat got caught while stealing.

"Remember what you told me this morning when you saw me with your wallet and I told you I wasn't taking the money?" I said as I tried to make him remember what happened this morning.

"You said it's your right!" I completed and he looked confused for a while, so I chose to continue.

"So Mr. Husband," I said as I unbuttoned his shirt "I think it's the right of a husband to forget this type of dates," I joked but he took it seriously.

"No Angela! I didn't mean to forget it. I swear! I was so excited for the day, for our first anniversary. I ruined it completely," he sighed and that made me smile at him.

"Then wish me now. We can celebrate anytime we want," I said as I opened my arms for him and he smiled before taking me into a hug.

"Happy Anniversary my love," he said and that made me chuckle as I responded back and kissed his arm.

"The worst part is I don't even have a gift for you," he was completely down and upset. So, I smiled and looked up at him.

"But I do have a gift for!" I exclaimed and he raised his eyebrows.

"Really?" he asked and I smirked "Really" I said as I untied the belt of my satin night robe.

Xavier's eyes fell on my lingerie and then it clicked him as he smirked knowing what I meant "Oh really?" he said and I watched as his eyes turned lustful almost immediately and he wasted no time and buried his head in the crook of my neck, kissing me all the way down as he pushed me on the bed.

The night had just begun.

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